Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Jim Webb drops out of the Democratic presidential primary. May run as Independent.

"Hey, you won't have Jim Webb to kick around anymore. Or ignore during debates."
Courtesy of CNN:  

Jim Webb ended his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination at a press conference Tuesday, telling reporters he will consider an independent bid. 

Speaking at the National Press Club in Washington, Webb argued the Democratic Party has moved away from "millions of dedicated, hard-working Americans." 

"For this reason, I am withdrawing from any consideration of being the Democratic Party's nominee for the presidency," he said. 

"The very nature of our democracy is under siege due to the power structure and the money that finances both political parities," Webb said, adding later that it is "time for a new Declaration of Independence -- not from an outside power but from the paralysis of a federal system that no longer serves the interests of the vast majority of the American people."

Okay so Jim "Can somebody please call on me" Webb is out of the running for President. Since we already know that third party challengers have about as much chance of winning the election as Bristol Palin has of identifying the sperm donor for her current baby bump.

However as underwhelmed as I was by Webb's candidacy, he does make a good point about our broken political system.

And the only way to fix it is to pass aggressive campaign finance reform laws and get a handle on this free for all that has been going on since the Citizen's United decision.

People in other countries are starting to look at America NOT as a shining beacon of democracy, but more like a never ending disaster movie with brief cameos by reality TV stars and rodeo clowns.


  1. Anonymous2:45 PM


  2. The man raised and spent little to no money. Did he really think he had a shot?

    1. As a former Republican, I'm sure he did. It's a mindset.

      Like Trump is convinced he'll be President.

  3. Anonymous3:13 PM

    O/T but what will Sarah have to say about this? Yeah, nuthin'.

    Ways and Means Democrats are sounding the alarm on yet another Republican debt ceiling game of chicken with its head cut off (that would be the Republicans, running around blindly and hysterically in circles, pretending they haven’t lost their heads). Yes, that’s right, tomorrow is the day they vote on their “China First” bill (H.R. 692), which is basically a plan to default on America but pay China.

    Wave that flag.

    Guess who will get screwed by Republicans? The Ways and Means Democrats warn the following might be defaulted on:

    · Pay and benefits for 1.4 million active duty troops and 827,000 troops in reserves

    · Benefits to almost 4 million disabled veterans who served their country with honor and now need our help to live

    · Payment for health care for nearly 5.9 million veterans cared for at VA hospitals and health centers

    · Education assistance for nearly 1.1 million veterans

    · Home loan support for nearly 630,000 million veterans

    and that's just the vets. Women, kids, doctors that provide Medicare services and much more would be hurt, badly. But since she is always crowing about supporting the vets, then she should be LIVID and for SURE post a FB screed on this, yes? Yeah, I know, crickets.


    1. I thought Republicans were all pro-military. Do they not consider veterans military?

      The only way the Republicans has screw over the veterans is if they blame the Democrats for doing it. You know, like they always do.

      So will this be another hostage taking my way or the high way extortion vote where they blame the Democrats for not just going along with what the Republicans want to do?

      Seems whether the Republicans are in the majority or the minority, they still seem to have the country by the short hairs and put the blame on the Democrats for the obstruction of the GOP.

  4. Anonymous3:36 PM

    OT-He is moving:

    1. Frankly, he'll probably get a much better education there than he would here.

      And Qatar is a great place, if you're male and a Muslim. He is both.

  5. Anonymous4:21 PM

    Still a republican underneath, still whining like a republican.

  6. Anonymous4:31 PM

    The question is if he runs as an independent who's votes does he pull from? Nader ruined the presidential race for democrats and Perot for Bush.

    Who will he hurt by running? I think he'll pull the conservative independent that would most likely vote Democratic when faced with a crazy. Not sure that will help.

    1. He isn't going to get any votes that matter. He'll hardly be a blip. In fact, the night of the elections I doubt he'll pull enough to even report.

      As an Independent he has his work cut out for him. And I doubt he'll be on the ticket in every state. So...no worries. He isn't going to gain any votes as an Independent an those supporters he has will be split with some leaving to support the Democratic nominee.

  7. No worries he'll split the vote.

    Aside from the fact he was polling so low no one knew who he was, he'll never raise enough money to run as an Independent.

  8. Anonymous9:18 PM

    In today's political climate he was probably the most electable in the general election. This is an unfortunate loss.

    1. Anonymous6:26 AM

      He was not the most electable by a longshot.

  9. Anonymous4:41 AM

    Can we all united in the hope that somebody will take the stick out of his butt sometime soon?


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