Sunday, October 18, 2015

Memo found on Hillary Clinton's private e-mail server reveals that British Prime Minister Tony Blair committed to George Bush's war in Iraq before his country even voted on it.

"Where's my flight jacket? I was told there would be a flight jacket."
Courtesy of the Daily Mail: 

The damning memo, from Secretary of State Colin Powell to President George Bush, was written on March 28, 2002, a week before Bush’s famous summit with Blair at his Crawford ranch in Texas. In it, Powell tells Bush that Blair ‘will be with us’ on military action. Powell assures the President: ‘The UK will follow our lead’. The disclosure is certain to lead for calls for Sir John Chilcot to reopen his inquiry into the Iraq War if, as is believed, he has not seen the Powell memo. 

A second explosive memo from the same cache also reveals how Bush used ‘spies’ in the Labour Party to help him to manipulate British public opinion in favour of the war. 

The documents, obtained by The Mail on Sunday, are part of a batch of secret emails held on the private server of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton which U.S. courts have forced her to reveal. 

Former Tory Shadow Home Secretary David Davis said: ‘The memos prove in explicit terms what many of us have believed all along: Tony Blair effectively agreed to act as a frontman for American foreign policy in advance of any decision by the House of Commons or the British Cabinet. 

‘He was happy to launder George Bush’s policy on Iraq and sub-contract British foreign policy to another country without having the remotest ability to have any real influence over it. And in return for what? 

'For George Bush pretending Blair was a player on the world stage to impress voters in the UK when the Americans didn’t even believe it themselves’. 

Davis was backed by a senior diplomat with close knowledge of Blair-Bush relations who said: ‘This memo shows beyond doubt for the first time Blair was committed to the Iraq War before he even set foot in Crawford. 

'And it shows how the Americans planned to make Blair look an equal partner in the special relationship to bolster his position in the UK.’

Gee I wonder if THIS was the smoking gun that the Republicans hoped to discover by accessing Hillary's private e-mail server?

What's next, the original Killian documents proving that George W. Bush disobeyed orders while in the National Guard and that pressure was exerted to falsify his record?

The great thing about all of this is that the British are actually investigating their role in the lead up to the two wars and seem willing to hold Tony Blair accountable.

That is a hell of a lot better than we have been able to do over here.

But hey, maybe the fact that this was found in Hillary's private server means she has even more evidence which will force an actual investigation by the next administration?

Oh, now I am getting even more excited about a Hillary Clinton presidency.

P.S. By the way none of this should come as any surprise to those of us who remember the Downing Street Memo.


  1. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Eleven dimensional chess!

    Team Hillary plants it and the Republicans come and get it.

    Hoist on their own Benghazi retard.

  2. Anonymous12:25 PM

    I am slowly coming to the conclusion, that these e-mails are a well planned pandoras box to embarrass the Republicans. Hillary has been running for president for longer than I can remember and knowing full well they will become public makes me suspicious that this was a trap the Republicans fell into. She and her machine are too good not to know how this would fall out. I hope the trap has sprung.

  3. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Gryphen, why do you support Hillary? She has not once shown she will make the improvements that Sanders will. She is a warhawk, refuses to reinstate the Glass-Stegall Act to hold in check wall street and big banks. She also brokered sales of military arsenal, including biological and chemical warfare to various countries for a $100,000 donations to the Clinton Foundation. You see who her donors are and they also donated to jeb bush because it doesn't matter to them which one gets will be business as usual. We don't need Clinton.....her time has passed and she supported her husband's programs that really hurt the middle class. Hillary will say anything to get elected. She wants to go down as the first female president. I am totally opposed to her making real change in this country to fight an oligarchy of which she is a part.

    1. Anonymous12:47 PM

      I agree.

    2. Anonymous1:09 PM

      I don't!

    3. Anonymous 12:38 PM wrote in part: I am totally opposed to her making real change in this country to fight an oligarchy of which she is a part.

      Clarification, please. Do you mean that you don't want her to make real change (the usual meaning of being opposed to something) or do you mean that you don't believe that she will?

    4. Anonymous1:16 PM

      "I am totally opposed to her making real change in this country to fight an oligarchy of which she is a part." I don't understand this sentence. You don't believe that she will change anything?

    5. Anonymous1:18 PM

      I do not.

    6. SallyinMI1:42 PM

      1:16, my 1:18 comment was to follow 1:09, not yours. I did not understand the sentence you quoted either. I support Mrs. Clinton 100%. No one is more knowledgeable about the world than she is.

    7. Anonymous2:04 PM

      "No one is more knowledgeable about the world than she is."

      Lolololol. So how is 'the world' doing these days after her tenure as SOS?

    8. Anonymous3:09 PM

      2:04 - why don't you ask John Kerry? He's our current SOS, and has been for quite some time.

    9. So how is 'the world' doing these days after her tenure as SOS?

      The current state of the world is not evidence that someone else could have handled things better. Let's have some logical thinking here!

      It may be your personal opinion that someone else could have handled things better. But with no history here, not even as user of a handle, your personal opinion really doesn't count for much unless you support it with some sort of evidence.

    10. Anonymous3:47 PM


    11. Leland3:55 PM

      @ 3:47

      Why? He's right. It doesn't matter if you disagree with him, he's still right. Without some sort of evidence to back up a statement, it is pretty much useless. Kind of like SP and her thoughts (she has them?) on the issues.

      It boils down to the same thing: without proper information - facial information - a decision is useless and sometimes dangerous.

    12. @3:47, all are entitled to an opinion, whether you agree or not.

    13. Leland4:44 PM

      Oops! That should read factual, not facial.

    14. Anonymous5:37 PM

      @3:47 PM Is that you, lololol/loonie on line?

    15. Anonymous10:03 PM

      Anonymous3:47 PM

      You're the one who need sot leave.

    16. Anonymous 3:47 PM wrote: Ted SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GET OUT OF HERE OLD MAN!

      In your dreams, child. If you can't take the heat, complain to Gryphen. Meanwhile, do you really—deep down inside—expect that anybody will have any respect for somebody with no discernable past history here, with no specific complaint, flinging feces from a position of concealment?

  4. Anonymous12:50 PM

    What's the label for second rate?

    Bush League?

  5. Anonymous1:08 PM

    I have always supported President and Mrs. Clinton and will vote for Hillary without hesitation for POTUS. She has more experience, education, knowledge and is so much smarter than ANY of the Republicans showing themselves currently as candidates for POTUS in 2016. What a friggin' joke they are!

    And, now this new info coming out via the emails - love it, love it! Republicans have sucked in leading our country and are proven liars times and time again.

    George Bush was a horrible POTUS and the fact the media is now taking the completely opposite view of him is absolutely amazing! Americans despised the man and his leading us into war (along with asshole Cheney!)!

    Vote Republicans out of office every chance you get in upcoming elections - on the national, state and local levels. Pay attention Americans! All Republicans want is war - running us more into debt - increasing taxes - anti women's personal issues - racists - and liars about their history.

    They totally suck!!!!!

  6. Anonymous1:11 PM

    I do remember Blair being referred to as Bush's poodle. lol

  7. The truly annoying thing to me is that I believed Blair at the time. I didn't think we had any reason to go to war, and then Blair came to Crawford and then the British were supporting us and I thought: it's possible that there is some reason, some evidence, that Blair has seen, that makes war an appropriate response. I didn't trust Bush, but I had a little confidence in Blair. Later on, when the Downing Street memos were released, I realized I'd been played.

    At least the Brits are going after the SOB.

  8. Anonymous1:24 PM

    OT: Happy 25th Birthday to Bristol Palin. Did the grissly one send her daughter a birthday wish and say how proud she is of her? Didn't think so.

  9. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Heartbreaking info - and yet what many have suspected for many years.

    Pat Padrnos

  10. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Will you let me brag about my mom a bit? In addition to being a former Governor, the first female GOP Vice Presidential candidate, and a great mom and grandmother, she’s a best selling author.

    I’m so happy to announce that she’s got a new book out, like none that she’s ever written. It’s called, “Sweet Freedom: A Devotional:”

    hOH hOH hO!

    1. Anonymous2:28 PM

      I knew Evangelism was next

    2. Leland3:58 PM


      Uh huh. And I'll bet it is costing a fortune to store all the copies she bought to BECOME a best-selling author. And best-selling to whom?

    3. Anonymous4:31 PM

      Bristol's birthday present! What a family.

  11. Anonymous2:52 PM

    If hillary had this info and did not act on it, it is indicative that she is part of the Bush crime family, the Bush-Clinton crime family, to be more precise.

  12. Anonymous 2:52 PM wrote: If hillary had this info …

    According to the article, the info was a memo from Colin to President Bush, telling him that "Blair ‘will be with us’ on military action." In the light of today's knowledge that this assurance was "in advance of any decision by the House of Commons or the British Cabinet" the memo is now explosive. What action do you feel she should have taken at that time? Maybe send a message to Colin asking, "Are you sure Mr. Blair has run this past his people?" Maybe she did. Or maybe she took Colin's word for it. None of this is evidence of being part of a "crime family."

  13. Anonymous4:07 PM

    Hmmmm what were THOSE emails on Hillary's server in the first place? Reminds me of Condi Rice's not being able to recall the headings of a few emails on the 911 hearings, received months before the attack. Then she was asked to read just the headings, and they warned of an impending attack, possibly by air, on our soil by Al Quieda. She tried to explain them away but the committee would have none of it.

    After reading this, let's keep digging, GOP! Stock up on popcorn and re watch the Sarah at the turkey slaughter video.

  14. Why isn't this all over the media:

    CIA Debunks Gowdy’s Allegation That Clinton Email Contained Classified CIA Source

  15. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Uh, Gryph, he committed in advance to the Iraq war, not the Afghanistan war.

    1. You are right. I need to recheck my headlines.


      All fixed now.

  16. Anonymous6:42 AM

    Wha? are the British just now figuring out this was a set up? Bush and Blair should be tried for war crimes.


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