Saturday, October 17, 2015

Mike Huckabee on the Duggars: "Well, out of 19 kids, y’know, as far as we know, 18 turned out pretty darn well"

Courtesy of Raw Story: 

Appearing on CNBC with John Harwood, Huckabee was asked if he had any regrets about previously holding the Duggar family up as “a model of everything that was good and decent about family,” in light of Josh Duggar’s fall from grace. 

Duggar has admitted that he molested several of his sisters when he was a teen and conducted multiple adulterous affairs as an adult. 

‘Well, out of 19 kids, y’know, as far as we know, 18 turned out pretty darn well,” a smiling Huckabee said. 

“That’s a pretty good percentage,” he continued, “And I don’t think you disparage..” as Harwood cut him off. 

“I can just imagine quite a few people who feel disparaged about things you’ve say about gay rights, gay marriage, and would think ‘Heh, hypocrite,'” Harwood pressed. 

“Look, I’m not to defend anything of Josh,” Huckabee replied. “Nothing to defend. But I don’t think you can disparage the entire family because one of the members did some pretty bad things.”

Yeah you know that might make sense if Josh's parents had actually got him the help he needed when they first found out, and had not covered for his abuses which allowed him to continue preying on his sisters and family friends. 

Oh and if the family was not made up of anti-gay, fundamentalist assholes, who survive by bilking idiots on the internet and broadcasting their lives on reality TV.

Besides does anybody REALLY believe that the rest of the family "turned out pretty darn well?"


  1. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Well said Gryphen...

  2. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Huckabee is as sick as they are, mentally. He is one of those people (another who comes to mind is Sarah Palin) who think that as long as someone praises Jesus everything prior is forgiven. George W. Bush did the same exact thing in 1999. He claimed he'd been born again and that meant his past behavior of drinking, DUIs, drug use, going AWOL in the military - - all that was magically forgiven because he praised Jesus. What a load of crap. But people fell for it!! 'Well, George Bush is a good Christian...' Crapola! Well, 'the Duggars are good Christians' so Josh's behavior is forgiven because some magical eye in the sky fairy fucking tale says so!! Unbelievable.

  3. Anonymous12:43 PM

    Maybe Huck would like to join a Korean BBQ and eat some dog. That man says all kinds of things in order to get noticed. Gee, I wonder who else does that???

  4. “"Look, I’m not to defend anything of Josh,” Huckabee replied. “Nothing to defend."

    How convenient of Huckabee to "forget" how he took to his Facebook wall to defend Josh Duggar when the first news came out that he molested young girls and some of them were his own sisters. When Harwood called him a hypocrite to his face, he was right.

    1. Josh is the only normal one among them.

    2. Anonymous3:42 PM

      Because Josh's sexual proclivities are right there, for all the world to see. No hiding, no faking nothing. Josh Duggar probably is the only 'real' member in the family. You are right. The rest suppress their sexuality. Daddy Duggar picks all his children's mates. They don't take craps without daddy Duggar's permission.

  5. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Jim-Bob is suspect. I thinks he's Josh's teacher!

  6. Anonymous1:05 PM

    LOL @ Anonymous @12:29pm, how true! Jebus Christ, they are all retarded idiots.

  7. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Josh said the Palins are finger licking good.

    1. Anonymous1:29 PM

      That is really gross and disgusting,

  8. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Mike Huckabee is as sleazy as they come.18 out of 19 isn't bad...screw you, Huckabee! If the victims were your daughters, I seriously doubt you would be saying this crap!

    1. Anonymous2:21 AM

      If the perpetrator was his own son, Huck would of course 'ignore' the damage done to his own girls. Like the Duggar dad (parents). Maybe this is more 'normal' in christian families that generally understood.

      I hope incest and perversion is not acceptable to modern day Christians.


  9. Not to disappoint, the asshole oozes selfrighteous Christion pomp-ass-ity. When are the republicans going to destroy themselves? I'm waiting.

  10. Typical. Conservatives see the world as black or white, until one of their own has problems. Then all of a sudden life is complicated.

    So let's apply some conservative logic: Either Jesus' transformative power is real, or it's not. The Duggars have been praying and reading the Bible for years, yet it seemed to have no effect on Josh. Why is that?

  11. Anonymous2:42 PM

    The father of a dog torturer-killer should not comment on parenting.

  12. Anonymous2:54 PM

    What about the lying grifter Jill? She and her sleasy husband forgot you actually have to be educated to qualify to do missionary work. Quote from her facebook page from an "admirer" .....""You left in July for missionary work and in the three months you have been back twice and airfare is thousands! Now you are staying for a month to enjoy family and friends? You are not missionaries; you are grifters asking people for money so you don't have to work."

  13. ibwilliamsi3:18 PM

    Not really, Mike. There's a few daughters who think that it's ok to be molested by their brother. NOT OK.

  14. I've read a few accounts of the Duggars' "towel training" of their babies (flicking a towel at the baby to train it to stay on a blanket or in one place, like it was a puppy) -- and it's obvious the older children are "mom" and "dad" to the younger children.

    If Jim Bob has abusive proclivities, what's the likelihood that he passed along the patriarchal privilege to his male children? It's no wonder Josh is screwed up, and the molested girls so ignorant, if they all learned like they were in a dog obedience school.

  15. Anonymous4:22 PM

    All conservative religious types raise the most fucked up kids that have ever graced the face of this planet. They, and their spawn, are a lesson for sane people to teach their children how not to act or what not to do. Religious fundies are a cautionary tale, both parents and children. Teach your children well.

  16. Anonymous4:22 PM

    Huckabee, you lardass, hypocritical , anal retentive! Go away!
    You are a scumbag tubby. You belong in prison or in hell. If one exists?

  17. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Is this the same huckabee who's running for President? That "one out of 19" logic has no place in governance. Huckabee needs psychiatric help and some kind of morality intervention.

  18. Anonymous4:56 PM

    As Mike Huckabee’s comments and actions get crazier, his campaign fundraising dries up

    ...While his actions and comments have garnered him headlines, campaign contributions have dried up for Huckabee as the smart money goes looking for viable candidates who show more of a pulse in the polls.

    According to The Hill, Huckabee reported a paltry $1.24 million in contributions for the last reporting period — the lowest of any candidate who appeared on the prime time GOP debates and not the so-called “kid’s table” undercard.

    For comparison’s sake, the campaign of Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT-I) reported a $1.4 million haul in less than eight hours after the Democratic debate earlier this week.

    Huckabee’s latest fundraising figures show that the ultra conservative candidate spent about $100,000 more than he brought in, leaving him with $761,000 on hand, far less than he needs to mount any type of viable challenge.

  19. Anonymous5:02 PM

    I have not heard nor read of anyone who had leapt to defend Josh Duggar and his parents' coverup admit they spoke too soon or underestimated the seriousness of his earlier behavior.

    The parents are responsible for how they responded to his acts then and recently that enabled him.

  20. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Mike Huckabee Still Hearts Duggars Cuz 18 Of Them Probably Aren’t Kid-Diddlers
    Sniveling rat fart Mike Huckabee is really feeling the pressure of, you know, losing. According to this recent poll of likely Republican voters we just cited to make fun of that other loser jackhole Bobby Jindal, Huckabee is all of one point ahead of “Someone else” in the GOP primary. Impressive, huh? So Huck’s taken a break from his normal talking points — the Obama’s doing the Holocaust, slavery has some plus sides, BABIES!!! — to remind us of how he is also besties with that rancid family, the Duggars. But for a really good reason:


    Dumb Duggar Kids Will Refund Your ‘Missionary’ Donations If You Promise Not To Tell Jesus

    ...Regardless, skepticism from the fans seems to have caught up with them, as InTouch Weekly reports that the dirty sidehuggers have quietly and innocently added a “request a refund” option to the donation page funding their “ministries.” Isn’t that nice? If you feel your money has been improperly used to buy sex rehab for the gross Duggar brother, here’s your $25 back! If you worry that Jill has gotten worried about the perpetually birthing state of her mother Michelle’s hoo-nanny and has been using it for condoms that will NEVER GET USED, you just put that $10 right back in your bank account! If the idea of Jill kidnapping her sister-in-law Anna in the night (by private plane, natch) to take her to a divorce attorney and a Planned Parenthood far, far away so she can get her what-what checked out for yuck-yucks her gross husband mighta stuck in there, STOP RIGHT NOW, DUGGAR FAN, DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT TAKE THAT DONATION BACK. Anna needs it, and so does Jesus.


  21. Anonymous6:34 PM

    Just when I thought this guy could not get any more ignorant.
    MOST of those children are not even grown yet, they are still being raised. So how can he say they turned out well when they are still children?! Huckabee does not know how those children will turn out.

    1. Anonymous7:12 PM

      Excellent point. The stupid shit is trying to sound smart.
      Ain't gonna happen goober.

  22. Anonymous7:22 PM

    heh fecking slimeball

    Former mistress of GOPer David Vitter claims he got her pregnant and asked her to abort

  23. hauksdottir10:06 PM

    Josh is still "in parts unknown" and not getting the counseling he really needs.

    And all those molested girls still haven't had real counseling, either. They've been trained their entire lives that they are put on earth to service men, to comfort men, to sacrifice themselves for men, that they have no sense of self-worth.

    Gothard and his followers have a lot to answer for.

  24. Your country not mine (Scotland if you ask) but if any British politician condoned what to my simple mind and atheist eye is incest, the storm that would break over their head would put them out of political life for ever. It's a strange thing to us followers of your politics that your Tartuffes of morality can get away with being so blatantly selective.

  25. Randall6:19 AM

    So... Huckabee is saying that a sanctimonious Christian upbringing works well
    ...most of the time?

  26. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Talibangelicals gotta stick together. Everybody else is sane in comparison.

  27. And out of 19 odds are at the very least one should be gay.


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