Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Mothers of two CIA operatives killed in Benghazi attack outraged over “cruel and callous” use of their son's images in anti-Hillary advertisement.

Glen Doherty
Courtesy of the Boston Herald:  

The mothers of two CIA contractors and former Navy SEALs killed in the 2012 attacks on the U.S. compound in Benghazi are outraged by a “cruel and callous” political ad that invokes images of their sons to level charges against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. 

Barbara Doherty of Woburn, whose son Glen Doherty died in the attack, told the Herald, “It’s so crude and so unfeeling to do something like this. To see your own son and hear a voice coming up from the grave, it’s tasteless.” 

A picture of Doherty’s son appears first in the ad. “Dear Hillary Clinton, I’d like to ask you why you ignored calls for help in Benghazi and then four Americas were murdered,” a voice reads. 

Doherty’s mother said this is the first time someone has put words into her son’s mouth like that — and he wouldn’t have liked it. “I won’t use the language he would have used, but he would be very upset.” 

Cheryl Croft Bennett, whose son, Tyrone Woods, died in the attacks, said the ad triggered the type of anger that she had avoided since he was killed. 

“I have not been angry because it’s counter-productive. But this ad made me angry,” she said. 

Woods’ picture appears second in the ad, and a voice-over reads: “I’d like to know why you lied, saying the attack was a response to an internet video.” The video then cuts to voice-overs with pictures of diplomat Sean Smith and U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, who both also died in the attacks. It ends with a picture of Stevens’ grave.

Man that is tasteless!

However not at all surprising.

Anybody who thinks that the conservatives REALLY care about the four Americans killed in Benghazi needs to stop drinking the kool-aid.

These men bravely gave their lives for their country and are now having their images appropriated without permission from their families and words put into their mouths by political operatives in order to attack a former Secretary of State.

That is shameless no matter how you look at it.


  1. Does law suit enter anyone's mind?

    1. Anonymous6:33 AM


    2. Anonymous8:41 AM

      The families of these servicemen who have had words put into their mouths have real law suits to be brought against the low lives who used their dead sons to promote a political agenda. It's as low as you can go, and they should be able to collect punitive damages for sullying the names of the dead in this way. These men are dead and gone and should be defended from those who want to use them for their own ends.

  2. Anonymous6:24 AM

    Hmmm. Willie Horton, disabled Vietnam veteran Max Cleland being compared to Bin Laden by draft deferred Saxby Chambliss, Kerry being swift boated and the ignorant people wearing purple band aids. This has gone on for years. Hell, Falwell ran around and claimed Jimmy Carter wasn't a real Christian. The Right has no shame.

    1. Anonymous7:24 AM

      And Huckajeebuz is claiming that Obama isn't a real Christian. How would an Xtian recognize a Christian?

  3. Glen Doherty was a founding member of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. I always wondered if that was what really got him killed. You know those hypocritical right wing Republicans don't give a rat's ass about him.


  4. Anonymous6:31 AM

    Curious to me has these self-reported faith-based value people are so disgusting in the application of these values.

  5. Anonymous6:40 AM


    Bristol Palin: Raw Story bashed my mom’s pro-life hypocrisy — so please buy her book


    “We use those guns to FILL OUR FREEZER,” Palin said. “To ‘live off the land’


    if you want to call it that. We use those guns to PROTECT ourselves, like many, many other people. Gun’s (sic) aren’t used strictly for violence like people want to paint them to be. I carry and I know by carrying its keeping my kids and my household a whole lot safer from creeps like we unfortunately face everyday.”


    1. Anonymous8:20 AM

      — so please buy her book


  6. Anonymous6:44 AM

    They are very close to just eating babies on live t.v. to rile up their base.

    And the country is just speaking out more and more about how sick we are of it...

  7. Anonymous6:58 AM

    I would be surprised if one out of a hundred of the assholes exploiting this tragedy for their own partisan political purposes can even name the names of the four men who were killed.

  8. Anonymous7:00 AM

    Gosh, we could run ads for years with the faces and voices of the 3000 killed on 9-11, and the 5000 soldiers killed in Iraq. "George Bush, we want to know why you ignored multiple warnings, and did not stop the attacks on the WTC. We want to know why you lied and sent us into a war we could not win. We want to know why you are still walking around free."

    1. Anonymous7:27 AM

      I'd donate to a kickstarter to fund an ad campaign to do that. Imagine faces upon faces of victims of 9/11 and dead military members flashing by with that as a voice and video-over.

  9. Anonymous7:11 AM

    We are watching the GOP splitting into two parties. In the end, neither of them will have cohesion.

  10. Anonymous7:23 AM

    Does the GOP care about the attacks on US embassies while W was president? Hell, no! When they start caring about those attacks, then perhaps we can take the GOP seriously.

  11. Anonymous7:29 AM

    End the New McCarthyism: The Benghazi Witch-Hunt Must Stop Now

    Over the past three years, Republicans in the House have threatened to shut down the federal government over the debt ceiling, funding for Planned Parenthood, the sequester, and the Affordable Care Act. They are willing to stop all the good work the government does, just to prove a bad point.

    But there is one part of the federal government they can, and should, shut down immediately. It is time to cease the operations of the Special Committee on Benghazi. This taxpayer-sponsored witch-hunt must come to an end now.


  12. Anonymous7:37 AM

    The lack of compassion is sickening.

    Fortunately fewer and fewer people watch political videos. Political videos simply can not compete with the variety of media available. Porn alone limits the number of people even available to view some idiot politician's idea of what interests people.

  13. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Morning Joe Ignores Evidence Shown by Own Network to Continue Clinton Smear

    So even though MSNBC had already reported that information contained in a Hillary Clinton email was not classified, Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough decided to just ignore that revelation and carry on with his smear campaign by pretending that it was.


  14. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Benghazi Chair Returns Donations Tied To PAC That Ran Nasty Anti-Clinton Ad

    Here's another sign of how radioactive Benghazi is becoming.

    Benghazi committee Chair Trey Gowdy (R-SC) is now returning $6,000 in political donations that are indirectly tied to a PAC that ran a nasty anti-Hillary Clinton ad showing the grave of the U.S. ambassador killed in the 2012 attacks, the Washington Post reported Monday.

    Gowdy is coughing up the money after the paper inquired about ties between Gowdy and Dan Backer, who used to serve as treasurer for Gowdy's now-defunct leadership PAC. Backer is now the treasurer of the The Stop Hillary PAC, which aired the ad that flashed images of all four Americans killed in the Benghazi attacks in addition to Ambassador Chris Stevens' grave, during the first Democratic presidential primary debate last week.


    1. Anonymous9:14 AM

      Secret Money Connection Exposed Between GOP, Super PAC Who Aired Benghazi Ad

      ...But recent filings show that the group spent about $100,000 this month on a national ad campaign opposing Clinton — and it reported conducting $10,000 worth of automated phone calls last month in support of Gowdy. Backer said the calls were made in Gowdy’s district to counter attacks from Democrats on the Benghazi committee.

      Backer’s role in Gowdy’s former “leadership PAC,” a fundraising vehicle commonly used to generate goodwill and influence by doling out money to favored colleagues and causes, represents another tie between the men.


  15. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Hillary's friend, John McCain Likens Benghazi Panel To Watergate on Charlie Rose

    1. Anonymous9:47 AM

      Well at least he didn't compare it to the Keating Five hearings!

    2. Anonymous10:30 AM

      McCain is such a coward it blows my mind and it makes me sure that he acted like a coward when he was in the military.

    3. Anonymous3:36 AM

      Where was McCain when Vietnam veteran John Keery was being swift boated? Where? I lost all respect for McCain and this propaganda that he's a 'maverick' is just that: propaganda BS. Check his career voting record: he has always voted the party line. Maverick my ass. He's about as maverick as Sarah Palin is an intelligent pundit. Bull effin' shee-ite!

  16. Trey Gowdy is now returning $6,000 in political donation that are tied to a PAC that ran this anti-Hillary Clinton ad....

  17. Anonymous8:18 AM

    It's revolting. These operatives who made the video should be fired. I hope the mothers and families have some legal recourse to stop this.

    The hatred of the right has pretty much made them lose their consciences. These politicians are psychopaths.

  18. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Gowdy Admits Redactions In Document That Appears To Frame Clinton


    CIA shrugs off Clinton’s ‘classified’ email


  19. Anonymous9:16 AM

    This Republican’s Reaction Is PRICELESS When He Gets Treated Exactly How He Treats Hillary

    Trey Gowdy is not having a good week. For the past 18 months, he has been in charge of leading the Republican attacks against Hillary Clinton courtesy of the Benghazi Select Committee, and so far he’s come up with basically nothing. Zilch. Nada.

    That’s bad news (for him anyways), since Hillary is set to testify before the committee on Thursday. Instead of the focus being on her, it’s on him now.

    In a bit of karma, Congressman Gowdy doesn’t like how he is being treated – plain and simple. In an exclusive interview with POLITICO, you can hear the former federal prosecutor almost tear up as he complains about being treated exactly the same way he’s treated Mrs. Clinton this whole time:

    “I would say in some ways these have been among the worst weeks of my life. Attacks on your character, attacks on your motives, are 1,000-times worse than anything you can do to anybody physically — at least it is for me.”

    It’s really amusing if you think about it. His words closely parallel the criticism being levied from the left, that this is just a partisan attack on Mrs. Clinton timed right before the presidential elections. He used this same reasoning to complain about attacks on him. Who would have thought?

    “It’s not lost on me that the uptick in criticism is [happening] the two weeks before she’s coming. I don’t think that that is a coincidence; it’s an attempt to marginalize and impugn the credibility of the panel that’s going to be asking her questions.”

    The only difference is, the accusations levied against Mr. Gowdy and the Benghazi Select Committee have merit. The 18-month long debacle known as the Benghazi witch-hunt, have taken longer even than Watergate, and still nothing to show for it. Except for Mr. Gowdy’s hypocrisy, that is.

    Just last week Gowdy tried to call out Clinton for having a classified source in her email, yet the CIA fired back that the information wasn’t classified at all. To make matters worse, Gowdy’s team leaked the name of the informant at the same time they were trying to hold Clinton accountable for it. They later redacted the name in the subject line of the email, and then attempted to blame the State Department for the error, even though they are the ones who did it.

    If Gowdy can’t hold himself accountable for his own actions, how can he go after Clinton? It’s the ultimate hypocrisy. Now that he’s under the same limelight, he’s not liking it very much. Too bad, Congressman. You’ve created your own grave on this one.


  20. If the parents have any legal recourse, I hope they take it, win, and make these assholes pay dearly. What ghouls.

  21. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Trump Accidentally Demolishes The Fox News Benghazi Narrative

    ...Trump's attack has also inadvertently drawn back the curtain on the sweeping double standard conservatives use for holding Republican presidents accountable for terrorist attacks, and the much higher standard they use for holding President Obama and Hillary Clinton accountable for Benghazi.

    CNN's Jake Tapper raised the issue of hypocrisy with Jeb Bush on Sunday's State of the Union, pressing the candidate to explain why if his brother wasn't responsible for the 3,000 American deaths on 9/11, somehow Obama and Clinton are to blame for the four U.S. casualties from Benghazi.

    But the issue is larger than Benghazi vs. 9/11. It also extends back to President Ronald Reagan and the series of terror attacks in Beirut on American outposts that killed more 300 people over 18 months.

    By raising questions about President Bush and 9/11, Trump has effectively demolished Fox News' long-running Benghazi storyline.


  22. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Hillary Clinton "will be remarkable" during her testimony before the House Select Committee on Benghazi later this week, Chelsea Clinton predicted Tuesday.

    "I think every opportunity my mom has, she proves again and again why she should be our next president. I know I’m very biased, and I actually think I’m even more biased now as a mom than as a daughter because I feel like I have a different stake in the future because of my daughter, Charlotte," she said in an interview with "CBS This Morning." "And so, I have no doubt on Thursday she will ... be remarkable and that Americans will really see why I so strongly believe that she should be our next president."


    1. Anonymous7:58 PM

      What a pleasant, intelligent contrast to the Brancy 'my mom' comments. Bristol Palin can only wish that she had a fraction of the intelligence and class that Chelsea Clinton has. When the media wants a comment from Chelsea, they invite her onto a T.V.program. Brancy has to use blogs and Facebook to get any attention.

  23. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Time for people to loudly and publicly sue the shit outta anybody who uses photos, or video clips without permission.

    This will all be swept under the rug, due to it being produced by a super pac. THIS is how the Citizens United decision is being used. The SC justices that voted for CU should be sued till they have nothing left.

  24. Boscoe10:15 AM

    The REAL stupidity on display here is that this ad just begs the response of a montage of photos of all the people who died on Dubya's watch. Conservatives are too stupid to realize that they cannot win with this kind of pissing match.

    1. Anonymous3:59 PM

      Uh, oh yes they can. Remember the SwiftBoaters? Voters are overall lazy or busy or busy being lazy so it's easy to manipulate with a full court press. And double down.

  25. Our Lad1:19 PM

    Conservatives would fuck goats in public if they thought it would advance their political agenda. I mean that literally, I think it's a fuckin disease.


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