Wednesday, October 28, 2015

MSNBC sees ratings rise sharply, while Fox News faces ratings decline.

Courtesy of TV Newser: 

MSNBC saw across-the-board ratings gains for the month of October, vs. October 2014. 

The network was up +26 percent in total day viewing and up +26% in prime time, among total viewers. The A25-54 demo growth was smaller: +4 percent for total day and +6 percent in prime time. MSNBC finished 3rd among total viewers and 4th in the demo, behind HLN, for total day viewing. 

A news cycle that was heavy in politics certainly helped give MSNBC a boost. (It’s also the only big 3 news network not to host a primary debate.) Still, marquee shows were up double digits in viewers, including Morning Joe (+36 percent), Hardball with Chris Matthews (+16 percent), All In with Chris Hayes (+32 percent), The Rachel Maddow Show (+31 percent) and The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell (+33 percent).

By contrast Fox News, which is still the cable news outlet to beat, saw an entirely different story:

Fox News Channel narrowly held on to win the A25-54 demo for the month of October, edging CNN by 1,000 viewers, or just .3 percent. (CNN got a boost from the first democratic debate). But unlike CNN and MSNBC, Fox News was down in the A25-54 demo vs. Oct. 2014: down -11 percent in total day and down -1 percent in prime time.

Now make no mistake Fox News is still crushing it, but they are not crushing it quite as completely as in years past, and as their demographic continues to die off around them we may in the near future see their numbers tumble into single digits.

And let's face it those numbers are not likely to rebound due to the fact that young people as a whole are completely turned off by Fox News, which was made apparent when Cornell University recently kicked them off campus

Of course in the future ALL cable news outlets may find themselves scrambling for viewers as millennials are increasingly embracing a practice known as "cord cutting" in which they get all of their news, information, and entertainment over the internet and not through the traditional sources, or electronic devices, embraced by their parents.


  1. Anonymous2:26 AM

    Hopefully as Fox drops and Rachel viewership increases she will be more outspoken. She knows Palinfaked a pregnancy and probably Rachel knows everything else. She could destroy Sarah with her intellect and Sarah won't even know what hit her.

  2. Anonymous3:18 AM

    Fox News numbers are so high because they are offered on the lowest, most basic tier of cable. The other news networks are almost always on a higher priced premium tier.

    1. Anonymous7:08 AM

      Kindasorta like being served water in a restaurant when you first sit down, eh?

  3. Anonymous3:29 AM

    So far the only downsides to cord cutting has been that I can't watch Rachel and Lawrence (but mostly Rachel) in their entirety. Hulu+ has clips from the shows, usually just one less or different from what you can watch at But, it's annoying to not know what you missed, to have everything out of order, and to have to guess at which clips are the newest. Bah!

    Otherwise, cord cutting just makes sense! I may have to get cable from August 2016 - November 2016 so I won't miss the conventions, debates, and all the rest of the homestretch of the race coverage.

    1. Anonymous5:48 AM

      watch full episodes:

    2. Anonymous8:03 AM

      You can only watch full episodes if you sign in with your cable tv provider's login. So, no cable tv, no full episodes online. :(

      What they do put out for free is clips of the show, which add up to the content of roughly half a show. They're out of order as far as how the show airs, but at least it's easier to tell the difference between last night's show and last Friday's show since they're in reverse chronological order by date, which isn't the case on Hulu+.

  4. Anonymous5:27 AM

    I've always thought Rachel Maddow was secretly sired by Gryphen. Or maybe not secretly.

  5. I love Hayes and O'Donnell and will glady suffer while listening to Chris Matthews interrupt his guests but Rachel Maddow is a Baller, ya'll! She's the Bill Clinton of cable news. She can take the most complicated issue and explain it with perfect clarity.

  6. Anonymous6:40 AM

    I really enjoyed O'Donnell's commentary during the Clinton Benghazi! interrogations.

    I've been considering cutting the cord too, but hate to lose MSNBC.

  7. Rachel Maddow is like the child Edward R. Murrow and Linda Ellerbee should have had.

    My personal-sized TV is right on this desk to the left of the computer screen, and if all the channels other than MSNBC and Weather disappeared, it would probably take me a month to notice.

  8. When these "cord cutters" grow up, FOX will go the way of the Oldsmobile.

  9. Leland8:17 AM

    I have long told managers of places I visit, that if they are still showing Fox News the next time I stop by, I won't stay. I'll go somewhere else.

    And recently I have taken it one step further: I walk in, ask for the manager, then tell them point blank what I told them before, then turn and walk away.

    It is one thing to have a customer tell them something after they have eaten or shopped. It is an entirely different thing when they know they won't get that customer's patronage BECAUSE of Fox!

  10. Anonymous10:43 AM


  11. Anonymous12:44 PM

    I guess the shake up at MSNBC worked. Get rid of Ed, the Rev., and ratings spiral.

  12. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Gotta be the power of Meet the Press Daily and being sent to jail after Rachel makes us a cocktail on friday nights.


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