Saturday, October 10, 2015

Note to Jeb Bush. Don't stand in front of a green screen.

I have no idea what Jeb! was doing when this picture was taken, but I do know what happened afterward.

The internet had itself a little fun.

Okay so the internet had a LOT of fun.

To be fair these geniuses could have done this even without the green screen.

But let's face it, by standing if front of one Jeb! was just asking for it.

Hey maybe one of these guys can photoshop some charisma or an actual personality onto Bush. That might actually help.


  1. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Please, please, some computer savvy IMer, send Gryphen a shot of Bush and the top photo from this group!

    1. Anonymous1:41 PM

      Give it up already. Not every post must revolve around the Palins.

    2. Anonymous2:06 PM

      Disagree 1:41, the photo of Palin in that position, with that expression is perfect for this particular blog. The story is about photoshopping Jeb! into awkward pictures, so this time Palin does seem appropriate!

    3. Anonymous2:23 PM

      Why so cranky, 1:41?

    4. Anonymous6:02 PM

      Anonymous2:23 PM

      There are more enough posts dedicated to the Palin's stupidity. Does every single subject that Gryphen posts have to have a comment hijacking the subject of the post back to that stupid family. Talk about trolling.

    5. Anonymous6:50 PM

      I hardly think a post suggesting what would have been a hilarious take on the Jeb photo was "hijacking" the thread. Seriously, get over it.

  2. Anonymous12:34 PM

    They are overwhelmingly white, rich, older and male, in a nation that is being remade by the young, by women, and by black and brown voters. Across a sprawling country, they reside in an archipelago of wealth, exclusive neighborhoods dotting a handful of cities and towns. And in an economy that has minted billionaires in a dizzying array of industries, most made their fortunes in just two: finance and energy.

    Now they are deploying their vast wealth in the political arena, providing almost half of all the seed money raised to support Democratic and Republican presidential candidates. Just 158 families, along with companies they own or control, contributed $176 million in the first phase of the campaign, a New York Times investigation found. Not since before Watergate have so few people and businesses provided so much early money in a campaign, most of it through channels legalized by the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision five years ago.

  3. Anonymous12:37 PM

    The Roof Falls In On Republicans As Conservatives May Sink Paul Ryan Next

    House Republicans are frantically trying to convince Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) to run for Speaker of the House, but there is a problem, the same Republicans who sunk John Boehner and Kevin McCarthy may target Ryan next.

    Politico reported:

    After leaving the House Republican Conference in a state of suspended upheaval, the rebellious group of conservative lawmakers that helped oust one speaker then short-circuited his would-be successor is intentionally laying low and deciding how to respond if Rep. Paul Ryan decides to run for speaker.


    But conservatives strongly disagree with Ryan’s position on immigration and his role in crafting the bipartisan 2013 Ryan-Murray budget deal. He’s been criticized by the far right for being a staunch proponent of immigration reform and his work with Democrats to find a compromise to address the growing number of illegal immigrants living in the U.S.

    The conservatives in the House want a Speaker who is ideologically pure. They want someone who will commit to running the House their way. Paul Ryan fits neither of these requirements.

    1. Anonymous12:53 PM

      Now that the House Republican caucus is in complete disarray and no-one in their right mind wants the dangerous Speaker’s job, some people asked what could be so difficult about corralling a few dozen “outliers” into the Republican fold and convince them to actually govern. Fortunately, the recent revelation of a House Freedom Caucus ‘questionnaire for prospective candidates for the Speakers’ position clears up why Republicans are terrified of being Speaker, and why there is no good outcome as long as Cruz’s House Freedom Caucus is allowed to exist. For the record, there is an equally “extreme” group of Republicans in the Senate that embrace the House crazies’ ideology; they are closely-aligned and follow the Senate Conservatives Fund mandates.

      Chaffetz: ‘I Would Not Run Against Paul Ryan’ for House Speaker

      In yet another indication that Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) would have far-reaching support among his caucus if he chooses to run for Speaker of the House, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), who has already declared his candidacy for the top post in the House, said on Friday that he would withdraw from the race if Ryan seeks the position.

      “No, I would not run against Paul Ryan,” Chaffetz told reporters on Capitol Hill. “…I’m a huge fan of Paul Ryan. I would support Paul Ryan. I would hope that he would do it.”

  4. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Don't miss this, Gryphen.

  5. Anonymous1:30 PM

    I prefer the animated version of the sistine chapel

    1. Anonymous2:07 PM


  6. Anonymous1:44 PM

    He is such a loser. But, after the Donald implodes, Jeb connotes excitement will probably the only one standing. God help us all. A third Bush term. Holy crap!!!

  7. That second to the last photo is Jeb getting another conservative talking point from FOX.

  8. LOL.

    Best fun I've had all day.

    More more more!

  9. Anonymous3:36 PM

    As funny as they are, REAL funny comes from the inside,
    We'll need a new word for bushisms, perhaps jebisms once he get's his groove on. If he gets his groove on, he's just so low energy.

  10. Anonymous4:04 PM

    Uh oh... anyone else notice that in profile Jeb! bears a rather strong similarity to Rumsfeld? Babs! - you might have some 'splainin' to do.

  11. Anonymous4:33 PM

    ¡Que lindo! Jeb! is getting more advice from Dubya in the next to last photo. Those Bush boys are so adorable! Babs must be proud.

  12. Anonymous1:17 PM

    About that picture of the painting in the Sistine Chapel, where, supposedly God gives life to Adam. How come Adam has a belly button?

  13. Anonymous1:19 PM

    About that picture of the painting in the Sistine Chapel, where, supposedly God gives life to Adam. How come Adam has a belly button?



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