Thursday, October 22, 2015

Ohio Senate votes to defund Planned Parenthood. Really Ohio?

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The Ohio Senate on Wednesday quickly passed legislation to block state funding for Planned Parenthood's health education and prevention programs. 

Senate Bill 214 passed the Republican-controlled Senate along party lines in a 23-10 vote and now heads to the House for consideration. 

The bill would redirect about $1.3 million annually from Planned Parenthood to federally qualified health centers, health departments, and other clinics that don't perform or promote abortions or contract with facilities that do. 

Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio offers birth control, cancer screenings, tests for sexually transmitted diseases and well-woman exams at its 28 centers across the state. Three centers perform abortions.

And of course they also do not provide fetal tissue samples to researchers, which is what inspired this new outrage in the first place.

Planned Parenthood as an agency is also no longer asking for reimbursement for the clinics in the only two states which provide fetal tissue for research purposes.

And yet for purely political reasons this Senate thinks it is reasonable to deprive the women of Ohio access to medical care and cancer screenings.

But remember there is NO war on women.

The war is on their uterus. And Republicans are planning to murder that sucker or imprison it and throw away the key. 


  1. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Why any woman in Ohio would vote for a Republican in their upcoming elections is beyond me!

    They shouldn't be voted for across the nation (Republicans, I mean!). Get the bastards out of office, women voters. They are NOT in our corner at all.

    Women should be allowed to handle their own bodies in the manner they wish. If they want to have an abortion or use contraception, they should be allowed to with no questions asked!

  2. Anonymous12:17 PM

    At this rate of progress, soon "coloreds" will attend their own schools, women won't vote and every public school will start the day with a prayer to the Christian God.

    1. Anonymous1:43 PM

      That should be Christian god. Small g. It matters.

    2. Anonymous4:17 PM

      Take it up with my auto correct. :-)

  3. Planned Parenthood needs to sue Texas and Ohio for defamation of character.

    Corporations are "people" after all. Right?

  4. More women's votes for the Democrats! Are the Repubs TRYING to lose votes? Seems like it.

    1. Anonymous1:47 PM

      12:33 PM Think you meant to say "More women vote for the Democrats". Hopefully, that will continue being the scenario in the next election cycle.

      It's hard to imagine what the Republicans are thinking as they constantly come out against the rights of women.

      And, I find it difficult to believe they will receive the majority of the female vote across the nation.

  5. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Please remember this next time you hear OH's governor, John Kasich, described as "moderate". He'll sign this into law so fast your head will spin.

  6. Anonymous1:06 PM

    In case you've forgotten, that self-righteous pisshole is David Daleiden. He's the dried cumrag who made the Planned Parenthood videos that are so filled with lies that no one can find anything wrong that the organization has done when it comes to sending fetal body parts to medical labs and clinics for research and, oh, let's say, fondue. You'd think that any coverage of him by any entity that refers to itself as a mainstream "newspaper" might spend most of the time telling you how he's a pathetic liar with a fetus fetish who tricked people and probably broke laws in order to discredit an organization that has helped millions of women and not a small number of men.

    But then you haven't read the Washington Post profile of Daleiden, a slow blow job of an article that makes Daleiden sound like he's Seymour Hersh crossbred with Edward R. Murrow. See, Daleiden and his team didn't use selective editing to destroy Planned Parenthood because of a fervent anti-abortion agenda that couldn't give less of a shit about the truth. No, he "shed harsh new light on the venerable women’s health organization, capturing officials sipping wine while joking about abortion and appearing to haggle over the price of fetal tissue."

    And you might think that the sentence "Planned Parenthood officials have long said that the organization follows all laws and that many women treasure the ability to donate tissue for life-giving research" would be followed with an acknowledgement that multiple state investigations, including in some very red states, have found zero violations of the law when it comes to PPFA. But the article does not do so. In fact, it does continue, "Whatever the outcome, Daleiden’s project has already exceeded the wildest expectations of antiabortion activists."

    "Whatever the outcome"? There's been some fucking outcomes that prove Daleiden is a carnival barker trying to get you to look at the fake bearded lady.

    The article ends with Daleiden speaking to Glenn Beck...

    1. I think Texas and Ohio, plus attempts by Congress prove they have exceeded their expectations beyond their wildest dreams. Millions of gullible right wing mouth breathers now believe every lie Daleiden manufactured. Just like Acorn, the damage is done and the facts don't change that. Truth has nothing to do with it.

      What they need is an expose movie written by Aaron Sorkin exposing the entire plot by Daleiden and his front groups. Even the big screen won't undo the damage to some of the extremely rabid. But short of a huge media shit storm showing what an asshole Daleiden is, we're going to see more of this defunding.

  7. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Campaign question, doesn't Schmidt work for Trump? I wonder what was in his mind during Trump's positive palin comments.

    This proves people in DC politics will do anything for a job and attention.

  8. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Not in the least surprised. The state is chock-full of evangelical colleges.

  9. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Between this and that idiot Jordan at the Bengazi hearing, I am very ashamed to live in Ohio. I promise you, we do not all feel like this!

  10. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Catholic priests molesting thousands of kids and the church kept their tax exempt status. A health care company providing a legal medical procedure and helping medical researchers find cures from dead fetuses and their funding gets cut. Get religion out of the Government NOW!

  11. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Don't underestimate this ... Ohio is critical to the 2016 race and is a battleground state. It will be a fight.

    1. Anonymous3:42 PM

      This is exactly the reason we should be paying attention.

  12. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Ohio is that weird hillbilly-hybrid type state where that are some large cities but their rural areas are inhabited by backwards types such as hillbillies, mennonites and amish. Ohio is just a plain weird mix of folks residing in flyover country and it's pretty hard to put a political pointer on exactly where they are all coming from!

  13. Frosty6:25 PM

    You can bet AK isn't far behind on the defunding schedule. Since the federal government funds PP, AND medicaid, why is this shit even legal?

    Hopefully EVERY state that chooses this route will be sued for enough to fund PP into the far future.

  14. Anonymous3:25 AM

    Ohio is chock full of fundagelical whackaloons.


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