Thursday, October 22, 2015

With Biden out, Hillary gets a bump in the polls.

Courtesy of Politico:  

Joe Biden’s decision to stay out of the presidential race is benefiting the two top-tier candidates in Iowa, but Hillary Clinton is getting the biggest bump, according to a poll taken before Biden bowed out of the race. 

A new Bloomberg/Des Moines Register poll of likely Iowa caucus-goers out Thursday has 48 percent of Democrats supporting the former secretary of state and 41 percent backing Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. When the vice president was included in the poll, Clinton received 42 percent and Sanders 37 percent.

Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley has the support of just 2 percent of Democrats, while former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb — who exited the race this week — was at 1 percent, along with former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee. 

I would suggest that this is just the beginning, and that after the Benghazi hearing finally finishes today that she will likely get yet another bump in the polls.

I also think that the space between her poll numbers and Bernie's will start to grow as well.

We are coming up on the home stretch as more and more obstacles fall away for Hillary's campaign. 

I actually do not consider her eventual Republican opponent to be that big of a hurdle.


  1. Anonymous2:46 PM

    All of my millennial children and all of their spouses are supporting Bernie. Most of their previously not political friends are as well. (These are the people so hard to survey- no land line, no cable, no interaction with the usual channels.) But one told me he's worried that if Bernie is not the nominee they'll sit this election out. Then we'd all be so screwed.

    1. Anonymous3:23 PM

      Same here. But the Republican choice might be so frightening that anyone and everyone 18 and older will come out to save the Republic.

    2. Anonymous4:26 PM

      This is exactly why a Clinton/Sanders ticket makes sense.

      How ironic that a choice of running mates would guarantee a ticket instead of murder one...

    3. Anonymous4:35 PM

      My take is this young group sees Hillary like the somewhat over protective mother type and they see Bernie like the fun coolish uncle. "Mother Knows Best" is what i would say for all the world.

    4. Clinton and Sanders can not possibly work together on a ticket. They are diametric opposites on the issues that matter.

      Bernie is THE ONLY CANDIDATE to give the right answer to the biggest threat to our security and national interest.

      Hilary said "nukes." Really? Reeeeeally? And I doubt if she was referring to Israel's stash of 200+.

      Bernie answered "climate change."

      The wars for potable water will be more horrendous, bloody, manifold, than any war for oil ever was! Those who control water rights will almost certainly require their own armies, because even bought-and-sold politicians won't protect them from lynching.

      Desperate people will become more desperate.

      We can live without oil. We can not live without water.

      Wars for oil are fought far away; however, the battles for water will take place within our cities. And when Clinton's Keystone pipeline ruptures and destroys the aquifer in America's heartland, America will be destroyed in the ongoing struggle. What few rights we have, including the right to life, will be as nought to those who have the controlling interests.

      With Bernie, we have a chance.

    5. Feel the bern10:32 AM

      Gotta tell ya, I'm strongly inclined to do the same thing. And I might. For now, I'm telling myself I'll vote for Hillary, but I REALLY hope she drops out.

  2. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Sorry for the OT but the sea of pee are saying that it is being reported that track is back in Iraq. One other poster tried to correct them that they must mean Afghanistan because there is no boots on the ground in Iraq. Evidently it is the earthquake group spreading the rumor supposedly directly from Sarah's mouth.

    1. Anonymous4:42 PM

      Track may be there to buy a load of opium or hash.

      He could be the family drug mule.

    2. Anonymous4:45 PM

      Track Iraq/Afghanistan? He isn't in the Army now. What do they think he would do there at this time?

    3. Anonymous5:12 PM

      Can you say which thread? I don't go there much and not sure where to look.

    4. Anonymous5:37 PM

      It was in the open thread today about 5 hours ago...they were asking for prayers to protect him

    5. Anonymous6:24 PM

      That sounds nuts. Why would Sarah or her people lie like that? It is not as if they wouldn't be caught with that one. Track is not in the military. Are they pretending he is a mercenary?

    6. Anonymous7:11 PM

      That's the stupid earthquake movement,
      They will say anything.

    7. Anonymous8:13 PM

      This is what was said in Conservatives4Palin comments.

      I looked at the Earthquake Facebook page, did not see where they were praying for Track.

      No doubt Sarah Palin will get all this cleared up for them right away.

      Sarah wouldn't want a fake story about Track Palin to be making the rounds with her supporters, only to later tell them it was false. Next they would want to know how he is, what is he doing?

      Track has been out of the service, how long? A long time and he would have established a work record and be glad to keep them up to date with facts. Unless he has big secret problems they want to keep from Sarah supporters.

      Track's last news was the drunken Brawl. Not the best thing to remind her supporters. If he is made out to be a brave hero and it is not a fact the retraction would bring unwanted attention.

  3. Anonymous3:47 PM

    And, the icing on the cake, Trump's number slides to second. The Bengazi dead horse is helping showcase Hillary's abilities. I think Bernie should get equal time.

  4. Anonymous3:50 PM

    My vote is for Hillary

    That girl is kickin' ass and takin' names at her hearing

  5. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Biden waited too long anyway. He must have had good reasons but he left himself open to being perceived as indecisive. Not a good thing for a commander in chief.

  6. FJ Dandy4:09 PM

    After listening to the crap Hillary continues to endure, if I could, I would be out there campaigning for her. This Canadian is so proud of her. What a woman! I hope she's your next President.

  7. Gryphen, your support for Hillary just amazes me. I guess I've just read too much about both Hill and Bill. Whatever, I'm also going to vote for Bernie and I'll tell you why; Bernie is Jewish but is married to a Catholic. He doesn't appear to be fanatical about his religion.

    Also, his brother lives in England. If you ever watch the BBC, you will get an idea of what has happened to the UK. It's not a pretty picture. It is so over-run with immigrants, from so many countries, I can't list them all. You can walk down the streets in London and find it rare to hear someone speak English. They also have a large community of Muslims.

    The immigrants pouring into Europe are almost all muslims. Regardless of what you hear, they are "all" economic migrants. That is because they have to pass through Turkey to get to Greece. Turkey is a safe country and they have a refugee camp there for the Syrians. Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq also have camps for them. However, they do not want to stay in the camps. They are seeking a "better life" in Europe but not staying in the poor countries. After they arrive in Greece in their dinghys, they kiss the ground and yell..."freedom." Last I heard, they had freedom in Turkey and in Greece, as well.

    They are country-hopping to get to Germany or Sweden where they will get free housing, health care, dental care, education for their children and a monthly stipend. Of course, Angela Merkel has welcomed them so that's great, as long as they stay in Germany. BTW, the media is in on this and I've noticed they try to just show pictures of the women and children when they are mostly young men. Also, I don't think the numbers they publish are accurate and far more than they say have arrived.

    This immigration problem is another story but I'm worried because I'm afraid this could happen to the U.S. There seems to be some kind of World Order that wants all the poor third world countries to integrate with Western culture. Politicians are not listening to the people. Only the Hungarian PM seems to have any sense and has been putting up fences. The people can only take so much and then, what will happen?

    As sorry as I feel for these refugees, I also get very angry and try to understand why they subject their small children to such an arduous journey. And, how can we help them when there are so many? What kind of mindsets do these refugees have to think millions of them can invade countries and expect to receive the benefits they demand.

    What Bernie's stance on immigration is, I don't know. All I can do is hope he won't let happen to us, what has happened to England.

    1. Anonymous5:12 PM

      Ginger, from where did your people immigrate?

    2. Anonymous5:16 PM

      London and find it rare to hear someone speak English.

      I live in a beautiful smallish city in the USA. That has happened to me more than once. I go to town often and there are times I have not heard anyone speak English.

      I also like Bernie.

    3. Anonymous5:33 PM

      Bernie has nothing to do with what's getting at you. I guess that until you have to leave your home because of violence -- not just a neighborhood shooting, but warfare -- and find safety somewhere in the world and a way to take care of your family, you shouldn't be judging the current refugees.

    4. Anonymous5:47 PM

      In my town I can walk down Main St and hear people speaking many different languages. There are restaurants and shops featuring food and goods from all over the world. I love it! Everyone has the same goal- a better life for themselves and their children. I'm learning so much about other cultures, making new friends and even trying to learn some new languages (not easy at 65).. I grew up in a boring white-bread suburb, and this is an exciting improvement.

      What are you afraid of Ginger?

    5. Anonymous6:03 PM

      I find it charming. It is not a problem.


    6. Sorry life didn't work out the way you would have liked Ginger.

    7. Anonymous1:21 AM

      "They are seeking a "better life" in Europe but not staying in the poor countries."

      How DARE they?

    8. "As sorry as I feel for these refugees, I also get very angry and try to understand why they subject their small children to such an arduous journey. "
      That is quite possibly the stupidest thing I have seen on the internet in some time, and that includes anything said by a republican yesterday during the Benghazapalooza circus.

    9. Anonymous8:43 AM

      Ginger is right, the rest of you are a bunch of suckers. By the time you realize Ginger is correct, it will be too late.

    10. Anonymous10:24 AM

      How is Ginger right 8:43? If you're not 100% native American you're an immigrant too. And an idiot.

  8. Anonymous8:39 PM

    For some reason I am unable to reply to @Racist Ginger

    Yes, it is a terrible thing to walk into towns and hear scary unAmerican languages such as English everywhere. Why do you white people insist on not assimilating to the culture of the countries you overrun with your immigrants pushing and pushing until there is nothing left of the original Native culture


    Little Rabbit

    Proud Member of the Fond Du Lac Tribe of Ojibwe

    PS Ginger you are nothing but a low slinking animosh, now run along to back where you came from until you start learning how to be an American.

    1. Anonymous1:18 AM

      Ginger is RIGHT!

      Remember when all them garsh darn Irish came here. They just wanted to take advantage of our economics. Why would they put their kids through such an arduous journey?

      And then the Eye-talians, with their strange language and weird food and names nobody could pronounce.

      And don't get me started on the Jews, taking over parts of New York, looking for better lives for their families. Why couldn't they all go to Israel, even before there was an Israel and they were escaping Europe because it wasn't safe for them anymore? I can't even go to town anymore without hearing some Yiddish word that has weaseled its way into the English language. Oy.

    2. Anonymous6:49 AM

      1:18 you win the day. Even better than my own comment :)

      - Proud granny with babes from all over the planet.

  9. Hillary's numbers may climb, but so will Bernie's.

    If the Dems are smart, BOTH will be on the ticket. If she is the nominee she would be foolish not to ask Bernie to be her running mate.

    If she asks anyone else, her numbers will fall.

    Maybe if she chooses Crist they might not fall as much. Now he might bring some Republicans and conservative Democrats to the ticket. But many don't trust "turncoats" plus Gov. of Florida isn't exactly a plus on your resume, because, well, Florida.

    Big Yes if she chooses Clark. Hillary is already a hawk and choosing Clark as a running mate will scare away Democrats that don't want us getting into any more wars.

    Yes, if she chooses O'Malley polling at 2% or Webb polling at 1%. The voters have already dismissed these two. They will drag her coat tails down rather than lift her up. They're both dead weight. (Plus unknown to many and questionable experience.)

    Yes, Julian Castro. He's a virtual unknown the the majority of the population with close to zero experience. Not someone I'd like second in line.

    Yes, any woman. A woman president will be tough enough for the American voters. Put two women on the ticket and it's a loser no matter who those women are. (Wendy Davis, Elizabeth Warren who will say no anyway.

  10. Anonymous12:48 PM

    2007 - Clinton is a "shoe in" for the Democratic nomination for president.


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