Monday, October 19, 2015

Republican Congressman threatens to impeach Hillary Clinton just as soon as she is finished taking the oath of office. What, no honeymoon period? Update!

"Jeez, can I at least unpack my bags first?"
Courtesy of HuffPo:  

Hillary Clinton isn't president yet. She hasn't even won the Democratic nomination. But a Republican congressman is already getting ready for the opportunity to impeach her -- on the first day of her hypothetical presidency. 

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) recently spoke with talk radio host Matt Murphy and said the real issue with Clinton's use of a private email server as secretary of state is "how many lives she put at risk by violating all rules of law that are designed to protect America's top-secret and classified information from falling into the hands of our geopolitical foes who then might use that information to result in the deaths of Americans." 

Brooks added Republicans are going to make sure this issue follows Clinton into office, should she be elected president in 2016. 

"And in my judgement, with respect to Hillary Clinton, she will be a unique president if she is elected by the public next November, because the day she's sworn in is the day that she's subject to impeachment because she has committed high crimes and misdemeanors," he said.

"Welcome to the White House Madam President, now get the hell out!" Interesting to note that just because Hillary isn't black does not mean the Republicans will treat her any less shamefully than they did her predecessor.

I guess perhaps this is their twisted way of proving they were not racists after all.

You might all remember that it was during President Obama's inauguration that the Republicans decided to piss in his Cheerios every day until he left office as well.

And it increasingly looks like they will get their chance to wizz in Hillary's Wheaties as well, since a recent poll shows her numbers jumped back up after her debate performance: 

In the latest showing of post-debate momentum, Hillary Clinton commands the Democratic field in a new Monmouth University national poll released Monday. 

Clinton took 48 percent, while her closest competitor, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, earned just 21 percent. Vice President Joe Biden, who is weighing a run but has not committed, sits at 17 percent. For Clinton, it's an increase from 42 percent in the same poll last month, and nearly back to the level of support she enjoyed in August. 

You know I guess the argument could be made against Hillary that electing her will continue, if not exacerbate, the partisanship in Washington.

But let's be honest with ourselves, do we really think there is ANYBODY among the Democratic candidates that the Republicans WOULD be willing to work with?

I mean besides Jim Webb, who for some reason I think the Republicans might embrace with open arms. Which is reason enough not to choose him in my opinion. (Update: It looks like Webb might be a moot point for Democrats as he is now considering a run as an Independent.)

Let's fact it, no matter who we elect it's going to be eight more years of partisan bickering and political warfare.

We might as well accept that and choose, not only the candidate most likely to beat the Republicans in 2016, but also the one that will drive them out of their ever loving minds for two glorious terms.


  1. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Awesome. So we are threatened with another 8 years of an expensive spend-everything-on-do-nothing teaparty projects.

    1. Only if Republicans are re-elected to majorities in the House and Senate.

  2. Anonymous3:08 PM

    Hillary is too old for two terms but if she wins even one it is better than the Repub alternatives.

    1. Anonymous4:23 PM

      She is not too old for 2 terms.

    2. How old you think she is??

    3. Anonymous4:41 PM

      No, she isn't too old, especially since women age so much better than men.

    4. And Reagan wasn't?



      She's as perfectly capable of two terms as any of the other candidates on both sides.

    5. Anonymous4:57 PM

      HI five - 4:41

  3. Anonymous3:15 PM

    When was the last time our do nothing congress did anything on behalf of "we the people?"

    1. I don't think congress gets credit for the ACA, seeing all the effort they put towards blocking it.

  4. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Clinton Camp Rolls Out ‘Smart Leadership’ Video In Time for Big Benghazi Week

    On Monday, the official Hillary Clinton YouTube channel released “Hillary Clinton: Smart leadership for the 21st Century”, a video set to chiming music aimed squarely at highlighting Clinton’s achievements at the State Department.

  5. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Ahead of Hillary Clinton's appearance before the Select Committee on Benghazi later this week, House Democrats released a report Monday concluding that interviews conducted by the panel discredit GOP claims about Clinton's actions during the 2012 attacks.

    "This report shows that no witnesses we interviewed substantiated these wild Republican conspiracy theories about Secretary Clinton and Benghazi. It's time to bring this taxpayer-funded fishing expedition to an end," Ranking Member Elijah Cummings, D-Maryland, said in a statement accompanying the 146-page report.

    Following through on a recent threat, the Democrats released excerpts from the panel's 54 interviews, but still called on Chairman Trey Gowdy, R-South Carolina, to release full transcripts and depositions.

    ...Based on 54 interviews, the Democrats said the committee found no evidence that Clinton ordered the military to stand down on the night of the attacks, no evidence she personally approved a reduction in security before the attacks and no evidence Clinton or her aides oversaw an operation to scrub or destroy documents related to Benghazi, among other findings.

  6. Anonymous3:34 PM

    These rethugs have already conceded and we still have a sitting president.
    I can live with that. Viva la Hillary or Bernie!

    1. Anonymous4:52 PM


  7. These people are traitors to our Republic; do not ever elect another TreasonousBagger or anyone who advocates for their unAmerican actions.

  8. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Citizens United files suit over Hillary Clinton schedules

  9. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Why George Orwell Would Vote for Bernie Sanders, Not Hillary Clinton

  10. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Clinton gets post-debate boost in the polls

    ...If Biden were to decide against running, however, Clinton's advantage jumps to 57 percent, while Sanders picks up just 3 additional points, at 24 percent. The figures are similar to those released by CNN/ORC earlier Monday, which found that 56 percent of voters would go for Clinton if Biden stays out of the race.

    Biden leads the field in terms of net favorability (73 percent to 9 percent), while Clinton is close behind (77 percent to 18 percent). Sanders' net favorability is a solid 49 points, though 28 percent do not have an opinion of him.

  11. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Gotta love it.....all the republicans are ready to vote for the outsiders since Washington is dysfunctional. It will never cross their pea-sized intellects that it was the outsiders (i.e. teabaggers) that killed Washington and voting more in will only gridlock things further

  12. Anonymous4:24 PM

    o/t new fb screed. dear god these people are adults and vote.
    Preacher calling me out with his holier-than-thou condemnation for being both pro-Second Amendment and pro-life? I couldn't be prouder.

    Ashley Anthony Explain it to him like this: I'm pro second amendment so that I can protect the reason why I am pro life.

  13. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Sounds to me like the GOPEE is already admitting defeat.

  14. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Biden would be nuts getting in the race. Hillary Clinton will beat him hands down.

    Republicans need to be taken to the woodshed and handled one by one! It's time Democrats really go after the assholes. Vote every one of them out of office each change you get Americans and Alaskans!

    They are going to be constantly negative about POTUS Hillary Clinton once she is elected as they have been to President Obama for his near two terms. Obviously the jerks haven't gotten the message yet! Fuck them!!!

  15. Anonymous4:34 PM

    I'm going to say this and only say it once.

    I am tired of the supposed Bernie voters knocking Hilary. And I will say no true Bernie voter would ever vote for the GOPee if they truly believe in what he has to say.
    I am a staunch democratic voter who will vote and will vote for whomever the DFL ( sorry, my Minnesota roots are showing) candidate is.
    Personally I like both Hillary and Bernie, and am currently undecided. But I do know one thing, and that is that I will vote for either one.
    Staying home because your candidate isn't the nominee will only end up being a vote for the GOP, GET OUT AND VOTE!!!
    Get out and vote no matter whom the democratic candidate is, vote for your mom, sister, cousin, aunt, vote for unions, vote for healthcare, vote for the party platform even if the nominee isn't "your candidate", but damn, get out and vote.

    1. Anonymous5:00 PM

      And take you mom, sister, cousin, neighbor to the polls to vote too.

  16. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Rather than work with our president to heal the wounds of Bush's war and economic failure,this Gop/ congress has failed the people. They have shown themselves to be nothing short of terrorists by holding the American people hostage entirely over sour grapes of losing an election to a black man.

  17. Boscoe4:44 PM

    I'm pretty sure you can't impeach someone for things that occurred before they took office... but when has logic and reason ever stopped the tea brains?

  18. Anonymous4:46 PM

    If anything, these clowns are even worse misogynists than racists. It's certainly not an either/or proposition.

    1. Anonymous11:50 PM

      It's a both/and with the GOTP'ers. Bad for the most of us. Too many Republicans = Racism and misogyny.

      *aargh* and Lord have mercy on us all.


  19. I guess Brooks missed that memo about nothing Clinton did was illegal at that time (and that Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice had also used private e-mail.)

    Just another witchhunt based on delusions and wishes.

  20. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Racism and misogyny are not mutually exclusive in the crazed GOP mind.

    1. Anonymous11:51 PM

      Thank you.


  21. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Sounds similar to the quote below:

    "The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president."
    -Sen. Mitch McConnell
    Oct. 29, 2010

  22. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Um, wait. To commit an impeachable offense, don't you have to commit said offense while in office?? This guy is an idiot.

    1. AKinPA4:51 AM

      I'm pretty sure you're right, but the real crime will be "presidentin' while democrat." And the way those GOPidiots are going, every president in the foreseeable future will be impeached for that high crime.

  23. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Wait - does this mean that they've conceded the election??!!

    1. Anonymous6:37 PM

      Yes. Yes it does.

  24. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Too bad we can't harness all the hot air that comes out of the mouths of republicans, we could heat the country the whole winter.

    I am being to think we need to give these idiots an remedial class in government and test them before they can take office. If they don't pass, no salary and benefits.

    Should also be able to garnish their wages for wasting our time and money.

  25. Anonymous11:53 PM

    If Hillary is elected President, you haven't seen anything yet when it comes to Republicans disrespecting the President. They've hated Hillary as an uppity woman a lot longer than they've even known Mr. Obama.

    Elizabeth 44

  26. Anonymous2:31 PM

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