Tuesday, October 27, 2015

South Carolina man arrested with thousand and thousands of stolen guns in his home.

The face of the American ammosexual.
Courtesy of the Charlotte Observer:  

In his 30 years of law enforcement, about the largest illegal stash of weapons Chesterfield County, S.C., Sheriff Jay Brooks ever investigated was 50 guns. 

“And that was considered an arsenal,” Brooks said. 

Saturday, his deputies arrested 51-year-old Brent Nicholson of Pageland after they found thousands – their best estimate is 7,000 to 10,000 – of handguns and rifles stacked at his house and in a nearby storage building. They found hundreds more at a liquor store Nicholson runs with his father and at his parents’ home, Brooks said. 

“There were so many guns we quit counting after a while,” the sheriff said. 

As it turns out the vast majority of the weapons were stolen. Some Nicholson stole himself, others he bought from burglars and thieves.

“There’s no evidence that he even used them,” Brooks said. “There’s no evidence that he was selling them – he just wanted them. His house looked like that hoarders program on TV.” 

The sheriff said Nicholson may have stolen some of the merchandise, but he likely bought most of it from other thieves. “They steal this stuff from homes, or hunting lodges or cabins, and sell it for $100 a pistol,” he said. 

Hoarding thousands of weapons that you will never have reason to use, if that is not the NRA's version of the American dream I don't know what is. 

This is of course the flaw in the gun nuts argument that "if owning guns were criminalized only criminals would have guns."

What they tend to leave out is that guns stolen by criminals are most often taken from the homes of people who purchased them legally.

Fewer guns means fewer guns to steal, and fewer guns to steal means fewer guns used in robberies, and fewer guns used in ANY way means fewer bullets being fired into the bodies of the American people.


  1. Anonymous2:52 AM

    This fine SC gentleman of the Confederacy kept these guns off the street in the same same way Dubya kept us safe during his presidency. Yes, that must be it!

    What other reason could there be for hoarding this personal arsenal?


  2. Anonymous4:01 AM

    Two words.... Erectile Dysfunction

    1. Anonymous8:16 AM

      Don't you have to have a dick?

    2. Anonymous4:26 PM

      he looks like a pretty big dick in his photo, but I doubt he's seen junior much, if ever.

  3. SallyinMI4:05 AM

    I think this is great. Look how many thousands of weapons he took off the streets! Seriously, I think they ought to destroy them all, and then turn him loose to collect thousands more! He's way more effective at 'takin' our guns!' than any administration will ever be..can we set him up in Georgia next?

    1. Anonymous5:23 AM

      Unfortunately, this means that now all those weapons will be returned to their real owners (assuming that the weapons can actually be traced to someone, since gun nuts tend to not want to register their firearms) and will be back on the street.

      Archie Butt

    2. Anonymous12:15 PM

      We need him in Chicago.

  4. Leland4:24 AM

    I have a different interpretation of this. I believe he was hoping to set himself up as an arsenal for "The Resistance" when the insurrection happens. You know, when "the south shall rise again"?

    What bothers me the most is there are probably more of his kind out there. A LOT more.

    Of course, I am embarrassed by the fact he is in SC, but then again, "The Stupid" seems to grow best in the ignorant minds of the fundie and evangel territory.

  5. Randall5:55 AM

    "if owning guns were criminalized only criminals would have guns."

    No no no no no ...wrong!

    If (when) guns are outlawed, criminals would have a hell of a lot harder time getting their hands on guns. Meanwhile, the police and the military will still have lots of them. LOTS of them.

    And please remember: NO ONE is advocating outlawing guns.
    What sane, rational individuals are proposing is being able to TRACK THE SALES of guns. So that when criminals and terrorists DO get their hands on them - we know where they got them.

    If Bubba and Joe-Bob want to shoot pheasants and deer (and they DO) nobody cares. Just as long as their guns are acquired legally.

    Guns kill people all the time. And when YOUR gun kills somebody, the rest of us have a right to know where you got it.

  6. Leland11:23 AM

    OT, but I just had an interesting slam dunk with a gun nut. I was walking from my car into the building I had worked in for quite a few years and noticed a bumper sticker that asked this question: "Where has any gun law prevented a crime?"

    I went to the driver of the car and, pointing to the sticker, said: "Anywhere the law was enforced." He exploded in anger until everyone in the parking lot (I retired from a fairly liberal company) slammed him with the correctness of my statement.

    He was NOT a happy camper when he slinked away.

    Standing up to these fools works great when we ALL do it. Even in SC where I had this experience.

  7. Anonymous4:37 PM

    When a fella looks like the south facing part of a north facing elephant, can you blame him for wanting to collect something? Match.com isn't for everyone, just saying.


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