Friday, November 27, 2015

Arkansas, Tennessee, and Alabama round out the top three for Black Friday brawls.

Courtesy of WRCB: 

Arkansas and Tennessee top the list for Black Friday fights. Arkansas tops the list at number one, followed by Tennessee and Alabama. Missouri ranks in at number 5. 

Shoppers love saving money, but when it comes to Black Friday, some Midsoutherners go to extreme measures to get those hot items. Experts said there is a way to save money while staying safe.

Yes there is a way to save money and stay safe, DON'T go shopping on Black Friday. (More brawls here.)

Wait until Cyber Monday, that way you still get great deals and you can shop in your pajamas from home.

Who wouldn't rather shop in their pajamas?

Oh wait, I forgot about the Wal-Mart shoppers.

Did anybody else happen to notice that the map up above closely matches this one?

Anybody else completely unsurprised?


  1. Anonymous4:37 PM

    It appears that Alaskans are no slouches, either.

    Do they bring guns and shoot each other? I hope so.

    1. Anonymous4:52 PM

      lol I've lived in AK or 9 years and have never seen this type of thing in Fairbanks, The Valley, Homer, or Houston.

      Please don't stereotype places no matter where it is. you'd be pretty impressed with the independent streak we have up here. Most high schoolers here are at the place 28 year olds are at in many areas I've visited for work in the L48. Meaning, they support themselves, and work a decent job, often with no money-grubbing empty formal college degree so many get. I cannot stand when people look down on those who choose a good life that doesn't include conventional shit.

    2. Anonymous5:16 PM

      That "conventional shit" a.k.a. high education is the stuff that makes us different from animals.
      But it's pretty obvious you like to wallow in the pig sty.

    3. Anonymous5:19 PM

      Alicia you are so stupid with your psychotic fairy tales about where you lived or who you know. Why don't you go to hell?

      YOUR college degree did precisely nothing for you because you can't hold down a job and have no brains. You don't even use the language that Alaskans use and if you ever show up in Alaska there are at least a dozen people who will immediately take orders out against you.

    4. Anonymous5:23 PM

      Those Alaskan brawls are just Bristol Palin's usual ones.

    5. Wasn't there an incident at a Lowes in Anchorage? An armed shoplifter?

    6. Anonymous6:16 PM

      Right, 4:52?! Who needs an expensive edumucashun? That book learnin' is fer loosers!

    7. Anonymous6:25 PM

      4:52--You know what I cannot stand? People who are too lazy and willfully ignorant to put forth the effort
      necessary to educate themselves, and then throw stones at those who do.

      Your lack of work ethic is not my problem, honey.

    8. Anonymous7:25 PM

      Let me tell you what a college education tells an employer. It tells them you are very trainable. It tells them that you made the effort and were smart enough to go beyond High School , you took the SAT"S, you thought of your future and met people from different countries and cultures and did not drop out from High School to get a GED online like the Palin tribe, you worked for your degree and showed up for classes and learned work ethics by doing it.

      You learned discipline and responsibility and pride in your achievements, and unlike the Palins who bail there lazy ass kids out and don't have any expectations of them beyond a "selfie" and selling their kids photos and lives for a buck as Bristol does and will do with her next "blessing" .

      When did being ignorant become a badge of honor? Only to the ignorant and that is what Sarah Palin represents.

    9. Anonymous7:26 PM

      Alicia has never visited Alaska.

    10. Anonymous8:19 PM

      Personally, I couldn't imagine my life if I'd not attended college. Eight years of pure bliss it was, only delaying the inevitable, but still 8 lovely years of freedom and fun before having to begin the dreaded 40 years of earning a living. I learned so much, but the most important thing my college career instilled in me was the desire to keep learning, to see the world and learn more about it, to appreciate and nourish this big human brain we've been blessed with.

    11. Scruffer8:40 PM

      Sorry, but I think 4:52 has a good point. Not that any applies to any of the Palins, but still a good point. A college degree is not per se needed to make a good living!
      Not having a college degree does not equal being ignorant.

    12. Scruffer8:43 PM

      Having a college degree does not make one smart or intelligent.
      NOT having a college degree does not make one stupid or dumb.
      Just sayin'.....

    13. Anonymous8:54 PM

      Every point 4:52 makes is in some twisted defense of the Palins.

    14. Anonymous9:41 PM

      Congratulations Scruffer, you learned to write "per se" instead of "per say". Your edumacation here at Immoral Minority is certainly paying off.

    15. Anonymous9:47 PM

      I once heard a personnel manager comment that he wanted all prospective employees to have college degrees regardless of which discipline because it demonstrates a candidate's self-discipline and commitment.

  2. Anonymous4:48 PM

    Apologies for this tangent, but it actually makes sense to me in how people with leadership ability are more adept because of a human "flaw." I personally am of the belief that most humans have mental illness in some capacity.

    1. Anonymous5:20 PM

      Nonsense. Non sense.

    2. Anonymous6:36 PM

      We're all insane; it's just to what degree...

      And guard your sanity because it's not a given.

    3. Anonymous7:27 PM

      Some more than others, right 4:48?

    4. Anonymous7:27 PM

      What the hell does this have to do with anything?

      Are you trying to defend Donald Trump?

    5. Anonymous9:50 PM

      haha, we have a resident expert on mental illness, is that you going off on another tangent, Alicia?

      Perhaps you could ask your mom and pop to begin commenting, they obviously have plenty of spare time since they spend none of it preventing you from day after day leaving your foul droppings on websites where people detest you.

  3. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Maybe I'm seeing a different map than you are Gryphen, because accordring to the map I see Oklahoma and SC are the top two.

    1. Anonymous5:39 PM

      OK is number 7.

      Clean your monitor often?

  4. Anonymous6:22 PM

    I see a similar coincidence between the preference for sweet potato pie vs pumpkin pie.

  5. Anonymous6:36 PM

    I shop at Walmart because it is the only game in my 2 traffic light town. Otherwise, I shop online or make the 45 mile trip to the city. Please stop assuming all Walmart shoppers are red neck, Evangelical, conservative Christians. Some of us are just liberals who want cookies...or cat food.

    1. Anonymous7:04 PM

      My highly-educated journalist girlfriend in Mississippi has a printed pad for shopping lists, printed thus:


      cold cream

      (I don't even know what cold cream is but it still makes me laugh)

    2. Scruffer8:47 PM

      Cold cream most likely refers to 'cold sore cream', meaning she has herpes.
      Protect yourself and ask her about that!
      (Any Planned Parenthood clinic can help!)

    3. Anonymous9:14 PM

      Cold cream is a greasy white cream that is used to remove makeup and dirt from the face. It was more popular decades ago when every teenage girl or young woman had a jar of Noxema on the dresser.

      When I was doing a lot of community theater in the 70s and 80s, it was the most common product used to remove stage makeup. I never used it because I happened to be allergic to it, but there were always jars of it in the backstage dressing rooms..

    4. Anonymous9:21 PM

      Cold cream is the old-time name for a cream to clean makeup off a woman's face. I grew up hearing my mother and aunts use the term, it had nothing to do with cold sores or herpes.

    5. Anonymous9:55 PM

      Oh dear, Scruffer, I did mention that my friend had a printed pad..... printed with the above.... giving no indication to a normal person that that was my friend's shopping list....

      And no, I didn't write "cold sore cream"- perhaps you made a Freudian slip there and are thinking of YOUR friends.

    6. It is the only store? Not even a Mom and Pop?

      If I was reduced to that I would make my amazon Prime pay for itself.

    7. Anonymous5:37 AM

      Mom and pop threw up the white flag right after Walmart came in. Gas stations, Dairy Queen, Salvation Army, feed store, McDonald's and a lousy local restaurant....but acreage, views and good community.

  6. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Completely O/T -- I've thought today about the word "sailor," and wonder if Bristol understands the difference between a sloop, a frigate, a ketch? Does she know a dozen sailors' knots, and how to read a sailing chart?
    The problem is that her daughter named "Sailor" may very well be challenged about the arcane information involved in sailing. It's not just a cute name for a baby, but a label that indicates that the "sailor" knows starboard from port, which way is the bow of a's much more complicated than some aluminum fishing boat used to catch some fish.

    A real "Sailor" should be proud of her name and know all the nautical aspects of the job. Otherwise, she should be called "Janet," "Louise," "Dakota," "Vegas" or "Wasilla."

    1. Anonymous7:08 PM

      Bristol certainly has no history or experience of sailing.

      Sailors are another issue altogether, we know she craves attention and sailors are usually happy to give it.

      Someone mentioned a "trailer sailer" the other day, I'm guessing Bristol would be more at home in one of those. Heaven knows she gets trashier every year.

      What a horrible mother for a girl she's going to be. All she's capable of raising is an ignorant hypocrite with no principles.

    2. Anonymous7:11 PM

      Bristol's sprog won't be a real sailor or a real anything else. Nothing ever has to be real in Palin land, Bristol can just grunt out any old turd and the cult will suck on it.

      Truth only gets in the way and it might make you think, so it's best to avoid it completely.

    3. Or Valentine

      or Cleaturias.

    4. Anonymous3:02 PM

      Does being three sheets to the wind count as sailing???????

  7. Randall7:02 PM

    Nothin' says fightin' 'n' greed louder'n "the Bible Belt"

    1. All red states.


  8. Anonymous7:26 PM

    You couldn't pay me enough to live in any of those states.
    And they don't carry presidential elections. Yay.

  9. Anonymous8:32 PM

    That's what they want, those top 0.01 percent. Or rather, their managers. The top 0.01 percent can't be bothered with us.
    But their managers, the top 0.05 percent, want us to do exactly that: fight for scraps.
    The hunger games truly is not that's already happening.

    1. Anonymous9:23 PM

      I wish you were wrong. I would give almost anything to prove you wrong. I cant. You are right. It's already happening here in Texas. In slow motion compared to The Hunger Games but slower doesn't make it any better. My only hope is that eventually, people will stand up, speak out and defend one another.


  10. Anonymous8:49 PM

    This black Friday shopping death happened at a Walmart in Long Island.

  11. Anonymous10:08 PM

    I see more of a correlation that these states have high numbers of Republican voters.

  12. Okay.

    I'll admit I did buy something today.

    I had a $100 gift card for Macy's and have been saving it for months until winter when I was hoping they'd have the Designer's Originals sweaters that May Company used to carry.

    No such luck.

    So then I looked in housewares but they didn't have the models of immersion blender or food processor I have already researched.

    Next I headed to bed and bath as I need towels and new pillows.

    They had some sales and with my gift card and the discounts I only spent $90 for $386 at regular price.

    I've been putting off replacing my towels and pillows for five years. So I was fine with making an exception for this Black Friday as long as I didn't have to leave the house.

  13. Anonymous2:28 AM

    I worked for four years at a Wal-Mart in a small town in south-central Iowa. Since it opened in 2000, it has been the biggest store in town. It was always pretty tame when I worked it.

    I worked with several people who have been there since the store began. Before online shopping became more popular, they saw several fights. Some of them even had customers try to climb over the top of them as they were taking the plastic wrap off of pallets at midnight.

  14. Anonymous5:59 AM

    Also maps to the region where people don't wear seat belts, are addicted to prescription pain pills, have personal arsenals, are overweight, and so on.

    OT: Curious for input on this video clip of Sarah and Todd right after McCain concedes. I slowed it way down because I wanted to see everything. What are those looks? Sometime like, "Well, that's all the 'It's about Sarah' time we're going to get tonight?" Or something different.

  15. Anonymous10:20 AM

    I'm sure the rest of the world is laughing at us for such a ridiculous day called Black Friday.

  16. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Putting the Chri$t back in X-Ma$ for Chri$t$ake.

  17. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Tis the Season to keep the Uzi in Christmas. The coincidence in the maps is no coincidence. They're carefully taught the guerrilla tactics and if someone dies, they have god's great magic eraser, you're forgiven, given a citation, a gift card to ammo r us and set free to protect your right to life, liberty, happiness and being "that person"

  18. Anonymous8:00 AM

    I worked my share of Black Fridays when I was putting myself through college working retail. You couldn't pay me enough to go out and deal with the bad attitudes and downright nasty behavior to shop on black friday. That's why I enjoy sleeping in and if I feel the need to shop on black friday doing it from the comfort of my house in my pajamas.

  19. Anonymous1:21 PM

    I've heard the area was settled by the Irish in days gone by...and so, I'm not surprised at all.


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