Sunday, November 15, 2015

Here is the video of Sarah Palin's CBS interview, including transcript. Update: Now with full interview.

"Did you feel like a loser?" Man you KNOW Palin did not want to answer that question!

I thought the interview was actually a little more aggressive than I would have given CBS credit for.

Still I think that some things were decided as off limits before the interview started, such as the father of Bristol's newest bundle of disappointment.

However here is what Palin WAS willing to say on the topic courtesy of CBS: 

"You mentioned that one of your disappointments this year was Bristol's wedding falling through," said Smith. 


"The marriage falling through. Bristol's pregnant again." 

"Heck, no," said Palin. "Because being a single mom is, oh my goodness, my heart goes out to the single parents. But my enormous admiration for what it is that they're able to accomplish doing double-duty. And I watch Bristol do double-duty all the time, you know, with her little boy, Tripp. 

"I can't wait for about 45 more days, and I'm gonna have a little baby granddaughter. And I'm happy about it." 

"You're looking at it like a blessing." 

"Absolutely. Yeah." 

"Of course, there are those who say, 'Come on, this goes against everything you stand for.'" 

"Well, the cool thing about puttin' your faith in God is, He certainly is a God of second chances, and third, and fourth, and fifth chances. I screw up all the time."

Yeah and for anybody who actually believes that Palin sees this as a blessing I have a bridge to sell ya.

I also noticed that Palin is STILL leaving the door open a crack on the possibility that she might run for office someday, though I don't think there are more than a dozen or so die hard Palin-bots who actually thinks that might happen.

P.S. By the way if you are looking for some real entertainment take a stroll through the comments section over at Raw Story.


  1. Anonymous11:04 AM

    hahahah....from the pond

    "I read the transcript, and they sure go out of their way to make her sound all hokey and corny and stupid when they type up her remarks, don't they?"

    They are HER remarks, you total dolt!

    1. Anonymous11:16 AM


    2. Anonymous11:42 AM

      Leave it to the fanatical moron Palin supporter
      to blame a "typewriter" for making Palin sound
      all "hokey, corny and stupid.". LOL

    3. Anonymous11:48 AM

      They're a rare and precious life form, aren't they?

    4. Anonymous11:58 AM

      "I'm gonna have a little baby granddaughter."

      Doesn't she already have a granddaughter? Doesn't she mean 'another granddaughter'?
      Something's definitely fishy here.

    5. I gather whoever made that Pond comment didn't listen to the video. She sounded all hokey and corny and stupid in her very own voice, also, too.

      I was amused to see Raw Story used the word "folksy" to describe her sing-song screech. I do wish they'd stop sugar-coating their descriptions.

    6. Anonymous12:39 PM


      They have no clue what a transcript is.

      No wonder they believe that Track has returned to Iraq and he is fighting for our freedoms as we type.

    7. Anonymous1:39 PM

      KaJo, it was the smart one, Kathleen.

  2. Anonymous11:14 AM

    THIS from CBS:

  3. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Double duty doing what, $arah?
    Taking care of her OTHER son Trig????

  4. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Gotcha palin. No one will ever take you seriously. Although, you will remembered as most hateful , stupid and pitiful scum.
    To only mention a few of your disgusting traits , you imbecile.

  5. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Just checked out rawstory. O my hell,Trig is the TOADS KID. Fucking A! You creepy child molesters.yes,trig's a carbon copy of gramps/dad. No wonders barstool grabs him by his little polka dot dick. Is incest best,sarah and barstool? No doubt thats why cbj was involved in trigs birth. Incest baby .Whatever happened to Protecting the innocent? You'll burn in Hell!

    1. Anonymous11:26 AM

      11:19, much like the stupid, hateful comments at c4p, I hate it when people here make claims that are evil, ugly and vile-without any real proof that their claims are based in facts. I have plenty of reasons to despise AIP Palin without this kind of unproven crap.

    2. Anonymous11:37 AM

      Saw that comment too, just a nut as far as I'm concerned. We can't take comments and copy them as if they are facts like the right does.......

    3. Anonymous11:39 AM

      Truth hurts,don't it?

    4. Anonymous11:45 AM

      11:19 This is no joking matter. Incest is generational in the Heath/Palin family. Secrets are huge there.

    5. Anonymous11:47 AM

      It COULD be true and no one will ever know without a DNA test.

      However, i personally believe Todd is Trig's daddy and neither $arah nor Bri$$y is Trig's momma.

    6. Anonymous11:47 AM

      Sure we can. Most people here including Gryphen are just as extreme left as the right that they criticize.

    7. Anonymous11:49 AM

      TODD MAKEs $$$ in HUMAN TRAFFIC. NOTHING IS BELOW THAT MAN. EVERYTHING IS "What's in it FOR ME". It is the LOGICAL explanation. PERIOD! Anyone who has been there, knows it is true. Sarah watched!

    8. Anonymous12:00 PM

      Yes it's generational and needs to be brought out of the shadows.

    9. Anonymous12:04 PM

      Just checked out rawstory. O my hell,Trig is the TOADS KID.
      Yup. Just like Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya and is out to destroy America. I saw it in a comment, must be true! Yup, yup, yup!


    10. Anonymous12:23 PM

      I love you, Mildred! I am 11:26.
      Q Sis

    11. Anonymous12:31 PM

      Mildred for the win!

    12. Anonymous3:00 PM

      Millie will look pretty silly when it turns out he's todds.

    13. Anonymous3:23 PM

      Millie will look pretty silly when it turns out he's todds.
      Well, I'm pretty silly already, but I prefer to believe through fact not rumor.


      ps Love you right back Q Sis!

    14. Anonymous3:32 PM

      Nope, 3:00. Midred will be a fair and decent person, who prefers facts over innuendo. That is a GOOD trait.

    15. Anonymous4:32 PM

      Can't we all just get along? Things could be worse.

    16. Anonymous4:45 PM

      We know trigs not screech's kid. Who's on the hook for child support for trig? Hmmmmmm? Awkward!

    17. Anonymous5:56 PM

      If Trig was not adopted that explains why Sarah would not have Nancy do several posts to bring awareness to kids that need homes, permanent homes.


    18. Anonymous8:13 PM

      If todd/bristol aren't the blood parents of trig,where does dr. cbj come in and why?

    19. Anonymous8:16 PM

      When has sarah donated or done work for ds kids? Answer is - she hasnt.

    20. Anonymous9:17 PM

      5:56 pm. Nancy adopted a child so she's all over Adoption month,that's why.

  6. Anonymous11:23 AM

    If you've found God, good for you, $arah, but I have yet to see evidence of it.

  7. Well, now she's committed herself and Bristol to presenting a white baby -from somewhere- in 45 days. That is, if they want the public to continue to presume it's Meyers. Maybe Sarah felt safe saying that now because the baby is already here.

    With the Palins, it's believe five percent of what you see and zero of what you hear. Dealing with their various pubic utterances is like bumping your way through a carnival funhouse.

    1. Anonymous11:41 AM

      Gotta compete with the new Kanye/Kim offspring! I'll just bet it's 45 day. Whatever you say, $arah.

    2. Anonymous11:42 AM

      Wouldn't most people say "another 6 weeks or so"? Why the specificity of 45 days, Sarah? Got another puppy scheduled for delivery?
      A special bundle of Christmas joy?

    3. Anonymous12:35 PM

      Could Bristol be scheduled for a C-section? Stranger things have happened.

    4. Anonymous12:47 PM

      "45 days"

      i bet Sarah spends a lot of time plotting Bristol's propaganda on Instagram. She has been thinking in days, instead of months, maybe to be a little different. Or she thinks it is more accurate to know it is Dakota's baby.

    5. Anonymous12:49 PM

      Wait, several weeks ago Bristol posted that she was 7 and a half months pregnant. Now Sarah has rewritten the calendar to 45 days (who can know the exact number of days?), which is six and a half months. So either Bristol or Sarah doesn't know when this blessed event occurred. Will they bring out a month-old baby and pretend that it's newborn?

      Sarah goes out of her way to plant false clues -- "I pushed too far," or "45 days" -- to imply that Dakota is part of this baby's story. It is, with more probability, that Dakota was told just before the wedding that Bristol was X number of days pregnant, and even he could add up the number of weeks he'd known her, and figure out that Bristol's baby wasn't his.

      If they take him to court, he'll ask for a DNA test and prove it's not his. Instead, they want people to infer that their hero, a Medal of Honor winner, walked away from his responsibilities. Dakota's grandparents may never talk about Bristol now, but you can be sure they will if the Palins keep smearing Dakota's name and reputation.

      What the Palins are doing is the exact definition of slander and libel -- telling a story that they know to be false that damages the good name of the person they're lying about. They won't win in any court if he pursues his legal right to re-establish his reputation, and that would cost SarahPAC a lot of money.

    6. Anonymous1:14 PM

      December 30th.
      Okay, $arah, give us what you've got.
      Pardon us while we laugh when you do.

    7. Anonymous3:32 PM

      I doubt Palin knows the due date because I doubt she and Bitchy have spoken in months. They haven't been seen together since the wedding was cancelled.

      And also, too because she's an idiot.

    8. Anonymous3:55 PM

      She and bristles are sure trying to pin the baby on MOH. I hope he sues their flippin' asses but good for this interview.
      I think Bristles had a little aftadark baby in late sep and is using fake preggo belly for now, for appearances sake.
      And if Sunny and Levi know anything they should spill the beans on this fake family built on lies.

    9. Balzafiar4:21 PM

      "...damages the good name of the person they're lying about."

      I have no concern for Dakota's reputation. He knew what she was when he first picked her up.

    10. Anonymous6:07 PM

      Sounds like a financial deadline of some sort...gee Sarah losing the $$$ you embezzled? Speaking of DNA tests...cough's that working out for ya bitch?
      Lol...oh this just gets better and better...

    11. Anonymous1:19 AM

      Yeah, must be dna month. Trig. The Kid. Baby girl ??.So many questions,sarah. Shit sure runs down hill,don't it?

  8. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Palin has to keep the option of running on the table, otherwise only a handful of her CULT would donate their couch change to her PAC. I loved the comment about her 5 million Facebook readers! Hilarious!

  9. Anonymous11:35 AM

    She honestly said, "I came in second out of two?"

    1. Anonymous5:04 PM

      I know, right? what an incredibly stupid woman she is.

  10. Anonymous11:36 AM

    There are truly some creative minds in those comments. I should start a list of of the creative names for Sarah. My new favorite is Hello Quitty.

    1. Anonymous3:27 PM

      I think our commenters are some pretty flippin creative minds as well. And crack me up funny. Just seems Bris is awfully thin compared to all of her other pregnancies. DWTS she was huge. Hope she's not hitting the pipe while preggers. She's smarter than that. Maybe.

  11. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Thanks for the transcript, I don't want to hear that voice again as long as I live if I can help it.

    Poor old hag, she can't announce that she's not running because nobody expects her to and nobody cares. She can hardly make an announcement for the sake of the handful of zombies at the pond, because she doesn't know they exist- remember? In the meantime she is trying and failing to be relevant and her opportunities have just about dried up.

    There won't be a lot of $50,000 Christmas gifts changing hands in the Palin compound this year, particularly with Santa dumping another mouth to feed. She's melting.

  12. I see the way they worded the questions and Sarah's answers still implies that Dakota is the father. And I'd bet my life savings that he's not. In fact I'd bet that, that is the very reason for the wedding falling through.

    Let's see if they go after Dakota as a deadbeat dad like the wringer the Palins put Levi through.

    1. Anonymous12:04 PM

      Let 'em try.
      He is NOT the father.

    2. Anonymous12:30 PM


      That may not be reality but for Sarah's intentions it is. It is history how these creeps are acting.

      Dakota is a sucker to string along with them on that farce. He may have more to hide than they do, hence he can't stand up like a man.

      The poor baby will read about all these tales one day. Going through childhood feeling like a bastard and having no truth about where she came from, both her parents. That is tragic. All the adults should be called out for child abuse/neglect on the innocent one.

    3. If it were Meyer's, why would the first announcement -quickly rescinded- be a 'disappointment?' Days later, when it became 'planned,' why wasn't it worded as 'our' plan rather than always Bristol's alone, with no mention of any father? That tells us they don't know, and if DNA doesn't nail Dakota, count the days till you hear a Palin bring up his name again.

    4. Anonymous1:11 PM

      Sure he is, 12:30 PM. Keep

    5. 12:04, if they don't go after Dakota, it is pretty much an admission that he's not the father and Bristol is just a tramp who tried to put one over on Dakota. And Sarah not only went along with it but set the whole thing up.

      I think if Sarah has any aspirations of any kind, she'd rather at least muddy the waters with a lawsuit than just admit what they tried to do to Dakota. How much damage would trying to trick a Medal of Honor winner into a marriage under false pretenses to paint him as the father of your tramp daughter's baby do to your right wing political career? Might still keep you in the tabloids as a class(less) Z celebrity, but your Bible thumping, conservative, high moral standard, grifting lifestyle will come to a screeching halt. They just about have to go after Dakota or it's all over.

      That's probably what all the angst Sarah shows during this interview is about.

    6. Anonymous2:15 PM

      Bristol will not be able to apply for welfare unless she first gives up a baby daddy name. State will want Barstool to collect child support first from absent parent.

      And yes, Barstool WILL need to look at welfare at some point because she ain't got no EM-ploy-a-bull skills and MaMa Grizzly's hush money train is heading down the ravine with smoking brakes. Choo-Choo Boo Hoo!

    7. Anonymous2:20 PM

      1:11 PM Learn to read, for Sarah's intentions. It is not literal.



      David French is the father of Naomi. He and wife, Nancy adopted her from Ethiopia. Naomi does not have David's DNA.
      I know of men who are fathers to children they have NOT adopted and it is not a matter of DNA.

      It is just a given they are the child's father.

      Don't you know? If it is on TV it must be true. If it is in media it must be true.

      The Palins have done a great job of establishing that Dakota Meyer the father.

      Pay attention to the numbers. Bristol's baby is due in 45 days, due to pop around Christmas.

      How much more obvious can it be that Sarah Palin intends for Dakota to look like the father? The media is not doubting her and they are not going to mention a remote possibility that Bristol was fooking numerous other men, some unknown, unnamed to Bristol.

      As far as media and history is concerned at this time


    8. If Dakota is the father why would he call off the wedding?

      Usually, the couple marries when they discover the woman is pregnant.

    9. Anonymous3:16 PM

      @2:20 PM Dakota can't produce Black babies.

    10. Anonymous3:27 PM

      I still think Dakota got himself fixed before leaving the states, as many of the young soldiers do. That eliminates any chance they can be like the Viet Nam vets who left children behind in the 60's. So when Bristol confessed, he KNEW it wasn't his and kicked her butt back to Alaska, with all her junk.

    11. Anonymous3:39 PM

      Sammy, Meyer did not knock Palin up. He is the one to be called the father since they are all together to do things the way it is going.

      Men can feel responsible for a baby that is not their own blood. Meyer is not talking and he does not want to clear anything up. Let the bastard be born into a lie and a life of confusion.

      It is too tragic to think of a child coming from the abyss and having no father. A bad father like Dakota Meyer is better for Sarah than the child coming from a black hole.

      Everyone will feel better to go along with Sarah Palin and her scheme to indicate Dakota Meyer.

      Think about the baby when she is old enough to wonder what happened. She will search for her roots and want to know what the people she knows were like when she was born.

      If she goes with Sarah's heart and passion, Dakota will be the one she feels is her father.

      Have you ever known of a family with a situation of this type? The adults can do ridiculous things. Thoughtless and uncaring of children.

      Those children will grow up. Most have many questions and strong desire for answers. Even if the parent has told them some weird story, children can do a lot of digging if they have the slightest doubt about a parent, parents or their life. Most people will one day ask 'Who am I?' Quests go on from there.

      Child abusers like the Palins need to NOT think of the child and the future. The Palins live in the present where they are manipulating the birth event and history of this child.

      This child does not matter to the Palins. Bristol has a new doll, that matters to her. Sarah just has to control everything, that is what matters most to Sarah.

      Pooping on the Palin bastards is how it goes. Look at how the Palins treated Tripp.

    12. Anonymous3:41 PM

      If Brisket knew who the father was, and especially if it was Dakota, she would be naming names. You can bet your bottom dollar on that.

      The Palins know enough not to actually say he is and force the issue, so instead they are just implying like crazy that he is. If anyone even questions it, they can go all victim crazy, saying of course Brissy's baby is her former fiance's because otherwise she would be some kind of horrible slut. That is how they roll.

      If they could name a daddy, they most certainly would.

    13. Anonymous4:01 PM

      Anonymous12:30 PM
      wow little trollie tell it to yourself and it will be true!? like Dorthy in Kansas, "There is not place like home, dakota is the father" LMAO at you dumbfuking troll. MOH is not the father, that is the reason why they are not married fool!!!!

    14. Anonymous4:47 PM

      4:01, try reading it again. 12:30 ISN'T stating that Dakota is the daddy.

    15. Anonymous5:22 PM

      Geez 4:01- reading comprehension much?

    16. Anonymous5:51 PM

      Sarah Palin is a close friend to Donald Trump. He is running for the highest office in the land. Her social and political standing is impressive. Dakota Meyer, not so much. He is barely known outside of the Marines.

      Sarah and her daughter live as Christians. When they sin they would say so and ask for forgiving. That includes their sins against the public. They will make their pardon and asking for forgiving public.

      Why would a man running for President want to be seen with a liar?

      If Sarah says '45 days' it is 45 days (or close). Anyone knows Dakota Meyer would be the father, do the math.

      Donald Trump is not going to be seen with a crazy liar or a mother that breeds mistakes and bastards. He would look like an idiot. Especially since he made such a big deal about someone's documents. you think he would ask for any Sarah documents? No, he trusts and believes her.

      Donald Trump trusts Sarah Palin.

      He can do math.

      Donald Trump knows that Dakota Meyer is Sarah Palin's grandchild's father.

      In other words he knows that Dakota Meyer is the father of Bristol's baby.

    17. Anonymous5:59 PM

      Dakota is a deadbeat dad.

    18. Anonymous6:20 PM

      Oh dear 5:51 you have drunk the koolaid and there's really no hope for you. Donald Trump IS a crazy liar and he has no problem being seen with a tramp- have you seen his wife? Sorry, you're only convincing yourself.

    19. Anonymous1:47 AM

      He was porking Marla while still married to Ivanka Trump.

  13. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Golly gee, aw shucks and gol darn. This woman is getting dumber sounding by the day. I wonder if sawah was with derkota and Bris while she was doing double duty. Sarah you have a filthy, slimy mind.

  14. Anonymous11:51 AM

    What the hell is she on? And could she have bothered to do her hair?

    1. Anonymous3:21 PM

      That is her hair when she thinks it is done. Melania does Donald's hair. She may have helped Sarah and Melania did her hair.

  15. Anonymous11:56 AM

    What the hell happened to the preview of her calling
    Bernie a crazy uncle living in the attic? She is selling her book and trying to make it sound that Dakota is the father of Bristol's baby. Good try Sarah but without a DNA test no one is buying your shirt.

    1. Anonymous12:43 PM

      Oops, meant shit not shirt...I'm on my phone.

    2. Anonymous1:08 PM

      Nobody's going to buy that tacky shirt, either.

    3. Anonymous1:36 PM

      Very funny, 1:08!

  16. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Oh, Gryphen, this just breaks my heart.

    Man describes 'saddest moment' after getting into taxi with crying Muslim driver following Paris attacks

    ...A man has described "the saddest moment" he'd experienced as part of the human race, after stepping into a waiting taxi cab following the Paris terror attacks.

    A conversation with a driver in Manhattan, inspired New Yorker Alex Malloy to speak out following the horrific attacks on Friday night that left 129 people dead.

    The first words the 23-year-old heard as he got into the car were "thank you", and what followed “one of the most heartbreaking moments" he'd ever experienced.

    His driver, a Muslim, explained Malloy had been his first customer in more than two hours - blaming the people of New York being too scared to get into his cab.

    The stunned New York customer wrote on Twitter: "For 25 minutes I had to tell this stranger, this human being like you and I, that he was not part of what was happening.

    "He cried the whole way to my apartment and it made me cry too. He kept saying, 'Allah, my god, does not believe in this. People think I'm a part of this and I'm not'."$sitewide%20p$2


    1. Anonymous1:45 PM

    2. Anonymous3:38 PM

      I would have tried to bring the cab driver around to having no religion and just letting his "allah" go and be free from having to worry about how religious people get judged by the rest of us.

    3. Anonymous4:45 PM

    4. Anonymous4:58 PM

      You're a jerk 3:38. The poor guy was distraught and you wanna get on a high horse and proselytize atheism to him?

  17. Anonymous12:01 PM

    So let me try and make sense of something. For 7 years, she has carried on about the Couric interview saying that it was 'gotcha' questions by Couric and she has ran with that since. Palin even mocked Couric when Katie was not the nightly news anchor at CBS. She even co-hosted the Today Show the same day Couric came back on the CBS morning show. And now all of a sudden, Palin admits her answer to Couric's newspaper question was crappy and that the question itself was fair? Has hell frozen over?

    1. Anonymous12:40 PM

      In case all of you have not noticed... the Republicans across the country, that are interested in running for 'some' office, are toning their bullshit rhetoric down considerably.

      They want some votes don't ya know should they be successful in running for something!

      Idiot Sarah wants to sell her new Christian book (something she doesn't portray being in her 'real' life!). Seriously doubt anyone, anywhere would want her to run for any office in our country!

    2. Anonymous12:49 PM


    3. Anonymous1:53 AM

      No,she's trying to take back the Ugly things shes done so trump will let her scrub his latrines. Gotta get a Rill job. The Kid said they're coming for the $$.

  18. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Sarah Palin, leaving yoga class (note the head band!) without makeup!!!

    -- smr06va

    1. Anonymous3:09 PM

      That's the 'rill' Sarah Palin.

  19. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Jay Tee • 24 minutes ago

    Bristol cannot stop having kids until she has completed the Boy Trilogy.

    She needs two more boys to follow Tripp: Stumble, and Fall.

    1. Anonymous12:54 PM

      Tripp, Stumble and Fall

      That was a good one

    2. Anonymous1:37 AM

      Are they cousins to Rumble,Tumble,Fart and Fumble? If sarah's trig's gramma,then who's grampa in this dna goulash?

  20. Anonymous12:19 PM

    She says she turns to scripture to help her through tough times, and as she writes in a new book, "Sweet Freedom: A Devotional" (Regnery), she's had her share.

    "I think that this book hopefully will express some of that because there's a lot of admittance of the mistakes," said Palin. "There's admittance in the book about things that, 'Oh, yeah, I orchestrated that one. I pushed it too far. And I screwed it up.'"

    1. Anonymous12:37 PM

      When exactly did this book idea get hatched? I'm highly suspicious of all things Palin cause she tries to manipulate and control her image. My point being this: Is this book and the timing of the release of it an attempt to lessen the criticism and gossip about Bristol and the impending birth of her second out-of-wedlock baby???
      Inquiring minds want to know!

    2. Anonymous12:39 PM

      When she stops her Facebook sexual innuendo against President Obama, maybe I'll believe she's evolved. And that's a BIG maybe. Everything she does is calculated.

    3. Anonymous12:53 PM

      She's an idiot...doesn't know the difference between admittance and admission. And she who took journalism courses. What a dumbass moronic idiot.

    4. Anonymous12:54 PM

      Her whole purpose is to make money and sell crappy books. She has to pretend she turns to scripture. Things have been hell for her, she was like a falling down drunk, speedballs or something previous to preparing for this trip.

      Maybe Trump told her to clean up or he won't go on like she is cool and could be in his cabinet.

      If she is off the bottle she may be doing some rehab that involves reading scripture.

    5. Anonymous3:08 PM

      Admittance? Shouldn't it have been admissions? Nancy French is sorry as an adviser.

    6. Anonymous6:55 PM

      ISIS is based on Scripture. ISIS is too crazy religious scripture based and too violent for al-Qaeda.

    7. Anonymous7:56 PM

      Sarah Palin is too crazy religious scripture based and too violent for al-Qaeda. She has a chance to be accepted with ISIS, they get her.

    8. Anonymous7:56 AM

      Isis is based on the book of abraham. Christianity came later. They consider christians,atheists and agno's infidels.

    9. Anonymous8:02 AM

      Gees,brancy! Admitted- as in confessed to Lies.Admission-as in entering a hospital. You know,sarah. Like your late night Admission to matsu thru the back door for trigs Miracle birth.

  21. Anonymous12:19 PM

    You think there are no more than a dozen or so die hard Palin-bots who actually thinks that might Sarah run for president?

    You don't know much about anything. You don't know how many supporters Sarah has.

    1. Sarah's Alaska Independence Party loyalists
    2. Sarah's Facebook army
    3. Sarah's SarahPac loyalists

    1. Anonymous3:05 PM

      12:19 PM Is Dr. CBJ Sarah's #1 supporter?

    2. Anonymous6:11 PM

      Yup we got those about to give birth: Budweiser, Miller and Coors carrying with beer bellies! Lol....

    3. Anonymous1:42 AM

      Apparently both have something Huge between them. Birds of a feather,flock together when there's something to hide.

  22. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Sarah is selling a book. She is getting somewhat better advice and probably utilizing professionals in New York. I don't think it is because she thinks she will run for office. She may want to keep up that ruse. She may think it will get her an appointment from The Donald. Who knows? She is trying harder not to look like her total lunatic self. How long can that last? She just has funny weird taste in her appearance, she is sticking with that.

    Did they buy Molly a decent camera or is this a Shealah Craighead photo?

    White House photo by Shealah Craighead

    1. Anonymous12:33 PM

      Looks like Willow was along for the trip to NY yesterday with Sarah... and who do they run in to? You would think Willow could find a better pair of pants than those same old torn up pieces of crap she wears everyday!

    2. Anonymous1:13 PM

      Willow is as big an idiot as the rest of the family.

    3. Anonymous1:41 PM

      Donald is thinking "She is just like my daughter, Ivanka"

      Ivanka will love being BFF with Willow. She has more in common with Willow and the Palin girls, lol.

      November 15, 2015 9:10 am #TRUMP4PREZ

    4. Anonymous3:03 PM

      Is Willow a midget?

    5. Anonymous3:39 PM

      Sarah is throwing some bones willow's way because willow doesn't buy into the family bullshit. Let's just call it "hush money", this trip to NY.

    6. Anonymous3:44 PM

      Yes, she sure is. And Trig is a retarded little buttfucker. Screw em all.

    7. Anonymous4:49 PM

      Wow, 3:44. Now THAT is ug!y!

    8. Anonymous5:44 PM

      Oh for Pete's sake, anon@303 (also 344pm), is that the best you've got? Trump is a tall man; Willow is a not especially tall young woman. I'm guessing 5'2" or thereabouts. Also nicely proportioned, attractive, and by all indications gainfully employed.
      Maybe if you put your thinking cap on, anon@303, and think real hard, you can come up with something else to say?

    9. Anonymous6:13 PM

      Sources say that Ritcher Investments CEO was sent to Western United Life Assurance Company to liquidate it and sell it to a New York insurance company that is dissolved...
      See that HUGE account is being tracked and she is getting audited...Donny can't save her and won't...but he will glean info!

    10. Anonymous6:26 PM

      3:03 PM Could be. She is a prostitute and a prop for Sarah, did you see her with that thing with more fugly hair than Sarah?

    11. Anonymous8:31 PM

      5:44 PM

      Did you see Trump on SNL? He looked like a fat dumpy midget. Just sayin'

    12. Anonymous12:12 AM

      Anonymous 5:44, get your nose outta Willow's crotch. Attractive, nicely proportioned, gainfully employed? How about none of the above?

  23. Anonymous12:51 PM

    You don't think there are more than a dozen or so die hard Palin-bots who actually thinks that she might run for president?

    You don't know much. Sarah Palin has many loyal backers.

    Sarah's Facebook loyalists
    Sarah's Alaska Independence Party members.
    Sarah's loyal patriots in the lower 48

    1. Anonymous1:43 PM

      Then let her run and we'll just see, won't we? She can't abide the embarrassment.

    2. Anonymous3:01 PM

      Sarah's ex-cuckolds?

  24. Anonymous12:52 PM

  25. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Mr. Flibble • 19 minutes ago

    How on Earth does Palin keep talking when there's absolutely no indication of electrochemical activity anywhere in her cerebral cortex?

    Shoto Mr. Flibble • 7 minutes ago

    Maybe Todd rigged up an extension cord that connects her piehole to Vlad Putin's power grid? They can see it from their front porch, y'know.

    Hey, just spitballin'...


    Share ›

  26. Anonymous12:59 PM

    I used to think Trig looked like Levi but now I think he looks like Toad , trig is smarter though

  27. Anonymous1:02 PM

    Her book is bombing. It releases tomorrow, so now is the time to buy it on Amazon. The sales rank is 45k which translates to about 2-3 books sold a day. It looks like this book is going to unseat Life's a Trip for poor sales.

    1. Anonymous3:23 PM

      Oh goody. Bristol beat her mother at something...besides the number of children out of wedlock.

  28. Anonymous1:10 PM

    It was so hard not to just stare at the colorless barely moving slit of a mouth. It's like her mouth is wired closed or something. And the lack of lipstick doesn't help. There's just something so strange about how her face moves.

    Funny how she totally lost the ability to sound focused and intelligent once the words "politically correct" came to her mind--she started talking in gibberish circles and her eyes started looking in all directions. She just can't ever get through an entire interview sounding like a stable and intelligent person.

    1. Anonymous2:03 PM

      She looks like a ventriloquist dummy. Knucklehead smith comes to mind. Emphasis on the dummy. But sincerely, she/It does not move her mouth unless it's just up and down about one inch. Other than that sawah you look great. I still can't get over her "double duty" shot at Bris. Was Marina really there.

  29. Anonymous1:20 PM

    I think Bristol had the baby. Sarah Palin's interview makes that more convincing.

    If Bristol was still pregnant she would be excited. You know how she says she loves her cousins and family. Bristol would be doing Instagram more like this.

    "They're the best of friends.
    And on Thursday night cousins North West and Penelope Disick shared a sweet moment before bed.
    The heartwarming exchange was captured by proud mother of North Kim Kardashian with an Instagram snap."

    When are the baby showers going to start?

    Bristol is hiding. Sarah had someone do something to compliment the scripture reading book sales tour to the big city.

    1. Anonymous1:49 PM

      I completely agree. Below I posted that the mention of the 45 days was to pin the blame on Dakota Meyers.

    2. Anonymous6:16 PM

      Check Catholic Social Service for an adoption of a baby...might as well stick to what has worked...until now...

  30. Anonymous1:20 PM

    They finally got Trig a haircut and he is wearing his glasses and can say the word yes

    1. Anonymous5:00 PM

      Big fuckin' deal.

  31. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Longer version of the interview available here:

  32. Anonymous1:34 PM

    It's hypocritical enough for them all to promote abstinence when Bristol gets pregnant at least twice. After the first 'accident' you would hope she would learn how to avoid it a second time.

    More importantly, she is not only taking chances of getting pregnant through having unprotected sex, but is also apparently having that unprotected sex with multiple partners since she has not been in a long term monogamous relationship. That puts her at great risk for an STD, which could have much more dangerous consequences than another pregnancy.

    1. Anonymous1:50 PM

      They seem to ignore the idea that a woman can use birth control, the middle step between abstinence and abortion. Not being devout Catholics, I don't know why they think it's sinful. The consequences -- another child for a single mother -- is not necessarily what God intended. In fact, he might be impatient that they don't avail themselves of the preventative measures that he's allowed scientists to invent, just for this very purpose: Bristol living loosely in Las Vegas.

      Or maybe she just "forgot" her headache pills again.

    2. Anonymous5:05 PM

      Sarah is her GOD. She has no problem forgiving herself. She knows she is perfect, awesome, beautiful and all to be praised.

      Bristol is letting Sarah know she is in control and her enemies will fall.

  33. Anonymous1:42 PM

    If true,that's very good news for Trig. Go Trig!

  34. Anonymous1:48 PM

    45 days. So they're going to pin it on Dakota. Good luck with that.

    1. Anonymous2:01 PM

      Dakota is possibly even stupider than they are so they probably figure "What the hell? Let's give it a try" You know, in a corny, folksy, sing-song way of course. I wish the reporter had asked Palin about the Throwdown at the Hoedown and what the Almighty thought of THAT. God is cool, after all.

    2. Anonymous3:15 PM

      They are lucky to have the press on their side and helping them out. If not for Dakota this baby would be 100% fatherless.

      With the media giving them what they want. Dakota helping them with silence. At least the granddaughter can think she has a famous father and not some dude from a dirty bathroom. Bristol has no memory or a bad one of that night? Who was that nasty man?

      Dakota Meyer is a perfect schmuck.

      Schmuck. A white man that steps in to take over the father role of a child after the black father has left the mother and child forever. In order for the man to be a Schmuck, the mother must also be white.

    3. Anonymous3:20 PM

      I think that was Sarah's fortieth chance. Her God sure is forgiving. She never attends church, probably donates nothing to anyone, and never does the soup kitchen routine either. Such a freakin' fraud.

    4. Anonymous3:26 PM

      Remember Bristol's original statement before she changed it. Paraphrasing: really screwed up this time, can't lift my chin up, let down friends and family, got ahead of myself.....

      If Dakota was the father of that baby, considering they were already engaged, why the initial response?? They were getting married in a month.

      Not rocket science, people.

  35. Anonymous1:48 PM

    My God what an idiot. Admittance. She must be desperate for money to agree to a network interview and keep her rage at the questions stuffed down. I can tell she's pissed though because she freezes and her eyes get all slitty. Poor Trig - she always has to drag out the kid and the moose meat.. Inspirational as hell though right? Right?
    The Pond is in full meltdown over this. One of them was bleating for Brian with Two Anuses to come back and do one of his reinterpretions of what's on the tape. LOL!
    Palin is blindingly stupid. Burn in hell McCain.

    1. Anonymous3:29 PM

      Poor poor victim $arah. Too bad she's responsible for 9/10 of everything that's happened to her.

    2. Anonymous3:51 PM

      Back in the day, Palin would have scornfully rejected an interview with the evil CBS.

      The hatred and resentment was oozing out but she certainly isn't getting much attention anymore, so she had to try to suck it up and make nice.

      It sure was apparent how uncomfortable and resentful she was, however.

  36. Let's see: Normal human gestation is 280 days/40 weeks. Recent study shows the average gestation period is 268 days/38 weeks + 2 days.

    Two weeks ago Bristol posted a photo claiming she was at 32 weeks. This means she is now at 34 weeks/238 days.

    So -- she may have 30 to 42 days remaining -- IF Bristol is telling the truth about 32 weeks; and, IF Bristol's photo was posted currently.

    The real problem I see is Sarah hinting that Bristol's pregnancy is a mistake for which she needs divine forgiveness. When will they tell this child she was a mistake for which her mother needs forgiveness?

    These people are sick.

    1. Anonymous4:10 PM

      You BETCHA they are.

      And don't forget the paparazzi's photo of the wicked witch's crooked finger in front of Dakota's face at the "celebration of life."

      Satan Incarnate.

  37. Anonymous2:44 PM

    45 more days? Seems awfully specific?

    1. Cracklin Charlie3:57 PM

      Sounds like baby's already arrived...announcement to follow in 45 days.

    2. Maybe Bristol has scheduled a C-section?

    3. Anonymous6:35 PM

      The baby showers will be a breath of fresh air.

      I hope they can all enjoy themselves for a few.

      Especially Sarah. She needs to enjoy this grandchild and have a good time with Bristol, the Cusack, cousins both Heath and Palin family.

      That would be a delight to see them doing something normal for Bristol and baby.

      If not the girl will grow up and only know the history the media documents and it will all be hideous and hateful.

  38. Anonymous3:04 PM

    OK I watch the entire video above. I get extras in my Christmas stockings, yes? And I get to double dose on the Turkey Massacre video and on Turkey Day dessert!

    I agree, why is she suddenly saying the Couric interview was fair and she gave a dumb answer?

    I can hardly wait to hear the "mistakes" she "admittance-ing" in the book.

    I also agree she planned this in hopes of getting ahead of the baby story. And that the publisher was faked out--defrauded--by her Facebook numbers, etc.

    Also, too, she sure is trying to pin it all on Dakota, isn't she?

    1. Anonymous3:19 PM

      She never wrote a word of any book. And any publisher that is conned by her deserves to take a hit on the tome. Think about it...they announced it in the spring, and she was never ever in one place for more than a think she gave a speech or an interview and then wrote all night in her 4 star hotel room?

    2. Anonymous3:34 PM

      Dakota, condemned by innuendo. Like she does to all her "enemies.'

    3. Anonymous3:44 PM

      She met up with Trump while in NYC..
      Am I buying her "kinder gentler" CRAP?
      Not on your life. That bitch is out for blood.

    4. Anonymous3:51 PM

      Yes. Everyone should congratulate Dakota for being the proud father. Ask the sob why the hell he has made Bristol go through this alone? What a jerk he is towards the kid.

      He is a horrible example for a Marine. He needs to lose that medal he got by nefarious means.

      It is not like this is the first time he has treated women so awful. There were others than the wife he wanted to hide.

      He is obviously a flimflam type of crook.

    5. Anonymous3:57 PM

      She was praising Trump in her interview. The idiot actually thinks he would pick her for a cabinet position if he became President, it's nice to see a user like her being used by Trump so he can get a few more votes out of her loony base.

  39. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Like most of us if Sarah makes an investment she would want a pay off. That is cool. Sarah's mind in what it is.


    Todd and I are very excited to attend the SEAL-NSW Family Foundation fundraiser tomorrow aboard the historic

    Sarah Palin wearing her daughter's engagement ring for historic event. Her son Track Palin fought for Sarah's freedom to flash her daughter's enagement ring on the USS Iowa.

    Always remember

    1. Anonymous3:31 PM

      Sarah's wearing Bristol's engagement ring is just one of the tackiest things Sarah has done.

    2. Anonymous4:56 PM

      It says a lot. Like Dakota's silence.

  40. Anonymous3:08 PM

    Yep, that's the beauty of god's forgiveness. Bristol can keep pushing out them babies while Sarah writes books about her admittences and everyone's happy. Sarah doesn't need "politcally correct" folks to point at her and say "Dayums She shore is stupid" All she's got to do is open her mouth.

    Question of the day, "What happened to the rest of the porcupine?"

    Freezer stocked with moose.... check.
    Being home when Trig gets home ..... check
    Trig giving one word answers because he's ashamed of the idiot .... check.
    Sarah's thrilled that in 45 or so days she'll have her bundle of disappointment in her arms. SOOOOO where is "Bristol the gravid abstinence advisor " hiding?? Any sightings of Franklin Graham and his magic purse's plane in the area?

    1. Anonymous3:45 PM

      Read all about it on the Bristol Blog.

    2. Anonymous8:27 PM

      Yup,Nancy adopted so of course she promotes adoption month.. What happened with ds trig? Does sarah donate to ds organizations?Do any work for ds families? Strange that she doesn't since she built her entire platform on Her selfless birth of trigg.

  41. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Helping girls and women:

  42. Anonymous3:16 PM


    -- Why this interview. from CBS's point of view?
    -- Why are commenters making the Todd link? Did I miss some new evidence?
    -- Why do we retain any interest at all in Bristol? She was not the public candidate. Why distract from the main issue (that Palin lied about her pregnancy with Trig, hoaxing a nation) with irrelevant other stuff like her daughter's life. Of course they are spinning a yarn about this pregnancy, but why does anyone care what it is?
    -- I still don't get why CBS did this interview.

    1. Cracklin Charlie3:54 PM

      It's an enigma.

    2. Anonymous4:54 PM

      -- Why do we retain any interest at all in Bristol?

      You know what it is to you.

      Some are interested in the hoax the family has perpetrated on the USA. Some care about the child abuse and neglect involved.

      No one seems to like Bristol that much. I think it is just because of the crimes her mother has her part of. It is th public former candidate that has been using Bristol and tries to make her into a political pundit. They could have another PAC for the family to use.

      Don't distract from the Trig lies. One day it will unravel.

      Possibly Trump set her up for the CBS interview. Why would she turn that down?

      What kind of judgment does he have if he pals with a person like Sarah Palin?

  43. Anonymous3:17 PM

    45 days is December 29. Has Bris scheduled a C-section already? Is the delivery coming between Christmas and New Year's? Isn't that the day little potty mouth Tripp was reportedly born? Can Sarah never ever tell the truth (wait, rhetorical question.)


    1. Anonymous4:47 PM

      Sarah scheduled an unveiling of her scheme with photo ops when she commands. She decided December 29. I suppose that can be changed if she wants. Baby can pop sooner or later. It is up to Sarah.

    2. Anonymous5:56 PM

      My money is on a babe in the manger Christmas morning. Complete with ambiguous info/photos. It will be interesting to see how they pull of the sleight of hand with more people paying attention than back when the wild ride occurred.
      But I do think it's no coinky-dink that both Tripp and little Cletus will have late-December birthdays. In both cases it was in Palin's interest to have the (announced) births pushed as late as possible, but it could cause problems if the publicly announced birth date and the actual birth date are in different calendar years.

    3. Anonymous6:19 PM

      Financial deadline of some sort? Or a DNA test? Cough cough...hey hows Putin doing?
      Ya might want to tell him HELL is coming!
      We'll toss you in there to shut you up too!

    4. Anonymous7:07 PM

      But I do think it's no coinky-dink that both Tripp and little Cletus will have late-December birthdays. In both cases it was in Palin's interest to have the (announced) births pushed as late as possible...............

      Sarah can do a surprize blessing since Bristol is such a prayer warrior, the child can show up on Christmas! Sarah has the power.

  44. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Bristol has 45 more days to go? I think Sarah is trying to pinpoint Dakota as the father. I wonder what Dakota thinks of Sarah's revelation that Bristol has one and a half month yet to go, targeting him as the potential father?

    My advice is that he get a lawyer pronto.

    1. Anonymous6:19 PM

      I hope he already has one.

      They would be much smarter to pick a date before they got engaged or well after they broke up. Otherwise, when it comes out that her fiance isn't the father, it's going to look like she either cheated on him and then tried to pin fatherhood on him, came into the relationship already pregnant and tried to pin it on him, or was sleeping around trying to get pregnant on purpose (in her words) soon after breaking her engagement.

      Not one of those scenarios makes Bristol look good.

  45. Cracklin Charlie3:53 PM

    Here's a little video that might help the Palins, when it comes time to explain to all the children how they got there. It even comes with a helpful diagram. From the great Ray Stevens...

  46. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Me thinks the Palin girls are trying to BS us! Sarah is very specific by saying 45 days, and Bristol posted belly pictures indicating how far along she was. I think it is a complete set-up to blame Dakota when the father is someone completely different. Me thinks the baby has already been born.

    1. Anonymous4:46 PM

      Betcha a nickel to a doughnut that it''s already born!

    2. Anonymous6:15 PM

      The problem I have with the baby already being born is that I don't think the Palins have enough clout anymore to fake a birth date like they've done in the past. I doubt even MatSu would do it at this point.

      The only way I can see it happening is if the baby was born at home with a willing, well-paid midwife or doctor who could create a birth record for any day they wish.

      I wonder what CBJ is up to these days.

    3. Anonymous6:20 PM

      Adoptions may be? Some can be $$$ HUGE hu Sarah? lol...

    4. Anonymous7:10 PM

      Marina can do most anything. Why not a home birth? It worked for Jessa Duggard Seawalk.

      Dr, Cusack will do anything for his girls. If he is too old or drunk he would get one of his daughters to deliver or help Marina.

      They have laughing gas and all they need at the office.

    5. Anonymous2:07 AM

      Baby girl will be walking and eating Cheerios by december. 12 lb preemie?

  47. Anonymous4:16 PM

    "I am the voice for those without a brain."

  48. Anonymous4:21 PM

    I'm stupid in this area but can't you get DNA from a baby that isn't born yet? If so why hasn't that happened yet. I'm serious.

    1. Anonymous4:40 PM

      Yes. I forgot when but I'm sure it is early in a pregnancy.

      If Joey Junker, Dakota Meyer or other men were concerned or implicated and wanted to know if it was their child, they could have the DNA checked to let them know if they are to be a parent.

      When you are a responsible parent you would want to consider many things about a future with the responsibility of a father.

    2. Anonymous6:12 PM

      If Bristol was running her mouth that Dakota is the father, maybe he could demand a prenatal DNA test. She's not claiming that, so I think it would be solely up to Bristol to try and get a DNA test done and why would she?

      After the baby is born, any potential father could demand a DNA test, whether or not Bristol names him.

      I think she's going to try and keep quiet about the dad's identity as long as she can get away with it, including after the baby is born.

    3. Anonymous6:53 PM

      Anon 4:21: I have to laugh at your very good question, because that's what some of us speculated the amnio on Trig was for, back in the old days when we were trying to figger that out.

      "Getting DNA from an unborn child" is called amnio: but why would Palin have wanted it, if aborting was not an option, or if she thought about it only for the merest moment? It's possible that the paternity of the in-vitro Trig was in question. Prob the mother -- whomsoever she might be -- would have known, but maybe the man she said was the dad was so far-fetched that our dear Sarah did not believe it. But once the amnio results were in, the hoax started. Now how do we connect the dots for this? No one has enough proof to do it credibly, but it sure is peculiar, no?

    4. Anonymous7:31 PM

      6:12 PM

      If he has money and a good lawyer he could easy breezy have prenatal DNA test. Implications can carry weight.

      Dakota does have a name and reputation of a high order. If he were struggling with his conscience about being a father. There are ways he could make a stand in regard to this relationship.

      Even poor fathers (or possible fathers) can at times get things together in a dilemma. He is alleged to have the same rights, whether married or not.

      I think Dakota knows he is not the father. He knows that it is impossible for him to have impregnated Bristol. He is alright with the way the Palins are implicating him and he has no reason to do anything.

      Both sides act like creeps with somethings to hide.

    5. Cracklin Charlie8:12 PM

      There was no amniocentesis performed during Bristol's pregnancy with Trig. His condition was a surprise.
      The amniocentesis testing was performed early in Bristol's second pregnancy (Tripp), probably to rule out a Down Syndrome diagnosis for her second child. They already knew that Levi was this child's father.

    6. You know pulling things out of your ass just to be provocative doesn't really help.

      There was no amniocentesis with Tripp, and no evidence that Trig is Bristol's.

    7. Anonymous12:19 AM

      How the fuck do you know Gryphen? You were fired for screwing up the Palins divorce story.

    8. Anonymous2:12 AM

      We've been trying to decipher what sarah's pulled out of her ass since '08 .

    9. Anonymous2:17 AM

      They usually don't take amniotic fluid unless checking for abnormalities due to to high risk of infection/miscarriage. They don't disrupt a fetus Just to find out who's the daddy .

    10. Cracklin Charlie8:13 AM

      I can only assume that your comment was directed at me, Gryphen, since you didn't indicate who it was you were accusing of pulling comments out of their ass. I really didn't mean for my comment to come across as provocative...I was only trying to offer an explanation to the earlier comment about why Sarah would have had an amniocentesis performed during the Trig pregnancy. I should have indicated that my comment was purely my opinion, but I did not do that. That is my mistake.

      After spending lots of time here reading about this, and other, Palin mysteries for the last seven years, maybe it would be a good idea for me to restrict any future comments to speculation about Trig's developmental shortcomings, or to Tripp's sexuality, since these kind of comments never get the poster called out for being provocative or unhelpful. Maybe something more like these (from this thread)...

      "Yes, she sure is. And Trig is a retarded little buttfucker. Screw em all."

      "Just checked out rawstory. O my hell,Trig is the TOADS KID. Fucking A! You creepy child molesters.yes,trig's a carbon copy of gramps/dad. No wonders barstool grabs him by his little polka dot dick. Is incest best,sarah and barstool? No doubt thats why cbj was involved in trigs birth. Incest baby .Whatever happened to Protecting the innocent? You'll burn in Hell!"

      "I think Bristles had a little aftadark baby in late sep and is using fake preggo belly for now, for appearances sake."

      On second thought, I really don't care to write comments like that about children. I will just keep my opinions to myself.

  49. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Well the viewers sure didn't appreciate CBS Sunday Morning ruining their day with Sarah Palin. They let them know on facebook.

    1. Anonymous6:37 PM

      And if you scroll on down their FB page on Nov. 13 they posted a preview of what Sarah Palin would say about Bernie Sanders. But when the actual show aired Sunday morning, they cut out her comments about Bernie. Still 750 viewers were against her being on the show vs. 4-5 who like her. Tells you what America thinks of the Wasilla Valley Trash Family.

  50. Anonymous5:31 PM

    She's wearing Granny Goose's bed jacket.

  51. Anonymous6:06 PM

    The Asylum doesn't realize that Cureboy is trolling their ugly hateful asses,that's how stooopid they are lmao!0

  52. Anonymous1:41 AM

    This is such a sorry assed interview. Why would CBS interview this idiot and allow her to pitch her stupid book as well? This proves that Sarah Palin is willing to make a fool out of herself for money. She knows that people think she's an idiot, but she does not care. She only thinks, "hey, I get to pitch my book and maybe make some money off of this." And then for her to say, "yeah the cool thing about believing in god is that he gives you 2nd, 3rd, and 4th chances when you screw up..." WTF! See, that's the problem with religion, people are not accountable for their actions. They just say, hey, I believe, so god will forgive me. And then they do as they please, still doing fucked up shit and not taking responsibility for their actions. The interviewer should have at least asked more interesting questions, like, is Trig your real son, did you dupe your followers into believing that you were going to run in 2012, do you consider your daughter to be a slut, where's Todd, where's Trigg's birth certificate, what's Track been up to, whose the father of Bristol's baby? It's almost like they are trying to revamp her image. It's way too late for that. She's a has been. She's running out of money fast. Fuck this bitch. Let her fade into oblivion. That bitch will never run for anything again. I have never seen an ex VP candidate milk the system like this. They usually just fade away and carry on with their life. Not this bitch. She just hangs around trying to be relevant and get free cash. CBS should be ashamed of themselves for this.


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