Saturday, November 14, 2015

Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders in super delegates 45 to 1.

Courtesy of NPR: 

"Front-runner" can be a tenuous word. But when it comes to at least one group, Hillary Clinton is far and away the leader — the Democratic Party establishment. 

There's no better measure of that establishment than unpledged party leaders and elected official delegates, better known as "superdelegates." 

Among this group, Clinton leads Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders 359 to 8, according to an AP survey of the group that will help elect the nominee at the Democratic National Convention in July. Former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley has two people supporting him from this group.

The article goes on to remind us that Hillary also lead Obama in super delegates back in 2008, but in that case she only had 169 to his 63, and whether liberals like it or not THAT was a completely different race than what we are seeing today.

This time Hillary is playing it very smart, and clearly it is working in her favor.


  1. 66gardeners12:10 PM

    Hillary far exceeds all the other presidential candidates in experience and competence. I voted for her in the 2008 primary. I will be thrilled to have voted for the first woman US president. As Obama, she will not disappoint us.

  2. Anonymous12:29 PM

    She is the front runner for an obvious reason: she's intelligent, seasoned, has the experience and quite honestly there isn't anyone on either side of the aisle more knowledgable than Mrs. Hillary Clinton. I mean, Madam President Clinton!

  3. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Well to be fair, mAnn Coulter said today that because of the horrific attack in Paris yesterday, 'Donald Trump was just elected president.' I shall contain my response to a clean, Christian -like response: bullshit.

    1. Ann Coulter is an idiot! The election is still a year away. I doubt he'll even be the Republican nominee although I kinda hope he (or dumbass Carson) is.

  4. Anonymous12:54 PM

    More than 20 years of media Hillary-bashing and reporting toothless GOP accusations against her contributed to my generally negative feelings about her. I finally see that and am becoming an enthusiastic Hillary Clinton supporter. The super delegate count is good news!

    1. Anonymous1:22 PM

      And we who always knew the constant attacks were clearly partisan - witch hunt BS thank you for seeing though the obvious. It may have taken you awhile; we don't begrudge you much, but thank you for seeing and acknowledging the obvious.

    2. Anonymous2:25 PM

      With Hillary's experience I'm sure she will shine during the Democratic debate tonight.
      While Sister Sarah sits in the SNL audience.
      That of course after she lit candles today at St. Patrick's Cathedral in prayer for Paris.
      She's lucky she wasn't struck by lightening the minute she entered a church!

    3. 66gardeners2:33 PM

      Considering what happened yesterday in Paris, this debate is timely for the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton specifically. The republicans will be in bed having wargasms all weekend, while democrats get the stage.

      For former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, a renewed focus on terrorism is equal parts peril and opportunity — given his brother’s painful history in Iraq. In an interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, Bush, who despite his lack of direct experience has sought to portray himself as the GOP field’s grown-up on national security, called the battle against extremists "the war of our time" and said the U.S. needs to show global leadership.

      "We need to re-garner the alliances, fortify those alliances, reconnect with our counterintelligence and intelligence capabilities with our European allies, and engage in the Middle East to take out ISIS, which is the wellspring, and more likely to be the wellspring of this type of activity," Bush said. "If it’s not them, there are other terrorist groups."

      Read more:

      Another timely event was the revelation this week that Bush knew full well for months that an attack on American soil was imminent in 2001.

  5. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Dang Gryphen, I've made two comments and nothing has shown up. Don't you love me anymore? Or less?
    Your loyal liberal in a red state Liz.

    1. Leland1:22 PM

      Don't worry, 12:57. It happens sometimes. I lost three one day. It isn't Gryphen. More likely it is a glitch in the main blog's software.

    2. Anonymous1:25 PM

      Ok, you like me, you really really like me! My Sally Field moment over, sorry Gryph. I know you are slammed. But you are ever vigilant to our cause. Thank you very much.

  6. Anonymous2:03 PM

    People tend to forget that all through his decades in electoral politics Bernie Sanders was not a Democrat.

    Nope, he's not for me.

  7. 66gardeners2:23 PM

    I've made this comment before on this site in other threads, but I believe this bears repeating because with Hillary in the mix, Martin O'Malley is barely making a splash.

    I am a life-long Maryland resident. Martin O'Malley is the real deal, a true servant of the people, and he is one of the most progressive leading democratic politicians on the national stage. He is deeply feared by the republicans in Maryland, and he has been extremely deft at brushing off their laborious, unfounded attacks.

    O'Malley will be ready to run for POTUS as a serious contender in 2024. I seriously believe Hillary should pick him as VP.

  8. Anonymous2:45 PM

    .Despite my previous reservations when Candidate Clinton was against Candidate Obama, a lot has happened in the ensuing years that makes me more and more confident with Hillary's ability to lead. She put her country and career first and worked diligently with her former opponent, and that speaks volumes of her character. Add the Benghazi witch hunt and who she's up against, she's pretty much got it made.

  9. Of course, Hilary is preferred by the ESTABLISHMENT, as represented by those "super" delegates. The insiders do not want anything to change their comfy cushions stuffed with checks.

    Remember when Lieberman lost the primary because the Democratic voters realized that he didn't have their interests at heart? They rejected Pro-War-Joe and his big-Pharma wife. Rejected in favor of someone with their interests at heart. Even though he left the Party to pursue power as an Independent, all of the DC insiders united around Lieberman: Pelosi and Boxer and CLINTON, most of all.

    "Upon examination, Hillary Clinton turns out not to be what her supporters wish she would be. Increasingly, her political stances are moving toward the right. It started with support for Bush's tax cuts for the rich, then into Clinton's vote in favor of the Patriot Act, though she never even read the legislation before voting on it. Then, of course, there was Hillary Clinton's support for the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Senator Clinton didn't just support the Iraq War at the beginning. She still supports it, and still refuses to admit that she made the wrong choice. Since that pro-war vote, Hillary Clinton has gone sliding further and further to the right, supporting initiatives to mix religion and government, supporting Pro-Life candidates, and even voting for a law to end free speech as we know it by making flag burning a crime. Time and time again, Hillary Clinton has failed to stand up to George W. Bush. When Russ Feingold called for the censure of George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton left him hanging.

    If all this doesn't convince you that Hillary Clinton is becoming more and more like a right wing Republican with every passing year, consider this: Senator Clinton is now defending Joseph Lieberman. In fact, Hillary Clinton isn't just defending Lieberman, she is helping Lieberman defeat a true progressive Democrat, Ned Lamont.

    Ned Lamont is running for United States Senate in the Democratic Primary against Joseph Lieberman because of Lieberman's repeated cooperation with the worst of the Republicans' right wing agenda. While the Republicans have been lying to America, running up record debts, cutting away our civil liberties, and selling out the basic needs of American citizens, Senator Lieberman has been lecturing Democrats that we need to be friendly to Republican ideas, and we should not contradict George W. Bush. Lieberman has actually suggested that criticizing President Bush is unpatriotic. He's said that Americans do not have the right to full religious liberty. He's supported George W. Bush almost every step of the way.

    Hillary Clinton ought to be ashamed to be seen in the same company as Joseph Lieberman. But, she isn't. In fact, Senator Clinton has written a letter to the delegates of the Connecticut Democratic Committee, urging them to support Senator Lieberman, and help defeat progressive Ned Lamont."

    -part 1

  10. part 2-

    Some of us have long memories. Connecticut deserved Lamont... not club-house members helping each other get richer and more powerful.

    The 1% support the 1%... and the needs of the people they are supposed to be governing *for* are disdained, dismissed, and

    The media are culpable for much of this inevitabilitiy refrain.

    The owners of the empires and the talking heads are millionaires interested solely in making more millions. Hilary has already spent millions on advertising, and her various PACs have spent tens of millions more. Bernie has not.

    Any time I see media putting their hand on the scale, I take whatever is said with a bucket of salt.

    Remember Petraeus preparing for his inevitable Presidential run by making himself more available to the flattering media than to his commanders running a war? Out on his ear. Object of contempt. Remember McCain traveling with THREE buses of reporters, the first named "The Straight Talk Express," and bribing them with access, bbq and booze? Rejected by the voters. Object of contempt.

    The moth-like media will flutter and fluff around any bright source of money and power, but we're the ones getting burned.

  11. Anonymous2:53 PM

    I seem to remember something about the super delegate situation in the 08 election which seems vaguely familiar to the message you are promoting, seems the super delegates were not in Clinton's pocket like they were supposed to be at that time. The election is a year away so calm down. Alot can happen between now and then.

  12. Raz Lemons3:08 PM

    The more they yell Hillary the more we feel the BERN : )

  13. This will get buried at the bottom of the comments, but it's important to understand that while a superdelegate can promise their vote to a candidate, they are not bound to them and can change their support if they like.

    But they're all professional politicians, so I'm sure they'll all keep their pledges no matter what.

  14. Anonymous9:12 PM

    Awe yes the "super delegates". Do you know who they are? Elected officials that vote for the person that will do the most for them. In Alaska, the super delegates will be elected officials such as the governor, Senators, member of Congress, well maybe state party leader????? What ever these people vote their personal interests not those of the people. Free election by the people? Bull! Bought and paid for.


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