Saturday, November 14, 2015

Rand Paul wants to debate Bernie Sanders. Oh please, please, please make this happen!

Courtesy of Truth in Media:  

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) posted a video clip on Facebook on Thursday from a live broadcast on the Iowa-based talk radio station WHO NewsRadio 1040 in which he can be seen challenging Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) to a debate. 

“We’ve been saying what a fun, dramatic, and informative debate it would be if Bernie Sanders and I could have an hour-long debate. Can you imagine? Debating over what rights are versus what obligations are and debating socialism versus capitalism,” said Sen. Paul. 

He continued, “See Bernie… he says, ‘Oh, I believe in a benign form of socialism, democratic socialism.’ But here’s the problem—if a majoritarian takes away your rights, it’s not any different or less bad than an authoritarian taking away your rights.”

Now this may seem a far fetched idea to some, but not if you remember that back in May Bernie offered to debate GOP candidates.

Personally I think that Paul is overestimating his debating skills if he thinks he has much of a chance with Sanders.

Bernie knows his stuff backwards and forwards, and I imagine that he would make short work of curly wig man.

However having said that I would LOVE to see this exchange.

I think it would be highly entertaining, and informative, and really could not hurt either of their chances at the nomination.

And what's more I think Rachel Maddow should moderate.

Or considering her past with Rand Paul is that a step too far?


  1. Anonymous9:13 AM

    "we" who are they, beside little Randy?

  2. Anonymous9:28 AM

    "I would love to debate Bernie! As long as the room is 67 degrees, two hours max time, soft lighting, yada yada yada."

    Lil' chickensh*t knows it will not happen, therefore he feels brave.


    1. Anonymous9:52 AM

      Rand Paul IS a chickenshit.
      It will never happen.

  3. Anonymous9:43 AM

    I don't want to see Rand Paul debate anyone. Bernie is a great man. I wouldn't wish him to have to do anything with Paul. Rand Paul is stick a fork in it ready, he is done.

    Whoever is taking over Bristol's Ig while she is indisposed is catching on that Sarah and Bristol will fall.

  4. "...if a majoritarian takes away your rights, it’s not any different or less bad than an authoritarian taking away your rights.”

    I thought majority rules is the essence of democracy, not authoritarianism?

    What is a majoritarian, then, in Rand's eyes?
    Is it getting into office by crooked, gerrymandering means wherein it takes 2 or 3 democratic votes to win, against 1 Republican vote? (There are many states where this is now the case.)

    Is it disdaining the electorate's wishes once you are in office?
    If 80-90% of the country want Planned Parenthood, do you try to defund it, kill it?

    Some questions Bernie might ask Rand....

  5. Anonymous10:08 AM

    You'd want to have a moderator who was fully versed in the positions of both candidates -- so when Paul talks about his tax plan, the moderator could follow up with a question about how it would be implemented or how much it would cost. Sanders would do that, too.
    The "debates" that we have now aren't real debates, but candidates reciting their stump speeches to each other. A mano a mano between primary candidates, which will never happen, would be eye-opening.

  6. DNC rules forbid this from happening. To keep outsiders from getting media attention, the Wasserman-Schulz-Clinton led party passed rules that say no Democratic candidate for the Democratic nomination can participate in any non-DNC sanctioned debate.

    And then the DNC scheduled five debates at the most invisible times possible to make sure no one could get traction against HRC.

    You can't have your Bernie and love Hillary too. The rules make it impossible.

    1. Anonymous10:25 AM

      Did You Know There’s a Dem Debate Tonight? No, Because Debbie Doesn’t Want You To

      ...DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz has made it her absolute mission to stifle the Democratic primary debates, to bury them underneath faintly-advertised headlines and shoehorn them into impossibly unrealistic time slots. Let’s be honest — Wasserman Schultz has no interest in putting on a show of the primaries.

      Want more proof? Let’s take a look at the next few scheduled Democratic debates.

    2. Anonymous10:32 AM

      Democratic Debate Shifts Focus To Terrorism After Deadly Paris Attacks

      The debate will put candidates on the spot over national security and their plans to fight the Islamic State.

    3. Anonymous11:21 AM

      Here are the rules for Saturday night’s Democratic debate

  7. Anonymous10:21 AM

    O/T but did you catch this, Jesse?

    "In all, 140 foundations funneled $558 million to almost 100 climate denial organizations from 2003 to 2010."

    "Dark Money" Funds Climate Change Denial Effort

    Apparently Anchorage is on it!

  8. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Racist Republicans Immediately Try To Exploit The Paris Terror Attacks For Political Gain

    1. 66gardeners2:11 PM

      I saw this:

      For former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, a renewed focus on terrorism is equal parts peril and opportunity — given his brother’s painful history in Iraq. In an interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, Bush, who despite his lack of direct experience has sought to portray himself as the GOP field’s grown-up on national security, called the battle against extremists "the war of our time" and said the U.S. needs to show global leadership.

      "We need to re-garner the alliances, fortify those alliances, reconnect with our counterintelligence and intelligence capabilities with our European allies, and engage in the Middle East to take out ISIS, which is the wellspring, and more likely to be the wellspring of this type of activity," Bush said. "If it’s not them, there are other terrorist groups."

      Read more:

      After the Politico article where it was revealed that the Bush administration had been warned of an impending terrorist attack on a daily basis the entire summer of 2001, ol jub needs his head examined if he thinks foreign policy is his strong suit as a Bush.

  9. Anonymous10:44 AM

    'Berning' out?

  10. Anonymous10:56 AM

    When all else fails, Rand could always look straight into the camera and wink - like the patron saint of stupid did.

  11. I have a question for Senator Paul (and all glibertarians): How is it any better if corporations take away your rights?

  12. 66gardeners12:22 PM

    Rand Paul and truthiness:

    I don’t con­done cheat­ing. But I would some­times spread mis­in­form­a­tion. This is a great tac­tic. Mis­in­form­a­tion can be very im­port­ant.” He went on to de­scribe study­ing for a patho­logy test with friends in the lib­rary. “We spread the ru­mor that we knew what was on the test and it was def­in­itely go­ing to be all about the liv­er,” he said. “We tried to trick all of our com­pet­ing stu­dents in­to over-study­ing for the liv­er” and not study­ing much else.

    “So, that’s my ad­vice,” he con­cluded. “Mis­in­form­a­tion works.”

  13. 66gardeners12:25 PM

    Early on in his campaign I saw an interview of Bernie Sanders where he said his main objective for running was to start a revolution. Thanks Bernie. It has made a difference.

  14. Anonymous12:42 PM

    First rule would be that Rand Paul has to wear pants.

  15. Only if they are both Vice Presidential candidates on their respective tickets.

    Which I am all for.

    Will just further ensure Democrats will hold the White House.

  16. Randall1:47 PM

    I believe Rand Paul would learn a thing or two.

    There would be many more things of which he is currently unaware, but I believe he would be so embarrassed by the beat-down Bernie Sanders would be putting upon him, that he would be too busy huddling in a whimpering ball of shame and self-pity to learn anymore than two.

  17. Anonymous2:57 PM

    The entertainment value, alone, would make it worth it. When things get tough, lil Rand can just filibuster his own answers and quote Ayn Rand isms. Of course, odds are that Bernie would come out on top. For that matter, foghorn leghorn and the road runner can beat Elmer "Rand" Fudd anyday.
    He's looking for attention because Carson and Trump are sucking all his oxygen.

  18. Anonymous9:14 PM

    That would be a great debate. At least Rand would not be running g on his husband's record.


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