Monday, November 23, 2015

Hillary Clinton promises "enough clean energy to power every home in America" by her second term.

Courtesy of The Hill:  

If elected president, Democrat Hillary Clinton says she can create enough green energy to power every home in America by the end of her second term. 

“By the end of my first term, we will have installed a half a billion more solar panels, and by the end of my second term, enough clean energy to power every home in America,” Clinton said at the Blue Jamboree in Charleston, S.C., on Saturday. 

The Democratic presidential front-runner said her plan to subsidize alternative sources of energy would not entail a middle-class tax hike. 

In fact, Clinton said she would reduce taxes for working-class families. 

“And people say, well, can you do that without raising taxes on the middle class? Absolutely,” she said. “That’s why I’m going to be fighting for tax cuts that help hard-working families get ahead.”

Okay look I am already supporting Hillary, and I think her path to the White House is fairly free of serious obstacle, however I am going to say right here that if she makes promises like this she sure as shit better be planning to keep them. 

Getting the country off of fossil fuels and onto renewable energy sources is a big deal to the progressive community, and if she fails to keep this promise she risks losing their support not just for herself, but for the Democratic party altogether.

Do I think it can be done?

You bet your ass I do.

And I think if Hillary is serious about making this happen, that she can do just that. So long as she recognizes that the blowback from big oil is going to be unprecedented.

And that is saying something considering what we have seen during the Obama administration.


  1. Dinty4:11 AM

    This statement is dangerous when you look at the electoral map. Pennsylvania is a coal state with 20 electoral votes, assuming Rubio or Jeb gets the nom, there goes 29 from Florida.

    I also don't see her waltzing through the General either, Sanders and Omalley are not throwing much at herr, neutralizing it before the General.

    This race is a lot tighter than it seems.

  2. In general, she's being pushed left by Bernie. She's also talking this way because of the Paris Climate Summit. By next January, it will have been forgotten. American voters will be worrying about something else. WWIII?

  3. Yes, the woman isn't perfect, and you could make a good argument that big business and Wall Street has too much of a hand up her dress, but I am convinced she loves this country, which is more than can be said of any current GOPer.

    1. Anonymous5:39 AM

      Would you make such a correspondingly obnoxious comment ("hand up her dress") if Hillary were a man?

    2. Well, I'm gay, beaglemom, so probably. If it was Bill Clinton instead it would probably be a remark about Wall Street handjobing him. I had lots of such fun back in the Larry Craig/ Mark Sanford/ Ted Haggard/ Anthony Weiner days.

    3. Anonymous8:14 AM

      I agree, dvlaries. I think she knows the political game very well, and to me that isn't a shining virtue. But I do think she would do what's good for the country no doubt.


    4. Balzafiar8:44 AM

      She may have good intentions but she really is out of touch with reality if she believes every home would have solar in only eight years. She forgets all the red tape that all the various agencies/ governments/ lobbyists would throw at the project.

      It just isn't going to happen, Hillary; find some other hot button to push.

    5. Leland1:25 PM

      Balzafier, she did NOT say every home would be have solar!

      "“By the end of my first term, we will have installed a half a billion more solar panels, and by the end of my second term, enough clean energy to power every home in America,” Clinton said at the Blue Jamboree in Charleston, S.C., on Saturday."

      Having created "enough clean energy to power every home" is a far cry from having every home supplied with them. You seem to be implying each home would have them

      Now that WOULD be a major accomplishment since the basic home system has a lot more than just solar panels. On the other hand having a huge number of collectors in farms is an entirely different thing and far more manageable.

  4. It's going to be an uphill battle type promise to keep. It's not just big oil that's going to cause problems, the electric companies are also fighting solar. Here in NC, Duke Power is going after a church:

  5. Do you think she'll do that before or after she launches World War III?

  6. Anonymous6:18 AM

    I am not voting for Hillary. Her biggest supporters( or money bags is Citiigroup, J P Morgan) no different than Bush . I see her waffling on so many issues.

    1. Anonymous10:48 AM

      So, you'll stay home if she's the candidate?

    2. Nope, I'll vote third party.

    3. Anonymous1:41 PM

      Maybe Ralph Nader will run again and you can vote for him.

  7. A. J. Billings6:45 AM

    I would take Hillary over any of the Christian Taliban like Cruz or Rubio any day, and certainly over Trump.

    However, I think Hillary made a mistake by even talking about this, never mind promising something so difficult to accomplish nation wide.

    This just gives the opposition more crap to use in campaign ads, as proof she's a far left earth first nutcase, and it's a distraction from the most pressing issues America faces.

    If I was advising Hillary, I'd tell her to focus on three things

    1) The economy, and reducing the deficit

    2) Best solutions for dealing with the titanic mess that GW Bush left us after the Idiot in Chief invaded Iraq.

    3)Governing from the center, and reaching out to the lower income and middle class Americans on tax fairness, health care, and income disparity.

    Going off on a solar panel promise is nothing more than a distraction at best, and a big blunder at worst

    1. Anonymous12:34 PM

      then you must be thinking about Bernie sanders because he is the only one who has been saying that for years, the only one who can and will make it happen. Hillary is a tool for the corporations which is why they support her and want her in. She will do nothing but shrug and say I tried but here is a solution (that still benefits the corps) that doesn't do much for the middle class but wth, I tried. (laughing to the bank with more millions) Doesn't anyone even know what she did in Libya, Honduras? and nothing gets brought up by msm.

  8. Anonymous7:19 AM

    It may be a blunder. If she starts talking about how Big Oil is funding ISIS, that may work in her favor.

    Personally, I'm looking at putting solar on four properties, so this is not a no-no in my book

    1. Balzafiar8:46 AM

      I would put it on my home if the government would subsidize it -- and if the HOA would permit it (not likely).

    2. Leland1:28 PM

      Balz, there have been tax credits for solar for years. And the government can't help with your HOA.

  9. You still haven't read the WaPost investigation into the Clintons. $3 billion dollars raised since 1990, and a path of corruption that is breathtaking. Bill "sold" Secy of State Clinton appearances as a bonus for paying him for his six-figure speeches.

    Start thinking of a Democratic party without the Clintons.

    1. WaPost? Spare us all.

    2. Anonymous12:35 PM

      It is not just WaPost....look at democracy now, ring of fire , foreign media. Only our msm is protective.

  10. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Given enough incentive in the form of tax breaks, I would put in solar. At this time, however, the incentive is not sufficient for most and electric prices haven't begun to skyrocket.

  11. Color me jaded, but all this does is make me suspect the Clintons have an interest in a solar panel company or in green energy companies.

    1. Anonymous10:47 AM

      Does it really matter?

    2. It matters if you want politicians who aren't continually lining their own pockets. They will never look at the public good, but only work for what is good for them. They will only use the public good as a selling point for what is good for them. And it may not even be a public good, but they will sell it that way.

    3. Leland1:37 PM

      Those are generally called "professional politicians". We've been plagued with them since Strom and Hollings and Byrd in the 50's. And maybe even sooner if you count their starting years.

      Of course, part of the problem lies in our own voting history. We would vote them in, but refuse to vote them out regardless of the bad things they did.

      I, for one, would love to see a return to the days of the "citizen politician". Those days when a person would run and stay in office for only a few terms and then return to their normal jobs.

    4. Anonymous1:40 PM

      It's entirely possible to work for personal as well as public good.

      My husband works in renewable energy. If Clinton is elected and follows through on this promise, my husband will have job security and my family will have financial security, maybe even prosperity.

      Does that mean I don't ALSO want increased funding and support for renewable energy because it's good for our country, the planet, and the future of all of our children?

      If we are talking about a politician, investments must be revealed and any conflict of interest should be addressed.

      There isn't any evidence that the Clintons are invested in renewable energy. But you just sound like you aren't going to trust Hillary Clinton no matter what, even when she is saying things liberals and progressive should be happy about.

    5. Well color me surprised......

  12. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Congress, in particular, the House of Representatives, controls the funding for this kind of proposal. If the House continues under Republican control, this is not likely to happen.


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