Friday, November 27, 2015

Muslim attacked because Texas man thought he was receiving instructions from ISIS through his headphones. You know because that's how that works.

Courtesy of KEYE: 

The imam at the Nueces Mosque near UT, Umer Esmail, says they want to make sure students are safe when they come to the mosque. 

"We need to provide security for them, that should be our top priority," Esmail said. 

This is after Esmail says a student was allegedly pushed to the ground on Guadalupe Street the day after the Paris attacks. 

"Because he had headphones on, the guy yelled at him saying are you taking instructions from ISIS," Esmail said. "This is like a wakeup call for us, we need to do something because we have students coming here." 

That alleged assault just a few blocks away from the mosque is one of the reasons Esmail says they're having Austin Police do a security survey on his mosque. He says APD will also be surveying other Austin mosques.

So what now only white Christians can wear headphones in America?  That is some racist shit right there.

And things are only going to get worse for the Islamic community in America with the GOP presidential candidates and Fox News spending virtually 24 hours a day trying to frighten them about terrorism, Syrian refugees, and now apparently headphones.

You wait, we can only be about a week or less away from the first shooting of a Muslim for simply being Muslim.


  1. Okay Florida, what do you got...?

  2. Anonymous4:21 AM

    I agree, Gryph. The hateful stupid dangerous GOP is inciting violence..again. When will it stop? We had useful idiot Palin in 2008 revving up her rallies to the point they yelled 'KILL HIM!" about our soon-to-be President, and many of them still think he is a Kenyan terrorist Commie Muslim something, and he has had more death threats than the SS will even tell us about, including people actually shooting at the White House. Since they couldn't get him, the cops are now free to shoot unarmed and innocent blacks with abandon, and since Zimmerman got off after his stalking and cold-blooded killing of Trayvon, it has been open season on blacks. The current GOP candidates are all just fine with that, egged on by the ignorant Fox hosts, Rush, and Hannity. Next will be Muslims, and I think it will happen before the end of the year. Is there an adult left in the GOP to stand up and say "ENOUGH!" This is America, and we need to stop acting like we are scared of our shadows. Stop buying guns, stop weathering our children shoot themselves daily, stop letting cops get away with the murder of out citizens. Just stop.


    1. Anonymous5:56 AM

      I think it will even be bigger than one Muslim being killed. I think there are many that would then retaliate such hateful deeds and the fight will be on -

      America is not the country it use to be. I detest the extreme right of the GOP and especially Donald Trump and Ted Cruz (and his father!). They are racist assholes and need to be shut down in some manner. How about the Republican party doing something about them - chicken shits that they are!

      Something will happen and I suspect it isn't going to be pretty! Just watch - many Americans will be killed - by their own countrymen!

  3. Anonymous4:53 AM

    At least the student wasn't shot, this being in Texas and all.

  4. Anonymous5:27 AM

    In Maryland, a family of 4 was pulled off an airplane before it left because one "rill murkkkun" was hanging over the seat and imagined she saw one get a text with the word "dynamite" in it. The family was questioned for hours, and guess what? No such text existed. The GOP was terrified little wusses.

  5. Anonymous6:00 AM

    The republicans are just chickenshit cowards, and it's time we started calling them that.

  6. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Good thing he didn't have a clock on him.

  7. I've been reading Ken Follet's Winter of the World, a novel that explores the rise of Fascism in Europe ( with support of some American businessmen). It's eerily similar to what we're seeing in our country today. Frightening and sad.

  8. Anonymous3:49 PM

    I'm a non believer who used to live five blocks away from a mosque, and I felt perfectly comfortable working beside them handing out meals and working in the food bank. Very respectful, kind, understanding and proud people. I stopped when the manager of the food bank poured bleach on hilal meat that was donated (Hilal is their form of "Kosher", it's overseen and blessed by an Imam to make sure the animal was killed and drained properly, cleaned, packaged and sent out to be sold. People are starving, they have to swallow their pride to take donated food, and some nutjob throws away food. I couldn't, in good conscience, volunteer there anymore.

    1. Anonymous6:08 PM

      Your story is heartbreaking. I applaud your generosity & kindness to those folks and I'm sure they appreciated all of your efforts, as well. It is absolutely shameful that a person would pour bleach on food to serve someone. I'm glad that they had you to count on while you were there.

  9. The real wake up call is how uneducated so many Americans are. They can quote scripture, but that's about all. For them one apple means all apples.


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