Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Pastafarians of the world unite! Another small step for the non-theists.

Courtesy of the Immortal News: 

Just over the border from New Hampshire in the Massachusetts city of Lowell, a woman identifying herself as a follower of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM), otherwise known as Pastafarianism, has been approved by the state’s Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) to wear a spaghetti strainer on top of her head in her state issued driver’s ID. 

The approval to wear the helmet was initially denied. However, citing religious grounds, Lowell resident Lindsay Miller filed an appeal. Following intervention by the American Humanist Association’s Appignani Humanist Legal Center, the RMV reversed their decision and allowed her to put on her colander and get her driver’s license picture taken. 

Silly? Absolutely.

But is it really any more silly than than wearing a Burqa, or a Jewish yarmulka, or even a cross around your neck?

I think not.

And I for one am glad that this clearly very dedicated congregant of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster did not have her constitutionally protected religious rights trampled on by the non-believers. 


  1. Anonymous2:02 AM


    1. Leland5:26 AM

      Maybe so, 2:02, but that's what many of us here feel about ALL religion.

    2. Anonymous5:36 AM

      And she stupidly went without a license until approval came through because, well, because she stupidly persevered until...

      Wait. Does this make Rosa Parks stupid, too?

    3. Anonymous11:07 AM

      How do you compare Rosa Parks to someone as idiotic as this? Get real!

  2. Anonymous2:19 AM

    I, too am an ordained minister in this denomination.
    I have contemplated getting "clergy: parking at the ospital in which I work. Then - no more train for me!!!
    But then I feel guilty and do not do it.
    But I still might!

    1. Anonymous8:29 AM

      You have as much right to be there as Protestant, Muslim, or Catholic clergy does...

      A Pastafarian might need guided through the drendils.

    2. Anonymous9:41 AM

      Er... dendrils :)

  3. Anonymous3:06 AM

    Today ... We are all pastafarians. We stand united in the cause to bring sanity to an insane world that teeters on the brink of destruction by those who murderously impose their religion and beliefs in myths and fairy tales and mumbo jumbo hocus pocus on a complient and sheepish populace. Yeah, damn straight! Pastafarians unite!

  4. Anonymous3:32 AM

    Good for her...gives a little perspective to all of the silliness.

    1. Balzafiar5:54 AM

      Fine, let her get a picture taken like that, but -- if it really is a religious attachment she needs to wear it everywhere she goes.

    2. Anonymous10:22 AM

      Not if her religion says she should only wear it when getting a certain type of picture taken.

  5. Anonymous5:38 AM

    WOW! She is NOT alone:


  6. Anonymous5:49 AM

    Rand Paul Says You Don’t Have a Right to Pants


    This is the guy that's itchin' to be prez.

  7. Anonymous6:09 AM

    As they say on Reddit:


  8. Anonymous6:10 AM

    A round of spaghetti for the house! I love it when these younguns kick ass, LEGALLY! It just drives the fako-xtians bonkers.

    A laugh in their face and a fart in their general direction.

  9. Anonymous7:16 AM

    You may scoff, you cynics.. but at least she can find her gd colander when she needs it.

  10. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Tell this to christian bigots.


  11. Hedgewytch7:35 AM

    I raise my pasta stirrer to her!

  12. Anonymous9:22 AM

    or even a cross around your neck?

    And if jebus comes again do you think he ever wants to see one of those fking things again?

    1. Leland10:54 AM

      Oh, GREAT point!

  13. Anonymous11:08 AM

    May the FSM gently rest his/her noodley appendage upon this young woman!

  14. London Bridges11:49 AM

    Ten lashes with a wet noodle is more Christian than the Crusades, not to mention using your noodle unlike many pols running for president.

  15. Anonymous4:40 PM

    I'm all for it. If other religions allow symbols, why not? But there's a form of insanity when one can't pick just one and wears two, for instance a cross AND a star of David.I stand in solidarity with this woman every sunday, my colander, garlic, olive oil, boiling salted water and sauce.
    The portions are fantastic, and the wine really means something, the bread is fresh, and so is the cook. What's not to like????


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