Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Sarah Palin applauds newly elected Senator's guts after he suggests doing away with the Senate. Did I mention he is a newly elected Senator?

'Now that's guts! I also admire electricians who want to do away with electricity."
Courtesy of Glacier Gidget's Facebook page:  

This is why we respect this guy... his guts and gumption in expressing what many Americans recognize as a foundational problem resulting in an insolvent, less sovereign nation - and his commitment to taking action. 

I appreciate him taking responsibility " blow the whistle on these problems so Americans are aware of them." 

Thank you, Senator Ben Sasse. 

Now your first instinct after reading that Sarah Palin is impressed with somebody, should be "Oh what stupid thing did this Sasse guy do to deserve that?"

And if it was you have good instincts.

Palin's Facebook page then links to an article on the defunct Breitbart news site, and as it turns out THIS is what Ben "Soon to be out of a job" Sasse said during his maiden speech on the floor of the Senate:  

If the Senate isn’t going to be the most important venue for addressing our biggest national problems, where is that venue? Where should the people look for the long-term national prioritization? Or, to ask it of ourselves, would anything be lost if the Senate didn’t exist? Again, this a thought experiment, so let me be emphatically clear: I think a great deal would be lost if the federal government didn’t have a Senate, but game out with me the question of ‘Why?’ What precisely would be lost if we had only a House of Representatives, rather than both bodies? The growth of the administrative state, the fourth branch of government, is increasingly hollowing out the Article I branch, the legislature, and many in Congress have been complicit in this hollowing out of our own powers. So would anything really be lost if we doubled-down on Woodrow Wilson’s impulses and inclinations toward administrative efficiency by removing much of the clunky-ness of legislative process?

Now Ben Sasse is a former university president and has a Master's degree in Philosophy, so you would think he might know better than to introduce a topic as easily misrepresented as this one.

First he expects folks like Sarah Palin to understand what a "thought experiment" is when they really do not understand the concept of "thinking."

Second he is essentially attacking the very institution that he campaigned long and hard to join, which is never a good thing.

And thirdly, WTF is his point really?

Does he really think that the Congress, now overrun with moronic teabaggers, should be allowed to run amok without the checks and balances provided by the Senate?

What am I saying, this is a guy endorsed by Sarah Palin, of course he wants the government to fail.

I don't know what I was I thinking.

By the way Salon has decided that Palin would be a shoo-in as moderator of the GOP debates:   

Sarah Palin – This one seems so obvious I have to think someone has suggested it already. Palin’s proclivity for speaking in word salad that even the most powerful Star Trek universal translator likely couldn’t make sense of is well known. Anything she says would likely be a stream of babble that would trail off into nothing, leaving the candidates free to just opine about whatever talking points they would have spouted even if asked a coherent question.

They have a point.  If you wanted somebody who would not challenge the candidates with facts, or embarrass them by demonstrating a superior intellect, Sarah Palin would be the obvious choice.

God could you just imagine?

Two hours of Sarah Palin asking ignorant questions and the candidates trying to make sense of them, or just giving up and proselytizing to the flock instead? It would the TV equivalent of receiving a colonoscopy from a doctor who just found out you were banging his wife.


  1. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Fortunately, even the misognynistic idiots running for Repub President are not dumb enough to want $tupid $arah for moderator

    1. Anonymous3:02 AM

      If Sarah were to moderate one of the debates, Chris Christie would probably tell her to shut the fuck up and go make him a sandwich.

  2. Olivia9:55 AM

    Sarah Palin could not ask questions for 2 hours. She doesn't know enough to be able to string words together to make any kind of sentence, coherent or not, for that length of time. It addition, there is no way she could talk that long without swinging every topic around to be about her and what a victim she is and how badly the press treats her and her family and whine, whine, whine.

    1. Anonymous7:51 PM

      She wouldn't be able to formulate any questions that weren't about her, by the time she finished asking "her question", there wouldn't be any time left for the candidate to get a word in edgewise.

  3. Anonymous9:59 AM

    OT... When are the multitudes of politicians going to appoligize for using that now we know crooked cops suicide as an example that police deaths are Obama's fault.

    Fox wouldn't even air the press conference this morning because they made the same statement on was Obama's fault.

    Along with so many crickets.

  4. Sasse didn't have it quite right when he called his word porridge a "thought experiment."

    It was more of a "experimenting with the concept of thinking" moment.

  5. Anonymous10:01 AM


  6. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Patrick from Sponge Bob would make a better moderator than sarah.

  7. Sarah Palin has just started a Trig for Senator super PAC. T bagger credentials make him ideal for the T bag party's nomination, just need to find the right stste. Alaska? Florida? Texas? Anybody?

  8. With Barstool as the national icon for abstinence, Trig for President can't be far behind. That family would be funny if they weren't so disgustingly pathetic.

    1. Anonymous11:19 AM

      BARSTOOL BABY. Halloween?

    2. Anonymous4:19 PM

      11:19, I don't believe the picture on the left is recent. I know when I was pregnant with both of my children my mid section below the chest and above the belly got wide. You can see the width of that section on the picture on the right. Not buying that is Barstool at 32 weeks now. She has probably already delivered and Sarah is in panic mode because they did the DNA test and it came back negative for the MOH and Bristol has no idea who to blame.

  9. Anonymous10:23 AM

    You mean 'it' is still breathing? Ugh.

  10. Anonymous10:33 AM

    She's AIP, all right!

  11. Anonymous10:41 AM

    How dare they question the Founding Fathers! Any of 'em, all of 'em!

  12. Caroll Thompson10:46 AM

    What a fucking moron. There is no other way to put it. I guess no one has read the Constitution over at the Palin household. Funny because Sarah is always going on and on and on about the Constitution. She continues to try to lecture all of us on what the Constitution means (i.e. Constitutional Conservatives, etc....).

    But we all knew she has not read one word of the Constitution. Sarah would not know the Preamble or the Articles of the Constitution if they bite her in the ass.

    The ignorance is strong with that one.

    And that is why Sarah sits in Wasilla. No one wants Ignorance on the campaign stump with them.

  13. Anonymous10:49 AM

    On the other hand, the two cheating legislators in MI who were ejected from the House, only to sign right up to win their seats back (because gee, folks, all they did was have an affair and lie about it, they didn't KILL anyone) LOST yesterday in their primaries. Sanity reigns for a day at least.

    1. Anonymous4:25 PM

      They have primaries in the fall? Primaries are usually in the spring where I come from.
      The Kentucky governor's election was the real shocker! Bevin NEVER led in any polls leading up to the election.
      DNC needs to get their shit together and start leading in a 50 - state strategy as Howard Dean did in 2008. Republicans will pull out a victory in the Presidential election if we can't get organized. Scary!

    2. Anonymous7:54 PM

      @ 10:49 Yes, wasn't that great !!! Maybe they will finally get the message.

  14. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Maybe this "senator" should pull a Palin and quit!

  15. Anonymous11:14 AM

    "It would the TV equivalent of receiving a colonoscopy from a doctor who just found out you were banging his wife." I had to wipe my monitor after spewing my drink out my nose.

  16. Anonymous11:18 AM

    "With Barstool as the national icon for abstinence"

    To be fair, there are a lot of things Bristol DOES abstain from: education, paid employment, attending religious services, self-examination, reading, charity work, theological speculation,.......

  17. Maybe he realizes the Democrats may take back control in the Senate, so he'd like to get rid of it.

  18. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Gryphen, you have to see this!


    ¡Hola, Donald Trump! Screaming, “get out of my country!”, Republicans use offensive words. So here’s a few of our own: Fuck you, racist fuck! We’re Latino kids born in the USA! And we’ve got something to say. I’m Rosa. I’m Ricardo. My friends call me Rick. But you keep calling me “anchor baby”? Wow. Racist dick! When you say Mexican immigrants are rapists, murderers, and drug dealers, you know it’s racist code for words like “spics,” “wetbacks” and “beaners.” And you have attacked people for speaking “Mexican” in this nation. It’s Spanish, idiota! Maybe a little less hairspray and more education? Millions of working Latinos would be deported if you get your loco way, pendejo. If you’re in the White House, for America, there would be nothing but bad hair days. Yo, Trump! You may be high in the polls, thanks to pinches racist suckers, but your whole thing has to come from me. If you try to deport my abuelita, motherfuckers! You see, the Constitution makes me a citizen. And you hate that because I’m brown! And you say you’re a patriot? But you want to tear the Bill of Rights? How? I’m an American, born in the USA. This is my home. You can’t take my rights away. If you don’t like our Constitution and what it stands for, get the fuck out of my country. There’s the door!

    1. Anonymous11:54 AM

      Democrats Use The Media To Hammer Paul Ryan’s Pathetic Attempt to Blame Obama

      The House Democratic Leader’s press office (that’s Nancy Pelosi, don’t think of her too much lest you cry for the days when she was in charge and got things done) is hammering new Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) for his pathetic game of already blaming President Obama for his own upcoming failures.

      Just in case you missed it in his Sunday show appearances or first presser, Ryan penned an Op-Ed for USA Today in which he again blamed President Obama for Republicans refusing to take up immigration reform for the next several years, writing, “The House of Representatives will not vote on comprehensive immigration legislation as long as President Obama is in office.” That will show Obama! Neener-neener.

      The Democratic Leader’s office hammered Paul Ryan with a round up of editorials blasting him for being so pathetic this morning (their bold):

    2. Anonymous4:17 PM

      I hope they vote and encourage their friends and family and neighbors to do the same.

  19. London Bridges11:41 AM

    Palin is not as dumb as she acts and looks, or at least her handlers are: Each state has 2 Senators; all voters in the state cast ballots for them. Thus Senate members are less likely to be 199% wack jobs. However, House of Reps districts can be gerrymandered. They do it in such a way that the state will have more rethugs in the house than dems despite more Dems in the State and more Dems voting. This is the biggest reason for gridlock. Of course vote flipping works pretty well, too!

    1. Anonymous12:01 PM

      She is actually dumber than she acts or looks. All she does is read daily directives from her wealthy mentors and tosses them in her word salad bowl.

      Poor dear is so stupid she still can't figure out that the MAJORITY of people in this country can't stand the sight or smell of her and recoil at the sound of her screechy voice. This leaves her only to do or say the words put in her mouth by those too afraid to do it themselves. They know it would make them look stupid but she thrives on stupid and is willing to say or do anything for a buck.

    2. Anonymous3:40 PM

      I've said it before: go on-line and take a look at the interview she and Janet Napolitano did with Charlie Rose, back before Palin was picked as VP. Napolitano is a smart cookie. Palin can't answer a single question without resorting to the most banal (drill baby drill) platitudes. You can see how disgusted Rose gets, turning back to have a real conversation with Napolitano.
      Palin is dumb as a box of rocks. If she has any intellectual gifts whatsoever, they lie in raising spiteful mean-girl bullsh*t to an absolute art form.

    3. Anonymous4:17 PM

      Anything halfway intelligent that comes out of Sarah's virtual mouth is written by Becky Mansour who may be chained to a pipe in the Palin's basement.

      Sarah Palin wasn't smart when she ran for Governor and then VPOTUS. How many brain cells has she killed off since then?

    4. Anonymous4:33 PM

      Speaking of vote flipping, London Bridges, did you catch the Kentucky Governor's election?

    5. Anonymous6:47 PM

      3:40 PM:
      I can't find the video, any clues for us?

  20. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Obama Refuses TransCanada Request to Suspend Keystone XL Pipeline Approval

    ...The foreign corporation TransCanada, Republicans, and the Koch brothers are resorting to what environmentalists are rightly calling “a desperate delay tactic to prevent President Obama from following through on his pledge.” It is glaringly apparent that the axis of mendacity, the Kochs, Republicans, and TransCanada, are terrified of this President and now likely comprehend that challenging his resolve or expecting him to concede to big oil is a very stupid move. They are hoping the next president is going to do what President Obama has already demonstrated he will never do; choose oil industry profits over the health, safety, and welfare of current and future generations of human beings the world over. As if to punctuate that point, the White House has announced that despite TransCanada’s request, the President will not “yield to big oil” to delay his decision on Keystone XL, and that he will make the final decision before he leaves office.

  21. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Sasse has had more jobs than Bristol's had boyfriends; climbing the ladder of contacts and networking until he reached the U.S. Senate.

    He comes from Nebraska, the only state with a unicameral legislature, so that's where his idea comes from. It's a recipe for dictatorship, if Nebraska were worth worrying about.
    He's smart -- watch out for him -- but he's slippery. You'll see him behind a lectern when the 2020 GOP clown car gets in gear. He thinks he's "sassy" but it's pronounced "sass."

    1. Anonymous2:38 PM

      Like Rubio he'll want to quit before he ever gets to accomplish anything. Sarah likes him because he's essentially a quitter also.

  22. Anonymous12:29 PM

    I noticed that Nancy French mentions Bristol's brother, Track Palin, again. He would like to tie up some stalkers for the family.

    I know Track was far gone and out of it when Sarah left the PTSD meeting in Houston and took him and the family on a drunken birthday bash in Anchorage for Todd. They keep him on the down low and they found a pharmacy tech to monitor his substance abuse. If what we've heard about Waikiki is half true, she failed the family. It is no wonder Sarah took her freedom and had her shut down her social media accounts after the drunken Willow post.

    The rumors about Track being Black Ops are alive and well with Sarah and her friends. Now is Sarah planning on bringing him back into her sphere since Bristol has been such a major disappointment, being the bastard making machine she is? Sarah can't even mention their reality, the fact she is to be a grandmother, she can only continue to use Bristol for the propaganda that the French family helps her with.

    All Sarah needs to do is replace her disappointment with her combat vet hero?

    There is no way that Track was both in Iraq and surfing Waikiki at the same time. Up Alaska way they are allowing Bristol to get away with her lies about work and her knock up.

    Will Alaska allow Sarah to pose Track as what he is not now?

    It was once illegal to lie about your service or pose as what you are not when you claim you are a war hero and such. Doing it for personal gain is damn sick.

    Chris Christie is being praised for his viral speech on drug addiction. The first step is admitting your problem. Sarah Palin is evil to hide her family secrets since it is deadly. She would actually deceive her followers for more money and fame while her own child is going down the wrong path?

    It is high time the fine people of Alaska and the USA put a stop to the con game. Far too many people are dying and doing serious harm to the lives of others due to people like Palin. She needs to start being relevant about drugs and what they are doing to our country.

    Watch Chris Christie's Moving Speech on Addiction

    In Heroin Crisis, White Families Seek Gentler War on Drugs
    OCT. 30, 2015

    1. Anonymous12:56 PM

      Christie's pro-life statements were right on.

      Rachel Maddow shares video of Chris Christie speaking at a campaign stop in New Hampshire about addiction as an example of Christie's skills as a communicator and a reason he is still a contender....

    2. Anonymous3:42 PM

      What happened in Waikiki?

    3. Anonymous4:15 PM

      Sarah lost out on becoming the Queen Mother of the Military when Bristol fucked up her engagement to Dakota Meyer. Now Sarah is trying her damaged son again. I wouldn't be surprised if Sarah threatened Track with calling the police or cutting him off, financially if he didn't sign up with a private contractor in the Middle East. Or maybe he's just hiding out in the garage.

      I hate to say it, but Sarah would love for Track to get injured or worse so she can play the concerned or mourning mother of a "combat vet" (yeah right).

  23. Anonymous12:51 PM

    So...this is the Kid...She won't be applauding what just happened...long sigh...I got two DNA tests back...
    48% British...almost 500 distant cousins..
    No close of course...
    52% Middle Eastern regions...sand in shoes
    Well that makes me a mutt I guess...haha...
    But the money has to be returned and crimes committed against me told before a judge in a court of law...local..state...federal and now international...fume...grumble...
    Why do other people make my life complicated? I didn't do anything...oh wait..
    I was born...roll of says my advisers.
    they are Elders...we all are born we all die!
    Lol...Golden Girls or Grumpy Old Men...;)
    Take Care everyone and PRAY for PEACE
    not War like 'some people' keep yammerin

    1. Anonymous1:13 PM

      You are a fuckin' retard. Nice nice try to hornsawaggle all these bright beautiful people. Go back to the Cuckoos Nest, and go get your shine box.

    2. Anonymous1:36 PM

      Those were old tests. Now you're Russian. Try to keep up. Here:

    3. Anonymous3:03 PM

      You. Are. Incoherent.

    4. Anonymous3:48 PM

      Give it a rest, Kid.
      M from MD

    5. Cracklin Charlie8:56 PM

      Makes you a mutt?
      No such thing.

      It is a fact of genetics, across all living species, that mixed race parents produce superior offspring.

  24. Anonymous1:01 PM

    She is soooo done! Almost everything you read about her is negative. How or why does she keep hanging on? I mean, she has money. Why not just disappear and enjoy life. Why is she constantly bringing more pain and suffering to her life by consistently making a fool of herself. She should just stop and go do something else. We will get over you Sarah. Go now. It's time.

    1. Anonymous1:46 PM

      Because in her mind she will never be done. She has delusions of's part of her illness.

    2. Anonymous4:20 PM

      she thrives being in a perpetual state of victimhood - tell her the sky's blue and she'd pop a gasket and argue it was green ...

      hope she has an aneurism and croaks ...

  25. Anonymous1:14 PM

    This KIDiot poster is darn near as annoying as Alicia and Sarah's and Bristol's multiple posting personalities. It's getting to the point where it diminishes my desire to come here and read anything. Try as I might, I'm unable to just bounce over the KID posts before being polluted by the gibberish. Not suggesting any action here - just sharing how I feel.

    Kid, you need serious mental health help - maybe even more so than the people you think you are tormenting.

    1. Anonymous1:29 PM

      Why can't we all read the posts and just be glad that we are not crazy? Take these opportunities to appreciate your own sanity.

    2. Anonymous1:44 PM

      1:14 I agree 100%. It has gotten beyond old and is just annoying at this point. Makes this site look loony.

    3. Anonymous3:01 PM


      One unhinger poster, even if they post multiple times, does not make the site look looney. It simply looks like the site has attracted a looney poster. As most of us know, there is also another regular one. Why don't you just skip over the loony posts?

    4. Anonymous3:20 PM

      It takes two to tango. You all love the cray cray.

      Look who gets the attention.

    5. Anonymous3:45 PM

      301pm: agreed. At least The Kid identifies himself, which puts him one up on other regulars (including what I have long been convinced is a bevy of trolls, some more subtle than others.)

    6. Anonymous4:10 PM

      Alicia is 1000 times more annoying than "the kid."

    7. Anonymous4:11 PM

      The Kid (if there really is a "Kid") is not Shawn Christy.

    8. Shawn's MOM4:34 PM

      The Kid is not Shawn. Shawn has been locked up in a Federal Correctional Institution in Cumberland Maryland since this summer. We can't afford to go visit him, we couldn't even put money on his commissary card for his birthday on the 21st of October. This month, we'll have Thanksgiving without him. Then Christmas. The whole winter will go by without Shawn's spirit throwing it's light on us and people around us. He's not getting out till the 26th of March. Till then, we can't hear our beautiful son's voice because he can't call us. Federal prisons are not as cushy as people think. The boys said they were very bad places where they couldn't get treated for their Lyme's Disease. Shawn doesn't get even the most basic things. He's not getting internet service. Keep Shawn in prayer. He has a great spirit and will make something for himself. He's a young man of GREAT promise who has been torn apart by Sarah Palin's insatiable desire for a hot young man.

    9. Anonymous4:47 PM

      Gryphen should say "yes", SPHASH. Ooops!

    10. Anonymous7:01 PM

      Shawn's MOM, I have been where you are, although the particulars were quite different. My thoughts are with you.

    11. Anonymous7:19 PM

      1:29 PM


  26. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Sadly I must say that this poor baby whoever she is would be better off going straight to the beautiful place where all the other unwanted babies go. I'm crying. Bristol and Sarah palin are evil incarnate.

    1. Anonymous3:33 PM

      Chuck E Cheeses?

  27. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Poor Sarah is reduced to trolling the news feed for something she can attached herself to in an attempt to gain attention.

    1. Anonymous3:54 PM

      You hit the nail on the head.

  28. Anonymous1:55 PM

    I truly believe that OJ is the father.

  29. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Nothing but drivel ever comes from Sarah Palin's brain. The impending new grandchild must really be weighing on her.

    1. Anonymous3:51 PM

      Beaglemom, did I miss it? I don't remember seeing the Bristol pregnancy countdown picture at the beginning of this month (November). For the past two months, at the beginning of the month we were all treated to the pregnant Bristol dressed in her black mourning clothes. Did I miss the November picture? Don't tell me it was that lumpy empathy belly picture that was recently published where she looked less pregnant than she did in October.

    2. Anonymous3:52 PM

      I'm happy to see that Sarah is not getting the clicks she used to get. Sarah, we're just not that in to you anymore.

    3. Anonymous7:25 PM

      Palin can't do what Christie did to boost his popularity.

      Her family has eating disorders plus drugs and addictions are too ingrained in that family.

      Can you imagine what it would be like for Sarah if the public gets serious about straight talk on addiction? What if it becomes an election matter? Poor Sarah.

  30. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Poor Sarah will say/do anything for attention. The GOP has a HUGE (and I mean Donald Trump "HUGE") kiddie's table, and she couldn't even make it there, so what's the next best thing? Toss Sasse's words in a bingo basket and do a post! I kind of pity the woman, she could have been a contender, but the hose didn't reach the mud pit.

  31. Anonymous4:21 PM

    Sarah Palin moderator of the GOP debates:  
    Welcome to the... what year is this? Any who welcome to my debate. Let's start by me introducing y'all.

    Can I call you Joe Bush. Joe Carson. Joe Christie. Joe Cruz. Josephine Fiorina and my future presidential cabinet boss Donald Trump?

  32. Anonymous5:21 PM

    How can she moderate anything?

    Word Salad is the least of her problems now. Sarah can't even remember her daughter is giving birth and that her son was never in combat. Now she thinks Track Marks Menard is in Special Forces. Poor thang is totally deluded.

  33. Anonymous5:22 PM

    I have lived in Nebraska all my life. I find it hilarious that $arah flatters herself by suggesting her endorsement led to Ben Sasse being elected.

    This is freaking Nebraska. We haven't picked a Demcrat president in over 50 years

    Our governor is the vile Tea Party scum Pete Ricketts who is so bloodthirsty to bring back the death penalty that he spent half a million dollars of his family's money to fund a petition drive to bring it back (no to mention his efforts to illegally obtain lethal injection drugs)

    There is no way in hell that a tea party sleaze like Ben Sasse wasn't going to win the senate seat. He could have an affair with Josh Duggar and still win. Jesus himself could have come to earth and ran as the democrat candidate and Sasse would've still won.

    $arah honey, I doubt an endorsement from you would even get your own family members to vote for a certain candidate. Including "my son has more chromosomes than yours" Trig...who has learned to ignore you just like the rest of the world does

  34. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Assisting me with asking these Brancy prepared questions for the 2015 GOP presidential debate will be world renowned Single Struggling Mother, Palin Family Drunken brawler, blogger, high school mother from Wasilla High, BFF to Afterdark's beauty pageant contestant and matronly husky calendar girl, my 1/16 or 1/8 Yup'ik spokesperson daughter and future two-time unmarried mother Barstool.

    By the way, in case Co-Moderator Barstool starts leaking fluid and crowning, she will have to run off to some secluded hospital.

  35. Anonymous6:54 PM

    3:40 PM, I've searched all over YouTube and cannot find the video of Palin and Janet Napolitano on Rose show.
    Do you know where I can find it?

  36. Anonymous11:01 PM

    What I would not give to take Sarah's pointy fingers and shove them square up her ass sideways.

  37. Anonymous10:20 AM

    I think Americans are getting tired of these nut-case teabaggers ruining our country with their traitorous ideas.


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