Sunday, November 08, 2015

Sarah Palin greatly appreciates being chosen by Newmax, as one of "100 Most Influential Pro-Life Advocates" based mostly on her faked pregnancy.

Courtesy of Hypocritical Hattie's Facebook page:

I greatly appreciate a respected media leader, Newsmax, acknowledging the importance of acting on our Founders' commitment to protecting innocent Americans' God-given right to LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, no matter their age. And to even be mentioned in the same breath as many of our culture warriors on this list - I mean Phyllis Schaffly and reps from Concerned Women for America and Susan B. Anthony List? I'm not worthy - but it's the kind of a humbling experience that strengthens resolve to making my life's work useful to the cause of helping save America. (Her "life's work?") Our nation's majority understands respect for life, and I'm sure I speak for others here when I say we're more committed than ever to working on their behalf to open the eyes and hearts of any in a lost culture who were led to believe it's somehow conscionable, profitable and even celebratory to kill a child for convenience. (Says Ms. Wite Out.) By the grace of God, we won't let you down. 

--Sarah Palin

Palin then links to this article over at Newsmax.

There they place her on the list in third place, right behind Franklin Graham and David Daleiden, the guy who created those doctored Planned Parenthood videos.

In the description they wrote, "Sarah Palin, former Alaska governor — Palin proudly doted on “perfectly beautiful” infant son Trig during her address to the 2008 Republican National Convention. Some 40 million viewers learned Trig had been prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome. Palin, the “mama grizzly” who ran for vice president, has been revered by the pro-life community ever since."

So after all of these years that phony pregnancy is still paying off for Palin. 

Not very well of course, but still paying off a little.

Of course this final babygate story remains my great white whale. Now that Palin has lost all credibility as a potential candidate, political king maker, and Christian this remains the final nail to drive into her coffin of irrelevance.

But I'm working on it.

I actually have a new approach to the babygate story that I am pursuing, as well the possibility of an interview with somebody with some very interesting things to share.

Just waiting for some final pieces to fall into place.

Keep those fingers crossed.


  1. Newsmax is a respected media leader? Where? In Opposite Land?

    1. Anonymous7:14 AM

      Newsmax is pure garbage. Also they bought tons of her first book and were trying to lure subscribers with the promise of a free copy.

    2. Anonymous7:31 AM

      Newsmax is only looking for a little hype by compiling a list of Goofballs and putting palin near the top. It was just a slow day at newsmax,sarah. They know you suck.

    3. Anonymous9:36 AM

      O/T: Interesting: looks like 'Bristol Palin, Public Figure' fakebook is GONE!

    4. Anonymous10:31 AM

      So Bristol got pregnant early February? Guess that was before MOH. Who could it be?
      Bristol Troll come on out and tell us.

    5. Anonymous1:39 PM

      It's still there.

      And it's being posted to like crazy in recent days. Six times in the past 24 hours! Mostly by Nancy French sharing things of hers. At least her name shows and the sharer.

    6. Anonymous4:51 PM

      Newsmax is a joke. A hell of a lot funnier than Donald Trump doing SNL.

  2. Anonymous6:25 AM

    Sniff Sniff "I'm not worthy - but it's the kind of a humbling experience that strengthens resolve to making my life's work (Sniff sniff) useful to the cause of helping save America." Sniff Sniff
    - Sarah Payme

    1. Anonymous7:19 AM

      But what IS her life's work? I'd b embarrassed to leave that legacy as my "life's work".


    2. Anonymous7:48 AM

      Maybe she was a secret weapon meant to destroy the GOP/Rep. AIP?

    3. Anonymous8:24 AM

      Strangely, her pro life creds do not extend to her latest illigitiate grandchild, since she has kept THAT a secret. Her life;s work is GRIFTING, with lying on the side also, too.

    4. Anonymous8:41 AM

      6:25 -- please write in "American." This makes no sense.

    5. Anonymous10:33 AM

      Read the article. Notice the quotation marks, 8:41.

  3. Anonymous6:27 AM

    Hypocritical Hattie's Facebook page

    HILARIOUS! Funnier than Trump doing that tv show.

    I mean Phyllis Schaffly LOL

    1. cckids1:26 PM

      Newsmax as a "Respected media outlet" made me LOL for real. Jesus.

  4. Anonymous6:27 AM

    Did Newsmax toss a bone to Sarah Palin because she recently hosted their post-debate show? I think so. 

    What has Sarah Palin done for pro-life besides give some paid speeches? If you offered Sarah Palin money to give pro-sex trafficking speeches, Sarah Palin would there with Todd in a heartbeat.

    Isn't it weird that they added Sarah Palin to their list just after paying her to do their post-debate show? 

    1. Anonymous6:33 AM

      That was my first thought: she's off Fox and onto Newsmax! How long before they tire of her BS?

    2. Anonymous3:52 PM

      They are part of the con. Their claim to fame is to lie and lie big.

  5. Anonymous6:37 AM

    Gryphen, Thank you for staying on this story when most others have given up. I know it's true that she has lost credibility with everyone but the most far right wing nutters but I still come here every day hoping that you will have found definitive proof of baby gate. The reason is I think Sarah Palin is one of the most vile and unethical political creations of our time. Her greed and lust for fame has allowed her to be used by the conservative movement and has contributed to turning our system of government into a joke. So keep on keeping on! I know one day your diligence will pay off and it will be so sweet for many of us who knew there was something very off about her from the beginning. You're a good man.

    1. Anonymous6:50 AM

      I have similar thoughts 6:37 . I am optimistic as well and do not give up hope that payback for Ms palin will be a sweet memory someday. Also G is a good man.

    2. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    3. Anonymous7:17 AM

      I, too, check here every day, hoping against hope. And I do think it's important -- not just payback, and karma, and just desserts (although those will be sweet), but to really show Americans how they were completely hoodwinked, how the press gave someone who could have been President a complete pass, and just how boldly a candidate could lie, and lie, and lie. I think it's critical to get the truth out there; the press should never again let themselves be dissuaded from doing a thorough vetting of the presidential ticket. That's if their corporate masters will let them...

    4. Anonymous7:42 AM

      We'll be here til the end,gryph. Karma is ruthless and unforgiving.. she will pay dearly.

    5. Anonymous8:28 AM

      Because the American electorate had Sarah Palin, we now have Ben Carson, Donald Trump, and Carly Fiorina, a bunch of know-nothings. Why, if Sarah Palin could be nominated to the second highest position in politics any nitwit could be nominated. Thanks, Sarah, for ruining the system. ALL of the Republican presidential candidates are nothing but grifters. They were shown the way by Sarah Effing Palin

    6. Anonymous9:14 AM

      She already has paid dearly, thanks in no small part to the pajama-clad watchdog bloggers who caught the scent early and didn't let go. From flying high in private jets in 2008 to the pathetic drug-addled,withered creature she's become today. Politicians might fall from grace on occasion, but few fall that spectacularly far, that spectacularly fast.

    7. Posts like this I add to my Facebook feed too, and while there are no Palin defenders among my acquaintances, nor any that give me quarrel about the birth deception, any reason to add those side by side pictures I always welcome.

      Oy. No security detail, two different airplane rides during a 26 hour labor with her fifth live birth at 44. No on-record obstetrician, no birth certificate, that robust looking child in the Heaths arms in a hospital thoroughfare, allegedly six weeks premature, with Down, no incubator, schlepped to work with her two(?, three?) days later... How high does the goddamn bullshit have to stack?

    8. Yes, yes, and yes. I rarely post, but these are the reasons that I will not ignore what she has done. Her very existence as a household name in this country speaks volumes to what our political system and values have devolved into.

    9. Anonymous7:20 PM

      I agree 100%, she lower the bar for politicians in this country so far that ever nut case that wants to be president is running and turned our political system into an international joke.

  6. Anonymous6:38 AM

    I am not holding my breath for any new approach or new interview (possibly, hah!) or other details to fall into place. You are as big a bullshitter as Palin. Even if there were some bombshell dropped, it has been seven fucking years. Who is going to care about this crap with less than a year to go before a new President is elected?

    1. Anonymous6:48 AM

      I will care! Anyone who wants to expose John McCain and the ongoing black hole of ethics that is the Republican party will care also, too.

    2. Anonymous7:08 AM

      Gryphen can't even get pics of Bristol's pregnancy now. He won't have jackshit ever. I can't believe any fool would actually donate money to him for this bogus scam. I think he was a Palin separated at birth. Probably Sarah's older brother.

    3. Sarah, that you? Sure sounds like you....

      Go the fuck away and quit trolling. DUMBFUCKS!

    4. Anonymous7:21 AM

      Plenty of people will care. They will be appalled at how they were deceived, and how the press let her get away with it. And it might bring back investigative journalism just in time for the next election, or the next. Since when does the truth no longer matter?

    5. Anonymous7:44 AM

      7:21 I too hope good investigative journalism makes it's way back into the mainstream. There are citizen journalist and some print still practicing it but they need to be rewarded in a way that shows the corporate the people are still looking for the truth!

    6. Anonymous7:49 AM

      This has nothing to do with the next election. You seem rather worried the truth will eventually come out - and it will. G devotes a great deal of time and energy working on this "Palin project" - that is true. People of your sort only seem to show up when he does an article on one of the Palins. Do you ever read and comment on the other articles he does - or is your vitriol only concerning your heroine?

      Pat Padrnos

    7. Anonymous8:11 AM

      Sarah is nobody's heroine, Pat. Sheesh!

    8. Anonymous8:15 AM

      The parade has moved on and sarah and mini me know it. Bristol with be ignored. Sarah will be found out. Sarah is happy when any trash venue will throw her a scrap! Sarah knows when it all comes out about trig,it'll be Huge. That's why she lurks around gryph ' s blog.

    9. Anonymous8:29 AM

      Once lumpy McCain croaks, the floodgates will open. People are afraid of that little sob, with good reason.

    10. Anonymous8:30 AM


      Jesus, go buy and eat a Snicker candy bar. You sure are a cranky bastard early in the morning!

    11. Anonymous7:02 PM

      Always as usual... a poster like 6:38 lays down the truth and you all jump on him/her like a pack of retarded hyenas.

      I have a question for all you cultish followers, what does a big slice of nothing cake taste like anyways? And does the 50th slice taste the same as the first?

      Oh, and you all obviously 'hit a nerve' lol. Figured I'd save you all the effort of writing out that response.

      ps- Thanks for the entertainment, love laughing at you guys. If you want to know how entertaining it is watching you claw all over each other about a Palin takedown... I used to read the losers at C4P every day for laughs... haven't been there in months- you guys have sailed right past the C4Pers on the dumb entertainment scale.

      Carry on.

    12. Anonymous9:13 PM

      7:02 Thanks $arah. We always look forward to you checking in with your feeble attempts to try to push the narrative away from your tawdry family secrets.

      Even tho you fooled a few, there will also be the many who know and will continue to remind the world the frauds perpetrated in your name and at your direction.

      Yes we will carry on and you can continue to 'carry' your over burdened baggage all the way to the hell that awaits you.

    13. Anonymous4:26 AM

      We have plenty of laughs at Sarah's desperate attempts to be topical. Remember how she told a friend that she could be better than Governor, but President?

      Never. She can't even run her own household or Facebook page.

      We laugh and laugh and still remain productive and engaged in enriching lives with family, friends and work. It doesn't take a living to cast our little stones against this horrid family that insists on shoving itself down Americana's throat.

    14. Anonymous2:03 PM

      Oh that is right 9:13... sorry I must have forgotten to sign off with my name. Obviously it is me, Sarah.

      -Love Sarah & Todd and the family.... we are all here checking in, and, again for good measure- 'you really hit a nerve'! lol.

  7. Anonymous6:41 AM

    Shouldn't that be Bristles receiving all the credit for seeing through a down syndrome pregnancy?

    1. Anonymous8:46 AM

      Bristol probably didn't even know Trig had DS until she "popped him out." They probably thought about adopting him out to someone else, but figured he was great material for Sarah's political aspirations...and they were right.

    2. Anonymous9:41 AM

      BTW: Bri$$y's Fakebook page is gone! (At least her 'public figure' one)!
      Makes me go 'HMMMMM'!!!
      Did $he spawn a 'mixed race' baby girl? When will $he present a lily-white one? At Christmas, to intimidate that the bastard is the offspring of DumbkotAH?

    3. Anonymous10:14 AM

      Bristle the abstinence Ho's public fakebook page is still there.

    4. Anonymous1:45 PM

      It's still there.

      See my comment earlier that there are 7 posts today alone and mostly by Brancy.

    5. Anonymous4:00 PM

      8:46 AM I heard they got in a jam and couldn't adopt him out. They could barely figure out what a lousy Spongebob belly job Sarah did. They figured little with that whole ruse. They were stuck with Sarah's political aspirations, for that they can thank John McCain and his team.

    6. Anonymous7:03 PM

      As is said when truth is told, Sarah is an idiot.

      Thank John McCain and team. She would be curled up in that ball and may well be yet. Thank those two authors that did a lot of the dirty work.

      They only had enough conscience for a half ass story and somewhat reveal. It was enough to help them feel better. Too half ass and still criminal on their part. Had they been cooperative and honest they would have been given immunity. And the world a better place. Clean up that toxic ogre stink Palin, as close to a demon as the worst.

      She did take the fugly tea baggers main stream. if she wants the infamy and desperate does. The dope owns her now.

      Vanity is not her friend.

  8. Anonymous6:53 AM

    Why doesn't somebody gather some dna samples from them, go on Maury, and finally determine if Sarah Palin is the mother and if Todd is the father.

    1. Anonymous7:18 AM

      Her greatest fear!

    2. Anonymous7:27 AM

      It is not that difficult to obtain DNA. You can do the tests yourself.

    3. Anonymous5:01 PM

      Anyone with half a brain cell has DNA. Marina is 'loyal', what sex worker wouldn't advertise like that? It doesn't mean they are naive and stupid.

      They are all pals like in a den of thieves. Best of pals, they love each other. Claustrophobic tight and
      bonded in the little world they create.

      They also have their own insurance for when the inevitable happens. And it will.

  9. Anonymous7:03 AM

    'I hoped that my photos would be shared and that people would see how blessed these families are'

    1. Anonymous3:45 PM

      A child died of congestive heart failure, and it was a blessing? I suppose we all grieve in different ways. Those horrible, evil and selfish people who had abortions will never know the joy of being blessed when their kid dies of congestive heart failure. How sad for them!

  10. Anonymous7:15 AM

    I've always thought the McCain campaign and the Obama campaign had the goods but buried it to protect/out of respect for John McCain and someone will spill it after McCain passes. If a Canadian journalist figured it out, how could Steve Schmidt and others not know? It's too bad Steve Quinn didn't call her bluff and touch her belly.

    1. Anonymous7:52 AM

      Yeah, I think once McCain kicks the bucket all the beans will spill.

    2. Anonymous8:32 AM

      "They" will keep the secret when he dies out of respect for him.

    3. Anonymous4:06 PM

      8:32 AM

      I agree. However, do think it will be spilled one day. McCain is going to do his all for his legacy before he croaks and to save his family from facing the music. It will be easier to spill with him gone in spite of conspiring to protect him.

  11. Anonymous7:16 AM

    I first discovered your blog in September 2008 when I was trying to find out more about Sarah Palin. Thank you for all that you do G.

    1. Anonymous7:26 AM

      YES! Thank you!!

    2. Anonymous8:33 AM

      I've been here from the beginning, also too.
      I came here after Bree Palin folded. I often think fondly of her and hope and pray that she is well.

    3. Anonymous8:59 AM

      Who is Bree Palin?

    4. Anonymous10:21 AM

      Used to be a anti-sarah blog site. "Bree" character from Desperate Housewives who faked a pregnancy to cover for her underage daughter's pregnancy.

    5. Anonymous10:22 AM

      Bree Palin was a blog and the woman writing it assumed the name of Bree. Bree was a character on an ABC TV show that I think was Desperate Housewives. Terri Hatcher was one of the stars. Bree was a character that pretended to be pregnant to protect her daughter, I think. If I'm wrong, I'm sure one of the astute IMers will correct me.
      Bree Palin was the blog that I read most of the information that Gryphen has up above on the wacky pregnancy and birth. I think that Bree Palin got overwhelmed with all of the interest and maybe was even threatened, I don't know for sure but then she shuttered her blog and I wanted more information and I didn't feel like going with the German outfit so I came here to Gryphen and have been here ever since. The one good thing about the German site was the Track Menard Palin "secret". Wow! Thinking back on all the Palin crap over the past 8 years reads like some crazy novel. I wouldn't believe it had I not lived through all of this in the news.

    6. Anonymous12:43 PM

      There is a German website that tracks Palin stuff? I have not heard that. Is it still active?

    7. Anonymous1:19 PM


      Not much going on at the german site just an open post every two weeks or so. I wouldn't expect them to care too much about american politics or even the birth hoax now that most people know that Sarah definitely lied, but there are some people the comment amongst themselves over there about their lives and politics and I think that the blog is only kept open because these people kind of call it "home".

    8. Anonymous3:24 PM

      It's not worth even clicking. The original was owned and run by a fantastic woman in France named Regina. She had too good a heart and let these two take her blog over and the rest is history.

  12. Anonymous7:17 AM

    "By the grace of God....."
    She is anything BUT Godly.

  13. Anonymous7:18 AM

    more self aggrandizement from the quitter

  14. Anonymous7:31 AM

    Conversation this week:

    S: "Franklin I need another favor"
    F: "OK what do you need now Sarah, another baby?
    S: "I have a baby girl I need you to put in an orphanage; and I need a white replacement baby girl".
    F: "Do you want another kid with downs?
    S: "Downs would be good since Bristol is looking at running for office"
    F: "We can deliver a new baby girl to Bristol this Thursday"
    S: "Thanks Franklin, I don't know how I could do this without your help"

    1. Anonymous8:33 AM

      Pretty much.

    2. Anonymous3:19 PM

      Keep the black trench coat in a safe place, it worked for Linda Tripp and the human humidor.

  15. Anonymous7:51 AM


    Critics Agree: Donald Trump Bombed And Was A Disaster As Host Of SNL

    ...SNL worked with a presidential campaign to water down their show to accommodate Donald Trump. The concept itself is offensive to what SNL used to be. A program that used to be cutting edge pimped itself out for a cheap ratings grab.

    I hope Lorne Michaels is happy with the few extra viewers that Trump brought in because he alienated millions of younger viewers by giving Trump’s bigoted views a national platform or what is supposed to be a comedy show.

    It turns out that Donald Trump isn’t good at politics or comedy. Egomaniacal racism and bigotry are not funny.

    1. Anonymous3:41 PM

      The little I saw of him he came off as weak. Not at all funny. He was fat and dumpy. At least he was able to show an actor playing his wife who is sexy and showy.

      Trump was fussy and kowtowing for the Christian votes. He couldn't even go full throttle with the hot wife as all he has to offer the office of President of the United States of America.

    2. Anonymous4:11 PM

      Didn't here used to be a prohibition on candidates appearing like this. Equala time issues? Otherwise hey have to claim it as a campaign donation?

  16. Anonymous7:55 AM

    I have everything crossed for you, Gryphen! The truth of Trig's birth needs to be exposed, even if it didn't do Palin much harm at this point - let's face it, her fans would just rationalize it the way they do everything she says/does that makes her look bad, the media she relentlessly trashes still would be too chickenshit to address it, and she's already such a public laughingstock that it would just be chalked up as another example of her crazy. But, to quote her supposed favorite book, "Sin will find you out" -- so exposing Palin's big, self-serving lie (and lying is a sin, Sarah) is just part of her god's plan.

    1. Anonymous3:05 PM

      There are many important lessons to be learned from the hoax. It is a national tragedy of sorts - a very crazy woman got very far in our political system.
      That can not be dismissed.

  17. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Go Gryphen - yes, it still matters! The inclusion of Palin on that ticket was the beginning of the end for the GOP. The GOP is 2 parties now, and at war with itself. They cannot govern. But the GOP & MSM perpetuated a giant lie on America via Palin.

  18. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Quite a list of criminals there. Graham - a crook, Daleiden - a liar, and Palin - a crook, liar, and cheat, not to mention a narcissist like Ben Carson. Take her down, Gryphen, sooner rather than later.

  19. Anonymous8:26 AM

    Anonymous6:25 AM said

    Sniff Sniff "I'm not worthy - but it's the kind of a humbling experience that strengthens resolve to making my life's work (Sniff sniff) useful to the cause of helping save America." Sniff Sniff
    - Sarah Payme

    Hey Sarah your life's work should be :
    1. Keep Todd from recruiting prostitutes.
    2. Help Bristol find out who impregnated her.
    3. Try to bond with your first granddaughter from Britta.
    4. Apologize to John McCain for losing his presidential election.
    5. Apologize to Alaskans for quitting your post and running off with their Film Tax Credit Funds.
    6. Reimburse and ask for forgiveness from the owners of the house Willow broke into and damaged.
    7. Apologize, reimburse and ask for forgiveness from the taxpayers of Wasilla for your hockey rink screw up and for funding your house.
    8. Apologize, reimburse and ask for forgiveness from all the people you conned with your SarahPac scam.
    9. Apologize and reimburse the Alaskan taxpayers for scamming the Alaskan Film Tax Credit funds.
    10. Apologize to President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama and their children for endangering President Obama's life ever since the 2008 presidential campaign with your racial rhetoric.
    11. Apologizing for you, Bristol and your entourage raiding the Red Cross gift suite like locusts.
    12. Apologizing for all the hell you put Levi through and asking for his forgiveness.
    13. Apologizing for abusing Trig's needs.
    14. Apologizing for perpetrating your fake Trig pregnancy.
    15. Apologize and reimburse the school district for the buses Track damaged.
    16. Apologize and beg for forgiveness for the way you raised your children.
    17. Apologize and beg for forgiveness from the Native Alaskans for neglecting their needs when they were cold and hungry when you were governor, bringing them a sheet of stale cookies and degrading them by playing a stealing game called Eskimo Bingo.
    18. Apologize for pretending you were thinking about running for president so that people would beg you to run and donate to SarahPac.
    19. Apologize, reimburse and ask for forgiveness from Shailey Tripp for working on her back for Todd to put food on your table, clothes on your backs and paying your bills.
    20. Apologize, reimburse and beg for forgiveness for all the money you collected under false pretenses through SarahPac since 2009 to pay for your SarahPac Funded Palin Family and Friends Summer Vacations, extravagant trips and unnamed expenses while only giving a mere pittance of the millions of dollars you collected to political candidates.
    100. Apologize and reimburse for, fuck it who am I kidding. We all know Sarah thinks she's always the victim, deserves all the money people gives her and was robbed by the media and Immoral Minority who kept her from her rightful reign as Madam President.

    1. Anonymous9:43 AM

      Excellent list of Sarah's sins. I would add thr Tucson massacre nut hoe can she ever apologize for those innocent lives lost?

    2. Anonymous12:46 AM

      Bravo! You're recall for all things Palin is impressive.

    3. Anonymous3:16 PM

      That IS quite a list, but we all know the limits of Sarah's supposed "christian servant's heart" and that she's totally incapable of doing any one of them. For a defender of fetuses and a (using the term with a huge grain of salt) "pro life" woman, she's a miserable failure at the basics of being a good parent. Any other cockatoo cukcoo for cocoapuffs anti abortion nutjob who has a pregnant daughter living five minutes, if that, from home, she hasn't even mentioned it. Britta - boom Sarah was on that like Sarah on Glenn Rice. Gushing about the impending marriage. Something HUGE is going to happen, and we have Griphen to thank for that.

  20. Anonymous8:27 AM

    O/T Analysis Of Kentucky Election Results Indicates Fraud (VIDEO)

    1. Anonymous10:12 AM

      Thank you for posting that link. I suspected election rigging the night that guy was declared the winner. Everybody get ready for election tampering in November. Koch roaches are spending way too much money in this election to be left with a big bag of nothing. If it's close, the Rs will steal it Get rid of the machines but I'm afraid that's not happening.

    2. Anonymous4:10 PM

      No wonder Sarah wanted Bristol to play the political deal in Kentucky. She would know Kentucky is in the bag for tea baggin' losers.

  21. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Anonymous6:25 AM

    Sniff Sniff "I'm not worthy - but it's the kind of a humbling experience that strengthens resolve to making my life's work (Sniff sniff) useful to the cause of helping save America." Sniff Sniff
    - Sarah Payme

    WTF? That Narcissistic Personality Disorder Bitch doesn't know what humbling and helping means!

    1. Anonymous8:48 AM

      She sure knows what "sniff sniff" means.

    2. Otto Katz2:43 PM


    3. Cracklin Charlie9:00 PM

      Her life's WORK to save America????

      Looks like we got nothin' to worry about. She's not gonna do any class of work.

  22. Anonymous8:47 AM

    Some possible ways the TriG scam will eventually be exposed:

    1. Dr. Cathy Baldwin Johnson gets tired of the cover up and admits she helped fake a birth at Mat Su hospital. Or a medical/hospital licensing agency decides to take a look at the strange case.

    2. One of the Palin kids cashes in on the story.

    3. The real birth mother gets tired of the way TriG is mistreated by the Palins and admits the scam.

    4. Obama/Biden leak the goods on Sarah from the 2008 opposition research.

    5. A McCain family member or political operative from the 2008 campaign tells the story, for cash.

    6. The real birth certificate or other adoption record surfaces.

    7. Levi and Sunny decide to sell their story.

    8. A TriG caregiver or therapist spills the story, or gets DNA tests.

    9. The ban on sealed records in Alaska is overturned.

    10. Another witness comes forward, possibly from her Governor Administration.

    Whatever happens, Gryphen will be here to help expose the lying fraud Sarah Palin! Thank you Gryphen for all you do!!!

    1. Anonymous9:24 AM

      1 HIPAA violation
      2 Mom will destroy them
      3 confidentiality agreement
      4 don't bet on it
      5 not till MCcain dies then it's old news
      6 Records were destroyed
      7 see #3
      8 see #3
      9 Not till hell freezes over
      10 mob informants die mysteriously

    2. Anonymous9:41 AM

      If CBJ didn't deliver Trig, it's not a HIPAA violation to say she didn't, nor is it a HIPAA violation to admit to participating in a conspiracy to deceive.

      My money's on Bristol spilling the beans. She's clearly not afraid of her mother. I don't think Willow or Track are either. What have they got to lose? How exactly would Sarah be able to destroy them?

    3. Anonymous9:43 AM

      10. Snitches gets stitches

    4. Balzafiar9:59 AM

      @9:41, you wrote: "How exactly would Sarah be able to destroy them?"

      Withdrawal of financial support.

    5. Anonymous12:50 PM

      #6 Burned - Mysterious Church Arson Fire

      #8 Burned - Mysterious Fatal Fire for caregiver, Dar Miller

    6. Anonymous3:11 PM

      There is no HIPAA violation since saying Sarah did NOT birth TRiG in no way reveals who DID.
      And look it up - in fraud HIPAA is over-ridable.
      If a savvvy lawyer wanted to, they could say putting Palin on the ticket jeopardized national security ('caase she in fuckin' nutz. ). HIPAA also over-ridable in issues of national security.I think Sarah would qualify in this instance also.

  23. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Sarah 14:6 ESV

    Sarah Palin said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

  24. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Why didn't anybody in Alaska raise questions openly, in the paper and other media outlets at the time of this happening in February, March, April, May, and August of 2008? When you take a preemie DS, hole-in-the-heart. baby to the office two days after he's born doesn't that raise questions? Where's the birth certificate seven and a half years later? Why no insurance filed for this "birth"? Why no answers from CJ Baldwin? Anything happen to her with her medical license?
    Get Anonymous on the case to help you, Gryphen. I apperciate everything that you have been trying to do with no help from your fellow Alaskans who know but are too afraid to say anything. Palin, biggest huckster ever. Unassuming American voters scammed.

    1. Anonymous9:36 AM

      Many Alaskans commented, even some in government (Lyda Green) and in the media (Michael Carey) while others in the local media squealed with distaste when asked to pursue the story (Julia O'Malley). Plenty of civilian tongues were wagging as well knowing in our hearts that there was no way that Sarah's physical lack of pregnancy symptoms or Trig's questionable birth story pointed towards Sarah giving birth to him. Too many rumors had circulated about Bristol being pregnant, coinciding with Sarah coming up pregnant literally overnight, to leave anyone with any doubt that Trig was not Sarah's baby. She was given a pass in the media because of the personal nature of pregnancy and delivery, the "ick" factor but anyone with two eyes and a functioning brain knows that Trig is not Sarah's.

  25. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Sarah Palin said "She's not Worthy"

    Which definition of "Not Worthy" is Sarah Palin?
    A. undeserving SOB,

    B. lacking the quality of being useful, 
    important or highly desirable. 

    C. Not worth a damn.

    or A, B and C?

  26. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Gryphen, I haven't been reading the newspaper lately, but did you hear about the anti-abortion group who showed up at West High, this past week, I think. My daughter has friends there and they said that a bunch of protesters showed up and started picketing the school. So one of the students got a group of kids together and they started chanting something like "There is no god, there is no god", and the protesters got angry and left. I guess they targeted West because it's closest to Turnagain and South Addition, which have the highest density of liberals in the city, judging by political signage. We thought it was really funny!

    1. Anonymous2:55 PM

      Another good tactic is to yell "Yeast infections" at them. It worked for a woman fighting against anti-choicers in Oregon.

  27. Anonymous9:58 AM

    I remember reading about Bristol's friend Marina Lupas the exotic calendar model. What ever happened to her calendar? Has it been published? Is this calendar thing just a cover up for a escort service for Aftadark in Anchorage?

    Comment from IM
    Marina is an older, matronly built, stout woman, with large, heavy, pendulous, sagging breasts.

    She is not particularly pretty or fit.

    She has thick legs, thunder thighs and a cellulite ass.

    She does not reflect well on the exotic soft porn market in AK.

    Nor do those involved in the production of this video reflect well on the black community of AK.

    However, Marina and the video gang look like they would fit in perfectly with Todd and Sarah and the Palin gang.

    1. Anonymous1:15 PM

      Seems to me it would not reflect well on the Russian American community in AK.

    2. Anonymous3:32 PM

      What ever happened to her calendar?

      Yes, how are sales? She may do better in the Russian market. Asian?

  28. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Sarah Palin said "She's not Worthy"

    That's the only thing Sarah Palin said that we agree with.
    - FOX News
    - Sportsman Channel
    - TAPP TV
    - Miss Alaska beauty pageant

    Jk, they didn't say that publicly

  29. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Britta was "encouraged" (read: emotionally blackmailed) to step in as full-time nanny/assistant with Bristol's baby. The baby has been here quite a while now.

    They are all on lockdown at the compound until after Sarah's book comes out. The little girl is interesting; not terribly dark, but yet, not comfortably Aryan like Tripp. A few Photoshop filters will probably make her passable as white.

    Also, too, Joey Junker has some mixed heritage, so this very much could still be his child; awkward for a guy who is currently engaged/getting married/wanting nothing to do with Barstool/etc.

    The recent photo op with Britta posted on Sarah's Facebook was all about working to convince Britta to step in and caretake for a while. Playing nice for five minutes, which is all viper Palin is capable of.

    After all, Todd is gone, Sarah is off her ass with her favorite med/alcohol cocktail any given minute; and Piper SHOULD be going to school (not that she is.) Who is left to help Bristol with the baby? Somebody who is already deeply embedded in Paylin family secrets; and who has also had to sign knee deep non-disclosure agreements since day one of her working for the Paylin campaign. Sweet girl Britta, who still wants to remain connected to her useless and abusive ex Track.

    Poor Britta. Poor new baby. Nobody is a winner here.

    1. Anonymous10:32 AM

      So full of it

    2. Anonymous10:39 AM

      Very interesting 10:24. Have you seen the baby? Poor child, what a situation to be born into. Of course, the same could be said for Bristol all those years ago.

    3. Anonymous10:48 AM

      What does "quite a while" mean, 10:24?

    4. Anonymous11:18 AM

      So, 10:24, can you say that Bristol's newest "disappointment" was not likely to have been fathered by Duhkota, and if not, is there a Baby Daddy in the picture?

    5. Anonymous11:29 AM

      Pigmentation in African-American/biracial babies is not generally fully developed at birth. It can take months for the skin tone to be apparent.
      And Junker looks pretty darned Aryan. Hard to imagine him producing an obviously biracial offspring.

    6. Anonymous1:06 PM

      "Quite a while"; baby has been here since late September.

      Also, too, not everybody who works with Bristol is buying her bullshit; and they didn't sign NDA's either.

      The walls have ears, Bristol.

    7. Anonymous2:11 PM

      A late September birth explains a lot, including Palin's recent meltdown (impressive by even Palin standards.) But where is Tripp in all of this? Is he also out of school?

    8. Anonymous3:31 PM

      Why do they straighten poor Kyla Grace's hair?

      Is her name Hanson like her mother or is she stuck with Palin? Is she still undocumented like Trig?

      Did you see where Dannielynn Birkhead is 9 now? Her father said she is on the internet. He is being honest with her so she isn't surprised and upset over what she might read. I would think Britta and the Hansons will see to it Kyla Grace can read.

      Britta is a tragic figure with the way she was shown to be taken in and trained to do and be for the Palins since a young girl. The terribly odd wedding scenario and birth deal was just a shame whatever it was all about.

      I don't know what type of pastor her father is. I take it a Tea Bag. No one would tolerate having their daughter and grand daughter used like that unless they are part of some creepy deal like Palin, Duggar, Carson type charlatans.

      Track and his drug monitor pharm tech paramour posted instagram announcement they all sleep together, including the curly hair little girl. That poor child. Sad if the grandfather is just a weak nut case like the Palins. It is no doubt their lifestyle to pretend to be Christians and in reality they don't protect or care so much for the children that aren't 'wite-out' and have no choice about the family they must endure.

      You would think they would at least give Bristol some kind of shower to pretend she is happy and has a wonderful supportive family. Sarah seems to have given up on that with the girl bastard.

    9. Anonymous3:43 PM

      Nice conspiracy theory you have going there 10:24. Until you got proof well that's ALL it is - your theory. And if you DO have proof you can always email Gryphen privately and work with him instead of acting like a tin-foil hat know it all. Pfffft.

    10. Anonymous4:33 PM

      Also, too, not everybody who works with Bristol is buying her bullshit; and they didn't sign NDA's either

      I thought they all were in on the crimes, lies and cons. Going back to DWTS, maybe before.

      I only know of Marina kissing one ladies ass. They may think she is a loose cannon.

      They need to get on the issues with the dead girl.

      What did she think of some of what was going on with that place?

      The dead single mother they want people to believe she committed suicide.

      The medical examiner is holding the cause of death up but he could be bought off later.

      It is suspicious that there is nothing in the paper about the young mother dying, especially since it is undetermined. The obit is also odd.

      Most of all highly unusual that Bristol who goes overboard with her work crew being besties and the best and on and on.

      Yet total silence about a single mother bestie dying and the besties wanting it to be suicide.

      Reminds me of Sarah being silent about the girl baby she wants to be Dakota's.

      Silence can say a great deal without all the words to get in the way.

    11. Anonymous4:54 PM

      If biracial there will be the lines of demarcation(two tone) on both palms of hands and soles of feet,at birth. *Palms and soles will be lighter.

    12. Anonymous6:41 PM

      10:24 AM

      Trig and Tripp in Hawaii. This was posted October 5, 2015.

      Track was in Hawaii about a week earlier.

      Did Kyla Grace go with her cousins and family to Hawaii?

    13. Anonymous12:34 AM

      Is Todd biracial? Shailey Tripp says he has a two toned penis and everyone knows that if Shailey says it then it must be true. That girl does not lie!

    14. Anonymous6:45 AM

      12:34 AM Todd may well be bi. As far as racial goes?

      Todd Palin is called Eskimo, Yupik and Inuit. Sarah and Bristol seem to prefer the popular word Eskimo.

      PHOTO: Todd Palin's grandmother, Helena/Lena Andree, is the small child standing in front of her mother (standing third from right). Todd's great-grandfather, "Glass Eye Billy," is seated second from left with an unidentified child on his lap. Todd's great-great-grandmother is standing in the center in a striped shirt. The photo was taken circa 1924 near the mouth of the Igushik River on Bristol Bay.

      On p. 35 of Going Rogue Sarah (Helena Andree, Todd's grandmother)
      Willow, Lena, Blanche, Piper, Bristol

      According to Mc Clatchy DC, Lena Andree is one-half Yupik.

      In the United States and Canada the term "Eskimo" was commonly used to describe the Inuit, and Alaska's Yupik and Inupiat. "Inuit" is not accepted as a term for the Yupik, and "Eskimo" is the only term that includes Yupik, Iñupiat and Inuit.

      According to Trailblazer: An Intimate Biography of Sarah Palin Todd's mother, Blanche, is one-quarter Yu'pik Eskimo.

      Palin disputes 'fantasies' in new book

      Todd Palin is a very slight part "Eskimo". The gene appears to be quiet dominate in his offsprings.

      Todd Palin eyes possibly took after "Glass Eye Billy".

      The hair, including his children, is more consistent with the "Eskimo." With or without
      Shailey Tripp's observations it is a likely possibility Todd has a two toned penis.

      Shailey is 1000x more reliable and than a Palin. They all seemed to have inherited a chronic liar gene from somewhere.

    15. Anonymous8:01 AM

      Why do they straighten Kyla's hair? Well,for one thing,she's too young for chemicals on her head. Ask Kim K. After she waxed the kid's uni brow she's gotten a little smarter. Black hair takes different shampoos,moisterizers. I'm sure bristol had her hair done at a salon that does black hair. We saw the cute picture of brother trip in cornrows.

    16. Anonymous4:37 PM

      I looked for pictures of Kyla Grace, and found one of her with Track in uniform. Granted she was younger then, but her hair in the photo is clearly light brown and fine-textured. I.e., standard issue WASP kid hair -- not hair that looked like it's been straightened.
      PS. I'm not a troll: I'm 100% convinced that the DWTS new baby sister exists, somewhere.

    17. Anonymous6:33 PM

      These pictures of Track and Kyla Grace are from a site that Sarah destroyed. You can see how her hair has more curl, more kink. There are many pictures of Kyla Grace and her hair looks straight. There are others of her with the curly/kinky hair but they are removed.

      Sarah approves this pic.

    18. Anonymous7:32 PM

      anon@633p: Thanks. Yes, that looks like kinky hair. But to my eye Kayla looks a lot like Track...and Linda Menard. I don't see a resemblance to Bristol: no sign of native heritage, no creepy Chuckie chin.

  30. Anonymous10:47 AM

    I just visited the Alaska Right To Life website for the first time. Found out that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were up here last year, keynote speakers at a ChangePoint banquet. Hey, maybe they can get Josh this year. I bet he gives a hefty discount these days!

  31. Anonymous11:34 AM

    The hoax will be revealed. Either by Gryphen and other detective bloggers, or by the Palin's own stupidity.

    No one in the family would tell anything, probably because they are told that if they do, they will be complicit and criminally guilty; that of course is not necessarily true. Younger siblings who are told to keep quiet by crimes their parents commit would not considered culpable.

    Let's say the truth came out. Bristol, or Levi, as 17-18 year-olds, would not be culpable, even if they handed Trig over to Sarah, in a non-legalistic fashion. They were manipulated by the adults in this situation and would feel threatened if they told the truth.

    Dr. CBJ, hospital employees, others in the Palin Administration, Todd, and whoever was in on this scheme could face criminal charges for perpetuating false claims to the American Public, and for emotional damage done to two underage parents, forcing them to play into the scheme. If this Dr. CBJ knew this, she would also lose her license.

    It would be perjury against the RNC, the McCain campaign, the State of Alaska and the public, and it would be considered perjury against pro-life, christian women, pregnancy center organizations that Palin spoke to for money.

    If Sarah is telling her family that they will go down with her if she gets caught, she is lying. She and Todd would be in very big trouble. Now that Bristol is an adult, she will have some responsibility to tell the truth, if she uses this lie for money.

    1. Anonymous3:07 PM

      And what about the McCain campaign? What would their culpability be?

    2. Anonymous3:15 PM

      CBJ is a disgrace.
      I hope she feels bad an afraid every minute of her life.

    3. Anonymous4:23 PM

      Perjury? No. That is lying mder oah. Fraud is the word you are looking for, and unless thaose entities presse charges, which they would be unlikely to do because it would make hem look foolish, nothing happening.

  32. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Does anyone wonder how the people who helped Sarah exploit Trig as a baby, knowing he was adopted, feel today, especially if they get caught?

    Wouldn't want to be in their shoes. Sarah plays the character of Trig's mother to the hilt, and digs her heels in by gloating she's in the top 100 pro-life list. Every time she posts about the 'hoax', her buddies must cringe with fear.

    1. Anonymous12:45 PM

      Sarah took Trig from Bristol without final permission. "Adoption" had been broached, but never agreed to. Bristol found out about her mom's 'pregnancy' the way most Alaskans did - on the 6 o'clock news on March 5, 2008. Actually - Bristol found out about this announcement from a text sent by someone close to her.

      Sheesh! Sarah couldn't let that little slut ruin God's destiny for her.

    2. Anonymous1:06 PM

      Someday, Sarah's name will be in the number 1 position on the top 100 Political Hoaxes list.

    3. Anonymous1:09 PM

      11:42, you are right about those who cringe. Most left the toxic orbit before they got too slimed with the cring-iness of Her Supreme Heinous. Some, will never get the stain out of their soul.

  33. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Sarah is done in politics. Though I would like babygate to come out, I really don't think it matters very much.
    Even everyone at the PeePond realizes that Sarah didn't birth Trig. I think her not running again, along with her slut daughter getting knocked up again has ended any chance of her getting elected dog catcher in anywhere in the USA.
    It would lessen a few more donations to the grifter and her family, but even there people are not going to continue much longer and most have already figured out they've been had and are just paying for the Paylins not to work and live high on the hog.

  34. Anonymous12:34 PM

    I read here every day knowing that this blog OWNs the Palin™ Fly in the Pie LLC grifting machine.

    I read here knowing that these embarrassing, low-life, lying, uneducated, valley-trash, HEATHen snowbillies ALSO, too, read here and they respond, you betcha. They do so personally, through paid surrogates and through their dwindling rabid, blind-faith, bat-sh*t crazy fan base.

    Keep it up Lou Sarah. The troof WILL come out. The question is - who will open up first and rake in the dough? Bristol, Track or Willow? If you're lucky, maybe they'll wait till you're dead. By the looks of it, you don't have long, given your self-abusive lifestyle. cha-ching.

  35. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Someone is out there with a ton of info. Sarah was so 'askeert' that someone was going to out her for the 2 abortions she had in the 80s and 90s that she fronted the info in Going Rogue as "wite-outs."

    Oh, and as much as he has to spill, Tawd has to stay mum, given all the sh*t Sarah has on him. He can't take her down without going down himself. For a long, long, long time. There is no statute of limitations on certain crimes.

  36. Anonymous1:05 PM

    oh - remember when someone said Tripp was Trig before Trig was Trig or something like that? Well, oh clever Sarah, always thinkin' ahead thought she could explain away any nagging paperwork discrepancies playing the dyslexia card. A lowercase p and a g can look purty much alike. Just an oops. Sorry for the mistake there.

  37. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Gryph thank you for reposting those incriminating pictures of the fraud fake pregnant Sarah Palin.

    The world needs to know that Sarah, Todd, Track, Bristol, Willow or Piper has never explained or defended that picture. WHY NOT PALINS?

  38. Anonymous2:06 PM

    I'd like to see all of them go down.

    Sarah for her long list.

    Toad for his long list. And especially what bothers me, besides the prostitution, is how he seems to get a pass for the Wild Ride. What father would allow a woman to be carrying his child and fly while having a medical situation? (OK, I know it was fake, but why should he get a pass for faking the Wild Ride which shows him equally culpable, if not more so than Sarah. He should have taken her to the ER. Period.)

    Truth about Track's military record. It's so unfair and insulting to those who actually did serve in war and risked their lives and were injured or killed.

    Bristol should NOT be allowed to continue to birth babies. Especially since she isn't taking care of herself and the child while pregnant. Drinking, drugging and illicit sex with strangers while pregnant is just wrong.

    Passing babies off to family to raise and having another, and another is just wrong.

    Willow is now an adult and is in the loop on most of this and she is as culpable as all the rest if she sits aside and doesn't say or do something. Goes for Track, and Bristol as well.

    1. Anonymous4:49 PM

      "Truth about Track's military record"

      I very much agree with that. Those dirty skunks are part of the Cheney-Bush crime family. Using military, insulting soldiers, perpetuating death, maiming, lies and war.

      Track Palin and his ilk are the lowest of the scum. It would be so simple to post photos of Track doing his hard work in Iraq and Afghanistan IF THEY EXISTED. He rather be known for impersonating/faking as a soldier for personal gain. Sickening creep.

      Sarah doesn't care he looks like a lying coward or she would fake something for the dummy.

      How did he afford the Hawaii trip? They shacked up in a nice place, not cheap. Where has he been working? Or did he invest his $20,000 and sell his guns and now living off the interest? His bar tab is costing someone plenty too.

    2. Anonymous5:52 AM

      I talked with a vet today. He was recently hit by a car on top of his war related problems. Five years and he is still waiting for VA benefits. How does Track Palin live high on the hog when he has never worked outside the set ups for TV and what his parents do for his propaganda?

  39. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Trig was Trippp before he was Trig. Ah o, Here comes the "p" troll!

  40. Anonymous2:42 PM

    The Palins are pro-life: they plan their unplanned pregnancies and hook the stupid guy in for child support. ThAt's the pro-life Palin way.

  41. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Just got online after a weekend away.
    Christmas may come early Gryph?

  42. Anonymous2:56 PM

    November is National Adoption Month

    Bristol will want to feature adoption this month. Or is it Nancy French. Sarah has to hide things and lie so she will play her games.

    November is National Adoption Month

    There is no excuse for Bristol. Only that she is into lying by omission.

    November is National Adoption Month

  43. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Newsmax a respected media leader? This is your brain, this is your brain on drugs, any questions?

  44. Otto Katz3:44 PM

    I mostly lurk. But Gryphen, I really want to see her down. As someone pointed out up above, she's to blame for all the teaparty crap, the crassness, the way people can be so disrespectful to this president, and I blame McCain. I want him to see her fall, and realize it's his fault. Please, keep up the good work.

  45. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Once the hoax is revealed, newsmax and all will be such dunces.

  46. Anonymous8:04 PM

    NewzMax was helping with the propaganda. What a hoot! Franklin and Sarah are in the top 3 of the RW grifting nuts. Sarah goes lower, she is not even worthy and who is going to buy into her faux humility? Still an ass clown and she wasn't even wearing those hideous ass clown butt cheeks or an empathy belly.

    They all know November is National Adoption Month. They think that means to write more empty lies and praise some of the worst cons.

  47. Anonymous2:37 AM

    All I can say is Karma's a bitch! Truth will come out eventually. It may take another 10 years, but it will come, no doubt. Sarah knows this and will never have a day of peace. She is running away from her guilt by jumping on to any bandwagon that acts as a temporary cover-up to all of her past misdeeds. Personally, I think that after this election cycle, no one will hear much from Palin anymore. Her popularity was based on saying negative things about President Obama. Once Obama is out of office, her claim to fame will be over. Her attacking other Democrats, i.e., Hillary, does not deliver the same sensationalism that attacking Obama carried. Why, because Obama is black. The first black President of the United States. He doesn't look like Sarah Palin's fans, which makes it easier to hate him. On the other hand, a white democrat is not as "hate-able" as a black one because the black one is, just from a physical perspective, different, which makes it easier to hate them. Mark my words, after the 2016 election we will see the end of Sarah Palin. It will happen very fast and I would not be surprised if the babygate conspiracy is finally revealed at the time. It's all about timing and believe me, someone is keeping score. Let's just be patient. It's going to happen.

    1. Anonymous7:30 AM

      It will happen. Love that Karma. What goes around,will come around. And there plenty to be had.

    2. Anonymous2:07 PM

      10 years...... nobody cares now... even if the worst assumed stories proved to be true, right now... most the country would go... "meh." In 10 years most will barely remember her.

      You people give sister Sarah too much credence.

    3. Anonymous3:37 PM

      2:07 PM

      Some care so much they stalk this site and everything Palin. Sarah, Track, Willow, Todd, Bristol, Piper, Trig and Tripp and anyone I left out. They care so much they are compelled to say they don't care.

      It has little to do with Sarah, who is now a shell of an eating disordered drug addict. It has to do with GOP campaigns, lack of vetting and any and all the crime.

    4. Anonymous5:36 PM

      Lol 3:37 sure it is....

      As if anyone, besides the IM cult club, would attempt to stretch out their cast so far as to implicate the entire current GOP based on a long ago has been Politician. That is your story? Good luck knucklehead. Nobody care except for you, and that is because you are a dumbass.

    5. Anonymous6:15 PM

      @ 536 Try again with reading comprehension.

    6. Anonymous9:05 PM

      So then 6:15... what exactly did your last sentence refer to?

      "It has to do with GOP campaigns, lack of vetting and any and all the crime."

  48. Anonymous4:11 AM

    Bristol must be dying to post a picture of herself wearing black but she better not or she will catch the Wrath of Sarah


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