Saturday, November 21, 2015

So is the Ben Carson sideshow finally coming to an end?

Courtesy of Politico:  

Last week’s terror attacks in Paris — combined with a number of missteps on international issues — imperil Carson’s status as a leading candidate, according to the insiders, who said the retired pediatric neurosurgeon has failed to articulate coherent foreign policy or shown command of the issues. A resounding 71 percent of Republicans said Carson was the most vulnerable among the 14 GOP hopefuls on foreign policy — far more than any other candidate. 

“He clearly has no idea what he’s talking about,” said one South Carolina Republican. 

“Ben Carson's complete ineptitude makes you long for the days of ‘Uz-beki-beki-stan-stan,’” added an Iowa Republican, referring to a disastrous Herman Cain interview four years ago. 

Foreign affairs were never Carson’s strength but the issue took on new resonance after the terror attacks in Paris last week. Since then, Carson has faltered in interviews, and a New York Times story earlier this week quoted an 83-year-old Carson adviser who described the candidate as needing intense coaching “to make him smart.” 

“Carson is so clueless,” said an Iowa GOP insider. “He thinks the Kurds are a special kind of Wisconsin cheese.” 

Well it looks like finally the Republicans are coming to their senses. Well somewhat, after all they're still supporting Trump, Cruz, and Rubio.

But this guy......hell I don't even know where to begin to explain the popularity of this guy.

I just NEVER got it. And I mean NEVER.

So it looks as if the lasting impression left from Carson's ill conceived, and ill fated candidacy is that never again can somebody say "Well he's no brain surgeon" to indicate the level of a person's intellect.


  1. Despite the lack of brain power, didn't we always know his skin color was going to do him in eventually, anyway...? This is the same full of shit party that is 'racism is over' out of one side of their mouths, and the most repugnant comments and representations of Obama out of the other.

    No matter how Carson cooed his self-denigrating, appeasing sweet nothings, Republicans were never sending 'another one' to the White House. Seriously, I'm curious how black men like Carson and Clarence Thomas avoid ulcers.

    1. Anonymous11:12 AM

      I know for a fact that many of the most vulgar racist comments are actually made by black folks. Just saying.....

      When they start saying things like the black community (democrats) are kept on a democratic plantation, there's your sign. Nobody white says black people are being kept by white people on an economic plantation. The good news is 95% of black folks are not insane (think Ben Carson).

      The only reason I point this out is because race relations will never move forward as long as black folks think they can get away with saying shit like that.

    2. 66gardeners11:36 AM

      Lloyd Marcus and Jim Henson (convicted with Schurick of election fraud) are perfect examples of whom you speak 11:12.

      Michael Steele was involved in voter fraud during his campaign for US Senator of Maryland in 2010. He was lieutenant governor of Maryland for republican Robert Ehrlich from 2002 until 2006. O'Malley ran for governor in 2006 after being Mayor of Baltimore for 9 years. O'Malley won in 2006.

      In 2010, Ehrlich again ran for governor (after losing to O'Malley in 2006), and Steele ran for senator. They shared campaign literature even though they were running for separate tickets in 2010 (Ehrlich as governor and Steele as senator).

      Paul E. Schurick, the 2010 campaign manager for former Maryland governor Robert L. Ehrlich Jr., was convicted by a Baltimore jury of four counts stemming from a robocall that prosecutors said was intended to suppress the black vote.

      The call, which Schurick acknowledged authorizing, was placed on Election Day to 112,000 voters in Baltimore and Prince George’s County, the state’s two largest majority-African American jurisdictions. Recipients were told by an unidentified woman that they could “relax” because Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) had been successful.

      The guilty verdict not only sullied the three-decade career of one of Maryland’s best-known political operatives, it also served as a major embarrassment for Ehrlich, the state’s only Republican governor in a generation.

    3. Interesting that you think most of the vulgar racist things said about Carson are by black people. Where have you been the last seven years? And by the way see Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter etc. about the plantation stuff too.

      And its amazing that you think the onus is on black people not to be racist against----black people. I have to say having been in my black skin for a few decades-- a few black people saying shit about other black people is not the problem that hinders race relations in this country.

    4. Anonymous1:26 PM

      angela, do you know who Lloyd Marcus is?

      Angela, 11:12 here
      I never said black people talking racist black shit is THE problem that hinders race relations in this country. I'm saying denying these people and their rhetoric exist WILL hinder race relations in this country. They should not be given a pass simply because white racism seems worse. It is NOT worse if it is not physical. I refuse to be politically correct by not calling out black race baiters. They tend to make the most obnoxious comments, in my experience,. White people are more dog whistle.

      Do you deny that these "uncle tom" types exist in force? Do you know who Lloyd Marcus is? What, specifically, do you have to say about their MO's. Why don't you address the absurdity of Ben Carson's campaign instead of critiquing my opinion?

    5. 66gardeners1:29 PM

      Angela, I do not think 11:12 was talking about the comments specifically made about Carson as opposed to political comments in general.

      Maybe you should address why black people would make racist comments in the first place.

    6. Anonymous1:56 PM

      I agree 66gardeners. You don't see that type of racist garbage coming from Asians or Hispanics about their own people. What is it about black people denigrating their own race? A lot of them are paid to post. It is sick.

    7. Anonymous2:45 PM

      To: Anonymous 11:12 AM
      I know for a fact that many of the most vulgar racist comments are actually made by black folks. Just saying.....

      When they start saying things like the black community (democrats) are kept on a democratic plantation,
      Only Black Republicans say things like that. I am Black, I am a Democrat, and all of my family and friends for generations are Democrats, and in all of my 67 years here on earth, I have never heard any one of my family, or friends say anything like that. Neither have I heard any of my Democrat associates say anything like that.

    8. Anonymous3:01 PM

      To: angela 12:24 PM
      Interesting that you think most of the vulgar racist things said about Carson are by black people. Where have you been the last seven years? And by the way see Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter etc. about the plantation stuff too.

      And its amazing that you think the onus is on black people not to be racist against----black people. I have to say having been in my black skin for a few decades-- a few black people saying shit about other black people is not the problem that hinders race relations in this country
      Thank you Angela. I'm Black, too, and I think Anonymous 11:12 AM's comment is outrageous, and erroneous. As I said in my other comment, I have never heard any of my family, friends, or associates, (all Black, and all Democrats) talk like that, and I have been active in politics for five decades.
      But I have heard Repubs. talk like that.

    9. 66gardeners---Maybe you can address why white people make racist comments. I mean it looks like you think we black people are a monolithic group and I can speak for every one of us. Maybe you can speak to why every racist white person makes racist comments. No?

    10. Anonymous4:48 PM

      Angela, 11:12 here.

      Face the fact that there are blacks (granted the majority probably republican) who denigrate black people. It is not an anomaly. I know for a fact that there are scores of black people getting paid to post racist nonsense. It is bizarre is all I'm saying. You seem to be denying it. Suit yourself. By denying it you defend it.

    11. 66gardeners4:56 PM

      Angela, that black people denigrate others of their own race with racist rhetoric for political purposes is unique to your race. Deal with it. Personally, I find it abhorrent and extremely nonproductive to race relations in this country.

    12. "Angela, that black people denigrate others of their own race with racist rhetoric for political purposes is unique to your race."

      Why thank you for your completely imbecelic anthropological idiocy. That's pretty interesting that you know all of this about black people. And isn't it interesting that we are the ONLY ones who do this in the whole world.

      Get over yourself.

      The next time my white neighbor calls our neighbor across the street a redneck, klansman tea-bagger you go tell him how only black people call their own "race" racist names.

      And you wouldn't understand race relations if it sat on your lap.

    13. 66gardeners4:04 AM

      Angela, interesting that you have no comments about Carson saying "Obamacare is the worse thing to happen since slavery". Jim Henson, a black man, tries to keep black people in Maryland from voting and you have no comment. Very sad.

      Calling your comments imbecilic idiotic is misplaced anger. This article is about Carson's imbecilic, idiotic comments, not mine. Take HIS comments to task and do a service to your race. I never see black people (including YOU as a matter of fact)calling out these race baiters. Correct me if I am wrong.

    14. Anonymous7:16 AM


      The racist rhetoric is well evidenced from black (perhaps republican) people. You may not like it, but you can not deny it. This article is about Ben Carson, and he is a prime example of which I speak. The fact that white people are racist is a tangent you may choose to go off on when you refuse to confront the truth. What you have heard your family members say or not say is a very narrow focus here, and does mean squat.

      African Americans will never be truly free as long as they willingly accept uncle tom behavior from their peers. Uncle Tom will sell you out every time. Do you believe in Freedom or FreeDumb?.

      I am here for civil discourse. You may agree or disagree with me, but refrain from calling me names if you care to have a debate. My intent is to help the situation. Denial insures the problem is never resolved.

    15. They have to have a token African American and female candidate in every race now because of Obama and Hillary.

      Personally, I don't understand how any blacks or women can be a member of the GOP. It's like gays being Mormon.

      How can you be a member of a group that hates you?

  2. Anonymous9:24 AM

    The important thing to remember is that surveys of REGISTERED REPUBLICANS that show unbelievable support for dummies don't represent the whole of US voters....... at least I hope they don't.

    On another matter, I can't believe the crude and violent responses to a recent promoted Tweet from USA for UNHCR (showing a crying baby). I'm ashamed these people are Americans.

    1. Anonymous10:20 AM

      Sorry to be ignorant but what is UNHCR?

    2. Anonymous10:38 AM

    3. Anonymous10:39 AM

      UNHCR is the United Nations High Coucil for Refugees

  3. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Carson has literally embarrassed the Republican party! Remember, they brought him on board as their 'token' black man (within their party) and the move failed miserably!

    It's a pleasure seeing and knowing (for near two terms!) a 'real' black man that is smart, well educated, loving, kind and a magnificent leader - President Obama!

    1. Anonymous10:22 AM

      Does that mean that Carly is the token woman? Republicans didn't do too well when they tried to appease the PUMAs in 2008 with Sarah Palin.

    2. Anonymous10:59 AM

      The Republican Party has been on the 'fail' for a number of years now. They'll never get someone in the White House!!!

      They've been putting forth folks that turn out to be the biggest jokes on the horizon! Shall we name a few? Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, John McCain, Sarah Palin, Dr. Carson, Carly, etc. I'm sure more can be named!!

    3. Yes, Carly is the token woman.

      The lack of diversity in the Republican party drew so much blood they have to have at least one black and one woman in the clown car each election.

      Of course, they'll never be nominated to the ticket, but they must be there for appearances.

      Jindal, Cruz and Rubio never had a chance.

      It will be a rich, white, Christian, old man. Again.

  4. Anonymous9:47 AM

    He'll go down in history as the 2016 cycle's Sarah Palin... except for the actual college degree and area of expertise part.

    1. Anonymous10:09 AM

      Well, we still have to await the flushing of Carleton Florina, the token female.

  5. Don't forget the "Uncle Tom" who headed the National Republican party for a few years, Michael Steele. Steele served as the first African-American chairman of the Republican National Committee from January 2009 until January 2011 (Source: Wikipedia)

    How can any self-respecting person allow themselves to be used in this way?? Is it the money? The fame? There is a nasty word that people use to describe someone who prostitutes themselves, and I really wonder how these men do this??

    1. Any chance I might have respected Steele was lost when, after having accidentally given an honest opinion of Rush Limbaugh, Steele was on his knees less than 48 hours later with the mea culpas.

    2. Anonymous11:43 AM

      They go against the good and rights of their own race. Women against women's rights makes no sense.

  6. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Trump stated he would know on Day one more including identification of foreign groups regarding foreign policy. Candidates who believe they have no need to know the basics unless they "win" via populist statements are unlikely to make wise decisions dismissing learning while campaigning.

    It may be lovely if a VP or Presidential candidate allegedly hunts meat, prays and makes chili, had a reality show or is wealthy but when the economy tanks near the Great Depression, terrorists strike and more it is not helpful to make or borrow moose chili, snark about nutrition education, incite divisiveness and hatred against those people and them people. It takes more than getting rich in real estate unless building a hotel for ISIS will deter them from acts of terror.

    1. Anonymous2:45 PM

      Trump is losing it...he sounds worried...why else would he go on and on and on regarding Kasich?

      Trump explodes after pro-Kasich group unveils anti-Trump campaign

  7. A. J. Billings11:26 AM

    Gryphen, I can tell you exactly why the evangelical far right are in love with Carson.

    He started lecturing President Obama inappropriately during a prayer breakfast, as though he (Carson ) was some sort of prophetic oracle that spoke for the Teaparty.

    Carson's also one of "them", the religious folk who claim god has a plan for grain silos, comparing Obamacare to slavery, and stabbing victims getting saved by belt buckles.

    I am convinced that Carson is mentally unbalanced, and is fit to putter around his living room cooing to his stupid selfie with Jesus.

    1. Anonymous1:21 PM

      Bingo! The idiots wanted him to run for president because he was a rude prick to President Obama. And he listened to the idiots and got WAY over his head.

      His skin color played a huge part. They can say vile racist things about Obama and turn around and say "Oh we aren't racist. Look at Carson"

      Carson is too clueless to realize he's being used. Republicans will never choose him over all the white guys when the time comes to actually step behind the curtain, where nobody can see then, and vote.

    2. Anonymous2:31 PM

      Anonymous 1:21 PM

      You are right on the money.

    3. Anonymous2:36 PM

      Whoever the Democratic nominee is, I am ready to get this campaign running straight to the Oval Office. Lets do this Democrats. Get those Democrats registered to vote and get them to the polls, or vote by absentee. We have to MAKE IT HAPPEN AGAIN!

    4. majii4:41 PM

      What I found interesting about 'Rude Ass Carson's' comments at the NPB was that he became a RW "star" shortly after. The tool had no idea he was being used. As of last year, Carson was an independent. When he disrespected the president at the NBP, his ass was grass with most of the president's supporters from that point going forward. Carson has proved himself to be one of the biggest dummies in the GOP/TP Klown Car. Sure, he was riding high for a while, but it didn't take long for him to start on a steep decline. The only reason he disrespected the president at the NPB is because he's jealous of him. He seems to think he's the smartest black person in America. He's not. There are lots of us Black Americans who aren't neurosurgeons, but we're well-educated and smarter than Carson when it comes to understanding foreign policy, economics, and the Constitution. Although many of the GOP/TPers running for president in 2016 say they can get People of Color to vote for them, the likelihood of that actually happening is infinitesimal. Only those suffering from Stockholm Syndrome vote for those who are disrespecting them at every turn.

  8. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Seriously, I wish it would continue. Carson is a pure Republican shyster. If he drops out, Jeb connotes no excitement will move up. And he worries me.

  9. Anonymous11:35 AM

    He is the "Dandy" of a self, real life imposed Minstrel Show. He is a Bad Joke for sure.

  10. Anonymous11:37 AM

    My youngest was in a teen book club that met on Saturdays at the library a couple of years back. Most of the group were homeschooled teens. Ben Carson was just showing interest in running, and the fundagelical stay-at-home, low-information mommies just couldn't get enough of him.

    1. 66gardeners1:31 PM

      Let's not forget, Ben Carson has long palled around with Bill Cosby

  11. London Bridges2:16 PM

    It should be a crime punishable by 10 years in prison with no possibility of parole for running for president or VP if it can be determined for which you are unqualified.

    1. 66gardeners4:11 AM

      Who exactly is to decide what qualifications matter? Election matter. Always vote.

  12. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Gryphen he's intelligent alright, nobody gets through the rigors of medical school, then the specialty of neurosurgery without being intelligent. He is just NOT a politician.

    1. Anonymous4:09 PM

      surgeons are more like rote automatons, not thinkers.

    2. 66gardeners4:13 AM

      Carson most likely has degenerative brain disease. That, in my opinion, best explains his incompetence as a candidate (indeed, incompetence as a voter).

  13. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Carson loses his hold on Iowa’s conservatives

    Worried about security, these voters are shifting toward Ted Cruz.

    Hours after terrorists attacked a hotel in Mali and a week after Islamic State fighters struck Paris, Ted Cruz took the floor here to deliver a harsh critique of President Obama’s Middle East posture and pledge a hardline approach to Syrian Muslim refugees.

    It was exactly what this crowd of mostly conservative Christians wanted – and an ominous sign for Iowa’s weakened frontrunner, Ben Carson.

    Across the state and at a major gathering of politically active evangelicals on Friday night, foreign policy was top-of-mind for the voters and state lawmakers once considered natural constituents for Carson. But after a week of confused comments from the former neurosurgeon and a dismissive critique by his own advisors, Iowans are now consistently voicing doubt about Carson’s credentials to be commander-in-chief.

    Indeed, they said the terrorist attacks have reordered the candidates in their mind, lifting Cruz and Sen. Marco Rubio and, for many, making Carson an afterthought.

  14. Anonymous2:49 PM

    So, Iowa conservatives are switching to Cruz. Why? Because a person that they have put atop their polls for months for no discernable reason can't voice a 6th grade position on national security. Seriously... one would have to work awfully hard to be as bad on national security as Carson has been.

    Of course, that begs the question: Since Carson has been no more coherent on ANY area of policy thorughout his whole campaign, why in the world did Iowa conservatives put him atop theie polls? Coherent/rational statements from Carson have been as scarce as hen's teeth for months now!

    Carson's position atop the Iowa polls these past months is a serious embarrassment for Iowa Republicans. Almost as bad as Trump's position atop the polls.

    1. 66gardeners6:59 AM

      Let's keep the republican Iowa causus in perspective here. Mike Huckabee won Iowa in 2008, and rick Santorum won Iowa in 2012.

      Of course, the democratic Iowa caucus voted Obama and has a more realistic history of voting for the actual democratic nominee.

  15. Anonymous2:50 PM

    The biggest intellectual mistake one can make here is to think that conservative Iowans are representative of the US electorate at large.

    Elections are won by building coalitions that get their membership to the voting booth. The Republicans in Iowa are a singular group with few ties to anyone outside of evangelical Christians.

  16. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Is there anything on this earth as dumb as an Iowa Republican?

    1. Anonymous6:36 PM


  17. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Dr Carson may be good at brain surgery, and really bad on current affairs, thinking fast on his feet, or looking like he's awake while speaking to groups of people. He never had me, but if he did, he lost me with the pyramids to store grains schtick. I prefer someone not telling me a lie and saying "Gee, I'm not sure, but I'll look it up and get back to you" IF they follow though and the answer makes sense. You screw up, then blame the media, it's your own fault. Perhaps it's time to look for a new job.

  18. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Excellent last line.

  19. Anonymous5:39 PM

    It's no wonder this guy keeps his eyes mostly closed while speaking. He's friggin scary!


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