Thursday, November 12, 2015

Texas school teaches abstinence only sex education. Chlamydia arrives to teach them the error of their ways.

Courtesy of KRMG: 

The superintendent of schools in Crane, Texas is rethinking the districts sexual education curriculum, after learning that 20 of the high schools 300 students have tested positive for chlamydia. 

Jim Rummage told television station KFOR, "We do have an abstinence curriculum, and that evidently ain’t working. We need to do all we can, although it’s the parents’ responsibility to educate their kids on sexual education.” 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention isn't mincing any words, calling the outbreak a health issue of epidemic proportions.

I love this part about the abstinence program, "That evidently ain't working."

Gee ya think?

There is already exhaustive research which proves that abstinence education does not work and yet due to mostly religiously driven fears sexuality people are still buying into the idea that telling a hormonal teenager not to let their naughty bits touch will actually work.

It does not work, and it never has.

Hell, I'M proof of that.

It is just too bad that so many of these kids had to come down with STDs before the adults in their lives were able to recognize their ignorance.


  1. Anonymous2:11 AM

    Is "Chlamydia" Bristol's middle name?

    1. Anonymous3:41 AM

      I thought she announced what she named her new baby.

    2. Anonymous4:41 AM

      No, it's Bristol "That evidently ain't working." Palin

    3. Anonymous7:01 AM

      Her middle name is Seagrams, as in wine cooler.

    4. Anonymous4:13 PM

      Which of you Bitchez spilled the beans? Now I gotta come up with a new name, and don't have much time.

    5. Anonymous6:21 PM

      That's Bristol, "that evidently ain't workin' and neither am I" Palin.

  2. Anonymous2:31 AM

    Just yuck!
    How many of these poor young kids had to tell their parents they got it off a toilet seat because they were afraid of their parents reactions??
    PS I know you can't get it from a toilet seat.....

    1. Anonymous4:42 AM

      How many kids aren't doing anything?

    2. Balzafiar5:30 AM

      @4:42AM -- "How many kids aren't doing anything?"

      A very good question, but possibly one without an answer since far too many kids today have been led to believe that oral sex is not "real sex" so you're not having sex, it's OK -- and you are still a virgin.

      I would prefer to believe that the majority aren't doing anything, that the kids are smarter than that, but knowing the real world and how it is ...

    3. Anonymous9:48 AM


      I meant, how many kids aren't doing anything even to check if they have it? How many are too scared to tell their parents and they do have symptoms? Sorry, it was really , really early when I wrote that first remark and I wasn't very clear.
      Just a few untreated teens could continue this outbreak.

  3. Anonymous2:53 AM

    This can cause infertility too. If not treated in a timely manner, it can have lifelong side effects. I wonder how many STD's Bristles has been treated for?

  4. Anonymous3:45 AM

    $arah Palin is still an idiot. NONE of her kids have been to college, or aspired to anything more than a part time job at skin or hair school.

    I only hope that Piper can be saved from Palin curse, and go to college, get an education, and escape the curse of being dependent on sociopathic mommy for life.

    What kind of "family" values is she teaching?

    As someone has quoted before about the Palin household, "those kids brought themselves up"

    1. Anonymous9:50 AM

      Piper? The one she pulled out of grade school to campaign with her? The one that was photographed reading a 1st grade reading level then? Yeah, well I think you better not lay any money down with your hopes.

    2. Anonymous12:25 PM

      Yeah I'm not betting on little Viper either. The Palin women are all profoundly stupid, mean and ugly inside (we can't deny they're pretty cute on the outside though). It's genetic.

  5. The caption reads "Makes..." Is Bristol really still making that money pushing her abstinence only shtick? I know she had a big contract with Candies, but that was years ago. I haven't heard that she's had active speaking engagements in the past few years.

    Other than her failed reality tv attempts and being dimly aware (possibly) that there is a blog thingy with her name, has anyone actually paid her in recent years to speak professionally in regard to abstinence?

  6. Anonymous4:10 AM

    "ain't" A school administrator used 'ain't?' Do they also not teach English in his schools?

  7. Anonymous4:27 AM

    Two babies, that we know of ...

    1. Anonymous11:52 AM

      You mean 6 don't you? That we know of...

  8. Anonymous4:36 AM

    It's just a shame that we have to learn the basics over and over again instead of building on we have already learned.

    Willful ignorance...the biggest threat to America.

  9. Anonymous4:47 AM


    When I read the headline I thought you were calling Barstool Chlamydia.

  10. Ted Nuggents5:09 AM

    It is Texas, So if the students have it's only a matter of time before a few of them give it to us adults. : 0 Wang dang sweet poon......... Holy shit I got warts on ma dick : (

  11. When are these stupid people going to understand that the only reason we are all walking around on the planet is that people have sex? No matter their marital status, whether or not they are under eighteen or if they have protection or not. You cannot stop people from having sex. So why not be responsible for their sakes? It is biology. Since they throw bibles, shaming, and just say no in the mix---you seem to get ------chlamydia.

  12. 66gardeners5:28 AM

    Let's make a list of potential names for Bristol's baby. My favorites include:


    1. Anonymous7:20 AM

      Very good point you have. The "TR" lineage of Bristol's kids, Trig and Tripp, leads one to favor: Trick. I would like to say more, but then my comment would be truly tasteless.

    2. Anonymous9:36 AM

      Hope would be a good name for the child.

    3. Anonymous9:51 AM


  13. Anonymous6:53 AM

    This is always good for the abstinence curriculum crowd.

  14. Anonymous7:16 AM

    So has Bristles "planned addition to her little family" arrived? If the day after Valentines Day, the day she says ruined her life, was the date of the conception she should have already had the baby or will soon.

    1. Since Bristol has had all these months to decisively say who is or isn't the father, but hasn't, and since Sarah has had all these months to acknowledge her pending grandchild, but hasn't, experience makes that our signpost doesn't it not to trust a single word we're told from here and beyond?

    2. Anonymous9:38 AM

      Yeah,usually within two weeks before or after due date.

    3. Anonymous10:57 AM

      Because my husband and I were trying to get pregnant, I calculated out my cycle and Valentine's Day was the optimal day for producing children in February of that year. 9 months later, and two days daughter was born on November 10th. I'm wondering how she's dur in December if she 'got pregnant' on Valentine's day?!

    4. Anonymous6:33 PM

      Because it's an assumption, and I'd argue an incorrect one, that V. Day was the date of conception. I think that was the day she sold her soul to $carah by agreeing to marry Dakota.

  15. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Abstinence only is working perfectly -- those who sin get punished with STD's, isn't that the plan?

  16. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Gee, when you mentioned "chlamydia," I though you were talking about Bristol. Same thing, I guess.

  17. Griffin you might want to do a little more research on was 20 kids tested...not 20 kids with chlamydia. The original story goes back to May. I'd like to say they made changes, but unfortunately, the Crane ISD voted in the same school board officials responsible for the abstinence program.

    1. Norma Norris wrote in part: Griffin you might want to do a little more research on this …

      Providing a link or two is a nice way of making a contribution to the community. Googling chlamydia crane texas is not hard to do.

      From May 8: State says only three chlamydia cases in entire county of West Texas high school

      From May 12: A Fake Chlamydia Epidemic Has Traumatized This Small Texas Town

      Gryphen, if you keep any sort of score card on your news sources, I think that KMRG and/or Glenn Schroeder should get black marks for reporting—six months after the fact—that twenty "students have tested positive for chlamidia." According to the May 12 article, only three of the 20 or 21 teens tested were students at the Crane high school—and no indication that any of those tested positive.

  18. Janice A Soderquist2:45 PM

    Where is the baby? No new instagrams photos. Has the baby already been born and they are trying to figure how to introduce her?

  19. Anonymous4:14 PM

    And this is just ONE of the reasons we need to fully fund and expand Planned Parenthood.

  20. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Second out of wedlock child? Huh? Was she married when she had ruffles, tripp or the DWS baby?

  21. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Abstinence sure did not work for the Palins.


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