Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The return of Walt Monegan!

Courtesy of Alaska Dispatch News:  

Gov. Bill Walker announced Monday that he had accepted the resignation of Alaska’s corrections commissioner after the release of a scathing report detailing widespread failures and dysfunction that may have led to deaths in Alaska jails. 

Walker said he received the resignation of Ron Taylor on Sunday. At an 11 a.m. Monday news conference following the report’s release, Walker said Walt Monegan, the former Anchorage police chief and state commissioner of public safety, would temporarily take over Alaska’s prison system during a search for a replacement. 

Walker had ordered the outside review in August after a string of highly publicized prisoner deaths that stirred public outcry and drew some lawmakers’ attention. 

“It’s clear as a result of this that the system is broken,” Walker said at the news conference. “And we’re going to fix it.”

Well if Governor Walker wants the prison system in Alaska fixed, he could probably not do much better than putting Walt Monegan on the job. 

For those of you who have been reading here since 2008, I do not need to explain who Walt is, and why this is a big deal.

For those of you who have not heard of Walt Monegan, here is his Wikipedia page, and at the bottom of the Dispatch link there is an explanation as well.

However for those looking for a brief synopsis, it goes like this:

Then Governor Sarah Palin hated Trooper, and former brother-in-law, Mike Wooten.

She and her husband tried to convince then Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan to fire him.

Walt could find no reason to do so, and explained that their personal vendetta against the guy was not just cause.

In retaliation, Palin fired Monegan.

There was an investigation into the firing, which after much public pressure was finally released as the Branchflower Report.

That report exonerated Monegan of any wrong doing, and instead revealed the pettiness, and retaliatory nature of Palin and her husband.

And yes all of this happened WHILE Palin was running as John McCain's VP.

On a personal note I once interviewed Walt when he was running for mayor of Anchorage, which you can read here, and when I was being threatened and harassed after my now notorious Splitsville post I reached out to him and he gave me some good advice.

In short Walt is an incredibly honest and ethical man, who I have no doubt will serve our Governor well, just like he once tried to do for a certain half term loser too ignorant to take his advice.


  1. Anonymous12:00 PM

    So what about $P's boyfriend Steve Schmitt? Will Monagan be able to fire him? One might think Schmitt was in a much better place to have facilitated the deaths.

    Hopefully Walt will want the job permanently.

    1. Anonymous12:51 PM

      Think you are talking about Wasilla HS BFF Joe Schmidt who was canned as soon as Gov Walker took office.


      "Longtime corrections commissioner Joe Schmidt and director of institutions Bryan Brandenburg were both dismissed by the incoming Walker administration, leaving the two top positions in the agency unfilled."

      Bonus Joe Schmidt Sarah Palin Fail!


      Double Bonus Fail after she claimed she was quitting!

      "Palin's naming of new No. 2 raises questions
      Skipping third in line under legal review"


    2. Anonymous1:02 PM

      That's JOE Schmidt, and he was sacked in December last year, it was apparently one of the first things that Walker did.

      Walker appointed another commissioner whom resigned on the spot this week. Dunno what went on there but you can be sure that Walt Monegan will clean up any messes left behind by anyone. The man has chops.

    3. Anonymous5:06 PM

      I've not read all the commentary as yet, but isn't that creepy looking guy, Joe Schmidt, the guy Sarah Palin had an affair with and appointed? Seems like that was written about a few years ago.

      Oh, Sarah, things are being rectified and you are going to literally eat dirt. Remember, honey, Hell awaits you and the door is open!

    4. Anonymous5:42 PM

      Joe Schmidt needs to updated his Linkedin profile.


  2. This news will be a stick up Palin's Skanky Ass.

    1. Anonymous3:04 PM

      Oh hell no, not a stick, a whole Sequoia, roots and all! And Bristol who lied about "Uncle Walt" "Tazing her" and all the wasted phone calls on the government's time besmirching his integrity..... Karma didn't come knocking, it steamrolled her butt.

    2. Anonymous10:40 AM

      3:04, actually barstool said the police officer formerly married to sarah's sister tazed his stepson, a kid from a former marriage of sarah's sister. Apparently the kid begged him to do it so he could feel what it felt like and then the klan went batshit crazy when he obliged him.

  3. Anonymous12:03 PM

    A new day has dawned in Alaska criminal justice.

    I hope Walt Monegan wants to stay in the job.

    1. Anonymous2:15 PM

      He is one of the most competent, kind and decent men ever. Thank you, Governor Walker; this is a great decision for the State of Alaska. Wish Walt all the best!

    2. Anonymous2:19 PM

      He is one of the most competent, kind and decent men ever. Thank you, Governor Walker; this is a great decision for the State of Alaska. Wish Walt all the best!

  4. I can tell you that Corrections Officers are very happy with this appointment. They have been very concerned about safety for their prisoners and for themselves.

    1. Anonymous1:05 PM

      I have no doubt they are pleased. Walt Monegan is excellent at ensuring that everything is done right and I can't think of a bigger morale boost.

  5. Anonymous12:15 PM

    I have always hoped Mr.Monegan would have the last laugh. Here's to hoping!

  6. Anonymous12:16 PM

    I was waiting for you to post on this, Gryph, and thought of you immediately when I heard the news. Good for Mr. Monegan!

    Lower 48

  7. Anonymous12:17 PM

    My dream .... Walt running the prison system when Sarah and Todd get incarcerated.

    1. Anonymous1:03 PM

      Your dream is mine. :D

    2. Anonymous2:09 PM

      Aw, you know they'd be in buddy Sheriff Joe Arpahoe's pink handcuff hands. Royal treatment.

    3. Anonymous2:30 PM

      Now that would truly be karmic justice.

  8. The day after her latest worthless book comes out - nice touch.

  9. Anonymous12:37 PM

    It's nice to see your governor removing some of the shit piles Sarah and Todd left behind.

  10. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Congratulations Walt, you are a good man .It took courage to stand up, especially at the time.There is hope.
    Thanks for the thoughtful update G.

  11. Anonymous1:26 PM

    Walt Monegan: interview number one by real reporters if Sarah Palin ever thinks about running for office again. And I'll bet he has a lot to say, even if he has to do it in code. Simply his firing, the Branchflower Report, and now his resurrection, are proof that she's not who she pretends to be. If the national spotlight were turned on her by journalists wanting a story, she'd shrink under the weight of the evidence.

  12. Anonymous1:28 PM

    It used to be said that the Palmer mafia pretty much ran DOC.

    Do people still say that?

    1. Anonymous2:58 PM

      Obviously that is no longer the case!

  13. Caroll Thompson1:41 PM

    An honest man with quite the backbone. It could not have been easy to stand up to the Wasilla mafia. But stand up he did and he can stand proud.

    The Palins? Eh, not so much................

  14. AKinPA2:08 PM

    This is great news. Justice sometimes wins out.

    1. Anonymous2:18 PM

      A most deserving man! Great news for his family who, also, had to endure the ugliness sp tried to inflict on Walt and his reputation. Stand tall and proud!!

  15. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Great news. :) -SJP

  16. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Yes, I remember well all the stories and AK players who got fired and harassed by the Palins. Glad to hear Mr. Monegan finally can be treated respectfully and back to work. What an ordeal those folks have endured with that nasty ex-governor Palin.

    Where did that Schmidt Corrections head go? Did he resign? Wonder if further abuse revelations will be divulged, and is this why Sarah has been so quiet lately?

    1. Anonymous5:36 PM

      I think Schmidt quit as soon as Captain Zero lost the election

  17. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Didn't an Alaskan judge tell sarah and her klan to sit down and shut the fuck up? Told them it was between her sister and her husband and sarah and tawd needed to butt out.

    1. Anonymous4:55 PM

      True, true, true. So love seeing Mr. Monegan coming back to haunt Sarah Palin! She is going to meet hers on so many fronts as more time moves along!

      The country (and Alaskans) will see the liar and fraud the idiot is and has always been!

  18. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Things that make you go "Hmmmm". Vinegar tits Sarah does a facebook sales job of her up and coming new failures, her book and Bristol's disappointment, Guess this was one "Admittance" the patriotic pattotie forgot to add? Or is Walt still on her shit list???

    1. Anonymous3:44 PM

      This imbecile is always, trying to cover her ass! She has shit on so many and lied so much she has trouble keeping it straight!
      I would say she is on "his" shit list or should be. Chickens are slowly, but surely, coming home to roost.
      Oh yea!

  19. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Great news for the people of Alaska!

  20. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Sometimes dreams become reality. Three hots and a cot for the palin mafia.

  21. Anonymous3:59 PM

    I ran into Mr Monegan at Ichiban restaurant one afternoon back around the time the crosseyed skank was running him out on a rail.

    I told him I supported him 110% - palin, *not so much*..
    He shook my hand and thanked me ..

    1. Anonymous5:09 PM

      3:59 PM:

  22. Anonymous4:52 PM

    I love seeing Walt Monegan in this position!!! Remember, this is the guy Sarah Palin tried to erode and discredit! Pull up the history the bitch had with him!

    He truly is the winner and Alaskans have known it all along!

  23. Anonymous5:39 PM

    There's probably a lot of Valley Trash left to clean up.

  24. Anonymous5:42 PM

    as someone with way too much time on my hands, and being a nosy, I've followed and been a supporter of Walt for many years
    after the way palin and her crew fucked him over, i'm sure there are more then a few folks today thinking of moving out of alaska

  25. Stephen Joynt5:51 PM

    Many of you have driven by the memorial to APD Officer Wollam on the Glenn Hwy. I was an AFD responder on that call; it was one of the worst ones I ever saw in 26 years on the job. In addition to officer Wollam, 3 teenagers were killed -- a terrible tragedy. It was the first time I had ever met Walt Monegan and I'll never forget the tears streaming down his face as he asked me, as one of the Captains present, if his officers could remove Wollam from the vehicle. We readily obliged. The critical incident stress debriefing a few days later, was very somber for all the APD officers and firemen present. It was immediately apparent to me that the folks under his command held Chief Monegan in the highest regard. He is truly the kind of leader we all should hope for when it comes to serving the public. S. Joynt - AFD retired


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