Thursday, December 03, 2015

As promised here is an update on the death of Juneau Mayor Greg Fisk. Update!

Courtesy of Komo News:  

The newly elected mayor of Alaska's capital city had suffered injuries when he was found dead, but police are awaiting autopsy results to announce a possible cause of death, officials said Tuesday. 

Juneau Police Department spokeswoman Erann Kalwara said Tuesday the cause of death remains unknown. 

"It's not clear what the cause of those injuries are," she said. She could not comment on the nature of the injuries, she said. 

Fisk lived alone. There was no sign of forced entry into Fisk's home above Juneau's downtown. 

"We haven't ruled anything out yet," she said. Police are hoping the state medical examiner in Anchorage will complete the autopsy in a couple of days, she said. 

Investigators on Monday didn't speculate on a possible cause of Fisk's death but did not immediately rule out foul play.

There are still plenty of rumors swirling around.

And the fact that there was no forced entry, injuries present, and the fact that the police are not ruling out foul play is doing nothing to change that.

According to ABC the police have also ruled out a gunshot, drugs, or suicide as the cause of death.

Update: Autopsy reveals that Fisk died of natural causes

Well there at least is one conspiracy theory that can be put to rest.


  1. Anonymous5:00 AM

  2. Anonymous5:25 AM

    i had read that there were signs of trauma. Was that false or how was it explained?

    1. The injuries were found to have been consistent with a fall.

    2. Anonymous6:40 AM

      Thanks for updating us G, what a nice looking man he was. Feel so bad for his family and his constituents, RIP Mr. Fisk.

  3. Anonymous6:28 AM

    Crybaby Sarah Palin Whines About The REAL Reason She Was Fired From Fox News

  4. Anonymous7:05 AM

    RIP, Mr Fisk!

  5. 66gardeners7:24 AM

    Medical examiners can be politically motivated to protect criminals in murder investigations. Google Joe Scarboroughs dead intern to see how crooked that medical examiner was known to be before he was hired by Pensacola.

  6. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Same thing happened to my husband's uncle. He fell down a flight of stairs and tried to move to the phone and died on the way. He has a tiny gash on his head and some bruising but it was a heart attack that killed him.

  7. The main issue in AK is coroner's reports are not public information and the state has a history of covering up real reasons for death at the DOC. The lack of trust fuels speculation.

  8. Anonymous11:28 AM

    I don't trust the medical examiner or coroner in Alaska. It does sound better to have him die of natural causes. I wonder if his family is convinced.

  9. Anonymous3:31 PM


    There will always be conspiracy theories. My heart goes out to his family in their darkest hours of grief. Rest in Peace Mr Fisk.


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