Thursday, December 10, 2015

I don't think that Michael Moore's next movie is going to win him any conservative fans either.

Looks pretty good, I think I will definitely put that in my Netflix queue.

Gee I wonder how the Right Wing will respond.

Oh that's right, we already know.


  1. Anonymous4:58 AM

    I finally got around to watching Farenheit 911 a few weeks ago, and all I have to say to three in that picture is RIGHT BACK AT YOU!

  2. Anonymous5:05 AM

    Was Sarah looking at MOH's crotch in that shot? Poor MOH..we warned him.

    1. Anonymous5:30 AM

      That sleazy piece of work does not have a good bone in her body. Just evil to the core. It's a wonder someone can survive with so much poison in their system.

    2. Anonymous8:06 AM

      This is another opportunity for Scarah and Pimp Daddy to find lonely unwed single mom kid a new baby daddy or trial hub.

  3. Anonymous5:13 AM

    The movie opens in New York, LA and Traverse City on the same day! Unfortunately that day is December 23 and I'll be busy in the kitchen getting ready for our annual holiday-to-go which begins the following day when we decamp to our son's home near Detroit. We'll catch the film when we get after Christmas.

    1. I hope it opens locally. I will definitely see it in the theater.

  4. Anonymous5:14 AM

    I remember going to the movie theatre to watch "Sicko" The local newspaper had it banned from showing! So, we bought the CD. It was an eye opener. Just about EVERY country has national health coverage except the US. Moore tells it like it is, no holds barred. The gop/tp parties can not face TRUTH. Having Duhkota and $carah hold that sign is likely taken as a sign of pride for Moore. Seems he has quite an impact.

    1. Anonymous4:08 PM

      Sicko was a great movie!

  5. Anonymous5:25 AM

    Look how smug and sinister Sarah Palin looks in that photo. She prides herself in being a snake, a vicious venomous snake.

    1. Anonymous6:09 AM

      Along with her nymphomaniac daughter, they BOTH think they are something special. Too bad neither of them can manage to keep a man around. They get Bristles pregnant, then leave never to be heard from again. I feel so sorry for all those kids she has had. Still trying to be a starlet, with no talent or looks. Her mother looks like an anorexic scarecrow. $carah is old enough to be the mother of the two guys with the sign.

  6. Anonymous6:08 AM

    Sarah is eye BALLING MOA Dakota Meyer. Checking out "his little gift package" behind the FUK U sign. I say FUCK YOU sp..

  7. Anonymous6:17 AM

    They look like the FUK U ORGY" with Sarah taking it in the backside and checking out Meyers up front...some other Dude on "stand by" Sarah Palin Prick Teaser.
    Mike is a real TRUTH TELLER.

  8. Randall6:31 AM

    Sarah shows all the dignity, style, and class
    she would bring to the highest office in the land.

  9. Anonymous7:18 AM

    Just saw Moore's "Where to invade next..." at the Honolulu International Film Festival last month. Surprisingly it had nothing to do with military or corrupt dictators. Was an upbeat informative comparison of other cultures' values.
    "Thumbs up" recommendation!

    1. You're lucky.

      It looks like the release has been moved back to February 12. I think President's Day weekend is highly appropriate. It opens three days after the New Hampshire primaries.

      Because of the limited openings it qualifies for the Oscars and is shortlisted under the 5 documentary categories.

      Moore is going to do a 6 week bus tour to advertise the film and do a premiere in every state.

  10. Otto Katz11:44 AM

    When we saw Bowling for Columbine, there was a Standing Ovation at the end. And then my son found a cop's badge under his seat on the floor. We handed it in to the local precinct, I bet the cop who lost it got a stern talking to from his Sargent.

  11. Anita Winecooler5:22 PM

    Thanks, Gryphen, this just made my day! Michael Moore's movies are all excellent documentaries and he pulls no punches. The second photo, lol Why on earth would any of the three Fuck Michael Moore when they got a skin specialist and russian hooker at their beck and call? When I typed "Fuck", I meant it in a good way, not the small c christian way Sarah, Duh, and buddy mean it. Tis the season, keep the "k" in "Fuck", the war on hedonism has reared it's ugly head, unless you pause first.

  12. I think he said it best; the American dream is alive and well everywhere but America.

    Student loan debt. In some countries they have pre-K - 16 where you go from preschool through a college diploma without paying. (Well, your parents do pay taxes.)

    Our school lunches are a joke. In other countries they have cafeterias with staff that actually cook hot meals from scratch. And they're FREE.

    You name it. Healthcare, maternity leave, paid sick leave, paid vacations.

    Except for gun ownership, gun deaths, incarceration, per capita use of resources, greenhouse pollution and percentage of the GNP spent on the military, the rest of the world leads the U.S. in everything.

    We are not number one in healthcare. Or in lifespan for that matter.

    We are not number one in education. (And have been dropping steadily since Reagan THANKS to Reagan and the GOP.)

    We are NOT the greatest country in the world.

    And that is our fault.


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