Thursday, December 10, 2015

An IM source from the past revealed.

Recently I happened to stumble across a post I wrote way back in 2010.

It was a very informative post, but at the time I had to keep my source secret because he was not ready to come out publicly. Which of course was not uncommon back then.

However this source, Sarah Palin's head of security Gary Wheeler, DID come out publicly in order to contribute to Joe's book "The Rogue."

It dawned on me while reading this old post, that knowing who had been my source really gave it much more of an impact.

So I thought I would go ahead and reprint the entire post right here for all of you to enjoy again, with the added knowledge that the person who provided the information is no longer just a shadowy figure.

It's kind of long so I will place it behind this page break in the interest of space. Enjoy!

Sarah Palin's perpetual problem with planes.

I recently sat down in a local coffee shop with a source close to an ex-staff member of Governor Palin's. I had heard that this person had some very interesting information concerning Sarah Palin and the challenges air travel seemed to present for her. And they did indeed.

When Governor Palin came into office there were three planes available for her to use. Two King Air's and, of course, the jet Governor Murkowski had purchased and that Palin had used as an example of extravagance during her battle for the Republican nomination.

Since Sarah had used the jet as an example of overspending by the previous administration, she obviously could not be seen flying around in it during her term. This was, of course, before she ultimately sold it, not on E-bay like she claimed, but instead to the owner of a sporting goods company. However to cut costs she also did away with one of the two remaining King Air's.

Which left the Governor with only one plane to use for flying around Alaska. A plane that she also had to share with the state troopers, who used it to transport prisoners back and forth across the state.

Often the Governor would request the plane only to learn that it was not available. This caused Sarah to form a conspiracy theory in which she suspected that she was purposefully being denied access to the plane, as punishment for getting rid of the other two planes. In fact it was simply that the single plane did not adequately meet the needs of both the governor and the state troopers.

So this meant that when Governor Palin did fly she would often have to fly on a commercial airline.

Now the state will pay to fly the governor just about anywhere on state business, but that entitlement does not extend to the rest of the family. The state will pay to fly the whole family to Juneau at beginning of the legislative session, and then back home at the end, but all other family travel expenses come out of the Governor's pocket. This was something that Sarah Palin did not fully understand.

When Sarah was finally confronted with a bill for her family's transportation expense she was, according to my source, "livid"! You see even in the early days of her administration Sarah took Piper with her just about everywhere, including on plane trips for official business. After she received the bill Palin decided that if the event did not specifically invite her children, or at least Piper, than she was simply not going. And she didn't. As matter of fact, Palin flew less than any other governor before her.

 And another thing that set her apart from her predecessors was what she DID while flying. Both Tony Knowles and Frank Murkowski always carried huge briefcases stuffed with work in need of attention. But Sarah flew almost completely unencumbered with such distractions, and instead spent her time reading US magazine or some other gossip filled rag. (Too bad Katie Couric did not ask Sarah about the goings on with "Brangelina" THAT might have been a topic in which she was conversant.)

Since I was talking to somebody who had access to such interesting and intimate details of Palin's air travels, I realized I needed to ask about the most famous Palin flight of all. The Wild Ride.

And this is what I learned.

There was a lot of concern expressed by the Governor's staff concerning her flying to Texas for that energy conference so late in her “pregnancy”, but the governor ignored them. (No surprise there.)

Before departure from the Anchorage airport she, and Todd, were met by her security detail who cleared her so she did not have to go through the regular airport screenings and escorted her right onto the airplane. No one from her security detail flew to Texas, which was highly unusual, but they did arrange for her to be met by somebody at the airport.

When she was ready to return from Texas she was again allowed to bypass security and simply board the plane. (Remember how everybody wondered over at Palin's Deceptions how Sarah could have manged to get through airport security if she was wearing an Empathy Belly? And why she would have risked discovery? Well now we learn that she did NOT have to go through the security checkpoints like everybody else. And of course she knew that, now didn't she?) When she arrived back in town there is no record of any security detail meeting her, as is common, and she and Todd drove from the airport all the way to the Mat-Su hospital without escort. Now WHY would anybody, who had felt “a strange sensation” low in their belly and told the Anchorage Daily News they were leaking amniotic fluid, NOT have asked for a security detail to meet them at the airport and help them to get to a hospital all the way in the Valley in a timely manner?

Even considering how bizarre Sarah's thinking may have been, what husband whose wife was about to give birth would pass up the opportunity to have a security detail escort them to the hospital? Personally I would have jumped on that in a heart beat.

All of this information fits very well with other things we have heard from those who were once close to Palin's administration, and are now talking. She is consistently described as somebody who was never ready for the job, and had no idea how to do it. It is just crazy that ANYBODY would consider this person equipped for the job of President of the United States.

I actually did refer to this interview after Gary came out publicly, but I never reposted the entire interview, which I think is just chock full of interesting information.

Really changes the impact once you know who is providing the goods, don't you think?

Damn I wish I could do that with all of my sources.

Oh well, perhaps someday. 


  1. Anonymous6:22 AM

    You know, even though this is five years' old, it it so typically Palin. She is a fraud now, was a fraud then, and was just into being Governor for the title and the cash afterward. Disgusting.

    1. Anonymous6:59 AM

      But her resigning as gov was Great news for Alaska. Good riddance to Bad Trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous6:28 AM

    Very Interesting. Thanks

  3. Anonymous6:37 AM

    Interesting! Is it possible that the hush money er I mean postage is drying up, and sources are more willing to come out of the woodwork? Or is it just a function of passing time? It does seem like maybe the fear factor has diminished

    1. Well she never paid Gary off.

      But he was still working in the security field and was very concerned about losing his job.

    2. Anonymous8:50 PM

      Yeah, it's hard to imagine Palin was able to pay off everybody. Or have sh*t to hold over their heads. I do think there was a lot of the latter, having read Boys Will be Boys: LOTS of dirt on lots of people in high places. Comes in handy, I'm sure.
      But it does appear the Fear Factor is eroding fast, inspiring more people to speak out.
      Tick tock, Sarah. Ask not for whom the bell tolls.

  4. Anonymous6:37 AM

    In the image, is the bitch trying to look smart?
    Or she trying to look dumb? I can't tell!
    Also does she have a bump on her head that she is trying to cover up with that wig?

    1. Anonymous11:53 AM

      This is the event where someone very close to her said that they had to try to sober her up before she went on stage.

      I LOVE this picture, it's one of my faves.

      R in NC

    2. Anita Winecooler4:42 PM

      Griffin has a good eye for choosing photos for his posts. This one illustrates how she's lost without her cell phone or teleprompter. She's chewed down on a piece of gum, and is analytically trying to figure out what to do next, without biting her own tongue while trying to look semi relevant. Yes, she IS that stupid.

    3. Anonymous7:03 AM

      Vicodin binge?

    4. Anonymous7:09 AM

      Sarah wants to whine about safegaurd. You're right sarah,we need more safegaurd to prevent American terrorists,namely you,from threatening our freedoms and safety within our bourders.

    5. Anonymous5:11 PM

      She looks like shes griiiiinding her teeth. Meth mouth.

  5. Anonymous6:40 AM

    If you are the company you keep, her alliance with Trump says it all. She hasn't changed one iota. Despicable excuse for a human.

    1. Anonymous7:46 AM

      She went on record in total support of Trump's anti Muslim proposals. She also is on record declaring the government has done NOTHING and there are NO procedures in place before issuing visas. Palin has cognitive distortions of extreme black and white thinking. She rejects factual information that does not support her extreme statements.

    2. Anonymous11:01 AM

      English Petition to Ban Trump Now Stands at 370,000 and Counting

    3. Anonymous11:02 AM

      Much has been said about Trump’s proposed Muslim ban, but no one has made the case against Trump as powerfully and eloquently as President Obama did. This president has given more than a few speeches that deserve to be required reading for future generations, but his speech today was one of historical greatness.

  6. Anonymous6:42 AM

    Speaking of pregnancies...Brissy has posted 3 new Instagram messages, but doesn't include any current face or body images. She has posted, "what's meant to be will always find a way". I still maintain that you can hear a baby in the background of the new Trig video.

    1. Anonymous8:07 AM

      I do too. I went on a second time to listen for it. Definitely a baby.

    2. I agree. I could hear a baby cry.

    3. Anonymous8:36 AM

      Me too. Bri$$y: you are BUSTED!

    4. Anonymous12:01 PM

      Sailor is one month old and fattening up quickly, like her Mama. She must have been conceived on Valentines day 2015. Who Dat Daddy, Bristol? Do you even know?

    5. And Brissy even says "do you think that baby's funny?" why would Nancy post such an obvious outing?

    6. Anonymous6:27 PM

      6:42 AM:

      I turned my volume way up on my comuputer and hearing-aids and didn't hear a baby cry in background. Sounded more like the TV was on.

    7. Anonymous7:13 AM

      12:01 pm . Did she even catch the guys last name if it was just someone she picked up in vegas? Are they having a name the baby - daddy derby at the Mugshot bar,Gryph?

    8. Anonymous7:17 AM

      You kinda have to separate from trig's giggles.(He's a cutey pie) Definitely in the background. Helps to play it over.

    9. Anonymous8:41 AM

      "Sarah Palin,the vulgarization of American politics".Peggy Noonan on The View.

  7. Anonymous6:46 AM

    Piper would've been 5-8 yrs old while SP was governor. Did she miss a lot of school?

    Also, the fact that she read entertainment magazines why flying isn't surprising or earth shattering.

    1. Piper was interviewed right after the VP run, and she said that 2nd grade was hard because she had so much work to make up. Second grade! Now, why couldn't Sarah have hired a tutor to keep an eye on Piper and make sure she stayed up with the school work? Willow could have used the help too. But it would never occur to Sarah to pay any money for education.

    2. Anonymous10:31 AM

      Piker has missed TONS of school over the years. If Wasilla schools were even halfway decent, she would not be at grade level, nor would ANY of the Palins have ever graduated, and that includes Sarah and Toad.

  8. Our Lad6:50 AM

    What puzzles me is what with Mrs. Palin currently being little more than an embarrassment to plane wreckin John McCain and not generally considered even jokeworthy for some lazy comic, how does she have the juice to frighten ANYONE from revealing her past shenanigans? She's either not what she seems, a stupid anorexic ragbag with halitosis or Alaska is the chickenshit capitol of the galaxy.

    1. Anonymous8:30 AM

      That PayMe family is known as the Wasilla Mafia. Does that explain things to you, Our Lad? Ever heard of the water in the tank of the plane of the very experienced pilot and father of Track, Menard? Ever heard of the mysterious fire that killed Dar Miller and her dog in their sleep? Ever heard of the mysterious church fire that destroyed birth records? How about the fires/shootings of occupied vehicles of owners who were speaking out in public? How about all those people who lost their jobs after they said something against this Mafia family?
      THAT is why Alaskans were unwilling to speak out.
      Thankfully, now, the power they used to wield (i.e. $$$) is slowed down to a trickle and is almost nonexistant.

    2. Anonymous9:02 AM

      I don't think it is only the 'Wasilla Mafia' aspect. I think it is also like the 'Dillingham close knit' family. It happens.

      There are communities with a lot of 'shenanigans' and the men get tough (mafia) and make sure no one talks. Family is all they have and who wants to be the one ostracized? Think of models like Warren Jeffs demonstrated but put an Alaskan spin on it. Consider what those victims say when they can finally be free.

      The Palins are not the only ones and it is not exclusive to Wasilla or Dillingham.

      Sarah was someone that was lifted up to be set up for mayor and so forth.

    3. Anonymous9:06 AM

      OK well then if their power is gone, open the fucking flood gates.

    4. Anonymous9:26 AM

      Oh Jesus it is the 'Palin Mafia' conspirators again lol.

    5. Anonymous9:47 AM


      It may not only be about power. Kids do not want to bust their parents. Even kids with pedophile parents love their parents and family. It is complicated. Just saying it is not only about fear of the Palins.

    6. Our Lad10:07 AM

      Well yes, I have heard all about the crimes, including extortion, arson and capitol murder for fuck's sake that this tribe of witless chowderheads have been accused of and I'm not sure if I'm convinced that Mrs. Palin and her somewhat androgenous sounding spouse are quite the far north equivalent of the Gambino family. The owner of this blog doesn't give a rat's ass about these cocksuckers, what, he's the only person with a spine in the whole state?

    7. Anonymous10:07 AM

      9:26, sorry. Perhaps we should talk about the Clinton mafia or the Obama is a Muslim nonsense?
      You have your agenda and we have ours. Go back the c4p. It suits you.

    8. Anonymous10:38 AM

      Alaskans are so f@cking sick of the Palins, nobody cares anymore.

      You bring up their name and people just about start throwing things at you. Nobody wants to talk about them anymore.

      Sarah Palin has fallen off the cliff of irrelevancy and is freefalling into oblivion. Nobody even cares enough to air her dirty laundry.

    9. Anonymous11:19 AM

      Our Lad she doesn't frighten anyone. Everything you have believed as truth is made up stories on blogs.

    10. Anonymous11:29 AM

      "A stupid anorexic ragbag" fits perfectly.

    11. Anonymous11:54 AM

      Also too never forget George Bush was a blessing to the National Guard and a great military man and leader. No cover up with him, people just got bored.

      The hero John McCain. What a guy. No mafia connections and a war hero because of his sterling career in the Navy.

    12. Anonymous11:58 AM

      9:26 Who shoved all of those childish lols up your ass? You hate the comments here, but you won't go away. You are just like Alicia Mangelsdorf the resident troll.

    13. Anonymous12:38 PM

      Lol lol lol lol.

      You morons are just like the bluegill in a pond that keeps getting hooked on the exact same bait time after time after time.

      "This time it has to be real!" lolololol.

    14. Anonymous1:12 PM

      I knew it 12:38pm You are from the South...the bluegill thing gives you away. All the Palin supporter trolls come from the southern states...there aren't any here in Wasilla, that's for sure!

    15. Anonymous1:17 PM

      12:38 PM is competing for the position of lol troll. Is that you, Piper?

    16. Anonymous1:33 PM

      Uhhh... bluegill are all over the US 1:12, north and south.

      btw, just because someone makes fun of the typical IM moron... does not make one a Palin supporter. I know that is hard for your little bluegill pea brain to absorb.

    17. Anonymous4:16 PM

      Whoever our little lololol troll is, it really needs to take its meds. Laughter at inappropriate times is not a good sign, mental health-wise.
      And time will tell what kind of "newborn" is produced on the pre-ordained Christmas birth date. My money is on either remarkably chubby cheeks...or photos that are impossible to date.

    18. Anonymous11:19 PM

      The lol troll is like a moose nugget that everybody avoids.

    19. Anonymous7:26 AM

      They'll post pics of xmas Tristan. Baby sailor has a big flat spot.

  9. I noticed that when I wrote this I described Gary as "a source close to an ex-staff member."

    While this was not exactly untrue, it was really Gary's experiences and recollections that I was sharing.

    However it speaks to the fear of discovery that so many folks had concerning the Wasilla Wendigo in those days, that I took such precautions to protect his identity.

  10. Anonymous7:03 AM

    My dad has owned a King Air for over thirty yes and I've flown on it countless times. It's a nice plane, but I can't see anyone getting a lot of work done on a flight. My dad is the consummate workaholic and often times he just relaxes during a flight. Now, if Palin were seen reading gossip rags at her desk, that would be much juicier.

    1. Anonymous9:07 AM

      Oh please.
      A dedicated professional who has work to do can work in a crowded car as a passenger, on a bus, on a train......

    2. Anonymous10:43 AM

      I've never known any high level professional person who habitually read gossip magazines, period. And I've never known anyone who flew on business and didn't use the time to work.

      As for dragging a school age child with her everywhere she went? smh.

      Sarah Palin was and is such a clueless lightweight, there is no making excuses for her. None.

    3. How so, Anon7:03AM? Looks pretty business-like to me.

    4. Anonymous11:31 AM

      Please, Alicia. stop with the fairy tales. You poor old dad is retired and never owned any aircraft.

      Really, you are getting sillier every day.

    5. Anonymous12:24 PM

      Sorry to disappoint you, Alicia conspirator @11:31. I'm not Alicia. Guess again, dumbass.

    6. Anonymous12:40 PM

      12:24 PM The dumbass is you for posting your personal info that nobody cares about.

    7. Anonymous1:16 PM

      Right, 12:40! My identity as well as my father's is easily revealed by the post. Piss off.

    8. Anonymous5:30 PM

      1:16 PM Better to piss off than to be pissed on like you have been today. From the mouth of Bristol Palin, "Go Fuck Yourself".

    9. Anonymous6:57 PM

      Gee sweetie is that where your Daddy dumps bodies too? Witness?

  11. Anonymous7:12 AM

    Someone called MatSu claiming to be pregnant and carrying a baby with special needs. She was afraid of delivering prematurely and she asked MatSu if they were prepared to handle her since that was the closest facility.

    MatSu said that they could not deliver a premature special need baby. If there was enough time they would transport her to Anchorage which had better facilities. Sarah claimed to arrive around midnight, pass up the better equipped hospital and she had to be induced to deliver around 6 am. Someone's story just doesn't make sense.

    1. TwoBlueJays7:37 AM

      Here's where she is wrong: if you are already IN LABOR, you are not going to have your labor INDUCED. Basically the idiot could have been far more convincing in her pregnancy and labor lies if she had read a basic OB/GYN textbook. Or even googled it.

    2. Anonymous8:05 AM

      7:37, not completely accurate. I was in labor, but the labor wasn't progressing properly, putting the baby at risk. They had to induce me to keep the contractions going strong enough to give birth. If Palin was leaking and labor was too far to delay, they may have induced. Women who are in labor, but taking too long to deliver are often induced.

    3. Anonymous8:21 AM

      Wrong. You can be in labor and still need the labor-inducing drug (pitocin) to move it along faster if the baby or mother is showing distress.

    4. Anonymous8:38 AM

      Agreed. I was in hard labor for over 41 hours, when they finally induced me. Baby came after a total of 43 hours.

    5. Anonymous8:45 AM

      Ahhh, re-opening the expert medical investigation on the labor... perhaps there is some small detail you all missed that will blow this case wide open. You should all think of possible imaginary scenarios, and then throw in a mix of personal labor stories, and mention the hospital name MatSu several times. The answer is there if you get the combo just right!

    6. Anonymous9:12 AM

      Cahy Baldwin Jphnson was not and is not a HIGH RISK OBSTETRICIAN.
      She was/is a family practice physician with a focus on abused children. She was capable of delivering babies as a FPP. She was NOT capable of attending ANY high risk births. She would NEVER EVER be able to induce or deliver Sarah at MatSu.
      The whole story is a poorly contrived lie which obviously needed a better script.
      That CBJ and MatSu never clear their names (Which would NOT violate HIPAA because by saying Sarah 's story is not true does not reveal who is TriG's birth mother) is the greatest mysyery and wekenst link to Sarah's entire story.
      So easy to crack if the media was just interested in the story of the century so far..

    7. Anonymous9:29 AM

      Ahhh, 8:45, the thing you overlooked is that unlike what you are used to at c4p, we do try to correct misconceptions and cite whatever source we use. In this case it was personal experience. Perhaps you should head back to c4p, where reality and facts go to die. Breitbart, hahahahahaha!

    8. Anonymous9:36 AM

      8:45, better scamper back to the pee pond! I "herd" Norton just posted his latest profound insight, while using the spelling skills of a second grader and korn just started yet another drivel with, "for what it's worth"! Hey Krusty, news flash! Your annoying as hell and your stupid pabulum is not worth anything!

    9. Boscoe10:49 AM

      To me, the most telling thing is Palin's own shifting story. She claimed repeatedly that she "gave birth" at mat-Su right up until people started pointing out Mat-Su wasn't equipped and would have flown her to Anchorage.

      Then she suddenly started claiming Trig was born in Anchorage before she stopped mentioning it at all. BUSTED.

    10. Anonymous11:17 AM

      lol. "BUSTED". lol.

      Nobody cares Boscoe. Who is she busted by, you?

    11. Anonymous11:44 AM

      11:17 AM You are 'busted' as the Loser Troll who can't stay away from IM. You really get a kick out of showing your juvenile tendencies, eh?

    12. Anonymous11:52 AM

      8:45 AM The only 'imaginary scenario here is that Bristol Palin has found a Husband for her 4 BABIES! Will she birth another fatherless bastard again next year? 8 years, 4 babies, and still no husband. All of the Trial Daddies have safely fled to better women. While you are here, you'd better order some of Amazon's Organic baby formula for Sailor, we can hear her crying in the background. BWAHAHAHA, what a fool you are.

    13. Anonymous11:58 AM

      Don't we all know Sarah just had tight abs. At least, some of the time.

      She carried Trig just like her other prop.

    14. Anonymous12:39 PM

      So what 11:58? You have pictures no-one cares about.

    15. Anonymous1:15 PM

      @12:39 Your dumb ass must care, you responded. Are you the self appointed spokesperson for all of IM? You are a lone sheep.

    16. Anonymous1:40 PM

      And what of those picture no-one cares about? The question still stands, have they gotten anywhere in the last 7 years, any progress on the fake pregnancy story? How many times has everyone seen those pictures? Thousands? And yet no-one cares.

    17. Anonymous3:40 PM

      Keep telling yourself no one cares so you can sleep at night without pharmaceuticals.
      Lots and lots of people care and someday the whole world will know.
      Tight abs video on CNN 24/7 for three straight days!

    18. Anonymous3:59 PM

      1:40 PM - I care. Always have and always will.

    19. Anonymous4:33 PM

      This poster who obviously doesn't care has been commenting all over the place for weeks if not longer. No, this isn't an accusation that he is trying to cover up for the Palins. It's an accusation that's he's a jackass who spends a lot of time not caring about telling us that no one cares. He's wasting time telling us we're wasting time.

      lolololol, jackass.

    20. Anonymous6:52 PM

      I was induced on Tuesday afternoon after being admitted to the hospital with contractions 10 minutes apart Monday lunchtime. But that was my first baby, I hadn't already crunched out four with no drama, like Sarah.

    21. Anonymous7:33 AM

      By matsu saying there's no record of birth,means baby trig wasn't born there,period.

    22. Anonymous8:34 AM

      You can be in labor,but not progressing. With second child I leaked,was admitted. After a while,and not progressing they gave me med to hold between my lip and teeth to move labor along. If she leaked,and labor wasn't iminate,she would have been airlifted to Anchorage. But,her only visit with *the puppy,was in the back door and out the front door. $100,000 Matsu Miracle Delivery,huh..screech!?!

  12. Mama Rat is in full blown panic mode, the writing is on the wall. The grift is coming to an end, there's better grifters now and the way she is stroking Trump's balls daily, honestly it's quite enjoyable watching her grovel and try to stay relevant..the best part is whenever there's a Palin story the comment sections come alive, and nobody like's her, nobody

    1. Anonymous7:44 AM

      Yeah according to the IMers, she has been in 'full blown panic mode' for 7 years now etc etc. Probably not so much really. Probably doing just fine.

    2. Anonymous8:04 AM

      I'll go ahead and write the response for you IMers... "looks like Gryph struck a nerve" lol.

    3. Anonymous8:07 AM

      7:44, she may not be in panic mode, but has to realize that the parade has passed her by.

    4. Anonymous8:21 AM

      7:44/8:03 loves it here, the fool can't stay away.

    5. Anonymous4:39 PM

      So, what if it has taken all these years? Maybe a thousand little cuts is better than one big chop. I think we're going to see a lot more of both.

      I'll laugh my ass off when she finally and completely gets outed. I hope John McCain is still alive she I can laugh my ass off at him, too.

      I may be pathetic to waste some time coming here to see what kind of shenanigans Sarah and Bristol are up to, but a person who wastes time coming here to tell us how we're wasting out time is far more pathetic.

  13. I've said this before and I'll say it again...Baldy is PROTECTED! The big boys in the Republican Party hate her guts and underestimated her stupidity and the Toads cunning ability to pimp his wife. Those blackmail videos are in locked and in the vault guarded by Baldy's lawyer Timwhatever.

    That's why she can say and do anything in the press and get away with it. Baldy already conquered the Seven Mountains...that's why she so smug. She knows her fake pregnancy will NEVER be exposed. Also too for Beefy. Who will keep on spreading those legs and having babies with different daddies....she learned this from the arthritic knee of her retarded mother.

    The Toad has skipped out on the old know he can't stand to be in her presence for longer than five minutes...just long enough to drop off her weekly "meth"...uhh I mean "meds" and then back to his young girlfriend/boyfriend! LOL!!

    She's just a toothless bald headed retard who has no power but is too stupid to know it. Personally I enjoy her for the constant entertainment she provides. Thanks to her and dumbass Dump she's killing off the Republican Party which was her AIP plan in the first place.

    Baldy hates the Good Old Boys...she always has and she always will. They hate her stank ass also,too! LOL!

    1. Olivia8:09 AM

      Oh,Gina; lovely to see you here. You are missed!

    2. Anonymous8:13 AM

      Yeah Gina, it is all fun and games watching Trump and Palin destroy the GOP. BUT, what they have created in the process is much more dangerous to America. They own the armed, Christian conservative, tea party, hate fueled element that used to be a disorganized fring element of society. They have inspired and encouraged America's version of ISIS. I think I would rather deal with the Republican party.

    3. WakeUpAmerica8:23 AM

      Welcome back. You crack me up.

    4. Anonymous8:24 AM

      Butt only after they all stood in line to FUCK IT while blowjobers stood the other direction.
      That is the real reason she hates them, they not Pa"y"linme$$ anymore.

    5. Anonymous9:15 AM

      The hoax is already exposed by and to intelligent people ....that's why Baldy only goes to very select cities and events. She knows what awaits her in intelligent circles.

    6. Anonymous9:29 AM

      LMAO GinaM- tell it like it is!

      You got it right about the Good Old Boys! Not enough shit to grift or steal to have $arah and the GOBs sharing, and they all know there is no honor among thieves.

      But-the fix that keeps her boat afloat isn't what she knows or has on the others.

      She's protected just like so many of the chimos and kiddie rapers in the churches and high political offices, and it is ALMOST NEVER classic blackmail in these type of cases that keeps the perps on the loose and continuing to offend.

      It's ALMOST NEVER real blackmail that leads to the cover-up. It usually isn't even something like Mutually Assured Destruction that stops truth and justice. It is usually the embarrassment and repercussions that would be caused if the truth about the crimes got out. Lots of times we find that the offenders should have NEVER been placed in a position of power. (Building a building on land Wasilla doesn't own? lol) USUALLY we find that failing to promptly remove and PROSECUTE the perps when the first offenses are discovered leads to additional crimes and victims.

      I don't think there is much involved with the Palin situation except the Republican party in 2008 put a grossly unqualified half wit imbecile on the road to the White House. Her real appealing qualifications? A flicking tongue and flashing her boobs and legs and yelling scary Kenyan and Bill Ayres warnings! Sarah went off the reservation on the campaign trail also too. The so called (non existent) vetting was deficient to say the least. The Republicans are a little reluctant to admit any of this. Conservatives and Republicans are even less interested in discussing HOW this Palin VP nomination could have been allowed to happen.

      Luckily in 2008 it was slightly LESS than half the voters who thought she and her fool of a running mate were all that and so USA!!! sent her and her pillaging family back to Alaska. With all the Neiman Marcus loot and silk manties they could charge to the RNC! Whereupon she promptly and completely melted down and QUIT her job again. Then she ran for reality tv and political PACing.

      Not surprisingly we now see that the Palins were much less successful than the Duggars and Mama June and Honey BooBoo at reality tv. The attempt to show the Palin athletic skills with things like DWTS and hunting shows also failed. The SarahPAcing? bwahahaaha.


      A special shout out to you GinaM for making me lol EVERY time you post here. I can't imagine what you will have for Sarah and her buttpuppets when that can of whoopass gets opened on the coverup.



    7. Anonymous9:30 AM

      A day without GinaM is a day without sunshine.

      GinaM is my hero.

    8. Anonymous10:48 AM

      GinaM: Just. Go. Away. Forever.

    9. Anonymous11:13 AM

      It was so much nicer when GinaM was gone. The comments were more adult in nature.

    10. Anonymous11:36 AM

      11:13 AM Since when? Gina adds some spice to the blog. If you don't like her comments, don't read them. You are showing your apparent jealousy

    11. Anonymous12:23 PM

      Cannot stand GinaM. Juvenile, obnoxious, repetitive, and not at all funny.

    12. Anonymous1:11 PM

      12:23 PM That is only one asshole's opinion.

    13. What up 10:48...11:13 ANDDDD 12:23pm! I always have love for my matter how fucked up in the head they are....they still my motherfuckin homies!

      *GinaM fist bumps with hand explosion to her trolls*


    14. Actually Gina this troll has a massive hard on for you, and has been shoveling comments your way all morning.

      I finally had to turn of the tap just to keep them from overwhelming the comments section. There were well over a dozen of more.

      I think it might be love.

    15. Anonymous1:44 PM

      Keep On Keeping On GinaM!

      Fuck the h8trz.

    16. Anonymous2:05 PM

      Gina used to rub me the wrong way too. Then I realized she is the Don Rickles of IM ... and makes me laugh every time!

    17. main man! For real?? Baldy's retarded troll tryin' to get at me huh! Hehehehehe!

      I betcha madder than a mofo for you putting them on blast!

      *GinaM giving not one...but two middle fingers to her personal troll*


      2:05PM "Don Rickles" eh'...okay I'll guess he'll do! LOL!!

    18. Anita Winecooler5:02 PM

      Gina M! Welcome back!!! You have some lovely trolls. They're just jealous of your beauty and grace, amitrite???? You know I am.

    19. Anita...hey gurrrl!

      Yeah the troll be sweating my "beauty"! It's either my beak nose or my triple chin...not sure which gets their motor going!


    20. Crystal Sage8:37 PM

      I was just going to comment that Gryph's latest post hit a nerve and then you return! The Pee Pond Scum must be beside themselves. Palin is but a distant distraction given Trump's ability to suck the air out of everywhere he visits.

    21. Uh oh Crystal...I might have to skip on over for a visit to Crazies4Baldy Institution...wearing a disguise of course...and see what the nutballs have been up to!

      I hope my favorite tree is still in the "Day Room" (Open Thread)'s a great place to hide behind and observe the crazies in action. That "stlouis" guy makes me a tad bit nervous! So if I'm not back in an hour...send somebody to rescue me!


    22. Anonymous7:48 AM

      Gina,I wonder if your troll/admirer is the same one that has their head buried up janice s. ass lately? Gryph?

  14. Anonymous7:47 AM

    Wait - someone thinks Brisket has already popped? Does anyone know who her baby daddy is? Or will we have to wait for the inevitable child support suit?

  15. Anonymous7:48 AM

    Are Saracudda & Tood even together anymore?

    1. Anonymous8:33 AM

      Good question. Why didvWillow and Molly go with Sarah to her first two signings? Who accompanied Sarah to California?

    2. Anonymous10:55 AM

      Toad hasn't been sighted in ages. SP and Bristles are obviously at each others' throats and haven't been photographed together since last May.

      SP is using Molly and Willing, and probably thinking of putting a muzzle on Piker and putting her back to work as mommy's prop, also too.

    3. One thing you know for sure, Anon10:55AM, Sarah will never EVER drag Trig along as a prop like she did in 2009 and 2010 because he's 1) not comfortable around her, and 2) is not quiet and obedient unless he's been medicated, as was the case when she dragged him down to Arizona to campaign for Arpaio in 2011.

      Can't have a 7 year old reeling in medicated confusion at her side; or unmedicated, running around like a normal unrestrained kid.

      Nope. The job (both Mom's prop, and Trig wrangler) is Piper's, for as long as she can take/stand it.

    4. Anonymous4:43 PM

      I'm sure Todd is busy driving Trig to and from school and to all his therapy appointments and helping Piper with her homework.


    5. Anonymous7:03 PM

      yeah and does that Idaho Insurance Fraud investigator own a car wash in Florida sweetie?

  16. Anonymous7:50 AM

    One possibility that might get Sarah Palin exposed would be the RNC and GOP's willingness to use her as a scapegoat.

    We know now how the GOP feels about Donald Trump, with Cheney, Preibus, and RINOS, even tea partiers, and now even Israeli PM Netanyahu on the list. They absolutely want him off the candidate's list. He is a real problem for them now. What better way to get rid of him by exposing what they know about Sarah Palin's wild ride and pregnancy hoax; by exposing Palin's hoax to voters and evangelicals, it shows how dishonest she's always been and shows how little she cares about 'country first' and would endorse anyone that could give HER lucrative deals and selfish opportunity. Media and the nation would be so shocked (well conservative groups) at the revelation, that they'd turn their allegiances to those who never had anything to do with Palin, hence Jeb! or Graham or Rubio or Christie; anyone that wasn't in Palin's little circle like Cruz, Carson and of course Trump. It would give the RINOS some chance at redemption in the eyes of voters and get things back to normal. No more theatrics, charisma, fake christian pledges, hateful rhetoric, etc. etc. etc.

    I think the RNC right now should consider this move. Get Karl Rove on board, he'll do it.

    1. Anonymous8:03 AM

      Lol, you must be one of Obama's "dreamers".

      The GOP could not give two shits about Palin either as a liability or an asset lol. She is yesterdays and a half news.

    2. Anonymous8:18 AM

      8:03 the lol troll is still trying to stir up more bullshit. Get a life.

    3. Anonymous8:29 AM

      If that were true 803, we wouldn't see the likes of you here on damage control duty, now would we.
      Have a great day.

    4. Anonymous8:36 AM

      Thats right 8:29, I'm on damage control because 'you all have struck a nerve and Palin is in full blown panic mode' lololol.

    5. Anonymous8:40 AM

      8:03 is here for another juvenile orgasm from self stimulation. The truth bothers 'it'.

    6. Anonymous8:52 AM

      They'd have to toss McCain under that freight train as well as Palin. Not gonna happen. Sadly.

    7. Anonymous9:12 AM

      Things have gotten so dull and boring at c4p that a few of them come here for excitement, right 8:03?

    8. Anonymous9:23 AM

      Won't happen. At least not until John McCain passes away. Period.

    9. Anonymous9:25 AM

      McCain 8:52? He doesn't even acknowledge Palin even ever existed anymore... he had no problem getting re-elected and he doesn't have any concerns about her or getting dragged down by her. That of course is not what you wish, but it is the reality.

      The truth, is that there really is nothing that earth shattering about Palin, even if the birth story proved true with factual proof, really nobody cares.

    10. Anonymous9:51 AM

      8:52 AM


    11. Anonymous11:33 AM

      8:36 AM Are you still here trying to get that elusive Troll Juvenile Orgasm? Did your Mother give birth to any sane babies?

    12. Anonymous11:46 AM

      Too little, too late Anon 7:50. Trump has far out-assed Palin in the dumpster-diver, bottom-feeder, aliterate category of public idiots.

    13. Anonymous11:56 AM

      OMG I said this a few years ago...but now it really could be a viable plan. The COP can do a major "mea cupa" starting with Sarah. Expose her as a sacrifice.
      Works for me!

    14. Anonymous12:44 PM

      11:33 still using the dumb Troll word eh?

      Let me help you out:

      Now I am as internet cool as you!

    15. Anonymous12:48 PM

      Expose her for what 11:56, being a long ago retired ex governor? Not much there really lol.

    16. Anonymous1:10 PM

      11:46 AM/ 12:48 PM What could be more juvenile than using 'lol' after every one of your stupid comments? Retired ex governor? Let me help you out: Sarah Palin Quit half term to avoid being impeached for ethics charges. lol that, assclown. Is SarahPac paying you for your kiddy comments?

    17. Anonymous1:28 PM

      And 1:10, so what if she quit half term to avoid being impeached? So what? She can't be impeached now.


    18. Dumbass troll is an escapee from the Asylum aka Crazies4Baldy! Dead giveaway...referring to Baldy as a "retired ex governor"!

      Hmmmmm...since there is only 6 of the nut balls left over there shouldn't be too hard to figure out which one is over here shitting all over the comments!

      *insert Jeopardy music*

      To Be Contnued.....


    19. Anonymous2:57 PM

      O.K. 1:28 PM Now I see that you are mentally impaired. Also, you are too stupid to understand that quitting is not the same as retiring. When will Bristol Palin 'RETIRE' from bar-hopping while her 4 babiesssss are at home with cousins? But carry on with your childish comments, troll. The exposure of Bristol Palin's and Sarah Palin's Trig hoax, and 3 more of Bristol's bastard babies has gotten to all of you paid Palin flunkies. We expect to see your ignorant drivel throughout the evening. Get your grubby little fingers ready for a 'wild ride'.

    20. Anonymous3:38 PM

      Well it is easy enough to change then if it will make you happier:

      "Expose her for what 11:56, being a long ago QUITTER ex governor? Not much there really lol."

      But the premise still stands doesn't it? You don't have shit but the garbage you losers pass back and forth between IM and crazy Litmans blog. If a comment passes back and forth 3 times between the blogs it becomes the truth apparently lol.

      I'll be sure to remember your comment 2:57, and remind you- a year from now, when you are still here trying spouting the same bullshit, thinking you are going to expose some big hoax, and still predicting Palins demise lol. As she is still getting press and making money lol.

    21. Anonymous3:45 PM

      Expose her for sticking fucking chair cushion in her panties and calling it TriG.

    22. I like this troll @ 3:38...notice that it hangs out on the Baldy post...constantly trying to remind us that Baldy still gets "press" and paid...never mind the press is usually about what fucked up shit she spewed or crappy book she's long as they spell her name's all good...according to the dumbass troll....I can get with that!

      The dumbass troll is a year we'll still be talking about stupid ass Baldy...I'm just glad it won't be as President Baldy! LOL!!!

      Play on player! LOL!!!

    23. Anonymous5:09 PM

      3:38 PM A year from now you will still be trolling IM for damage control of all things Palin. By then your lols will be approaching 1000. Your lack of maturity is apparent, and your Palin ass kissing shows that you are delusional. Your heroine will still be begging for speaking engagements with no subject matter. Bristol Palin will have 'squirted out' another bastard with an unknown father, and you,troll, will still be here spitting out lols. When you enter into a battle of wits, don't come to the battle unarmed.

    24. Anonymous5:13 PM

      @3:38 PM Is that you Gary? Are you still licking Sarah's butthole? Be careful, she does not practice good hygiene. Todd finally woke up and found better seeds to sow, what is your excuse?

    25. Anonymous7:09 PM

      Think about this...your the richest family in the world and it's not 1920 yet...Shit hits the fan...some die...some escape! Who escaped? Where is that money? Well a recent DNA test has prompted Russia to exhume bodies...and they are going for more...see when there is a 'living Romanov' when the USA LIED about it in 2009? UN knows...and has the DNA test!
      So folks - what Sarah and those have done will be chumpchange when 'you know who' gets to Geneva...
      Gosh isn't there an episode now of ISIS threatening them?
      Sarah - it's all coming out!
      Can't distract it anymore deary!

    26. Anonymous8:47 PM

      To anon@338p: you are one pathetic f*ck
      To anon@709p: God love you
      To GinaM: rock on, girl

  17. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Speaking of planes, I recall an email talking about cost to fly Todd, Bristol and Willow commercial in Dec 2007 to Juneau. This would've been for the open house or around that time.

    They left a couple days after Sarah and Piper if I recall.

  18. Anonymous8:19 AM

    When Frank B said Sarah frequently read up on her work related things, I recall he actually defended her on some Fox show, did he mean AT work?

  19. Anonymous8:51 AM

    That really is all she is a grifter. She doesn't work. So ignorant she is. Ick. She deserves to be left all alone with trig.

    1. Cracklin Charlie11:22 AM

      But Trig doesn't deserve that fate. Leave him with someone who will actually take care of him.

      Let's just leave Sarah somewhere all alone.

    2. Anonymous11:47 AM


    3. Cracklin Charlie7:11 AM

      I don't know...anywhere. As long as she can't find her way back.

      Can Sarah swim?

  20. Anonymous9:02 AM

    I always thought she looked like Cheney's little sister in this pic. Gross.

    1. Anonymous9:23 AM

      I can see that!

    2. Anita Winecooler5:06 PM

      More like Cheyney's and Ann Coulter's love child, in vitro, of course.

  21. Anonymous10:59 AM

    After leaking amniotic fluid on a stage in front of strangers and leaking amniotic fluid in her G-String and after having flown 20 hours long distance from Texas back to Alaska and after leaking amniotic fluid in her G-String on the airplane and after leaving hazmat fluid on her airplane seat cushion and after dropping hazmat fluid down the airplane aisle and throughout the airport, these two dumbfucks get into a car without any Alaskan State Trooper escort in the snowy cold Alaskan night and drive past hospitals that are well equipped to handle high risk child births to go to some hospital to meet Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson somewhere deep down in who knows where to deliver a high risk DS baby with a whole in his heart then didn't she ends up taking this baby to her infectious work?

    And Donald Trump wants this idiot in his administration if he becomes president?

    Lord help us

    1. Anonymous11:16 AM

      And Donald Trump wants this idiot in his administration if he becomes president?
      Says and does are two different entities.

    2. Anonymous11:30 AM

      'Obvi' Sarah Palin's 'Convo' about an amniotic fluid leak was as fake as Tri-g's birth at Matsu. If a Hospital's staff covered up my lies about giving birth, I would use SarahPac to donate/pay them off $100,000.00 to show my gratitude. That is much more than Sarah ever donated in total to political candidates. SarahPac is Sarah Palin's personal slush fund.

    3. Anonymous11:43 AM

      Wasn't Creepy Chuck Sr. the one responsible for adding the leaking fluid part?

    4. Anonymous11:46 AM

      Idiots attract.

    5. Anonymous11:55 AM

      This explains why multimillionaire Sarah Palin's children didn't go to college.

      Currently the Alaska City Colleges do not offer any degrees in UM's and UH's.

      Sarah Palin is such a polished speaker after attending 5 colleges to get one degree in journalism.

    6. Anonymous2:32 PM

      Sarah doesn't have a college degree. She changed the type of degree 3 times since she hit the national spotlight. She is simply a narcissist and pathological liar like trump.

    7. Anonymous4:27 PM

      chuck_tard sr ( squinty eyed, pedophile sick fuk ) also claimed to have personally watched trig squirt out in the "hospital" ...

    8. Anita Winecooler5:11 PM

      Believe it or not, Amniotic fluid is considered a hazardous material. My thwunk sil broke her water in the emergency room waiting area, I tried my best to make believe we didn't know each other, and they made me go back. The procedure is harrowing, can't imagine it happening on a commercial flight.

    9. Anonymous6:40 PM

      hey 4:27, Trig didn't "squirt" out!

      He "popped" out.

      Please get your obstetrical terms right.

    10. Anonymous7:05 PM

      popped/squirt; it's all bullshit, anyoldhow ...

    11. Anonymous8:45 PM

      The don will be less than zero, sarah you need to do this i gave you a part in my admin. Dont worry the don will make her pay.

  22. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Dick Cheney and George Bush are innocent like Sarah Palin. They are not in prison. Americans don't want justice for all the humans that were maimed or killed by their lies and cover ups.

    Poop on things like justice and righting wrongs.

    That is the Republican Way.

    It is time to set up a new charity and scam off the liar's wars. Give them $20. and they will promise to send $2. to operate a scheme that claims to do something for the wounded. The new America.

  23. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Sarah Palin took three days' maternity leave after the birth of her son Trig Paxson Van Palin last April.

    At her request, her spokesperson announced that Palin would, however, take time off for medical appointments, physical therapy and "whatever Trig needed".

    Excuse me, if Sarah Palin took time off for Trigg's needs then why is Piper known as the Trigg Whisperer and is the only one who can interpret what Trigg is saying and is the only one who knows what he wants?

    Sarah what did you say?

    Sarah what is Ummmm uhhhh?

    1. Anonymous3:47 PM

      She named him TRIG>!

    2. *giggle* @ 3:47pm alright there? A little tightly wound...might wanna drink a glass a wine or two or really helps with stress...just sayin.

    3. Anonymous9:56 PM

      I think he's gonna need more than wine, Gina. Electrical shock therapy might work but then again, it could be the cause rather than the cure.

    4. Anonymous2:21 AM

      Gna I get sick of people who try to nme him Trigg. I think they are Palin plants.
      Sarah named him Trig, short for trisomy G, and I do my pat to keep that truth out there.

    5. Anonymous8:54 AM

      Gees why let an extra g or p get your tits in a twist?

    6. Anonymous8:55 AM

      Hi Gina,glad you're back! ;-)

  24. Janice A Soderquist12:21 PM

    Well, grab your popcorn, you thought Sarah had a story.
    Now we have to though all this again with Bristol's birth, who is the baby father, suing for child support, on and on.
    She will have as much gossip and press as Sarah did. But people are not afraid of Bristol, people will start talking for money and interviews. Hope it starts with Dakota...

  25. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Sarah Palin are you teaching Trig to sign or are you too busy kissing Donald Trump's ass?

    "Santa signing to child" on YouTube

  26. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Lay off of Sarah Palin, she's doing the best she can. Sarah is campaigning for Donald Trump the Great White Hope, campaigned for John McCain the Great White Hope who lost to a Muslim (so they say), married Todd, gave birth to Track (some say he is Menard III), fertile Bristol, GED Willow, Piper the Trig Whisperer and the jury is out regarding the birth of Trig and is also struggling with Sweet Freedom. So please people this woman has had a hard life.

    1. Anonymous8:40 PM

      Oh and was porked in her sisters dorm room by another man than her soon to be husband. Or so the truth goes.

  27. Anonymous2:20 PM

    If you think the facial expression of Sarah Palin in the top picture from the website below is a one of a kind, scroll down to the second picture. Now what do you think? Maybe DNA is at fault?

    1. Anonymous3:26 PM

      These compliments from the website above are too nice for Sarah:

      The problem with Sarah Palin is not that she’s an idiot.  The problem is that she’s proud of her stupidity.  She feels no remorse at telling people to feel outraged about things that didn’t happen.  It doesn’t occur to her that positions she takes don’t make sense. She isn’t smart enough to understand the word “hypocrisy,”

    2. Anonymous3:31 PM

      Creepy Chuckie and Easy Sally who is at fault? One or both of you gave Sarah the DNA that makes her look like that.

    3. Anonymous3:38 PM

      I think maybe Sarah only put on 1/4 of her makeup she normally wears and those facial expressions are the results of what wasn't covered up?

  28. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Hey Troll pay careful attention to the bad news I am about to give you.

    Sarah Palin was fired by the people actually running the Alaskan Republican Party.


    1. Anonymous10:50 PM

      Noooooo not Sarah Palin :(

  29. Anonymous11:02 PM

    12:18 said:
    Excuse me, if Sarah Palin took time off for Trigg's needs then why is Piper known as the Trigg Whisperer and is the only one who can interpret what Trigg is saying and is the only one who knows what he wants? 

    Anonymous3:47 PM replied:

    She named him TRIG>!


    FYI 3:47

    Trigg with two g's was just a play on words.

    Tri"pp" Tri"gg"

    Anon 3:47 hope you didn't have a stroke

    1. Anonymous6:53 AM

      Trigg and Tripe. Ya,mom's hung up on 2ps for tripe,but never mind she names her special needs child for his condition. The Ultimate Hypocracy,you bitches.

  30. Anonymous11:22 PM

    "Mom tell her to stop", baaaahaaaahaaaaa. Bristol will always be a dysfunctional child who enjoys making bastard babies. She could care less about their futures.

  31. Janice A Soderquist12:09 AM

    If Sarah was leaking everywhere, plane included, was she wearing pads in her panties. If not, the fluid would go through her pants, unsanitary, stinky for that long and noticable. Did she care. If she did not have pads, she would have to put something down there which you would think would look funny for her walking, stuffed panties. Did she ask the steward's for pads or assistance. I read a while back that no one on the plane noticed she was pg at all...did she change pants before her flight, if not she was wearing wet pants or slacks the whole plane ride.

    1. Anonymous9:38 AM


      They have a known anti-Palin bias.

  32. Anonymous6:46 AM

    When you leak,which I did..they advice you to go straight to the hospital because of risk of infection. You cant control it with your bladder muscles. It just flows out. All the more reason to believe she wouldn't have boarded the plane,period.


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