Thursday, December 24, 2015

Man punches child in face for getting ready for church too slowly. Wow, church is tougher than I remember.

Courtesy of News 6:  

A 49-year-old man was arrested Sunday in Orange County on allegations of punching a child in the face because the child wasn't getting ready for church quickly enough. 

Angel Rivera was arrested on charges of child abuse and battery (domestic violence). 

According to the Orange County Sheriff's Office, the child, whose age was not released, was getting ready to go to church with Rivera, but the child was having trouble putting on shoes because of an ankle brace. 

According to deputies, the child said Rivera got upset, so the child went into a room and tried to close the door. 

Rivera tried to stop the child, but the door hit him in the face, deputies said. Rivera was able to get into the room and punched the child in the face, deputies said. The child, who was bleeding and had a black and blue eye, was taken to a hospital, deputies said.

Who punches a kid with an ankle brace for not getting his shoes on fast enough? I mean did this asshole even try to help the child?

You know I keep hearing how Christians are supposed to be my moral superior, but I really don't see it.


(H/T to Raw Story.)


  1. Anonymous3:13 AM

    Orange County Florida not Orange County California

    Anyone wondering about Trump's tea party spokesperson we've been seeing on TV a lot recently might enjoy this article from a couple of years ago

    She's also wondered what good are having nuclear weapons if we're afraid to use them

  2. Anonymous3:17 AM

    Oh yeah. I get that. Been on the receiving end.
    Fucked up.
    I'm an atheist nwo lol.

  3. Anonymous5:10 AM

    Fuck you, Angel Rivera!

  4. Anonymous5:45 AM

    Christians will complain,"Oh,but he's not a real Christian". Yes he is.

    1. Anonymous6:45 AM

      Yeah well, I'm not a christian, but this has nothing to do with any faith or religion, and every thing to do with child abuse and a child abuser. It is sick that Gryph has no scruples using a child abuse case just to push a christian hating agenda.

    2. but this has nothing to do with any faith or religion

      That's precisely Gryphen's point. These things (sadly) still happen, despite the perp's self-identification as a Christian. Perhaps you didn't read the article all the way to the last two lines: You know I keep hearing how Christians are supposed to be my moral superior, but I really don't see it. … Ever.

      It is sick that …

      Many things in this world can seem "sick" to a person who just doesn't understand the point being made.

      a christian hating agenda

      It's a really cheap debating trick to call negative criticism "hate" as a way of denying the validity of the criticism—implying that the thing being criticized is not so bad; criticizers are doing it because they are "haters" with an "agenda".

      What's being criticized in the article is not the child abuse per se—the nastiness of the abuse should be self-evident—but rather that it took place while the family was getting ready for church despite the alleged moral superiority of Christians.

    3. Anonymous9:07 AM

      Ted, can you do one thing for Christmas, a present for all of us, will you please down a 44 ounce big gulp of STFU!!

    4. Anonymous10:26 AM


      Some of us like to read what Ted has to say. He's a rare intellectual amongst the overburden of cretins that reside in the comments sections of this blog and it's refreshing to hear his viewpoint.

      Obviously, given the rude tone and obscene language of your comment, you are one of the very cretins to whom I refer above. You are the one bringing down the tone of conversation here, you and your ignorant friends. It's getting rather tiresome, so hey, why don't you grow up or go away?

    5. Ted, can you do one thing for Christmas, …

      There is something I do every day of the year. I put my name on every comment I post. On this blog, as on many others, the name—when there is one—appears ahead of the actual comment. This means (pointing out what ought to be obvious) that you, whoever you are, and anybody else, can skip over my comments if you find them so upsetting. If you can't control your own eyeballs, you really are in a sorry state.

      An "Anonymous" comment can be justified in some cases, but using it simply to issue personal abuse against Gryphen or another commenter, without standing behind it with so much as using a handle, is cowardice.

  5. Anonymous7:14 AM

    ...While a significant portion of Americans still follow Christianity, the percentage has steadily fallen since 2008, when 80 percent of Americans identified as Christians.

    But as fewer associate themselves with Christianity, more are identifying themselves as people with no religious affiliation. The percentage of Americans who follow no religion has risen from 14.6 percent in 2008 to 19.6 percent this year.

    Meanwhile, the percentage of Americans who follow a non-Christian religion remains largely unchanged from 2008, still hovering around 5 percent.

    Christianity remains the dominant religion in the U.S. Of those who identify with a religion, 95 percent are Christians — 24 percent are Catholic, 50 percent Protestant or members of another non-Catholic Christian religion and 2 percent are Mormon.

    The Gallup survey finds younger Americans are less likely to identify with Christianity and increasingly likely to have no religious affiliation. More than 80 percent of people 50 and older identify as Christians, while only 62 percent of 18- to 29-year-olds say the same. More than 30 percent of the younger age group claims no religion, in stark contrast to those over 50.

  6. Anonymous7:27 AM

    His name is 'Angel'? And he punched a kid for being slow to get ready to go to church? Oxymoron. Or maybe just plain old MORON.

    He looks like a poster child for evolution - the fact that some actually evolve, while other are left at an earlier, stage of human development.

  7. Anonymous8:41 AM

    I had a friend who's mother was a heavy duty catholic.Once when it was snowing really bad and they were unable to get to church my friend said "yeah we don't have to go to church". His mother slapped him across the face so hard it knocked him down and said "Never be happy about not going to church". He was five.He was alot younger than his brother and she had "mellowed" a bit.When his brother was young she use to beat him with a belt when they got home from church for fidgeting.Needless to say my friend and his brother are both atheists.

  8. Anonymous8:56 AM

    I wonder how the child's leg/foot were injured in the first place.
    But I guess it's not much different than scaring kids that God will get them if they do anything wrong. Nothing like instilling such fear in a child for no reason.

  9. Anonymous9:20 AM

    I have wisdom from experience now that abusive parents and spouses can compartmentalize their abuse from the devout religious person they maintain in public. Married man having serial affairs? Go to mass with perfectly behaved kids every Sunday! Start beating your wife? Pretend you are Catholic, take communion to sing in the choir then lie the wife hit you!

  10. Anonymous10:21 AM

    The man looks a little "off" so he probably does have some anger issues due to mental retardation.

  11. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Couple of things come to mind. One, the child is not his and he is not married to the child's mother. However, the mother puts up with him, and likely supports him, because she knows deep inside he's a good man and if the kid had just moved a bit more quickly .....

    The other is the child is his, but the baby mama left while she could, never having wanted the kid in the first place.

    Whatever, I hope the child is removed from his care, if you can call it that, and is lucky enough to be placed in a caring home as far away from him as possible.

    He could have been born predisposed to violence, or he could be the victim of his own parents' abuse, or he could have a diagnosable mental disorder. Those are separate issues from his religion and his lack of control. I expect there have been other incidents (poor kid) of violence that had nothing to do with religion.


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