Tuesday, December 08, 2015

On last night's Daily Show there was a shift in the matrix.

Damn, you almost forget how good Jon Stewart was at driving home his point.

That was incredibly powerful, and if I were Mitch McConnell I would think about getting some stitches, because Stewart just ripped him a new one.

I like Trevor Noah, but I freaking idolize Jon Stewart.


  1. Anonymous4:33 PM

    He NEEDS to run for office. Your country needs your voice, Jon.


  2. I do miss Jon and I don't blame him for leaving the show.
    He didn't owe any of us anything.

    Not sure what the direction he heads next, but America is in desperate need of voices who are tenacious and not afraid to call out the nay sayers, the do nothings, and the smugly complacent who wrap themselves in patriotism.

  3. Trevor Noah is a good guy. He is a good comedian. But he is no Jon Stewart.

    Jon Stewart made changes happen here in America in a way few others have been able to do. He was able to point out the truth, coupled with humor, in a way that it was impossible to deny. Stephen Colbert was also excellent at this, but Jon was the master.

    I hope he does more of this, coming onto the show when he is passionate about a subject and speaking about it, the Zadgora Act would never have passed in the first place without him.

  4. Anonymous5:51 PM

    I tried calling McConnell's office several times today. Kept getting a message about heavy call volume before it cut me off. Sent an email. Swamp his office with complaints. He's trying to get concessions from Democrats to vote on this. Piece of shit!

  5. Last night proved it: Trevor Noah is a pale comparison to Jon Stewart. It's not his fault. No one could fill Jon's shoes. Trevor is pleasant enough but he's no Jon. I hope Jon comes back on air in some capacity, this country needs his voice desperately.

    1. I know Trevor Noah was Jon's pick, but I still feel it was a mistake.

      I think there were several candidates, some women, that would have made better replacements.


  7. Anonymous7:06 PM

    If the citizens of this country paid attention to exactly what our elected representatives were doing (especially how they were voting on issues that concern us) and called their offices and let them know we are paying attention and expect them to actually work hard to fix difficult problems, then a whole lot more would get done.
    Talking about issues only to each other in the internet echo chamber will get us nothing and allows our representatives to do nothing and think we don't notice.

    Make some noise people!

  8. Sharon8:18 PM

    Let us be realistic about all of this....if this country VOTED maybe we would get the right people elected. The GOP fuck nuts will vote against their own interests every day of the week and twice on Sunday. They lie lie lie to get elected then turn around and fuck you. Sen Portman had just voted to keep people on the terrorist watch lists the right to buy guns. Does it get worse than that???????????? Maybe I am just plain stupid but If we had super strict gun/ammo laws and assault weapon bans...wouldn't that stop a lot of these mass shootings?

    1. Anonymous5:21 AM

      The gun nuts always say tougher laws wouldn't have prevented the attacks but they fail to realize that if you have tougher laws that made it illegal for terrorist to get guns they would have to get them illegally and maybe get caught before they do any damage. We should also ban large magazines nobody has a legitimate need for one and if the shooters have to reload that gives people more of a chance to survive the attack.

  9. Anonymous9:48 PM

    this is nothing new. In World War Two they made the military a case study for sulfa. I guy my Dad knew was highly allergic and jumped ship.This is reality for troops, while Trump sits on his ass. I prefer a President that has seen war and knows the value of life.No one fits that criteria now.

    And by the way my husbands life was saved in Vietnam by a Muslim medic who would not carry a gun and everyone protected "Doc".

  10. LOL. He couldn't stay away for long.

    I guess he may be finding that now that his bully pulpit is gone, he doesn't have the influence he had before.

    I'm glad he still has the option of coming on The Daily Show when he needs to make a point.

    But I fear it only drives home the comparison that Trevor Noah is no Jon Stewart.

  11. Anonymous4:11 AM

    Our inept United States Congress proven once again. Total assholes - beginning with McConnell! Kentucky voters are nuts retaining him - he's too old - over tenured by a long shot - and one evil dude! Way past time that he goes!

    Thank you, Jon Stewart! Sure wish you were representing us in Congress, but I know you hate the politicians as much as I do. Especially Republicans!

  12. Leland11:20 AM

    I'm sorry to say this, but has anyone noticed that despite the importance of the subject Jon was touting, only one person here on this posting about it has directly commented on it?

    I agree with most of what was posted, but isn't it odd that no one other than Anonymous 5:51, and maybe Deb at 5:41 with her last paragraph, directly addressed the Act?

    Usually with a bill being mentioned or debated, a lot of people talk about signing a petition or emailing their Rep or Senator. Here? TWO. Well, three if you count me, because I have emailed about this act several times in the recent session. Of course, with Graham as my Senator, you know where my emails go, right?

    Uh huh. The round file. The trash bin. File 13. The dumpster. Call it what you will, my idiot senator doesn't seem to care a bit about people.

  13. Anonymous12:33 PM

    When Jon went to sit at the panel and there was only one man present, of the other 3 one had died and 2 were in the hospital, it was a punch in the gut.
    American needs more citizens like Jon Stewart.

  14. Anonymous3:42 PM

    We always screw our heroes. My former neighbor suffered for years and fought like the dickens with the VA to get help for Agent Orange poisoning from the gd vientman war. He weighed 80 lbs the day he died, and this was a proud soldier, six foot something tall and about 180 lbs of muscle most of his life. And we see this happening again and again. We step over our own to help others.
    Thanks Jon Stewart! I didn't realize how much I miss you on television.


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