Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Planned Parenthood shooter (Remember him?) claims that he is a "warrior for the babies."

Courtesy of USA Today: 

The man accused of killing three people during an attack on a Planned Parenthood clinic bellowed in court Wednesday that he is a "warrior for the babies." 

Robert Lewis Dear, 57, declared his guilt and said there would be no trial. He was in court to be formally advised of the 179 charges against him, including murder, after a shooting rampage Nov. 27 in Colorado Springs that also wounded nine people. 

Authorities said Dear mentioned "no more baby parts" during his arrest. Dear's attorney said the suspect's mental competency must be investigated before the case proceeds. 

“I’m a warrior for the babies,” Dear hollered, his wrists and and ankles shackled. Dear repeatedly interrupted his attorney during the hearing and said he wouldn't meet with him again. 

So for all of those folks on the Right desperately hoping that this guy was not an anti-abortion terrorist inspired by pro-life rhetoric, I guess your prayers went unanswered.

Of course fortunately for them a much more digestible terrorist attack has happened since so now the media will be focusing on that and completely forget this totally non-Muslim, non-ISIS related, terrorist attack.

Gee and here I was hoping that Donald Trump might call for the denying of all visas to pro-life members and fundamentalist Christians coming into this country.

No huh?


  1. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Awful, awful man! Pro-life my ass!

  2. Anonymous3:07 PM

    I think it is interesting about his girlfriend and her family.

    No media interest in all that. When did Dear become radicalized? Did Stephanie Bragg take him over the line? I guess we will never know.

    Dear isn't going to drag all his shit into a court of law.

  3. Anonymous3:33 PM

    I just clicked on this blog, started at the
    top and for a second thought the picture
    was Sarah Palin running her crazed mouth again!

  4. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Conservatives don't want to see this very inconvenient truth.

  5. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Look at this man. This 200+ pound jiggling jello-mold with hair thinks he's a savior? Defender of babies? You think he's got a gentle, nurturing way with women and children? No. He's a domestic abuser, but let's let him think he saved some babies whole murdering innocent people.

  6. Anonymous3:47 PM

    "warrior for the babies."

    Where did he get that warrior crap?

    He just came up with that on his own? He was living with a woman that was 'fragile' but a mess. She was a total freak about her group and the 'babies' deal. Now she has to be in hiding.

    If she or her organization brainwashed some crazy guy to freak out and kill, the public needs to know.

    Law enforcement doesn't seem to want to work.

    1. Anonymous4:13 PM

      Sarah Palin always spouted off about her drugged out son's 'Warrior Body'.

  7. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Isn't he in something called the Army of God?

    How is that in any way different from the Taliban or ISIL?

    Killing anyone who doesn't believe what you believe.

    God never said to do that. Listen up, people. Peace and love thy neighbor as thyself. It's hard to do, but practice it every day.

  8. Anonymous4:20 PM

    He's a chicken. Pleading guilty, but at least it saves the tax payers money (Warning Prison Rape Reference about to be made, might want to send the little ones off to bed) Dear Mr Dear, the key to survival is to make friends really quick with the others. Don't sashay into the showers showing off your baby parts. Kiss the gun goodbye, your warrior days are over.

    1. Planned Parenthood or not, can you now kill a white cop and escape the needle? We're gonna find out, I guess.

    2. Anonymous6:01 PM

      When he was radicalized he was also programmed what to do if he was taken alive?

    3. Anonymous6:31 PM

      Prison rape isn't a joke. As a society, we should be ashamed by it's prevalence.

    4. Anonymous6:42 AM

      6:31, no it isn't however whatever happens to this domestic terrorist in prison is well deserved.

  9. I just watched a little of Dear's court appearance and the guy made it absolutely clear that he believes Planned Parenthood just kills babies all day, and that he needed to stop them.

    He also thinks that his lawyer is working with Planned Parenthood.

    1. Anonymous4:59 PM

      Another insane right winger with a gun!!

    2. Anonymous6:48 AM

      He also thinks you should comb your hair with a rake, and that he committed this crime on the advise of the voices in his head. The gotp has ramped up these lunatics with all their hate speech/dog whistles to commit crimes upon those who believe differently than them.

  10. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Or, he was paid off or threatened in some way by the maker s of the fraudulent videos, who don't want their deep pocket sponsors known.

  11. Anonymous10:41 PM

    This Bitch AGAIN:

  12. AKinPA1:30 AM

    I wonder if Fiorino feels the slightest twinge of guilt about her blatant lies about the video after hearing this. I'm guessing her heart is as botoxed as her face.

  13. Anonymous6:37 AM

    The idiotic CSPD has refused to release the motive for this slaughter or disclose what type of weapon was used. Now Dear has cleared up any doubt as to the fact it was an act of domestic terrorism with Planned Parenthood being the target. Local authorities so didn't want the rest of the country to see that Robert Lewis Dear shares the same type of mindset of over 50% of the folks residing in El Paso County, old Christian white guy who is an anti-abortion gun nut. CS you've maintained your reputation for intolerance and bigotry once again.

  14. A social misfit like the pair from San Bernardino. Deciding either life in prison or death are preferable to the challenges of living and contributing to society in meaningful and positive ways. Their names will soon pass into obscurity.


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