Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Private school teacher in England upset that girls today are just "cramming their heads full of facts" instead of focusing on what's really important, finding a man.

Courtesy of the Independent:  

A private school teacher has complained about how "today's girls aren't going on nature walks or learning poetry off by heart - they're cramming their heads full of facts". 

Blanche Girouard, who teaches religious education at the £20,000 a year St Paul's Girls' School, also suggested girls were happier when they were simply expected to marry rather than go to university. 

Writing for The Oldie magazine, Ms Girouard praised an era when "everything seemed to be geared towards marriage" and "parents really didn't seem to care" about educating girls. 

Although she later acknowledges "it seems heinous that parents had such limited ambition for their bright daughters," she adds: "And yet there are aspects of that era that are enviable."

Gee is anybody else surprised that this comes from somebody who teaches "religious education?"

As you can imagine this did not exactly go over well with the parents with students in this school. It's always a little troubling when the person you pay to educate your child, instead slams the necessity for said education.

I kind of wonder if this Blanche woman is not simply expressing her frustration that getting an education interfered with her ability to land a man?

Either way that teacher REALLY needs to be fired.


  1. Anonymous9:06 AM

    I will ask my husband to read this to me, once he arrives home. In the meantime, I have to bake a cake and wrap myself in Saran Wrap, in anticipation of his return.

    1. Anonymous11:44 AM

      Just as log as you are barefoot and trying to get pregnant you are doing fine. But have you memorized a poem to entice your husband?

  2. Blanche sounds like the second coming of Phyllis Schlafly.

    1. Anonymous9:38 AM

      My thoughts exactly!

  3. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Kind of funny that I'm watching Pride and Prejudice on TCM right now. If the five Bennet sisters can't land husbands to support them they'll be up shit creek, since their father's property may only pass to a male heir, which doesn't include any of them! And of course none of them are fit to earn a living for themselves, even if that were possible for women in their position. No, the sisters' only hope is to land husbands to support them. So their mother puts all her effort into making that happen.

    Yeah, that's a system I'd sure like to revisit.


    1. Anonymous9:44 AM

      And those are the lucky ones. Think how horrific being a poor or lower class female was. You had two options, get lucky with a man who can earn money or whore yourself out.

    2. Anonymous11:46 AM

      @anon 9:44 am

      Oh there was a third option and that was becoming household help for someone else, working 18 yrs a day, with minimum food and wages, and don't forget they had the wonderful benefit of being sexually assaulted by their employer and his guests at any time.

    3. They are all fit to be governesses or Lady's Companions.

      But with three married off in a year and the connections of the older two, I'm sure the two younger sisters would have no trouble finding husbands with modest livings. Bingley and Darcy might even chip in a bit of a dowry to help get them married off.

      Aren't we grateful we have progressed from that time? At least a bit. Although we could take a page from some of it. Like courtesy, manners and providing for those less fortunate. We've lost some grace over time. But some of the abuses still persist.

  4. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Bet she's not married.

    1. Anonymous11:00 AM

      Wow, Sherlock! Did the Ms. part of the Ms. Girouard give it away?

    2. Anonymous11:47 AM

      @anon 11:00 am

      I've used Ms. instead of Mrs all the way through my whole 38 yr marriage.
      And one of the facts I filled my silly head with is that Ms. gives no indication of being married or not.

    3. Anonymous1:00 PM

      @anon 11:00 am

      And bet you're a man.

    4. I doubt Ms. Girouad is married since she is teaching at a private school. I doubt her husband would let her work, given the archaic mindset she displays.

      She's probably just bitter she has to work since she was never able to land a man. Probably wishes they still had the dowry system so her parents could buy her a husband.

  5. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Blanche sounds like a mormon.

    1. Anonymous9:52 AM

      Remember, the second "m" is silent.

    2. Anonymous10:15 AM


      I legitimately LOL'd. Ty.

  6. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Why is she working? Couldn't she find a husband to support her?

    1. Anonymous2:13 PM

      Maybe she's a widow.

  7. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Blanche, who is teaching at one of Britain's best private schools ("public" to the English) seems stuck in the nineteenth century. I bet not many of her colleagues agree with her. And she was, of course, writing a piece for a magazine called "Oldies."

    I think it's fantastic that girls are now allowed to be smart and be achievers. The encouragement of girls and young women is one of the reasons that I think Girl Scouts is an excellent organization. I'm also glad that both President and Mrs. Obama are great supporters of education - for both boys and girls.

    1. Anonymous2:12 PM

      I think it's fantastic that girls are now allowed to be smart achievers OR a wife, mother, homemaker.

    2. 2:12, I think you must mean "AND" a wife, mother, homemaker. Because otherwise you would be insulting women who are wives, mothers, or homemakers.

  8. Anonymous10:47 AM

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    1. Anonymous11:56 AM

      EXACTLY! That is what MANY MANYprisoners use as excuses for WHATEVER the FUCK they want to do. JESUS FORGIVES!

    2. Anonymous12:19 PM


    3. Anonymous12:47 PM

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      The Planned Parenthood attack isn’t the exception. It is the new normal.


    4. Anonymous2:40 PM


    5. Wasn't that what Palin said last week?

      Gee, someone should let Ms. Blanche Girouad know that he's single and available.

  9. Anonymous10:48 AM

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    1. Is Trump going to be the keynote speaker?

  10. Anonymous10:55 AM

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  11. Anonymous11:03 AM


  12. Anonymous11:10 AM

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  13. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Memo to Ms. Blanche: Educated (factual knowledge) women are hot!
    Subservient bootlickers are not!

    1. Anonymous6:11 PM

      How sad that you apparently think that's a compliment. You sound just as sexist as Blanche.

  14. Anonymous11:50 AM

    I wonder if Blanche is privy to the fact that if enough parents are outraged by her remarks she will no longer have employment?

    1. Hope she has a man to explain that to her.


  15. Oh yeah...that teacher was of the mindset of our household who insisted "only ugly girls need to go to college." It infuriated our parental units when daughter #1 received a full ride scholarship and they had to pay for their prodigal son's tuitions. Daughter went to the university instead of down the aisle ....after the only sex talk mumsy ever offered "You're sitting on a gold mine"

  16. Balzafiar12:49 PM

    Keeping house and pumping out babies isn't going to get any woman that deluxe apartment on the upper East Side. Education is the key.

    Oh. Except in Wasilla, of course. Sex 'n SuperPACs rule the day there.

  17. Anonymous1:19 PM


  18. Anonymous2:36 PM

    O Blanche, I feel your pain, sweetie. I had an aunt Agatha exactly in the same situation, all the men married other women, so SHE went to UNIVERSITY to get a degree in teaching girls NOT to go to school to learn, after all it's a a waste of money, you'll only end up getting married, so why bother getting an education?

    Trivial Pursuit question. "Who was the game "Old Maids" named after?
    Number Two. Mirror Mirror on the Wall, who's not the fairest of them all?

  19. Well, it's a good thing I did cram my head full of facts, got myself a decent job, two master's degrees and worked hard so that I have a decent pension and some investments upon retirement, own my own home and have a car that's paid off.

    Otherwise I'd still be sitting in my parents' house waiting for Mr. Wonderful to come sweep me off my feet.

    Vietnam reduced the eligible bachelor population quite a bit when I graduated from high school and went to college. I didn't find Mr. Right or even Mr. Wrong at school and after that I was busy doing my job.

    Looks like Blanche might have a little bit of sour grapes too, since it appears she didn't marry and had to work to support herself. I dare say she must have an acceptable education to be employed at a private school that has a tuition around $35,000 a year.

    I hope she has a generous pension or is saving her pennies since she won't have a man to provide for her when they kick her to the curb.


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