Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Radar online still shaming Dakota Meyer for not taking responsibility for Bristol's newest baby bump.

 Courtesy of Radar Online:

Single mama-to-be Bristol Palin is about to pop — but her suspected baby daddy couldn’t care less! 

Marine vet and war hero Dakota Meyer, 27, who split from the pregnant former abstinence spokeswoman just weeks before their May wedding, recently posted a boastful quote about living the single life to his private Facebook page. 

“I know what I bring to the table,” the meme read. “Trust me when I say I’m not afraid to eat alone.” 

In another diss, Meyer deleted all photos and mentions of his 25-year-old ex-fiancee from March 2015 to the present.

I gotta say that I love the fact that some of the tabloids are convinced that Dakota must be the father.  Because that means that at some point Dakota might feel compelled to deny that he has anything to do with her newest family embarrassment.

In the meantime of course Bristol is channeling her inner Kardashian.

Yep, this could get VERY entertaining.


  1. Anonymous2:05 PM

    I don't see what's attractive about the photo that Bristol took. Even the dark, heavy eye makeup does not distract from Bristol's pouting lips. What's the point? "What does Bristol do with that mouth of hers," is what that photo wants to say.

    1. Anonymous2:38 PM

      Bristol gained more weight on DWTS than she did with her latest pregnancy!! I wonder how many procedures she had done while she was pregnant this go around? We know she doesn't exercise or bother to eat healthy so how did she manage to keep the weight off of her arms, legs, chin, and face? I guess she had the fat injected into her lips!

    2. Anonymous2:48 PM

      Bristol looks like a totally different person from 2008. Why does she hate her natural looks so much? She is just so FAUX. Nothing real about her!

    3. Anonymous2:49 PM

      Her eyes look dead. They did good to have the light obscure them so you don't notice right away there is nothing there.

    4. Anonymous3:06 PM

      I think she looks much prettier than she used to but she certainly doesn't look like the same person.

    5. Anonymous3:23 PM

      She looks like a cheap mannequin.

    6. Anonymous3:25 PM

      No, 2:38, Bristol did gain weight with this pregnancy. Look back at the picture of her and her two kids heading to the beach in Hawaii. (SPHASH has it up right now) She's posting old pictures of her from last February or she dropped anchor on Sailor last month and she has been dieting to get back to her pre- conception body these last six weeks. It's ridiculous to say you're going to have a baby on a certain day and it happens, and hospitals don't schedule c-sections on Christmas Eve. The baby Sally and Chuckles were holding most likely is the little Bristol bastard.

    7. Anonymous3:41 PM

      The tabloids love stories on pregnant women who are injected when they are pregnant. All the better Bristol does it days before one of her due dates.

      Here is Bristol's twin. He spent over $150,000 to look like Kim.
      Bristol should get in touch with him before she has any more work done by Dr. Jack Meoff or his unlicensed workers. Is it worth it to look like a freak?

      If Bristol can't stop with the beauty stuff when she has a baby on the way or a new baby, that she is addicted.
      Even those with money to pay the best of doctors have hell to pay with those kind of addiction issues.

    8. Anonymous3:42 PM

      2:38, you're right on about her not living a healthy lifestyle. And there's no way she'd have gone from fighting plumpness to not looking a little overweight, especially when pregnant. My belief is that she takes a fat binder religiously.

    9. Anonymous4:35 PM

      HA.....freaky dick lips! These Palin freaks will just keep messing up their faces.

    10. Hmmm...She's not exactly what I'd call ugly but she's far from beautiful. But WTF is up with her chin implant? It's lumpy as hell.

    11. ibwilliamsi6:15 PM

      Susie Lochary, perhaps the lumpy chin implant is the reason she never takes a photo without pulling a fish face.

    12. Well it's not workin'! You couldn't miss THAT chin if she was making elephant seal lips!

  2. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Bristol looks at least 35 in that pic. Did she finally get permanent duck lips like Kylie Jenner? They look a little plumped.So fake and superficial.

    1. Anonymous3:42 PM

      She keeps getting injections and her mouth looks just like Caitlin Jenner's.

    2. Anonymous4:32 PM

      Her mouth looks like someone just pulled the hook out of it. Ouch!

  3. Anonymous2:19 PM

    If Dakota is cool with it, that is fine with me. If popular consensus is he is a deadbeat, so be it. Who cares what anyone else thinks? I don't think he is the father, but I also think the baby sailor is already born. This whole thing is not about a human beings, it is about characters in a drama that is mostly staged by Sarah Palin. She rewards the other fraud, Bristol, to play the role as Sarah wants. Dakota would be a man to stand up to those two.

    Since this crazy relationship was always doomed the players want the story to be Dakota is a sorry louse of a man and a Marine. I will go along with that.

    Sarah is 'winning'. Meth can do that to a person.

    1. Anonymous2:58 PM

      I'll bet that baby has been born, too, and, if Duh is a-okay with his being portrayed as a deadbeat dad, then he's an even bigger putz than I thought.

    2. Anonymous3:36 PM

      Whatever happened to "innocent until proven guilty"? Until Bristol has her baby tested and compares DNA from possible fathers then Dakota shouldn't have to say a word. As it is his silence goes a long way to supporting his innocence, as does Bristol stopping short of pegging him for paternity. He'd have a good case for libel if she was to report him erroneously as the sperm donor.

    3. Anonymous3:54 PM

      The thought of Bristol "pegging" any male gives me indigestion.

      Better google pegging so you can use it properly.


    4. Anonymous3:56 PM

      Until the mother declares who is the father, there is nothing for anyone to say. If she does nail someone, the first thing anyone would ask for would be DNA proof, test conducted at location of his choice. But she probably knows the outcome of that scenario. And that's why she hasn't said anything either.

    5. Anonymous4:22 PM

      @ anon 3:56 pm

      You are incorrect. If a man either thinks he may have fathered a child or even hears rumors that someone has pegged him as the father of the child then he has every right to demand a paternity test.

    6. Anonymous4:23 PM

      3:36 PM


      It is just looking at how he is handling a situation. We know some of other situations, like a wife he was hiding.

      Innocent until proven guilty is about crime. I don't think this is a criminal situation. It may be, not known yet.

    7. Isn't there some kind of 'legacy' acceptance at West Point for children of Medal of Honor winners? Maybe $arah will finally get a genuine armed forces hero in the family via Sailor.

    8. Anonymous4:55 PM

      "Until the mother declares who is the father, there is nothing for anyone to say."


      This is a mystery. The mother can hide and never say anything now. They can never post on social media. This game the Palins have going is already a done deal and it is out there. The Palins put it in motion, they may want it to change to how they want to manipulate it, they may want it to end. That is not how life goes.

      If a person goes missing, you don't hear from them. People will still look for them and talk about the matter. If a mystery baby is involved the mother doesn't have to declare anything. The father is a mystery and plenty will be said. Only way it will end is when there is a absolute ID and all questions are answered.

      The Palins are dumb but not all people are dumb. They are going to do all they can and more to get answers to a mystery.

      You may forget that child abuse is part of this. Dakota may want out and to distance himself but he committed to something. The public was led to beilieve it was a love story and the engagement was the real deal.

      I think there were agreements, possibly contracts and some business arrangements went down. I think they all thought they would profit. The love story engagement is dubious at best.

      Now it has morphed into an expanded growing mystery. Bristol planned or pretends she planned to have a baby. She wasn't married and she is stuck with that part. The baby is one part of this shady deal, not all of it. What were the other scams, business arrangements and who were they targeting to make money for all of them?

    9. I'm OK with the usage of "pegging" 3:54
      She tried to peg the kid on him...kinda sorta.
      She'd be giving him a right pegging if he thought the baby was his.
      And I'll bet she'd get off on literally pegging anyone as long as someone else cleaned up the mess.

  4. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Well, the Palins have always sought fame, and they've finally achieved it - of the trashy supermarket-tabloid variety. It may be the first success any Palin has ever had!

  5. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Did you see that the AZ house is listed for sale?

    1. Anonymous2:52 PM


    2. Anonymous2:56 PM

      Sure looks like it! Listed today for 2,499,000!!


    3. Caroll Thompson2:58 PM

      Yes, I looked it up and sure enough, Sarah's house is for sale. I guess that means she has gone through all her money and now has to start selling things off.


      They are asking 2.5 million for a house that Sarah paid about 1.6 million for in 2011.

    4. Anonymous2:59 PM

      Here's the link:


    5. Anonymous3:05 PM


    6. Anonymous3:13 PM


      Palin house

    7. Anonymous3:15 PM


    8. Anonymous3:16 PM

      Is this it? bare minimum of furnishings and the upkeep would cost a fortune They are trying to make money on it, good luck with that.


    9. Anonymous3:31 PM

      It was never a home. Didn't Bristol use it to birth some of her other bastards?

      It was a place where Trig could swim.

      Maybe someone like Trump would pay 2.+ million.

    10. Anonymous3:34 PM

      Palins must need the money. Just saying.

    11. Anonymous3:58 PM

      Next they will have to sell a cabin or two since Palin can't rely on "writing" anymore books and we all know the Toad is not getting a job! and neither are her kids, cutting hair ocassionally and working when you feel like it [Barstool] just isn't going to cut it. I can't feel sorry for Palin though she raised spoiled loser brats who are used to nice vacations and new cars and furniture. The best gift she could give them for Christmas is to cut them off from her pocketbook and teach them some self worth.

      Merry Christmas Sarah! The man can't break ya if your back is bent! or some stupid phrase like that, that some moron once said.

    12. Anonymous4:06 PM

      Track, Bristol and Willow have all been accepted into Harvard Law School.

      Sarah is selling house to pay the tuition.

    13. Anonymous4:24 PM

      UhOh C4Pee is on to the Az. house sale! according to January it means.. "New Washington digs January 2017"



    14. Anonymous4:24 PM

      I told ya'll last spring that the Palin's would have to start selling off property within the year to support their lifestyle. So far, Bristle downgraded to a cheaper home and now Sarah's AZ home is up for sale. I guess the grifting must have just about hit bottom.

    15. Anonymous5:31 PM

      Bristol may keep the new place for awhile. It doesn't mean she will live there. She is already lonely and lost.

    16. Anonymous7:35 PM

      Bristol paid cash for her new home from the proceeds of the old, so she is covered. The lake houses are paid for so as long as they don't want to move they should all be okay, at least have a roof over their head.

  6. Anonymous2:23 PM

    If Bristy want child support, and we all assume she will cause it's only right, then she's going to have to name someone and take them to court and that person will have to undergo a paternity test. Case solved. But Dakota's posts and actions, to me anyway, are those of someone who could not care less because 'he knows he's innocent.' Hmm.

    1. Anonymous2:40 PM

      Weird if he doesn't care about his reputation. I guess that part about he may run for Congress was just another lie.

    2. Anonymous4:08 PM

      His reputation is doing just fine among the people who matter in his life. He probably understands better than anyone how damaged his future was by having gotten lured in to the Palin soul-sucking machine.

    3. Anonymous5:06 PM

      His family and friends love him whatever his reputation. He has the lies he is known for and the military that helps with cover ups. The rest of the people he doesn't give a shit about.

      All they have to do is pay him by paying their taxes. We pay people like Dakota Meyer to lie to us.

      Dakota just gets worse the more we learn about him. Of course, his family and friends don't care about anything but what they want to believe about him. So they shit on the tax payers along with him.

      So he surrounds himself with people like surround the Palins. His life is built on quicksand and it may not hold up.

    4. Anonymous8:00 PM

      Oh no, we do not ALL think Barstool wants child support. At least not from Dakota anyway. She's not about to give control of that baby up to share with a guy she hates in KY.

    5. Anonymous10:02 PM

      8:00pm That's how I see it, but it doesn't matter who the father is or where he lives. Bristol does not want to have to share her child with anyone.

      She learned that with Tripp. Get a father involved and you have to share the kid with the father.

      She wants total control. Who cares how it will affect the girl. All that matters is what Bristol wants.

  7. Anonymous2:26 PM

    What's the news on the court case? I hear she petitioned not to be present. I wonder whatever for?

    1. Anonymous2:43 PM

      Monday's court date was just to formalize the new custody/child support arrangement that Levi and Bristol had agreed to earlier in the year. Her lawyer said that she would attend telephonically. Presumably the documents would be forwarded to her lawyer for her signature and notarization. Neither party was required to appear in person, for all we know Levi represented himself by phone as well. In many instances in which the parties no longer maintain a civil relationship it is better to not meet in person.

    2. Anonymous2:44 PM

      probably because she broke the needle to the basketball pump and can't air up her fake belly ?

    3. Anonymous3:05 PM

      Levi and Bristol are quite civil with each other. I don't know why anyone would try to claim otherwise.

      Both parties were required to appear, which is why Bristol had to get permission not to.

      2:43 is not very bright so it must be Alicia.

    4. Anonymous3:07 PM

      Maybe she's afraid her water will break or whatnot.

    5. Anonymous4:11 PM

      Nah. She can't be seen in public until after Dec. 25. Because then everyone would notice that her big disappointment was a bit "early".

  8. Everyone takes goofy pictures now and then, but ALL THE TIME?

    1. Anonymous3:45 PM

      A sign of insecurity about her looks.

  9. Janice A Soderquist2:39 PM

    Did Bristol sell this story here? Radar had to get it from someone.

    1. Anonymous2:43 PM

      That was my first thought too! After all, they had all the tabloids on their speed call.
      Now they try to hide behind some story where there is no official author, so they do not have to take back this story the same way they had to take back the one when they named Dakota as the father and later had to say the father was undetermined...

    2. Anonymous2:53 PM

      Hmmm... Don't know if my response to Janice went through.
      So, here I try to post the gist of it again: That was my very first thought too - that one of them had sold the story to Radaronline. After all, they used to have all the tabloids on speed dial...
      Also, since there is no acknowledged author to this story, they do not have to take it back like they had to the other day when they named Dakota as the father, and instead the story then read that the father undetermined...

    3. Anonymous3:10 PM

      I think it was everyone's first thought. Dakota doesn't need to say anything, he's probably still highly embarrassed about the engagement and wedding fuckup and would prefer not to drag it all back up again.

    4. Anonymous3:48 PM

      Anything he would say would make for a Palin connection in the minds of the public. Who'd want that. He must wish he could erase all evidence that he ever had anything to do with them. Plus the best way to piss off someone like a Palin is to not get involved in their social wars--they would love for him to say something that they could then respond to. Ignoring people is always so much fun because the lack of engagement tortures them no end.

    5. Anonymous6:48 PM

      3:48 PM
      "Anything he would say would make for a Palin connection in the minds of the public."

      He can live in any fantasy he wants, the same with anyone who tries to say he is not connected to the Palins. Either to say something or not to say a word.

      Dakota is connected to the Palins for history and the rest of his life and beyond.

      He may never speak with them, like them or any of that.

      He will always be connected.

      Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin are forever connected. They went through their 'divorce', Dean is dead. They will always be connected.

      Nothing either of them did could ever change their connection.

      Dakota can marry, Bristol marry and have 10 more bastards. Dakota is forever connected to Bristol and the Palins.

      Dakota can speak up or not. Either way he is connected.

      People can have different opinions. Some like Trump being insult dog, using insulting words with women opponents, others have a higher standard.

      The same with Dakota. Some think he makes the Marines proud to stay silent about his ex-what ever she was (it looks like it was all a fraud and they conned the sucker they wanted to trap, a dumb MOH). So basically Bristol was and is a grifter.

      She will grift again.

      It would take a man to stand up to that. Others think he is also a fraud and very weak to not stand up for himself.

      The matter of the child and the abuse is more. But many Americans don't consider children. Let adults be part of bringing them into this life that they have no choice but to be lied to and used in adult grifting. Or used by those too weak and ashamed so they go with not exposing the danger and harm a child will be brought into.

    6. Anonymous8:03 PM

      If Dakota is not the father he is NOT permanently connected to the Palin family. DUH

    7. Anonymous8:35 PM

      Yes, we know the only permanent connection is with fatherhood.

      Just like Martin and Lewis. I forgot about their baby.

      All the married and divorced people without children are not connected.

  10. Anonymous2:45 PM

    What I find interesting is that Dakota's quote about "dining alone" was posted at least a month ago on his Facebook page, why would Radaronline bring it up now? Doesn't make since unless someone told them to stir up some shit with Dakota...

    1. Anonymous3:11 PM

      They're only stirring up shit because of Bristol's own public baby countdown.

    2. Anonymous3:11 PM

      Didn't the Palins use Rador to trash Levi? Levi would know how it works. I think they use unnamed sources. Easy for Sarah to someone call it in.

      No one in the media cares. If Dakota was running for something or like a John Edwards, the rags and journalists would be all over this. There would be pictures of Bristol in her actual condition and in real time.

    3. Anonymous3:33 PM

      Levi had no lawyer when he signed any confidentiality papers. Dakota has the military behind him. They need to preserve his good clean image, and Dakota may have been better prepared than Levi ever was.

    4. Anonymous4:17 PM

      preserve his good clean image...

      He already dirtied his image when it looks like he made a choice to get into a relationship with shady people.

      Now it looks like he is just as shady and thinks that saying nothing is the thing to do.

      He is from Kentucky, there may be many that believe the Palin myth so they don't see her dark side. They believe Track was combat and all that. They believe what Sarah says about Trig. Bristol was abstinence because the good Christian family says so. There may be many in Kentucky that do believe Sarah and he her daughter.

      They would also believe Dakota's lies. The controversy about getting his medal. What he said about the girl he pulled a gun on and all that.

      Also Dakota had another relationship with a woman he did marry. He lied about that to get the medal. Although would he have not be awarded a medal for a young marriage? There must have been more to that lie.

      He is only 27. He has two very strange and suspect situations with significant women. There may be more hidden no one knows about yet.

      I don't think we know much about Dakota Meyers. He must have secrets and that is why he is not standing up for himself with the Palins.

      They will destroy him with what they know.

      Dakota may be able to hurt them a little more but they have more on him.

      I hope not. I would like to know his side and the whole truth. I doubt he will volunteer or stand up for himself in any way.

      Neither of them care about a baby coming into the world and born into a hideous lie and forced to live a live from day one.

    5. Why would he care? It's not his kid and it's not his lie to refute. It's Bristol's lie

    6. Anonymous6:37 PM

      Jeez 4:17pm, let it go! Dakota's life is no business of ours. If he chooses to publicize every shit he takes, then yes, but for the most part he's private citizen Dakota Meyer. Yes, he received military honors, which made him a public figure for a few weeks and led to people digging into his past and discovering a previous marriage that he did not want to publicize. Being thrust into the limelight is often an unpleasant experience, but until he publicly recognizes either this pregnancy or the still-to-be-born infant he has no horse in this particular race. Rag on him for being a hillbilly, rag on him for being divorced, rag on him for being an idiotic warmonger and bashing Michael Moore, but you can't judge him for something he didn't do.

    7. Anonymous7:03 PM

      Not everyone will let it go. That includes in the military. It will never go away. Check out John McCain. You have the power to let it go but don't think others will. You can send them all more money, above the taxes you pay. McCain has big pharm bills, send him some cash, Dakota too. Buy him some new clothes, gas up his vehicles so he can give more give more motivational speeches on integrity.

      Petraeus got a sweet deal. It happens too much. None of it goes away. It might be quiet for a while.

      People do worse than knock up a Palin or not knock up a Palin and be labeled as dead beaten. They may get by with that and worse. It doesn't go away just because there is a lot of denial.

      If it went away no one would be protective of Marines like Dakota Meyer.

  11. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Also, too: Bar$tool was the first one to take all those pics off her page - like within a week after she was thrown out by Dakota. He had the pictures up for quite some time.

    1. Anonymous4:04 PM

      That is what I thought. Also wasn't there a post by Dakota of a pretty scenic scene, probably in Kentucky, with nice lighting. He said something about 'his world'. It was something like that. It was right after she left. That is why I remember it. I thought it sounded like she left him and he was hurting.

      He changed pretty quick after that.

    2. Anonymous4:14 PM

      Proves he knows exactly how to push her buttons. I doubt he was smitten, from the chin back there's a vacuous pit of stupidity.
      She's desperate, stupid and dependent on mommy and daddy for everything. Not a healthy place to be at her age, just my opinion.

    3. Anonymous5:54 PM

      Actors sometimes fall in love with the person they are working with. I am not saying either Dakota or Bristol can act. It may be similar to that, they had some kind of a crush when the deals were being put together for this relationship that was intended to benefit Sarah. They may have both like the financial gains they were told they could make. Being in a relationship or pretending was exciting with the money prospects. Love like that happens.

      Remember Sarah had Track playing a part with Dakota? You know the Chris Kyle story, Dakota was the nearest thing Sarah could come up with to be a Kyle. Track was to be close to Dakota. And you know what happened with Track and the Anchorage brawl. Sarah could keep Bristol looking good although the abuse with Tripp was part of that. All that was overlooked and Track was the one thrown under the bus.

      Bristol became the replacement for Track and Sarah could create a love story. All that went down as planned for a time.

      Pretty much it never looked like love, nothing deep. Always contrived. No one knows what or if anything was signed. There may have been insurance.

      Sailor was a side story since Bristol got pregnant. She was not the beginning of Sarah's Dakota schemes for business and financial gain.

      Sailor is a very innocent part of all this but she seems to now be in another part of these fraudulent situations the Palins need to pull off to keep the business going.

      I don't believe that Dakota is an innocent victim. He has his own bad self and he is together for life with the Palins for what he is doing from letting them hoodwink him in the first place.

      Anyone that says he is disconnecting from them because he is silent is clueless.

      He will never disconnect. He could only disconnect it he could be honest and go about things in the right way. He will never do that.

      Dakota Meyer will always be very connected to the Palins. Forever.

      Denial will not change a thing.

  12. Anonymous2:53 PM

    This is simple. If Dakota were for certain the father, she would have publicly said so and he would have publicly said so. The fact that neither of them has made a public statement confirms that they either know he's not the father or they think he might not be.

    1. Anonymous3:10 PM

      Think about it, if Dakota was the father Bristol would have publicized that far and wide because otherwise, without the certainty of paternity, it just looks as if she slept around and got knocked up by some random dude. Seems like she'd rather be seen as being uncertain as to WHO knocked her up rather than admit to who the real father is? Or does she not know for sure which guy it could be? Suffice it to say, if Bristol could pin paternity on anyone she'd have done it because she just looks like a loose, careless, knocked up ninny right now.

    2. Anonymous3:14 PM

      It seems to me they've made a complete and permanent break. If there was a chance he was the father I wouldn't have expected that, I think Dakota would have made Bristol a priority if there was any chance she was carrying his child. That would have meant seeing her regularly, which she would have loved because she could post misleading pictures all over the internet all night and all day and gotten soooo much attention.....

    3. Anonymous3:32 PM

      Dakota admitted that he had a troubled childhood. HE grew up not knowing who his birth father was. He wrote that his mother moved from place to place and from man to man. Eventually, she left Dakota with Mike Meyer, who adopted Dakota. With a childhood like that, and from seeing how beautifully he interacted with Tripp, you'd think that Dakota would have looked forward to being a father and having his own child. It would have been good for his image, too, having a wife and child, not to mention a mother-in-law with political connections. He had everything to gain by claiming the child was his. There must be a good reason for his silence, so it is probably that he did not father that child. If he was the father, the Palins would have him in court, taking the DNA paternity test and filling out the forms for child support. Nope, it's not happening.

    4. Anonymous3:43 PM

      No, they could have made a complete and permanent break with him being the father. (Miss Palin has a way of driving her sex partners far, far away.) But if he were for certain the dad, there'd have been at least one public statement from one of them about it. More likely, there would have been a joint statement along the lines of: "Although we've ended our relationship, we're each committed to making parenting this child a priority, yada yada." The glaring lack of any public statement at all confirms that neither of them is sure he's the father--or perhaps they're sure that he isn't.

    5. Anonymous10:55 PM

      I had a complete and permanent break from a high school boyfriend. Not a bad break, it was never all that much of a dating situation, there just wasn't anything to think there was a connection. After over 10 years I was served divorce papers, we were never married, never thought about that. The lawyer told me to go to court to take care of it, if not at a later date I could be in a situation where I would need to prove I was never married. That could be a big problem. I could have not called a lawyer because I thought it was nothing. It may have been nothing much, but not dealing with it could have made it worse.

      I would never just think a break is permanent. There can always be something that restores a connection. It may not be positive.

      Yes, that fellow developed mental problems. The point is you can assume it is a permanent break, forget someone for many years. And later you find out it was not a permanent break.

  13. Anonymous3:01 PM

    If you look at the Bristol acting début video posted here yesterday, Bristol's lips were much smaller in length. Aside from crude, obvious jokes, what would cause a young woman's lips to stretch like that? I know putting dentures in your mouth can stretch your lips, but....? I honestly don't think she can hold her lips in a normal pose anymore.
    She looks like the Joker now.

  14. Anonymous3:09 PM

    I read the article to be slut-shaming Bristol. It implies that Dakota is not the father and also says he split from her...opposite of the Palins' narrative that she left him.

    But Bristol don't care. Even negative publicity makes her happy; it feeds her belief that she's famous and popular.

    1. Anonymous3:45 PM

      In fact, negative publicity enrages her: witness her continual demands for "privacy" when people are criticizing her and her attention-whoring when she thinks she might get a compliment. She learned from her mother, who apparently learned from Chuck Heath, to hold endless grudges and air interminable grievances when feeling slighted in any way.

    2. Anonymous3:59 PM

      Can you explain what you find slut-shaming Bristol?

      I didn't read it like that.

      "Though she refused to name her unborn child’s father, sources told Radar at the time that Palin insisted to friends Meyer was the daddy."

      unknown author Radar Online

      I am shocked they didn't write
      "Buy my Mom’s new devotional, Sweet Freedom, in bookstores everywhere!"

    3. Anonymous4:29 PM

      I read it more like slut shaming a MOH recipient.

    4. Anonymous6:02 PM

      The Wasilla Bible Church arson was 'resolved' by rumors. Wasilla doesn't like the LGBT community and they nailed them with rumors.

      Now the Palins are using rumors to nail Dakota.

      There are no doubt many other times this is how they take out or do damage to who they want to harm.

      It is worthwhile to observe their patterns. One of these times it will not work out for them.

  15. Anonymous3:11 PM


    1. Anonymous3:36 PM

      Where is Track Palin these days?

  16. I hope that Dakota one day gives us his side of the story, and I find his statement about knowing what he brings to the table to be something that sounds accurate.

    1. Anonymous3:18 AM

      I bet he brought a vasectomy to the table.....

  17. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Another goofy photo of Bristol! When is she going to grow up?

    1. Anonymous11:24 AM

      The idea of 'growing up' which involves maturity, reason and empathy is not a palin family endeavor. They prefer maintaining the whiny temper tantrum 3 year old mindset that comes so naturally to them.

      No reason for Brisket to grow up as it would mean getting a job and losing mama's gravy train support.

  18. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Bristles looks like such a smug little bitch. I wish someone would break out and tell the TRUTH about this tramp.

  19. Anonymous3:22 PM

    That chin is so hawt on the virgin Bristol!

    1. Anonymous4:27 PM

      Yeah, cause she wasn't good enough the way her god made her, so she had some work done to fix it. It's a shame, actually, she was kind of cute with the old chin.

  20. Anonymous3:45 PM

    Bristol got pregnant between March 16th to 20th. Dukota was on a speaking tour that week. Bristol was in Wasilla. They were not together that week.

    Lot's of sleuthing on Twitter and Instagram. So...I still believe that she slept with someone during that week back home in Wasilla and that's why they broke up. She knew it wasn't his kid.

    1. Anonymous4:59 PM

      @ 3:45 That's a good theory and good counting. I'm still interested in Bristol's Instagram comment where she and Marina, the exotic model, were in Las Vegas in the middle of February. Bristol posted that the following night was the night when she ruined the rest of her life. I would have bet on that night as the moment of conception. But that would have meant that Sailor sailed in last month and has been a well kept secret. I know that Sarah faked her pregnancy with Trig, but how many times can the Palins get away with that stuff?

    2. Anonymous6:17 PM

      This could be the reason that Dakota has kept his mouth shut, waiting for DNA testing after the baby is born for definitive proof.

    3. Anonymous6:25 PM

      Where do sailors park their boats? In the marina...

    4. That's only if you believe Bristol's timeline that the baby is due this week.

      Plenty believe (me included) that the baby is already hear (around Thanksgiving) and was a result of the Valentine's Day Oops.

      Either way, she has no clue who the father is, and sleeps around so much she has no honor at all. Whore would be a compliment since she isn't even smart enough to ask for money up front.

    5. Anonymous7:17 AM

      Well. not yet, anyway. If mamma's Pac dries up she might have to start charging. This is supposing there are any guys who have not had it for free.

  21. Anonymous3:54 PM

    aren't you so glad you're not a palin/heath ..?..

  22. Crystal Sage3:59 PM

    I think it's good news for us that the Arizona house is up for sale. Money is dwindling and that's why Sarah is out there hawking her new book, hoping to pick up some speaking engagements/fees. I also believe that Sailor has dropped anchor. If the pictures of Bristol are recent, she is no longer pregnant. There must be someone in Wasilla who has seen her lately that can report on her "condition."

  23. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Not living vibrantly, living in a world of shit.

  24. Anonymous4:08 PM

    I really think if Dakota was the father he would have owned up to it by now. The man, however I'm repulsed by his politics, has a big following; it would only make sense that he would man up and accept responsibility. Or, is Dakota Meyer the complete weenie phony liar that has been the rumor now for several years??? Hmm... Inquiring minds want to know!

    1. Anonymous4:54 PM

      Well, Dakota did say that barring Muslims from visiting the US was not American. He mentioned his translator who worked with him in Afghanistan, saying that even that guy would not be allowed in the country. It is rare that Dakota doesn't stick to the far right political point of view.

    2. @4:54: actually, he said that his translator (and others) SHOULD BE admitted to the USA. You're not reading carefully.

    3. Here's the article he "wrote":


      It is very erudite and well-written; sounds a lot different than his other writings. Maybe he hired a ghost-writer, too?

    4. Anonymous7:19 AM

      Obviously a more talented one than Nancy French.

  25. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Guess this last book didn't make enough to keep the house in AZ going...

  26. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Vanna, may I have a "W"?


    Playing games on facebook with who knows how many mouths to feed is all she's learned from Sarah. Sorry, but at her age, it's time to get a job and stop playing games on facebook. Dakota would have boosted her celebrity creds... married to a MOH recipient would have made her queen of the patriotic, since that didn't work out, I think the reason is Dah isn't the daddy and knows it.

    Perhaps she should give up social media and take up adult coloring books, they're all the rage, especially for a mother of who knows how many kids with an allowance from mommy and daddy.

  27. I think Dakota has visions of a political career soon; he's hired someone very articulate to write for a military website, and it doesn't sound like anything he's written before. (Maybe they hired the one that Sarah used to have.) It certainly didn't jive with the nasty sign where he joined with the Palins when they insulted Michael Moore.

  28. Anonymous5:03 PM

    I keep thinking back to the CBN article. First it said that Meyer was the father, then the next morning it had been changed to say that the father's identity hadn't been determined. My sense is that it's possible Meyer's the father but they really don't know for sure at this point.

    It also occurred to me that Bristol may be hoping to sell her story exclusively to one of the tabloids, and the identity of the father would be a good hook for the story.

  29. Anonymous5:31 PM

    That post from Dakota was from a long time ago...like 4 months ago.
    The woman wasn't getting attention from the media & she called to "tattle" on Dakota to start getting some attention.

    1. Anonymous9:37 PM

      Sarah and Bristol have the most interest in how this story plays out. Not to leave out the source that talks to RadarOnline. I don't know why they are talking to a gossip rag. They may have a minor interest or there may be more to their part.

      I don't know why Radar would mention an old post from Dakota unless the source or a Palin relative or worker planted that.

      A rag that uses plants or uses flacks that work for a celebrity, they know they are not legit and not doing their own stories. They work for the plants which means they are working for the celebrity in a clandestine manner.

  30. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Hey, Alaskans: Do birth certificates in your state require that the father's name be listed? Can a mother enter "Unknown" or leave that field blank? Seems to me that a state has a significant interest in who the parents are...BOTH of them.

    I know Alaska birth certificates are (insanely) not public records, but SOMEONE has got to know what she declared (yes, declarED; I believe the baby was born last month).

    1. Anonymous6:22 PM

      Here's what State of Alaska has to say:

      "Establishing paternity means legally determining the father of a child. Once established, the father's name can be placed on the child's birth certificate and he has legal responsibility for the child. Disestablishing paternity is legally un-naming a man as the child's father."

      So, sounds to me like the father only needs to be on the bc if the mother has established paternity, if not, no father need be listed.

      Source document:


    2. She's screwed.

      She can't name Dakota (perjury) and she can't leave it blank (slut).

    3. Anonymous10:31 PM

      Back in the day mother's did not have to establish paternity. They asked you and the paper was filled out and signed off. Not in court. I think the hospital filed the papers.

    4. Anonymous4:57 PM

      We've never seen Trig's birth certificate, and we'll never see this one. Birth certificates include what the government calls personally identifiable information, including DOB and mother's maiden name. They have never been public record, and are not easy to unearth. It's much easier to scope out dead people: the Social Security death index is public record.

  31. Anonymous5:40 PM

    The disgusting part of this whole story is once again Bristol makes money for selling a story/photos.

    1. Anonymous6:17 PM

      If it is an honest story and she isn't making any money off of being a Christian with her confusing and conveniently changing story at times. Then she is just another psueo-celebrity getting money out of people that want to hear her true story.

      She also inspires Christians when she tells her true story. They want her to advise them and their children. Also they want her to make money. There are a few cousins that want her to have another TV show and tell her story and inspire people in that way.

      When is comes down to it, a lot of this is her resume for her next pay check, big pay out.

      Some employers may not care if she is honest. Look at her job at the Skin Cancer mall. Most of reality TV is fake and made of many lies and ongoing lies.

    2. Anonymous8:06 AM

      Making $$ ? Not so much .she's old news.

  32. Janice A Soderquist5:59 PM

    Maybe they need the money for attorneys fees. Maybe Sarah or Bristol got sued big time and Sarah cannot pay for it.

  33. Anonymous7:13 PM

    You never know, Bristol f⭕️❌ks anything...haha

    1. Anonymous8:54 PM

      and everything not bolted down

  34. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Would you say a little too much botox in the bottom picture?

  35. Anonymous9:18 PM

    I am not a fortune teller and I have no idea about how it will be down the road.

    Right now Dakota is connected with Bristol since RadarOnline is connecting them up as the has been engagement couple of 2015. The baby, with mother refusing to name the father. Mother saying she planned baby, and a "source" that notes same mother insisted Dakota Meyer is the daddy. Mother not detailing how it went down with her planned baby?

    Dakota will be more connected if he does nothing and these "sources" keep him connected. How can he send a cease and desist to unknown "sources"?

    It sounds like Sarah, Todd and Bristol and anyone else can keep Dakota connected as long as they want him connected.

    Bad boy Dakota can't do anything about it.

    The Palins can stay connected to Dakota and they never have to say anything about him. Someone else can do it for them.

    I like the part where Bristol is refusing to name the father. She is saying neither yes or no. "Sources" tell Radar she insisted baby daddy is Meyer. "Sources" are very strong in their statement. That is beautiful, Bristol does nothing and Dakota is the father and very connected to the Palins. Take your pick however you imagine.

    Bristol 50% no to 50% yes. "Sources" 100% yes. Sarah's 45 days from 11/16 is about 100% Dakota. Out of 298% to 300%. Dakota is the father with 250%.

    'Though she refused to name her unborn child’s father, sources told Radar at the time that Palin insisted to friends Meyer was the daddy.'

    Why won't Bristol disconnect Meyer and state he is not the father? She can still refuse to say who it is, unless it is Dakota.

  36. This is simply ammunition for Dakota to go to court and demand a DNA test to prove he is not the father. He'll get it too. It's the first step toward suing for defamation.

    This is the last thing Bristol should want since it either 1. will prove she cheated on her fiance if she insists on the new timeline of conception in mid March or 2. proves she was already pregnant (Valentine's OOps) when she entrapped a medal of honor winner to marry her when she's carrying another man's child. Either way, she stands to lose. If she's smart she'll keep her mouth shut. But that one quote will be used over and over and eventually, Dakota is going to get his DNA sample. If he's smart he'll make sure it's done by a doctor and a lab that is not under Sarah Palin's thumb.

    1. Anonymous8:00 AM

      Then she claims she was in a committed relationship with joey. DNA test is done and it's not a Joey kid either! Shit just gets deeper.

    2. Anonymous4:51 PM

      Must have been quite a party in Vegas.

  37. Bristol is between a rock and a hard on. Dakota is not the father of her new baby. If he was she's be going after him for child support, if for no other reason than revenge. That's what Palins do. But she'd never pass up the chance for free cash. Especially with the dwindling stash her mother has.

    But she can't nae the real father and go after him for child support because then the lid would come off the whole fairy book story of her and Dakota and the whole world would know that she tried to trick him into marrying her to hide her latest indiscretion. That would make her not only look like a slut, but like a grifter, just like her mommy. You think her mom's support is slipping now, just think what would happen if everyone knew that they tried to get the MOH to marry her to cover another out of wedlock baby.

    So all Bristol can do is nothing. She'll never push the real father for child support and she can't push Dakota or he'll take a DNA test and make her look horrible. All she can do is sit back and imply Dakota is the father or have others do it for her so she has deniability.

    1. Janice A Soderquist8:10 AM

      We will see what last name she gives Sailor? I am betting Sailor Palin...

  38. Maybe the "Dakota Meyer is the father" story was first reported by Steve Harvey? And he'll be issuing a retraction any day now that says, "I was wrong. Dakota Meyer is the first runner up."

  39. Anonymous12:41 AM

    They were a repulsive couple. Top pic.

  40. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Why are they trying to shame Dakota. Isn't the conservative motto to take responsibility of your own actions? Come on barstool. Take responsibility of your own actions like you want everyone else to do the same.


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