Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Right Wing idiot responds to editorial about gun control by shooting it with his gun. I think he made their point for them.

Courtesy of The Drum: 

An American blogger has taken a shot at the New York Times in protest of its call for tighter gun controls in the aftermath of the San Bernardino shootings. 

Erick Erickson, founder of blog RedState, shared on Twitter an image of the newspaper – complete with seven bullet holes. 

Protesting an editorial piece called ‘The Gun Epidemic’, the first to appear on the NYT’s front page since 1920, Erickson said: “The United States suffered its worst terrorist attacks since September 11 and the New York Times' response is that all law-abiding citizens need their guns taken away. Screw them.” 

Erickson also attempted to start a social media campaign: “I hope everyone will join me in posting pictures of bullet holes in the New York Times editorial.” 

He urged those against stricter gun laws to use the hashtag #EERS. At the time of publication, there were no submissions.

Of course after this Erickson made the rounds of Right Wing news outlets, including Fox News, because those are places where stupidity is revered and celebrated.


  1. Anonymous3:22 AM

    These idiots, along with the entire republican "elected" crew are making the US the laughingstock of the entire world. ISIS does not need to invade, these clowns are killing fellow cirizens off at an alarming rate. Erickson is another gop fan with NO NECK, they eat themselves into a comfort zone. Disgusting people.

    1. Anonymous5:49 AM

      For some reason this brought to mind the time Elvis shot his television screen.

    2. Anonymous6:46 AM

      LOL! Elvis was a much bigger badass than this goon.

  2. Anonymous3:33 AM

    To paraphrase the email I sent that fat fool, "oh aren't you tough putting a hole in a newspaper. Too bad when Palin got angry with you you acted like a wimpering pussywhipped wimp.

  3. Anonymous3:52 AM

    The New York Times editorial was just fine as it was written. It did not need the decorative holes punched in it.

  4. Anonymous4:12 AM

    Killing the messenger much?

  5. Anonymous4:18 AM

    Palin had this fool in a fetal position.

    1. Anonymous8:38 AM

      While she was in a fetal position?

  6. Anonymous4:23 AM

    No ricochets?

  7. Anonymous4:36 AM

    "Me angry! Me shoot paper! Hehehe paper dead now. Hehehe I win."

    They say that WE act like hyper-sensitive children. Jeez Louise...

  8. Anonymous4:49 AM

    "I'm not a gun nut so I'll shoot my gun at an inanimate object to prove it, by golly, geeze whizbang"

    Okay sir, just calm down, put down the newspaper and perhaps seek out a psychiatric professional...

  9. Anonymous5:03 AM

    outrage machine in action. He should read the LA Times article before he calls this the "worst terror event since 9/11" http://timelines.latimes.com/deadliest-shooting-rampages/

  10. Anonymous5:31 AM

    Eric Erickson should have READ the editorial instead of shooting it. What a tool he is.

  11. Anonymous5:34 AM

    Did he use his wife's rifle? The one he threatened to use to shoot census workers? chickenshit blowhard!

  12. Maple6:45 AM

    How incredibly childish. Is this how he treats everything that makes him angry? Repubs really have no filters, do they?

  13. Frosty7:40 AM

    These idiots will do anything for notoriety. Anything to be noticed. Seems the entire GOP clown car thinks this is the way to get noticed as well.

    Does he remind you of anyone with the initials $P? What a horrid epidemic wittle johnnie mcC released on the world.

  14. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Good for him. It is a terrible idea for a newspaper, of all institutions, to suggest limiting our rights as citizens.

    1. Leland8:59 AM

      You think that article suggested limiting our rights? THAT article? You have GOT to be kidding me.

      Try reading the Patriot Act if you want to read about our rights being limited and our privacy destroyed.

      You LIKE the idea of our government having the right to go to a library and demand to see our reading lists? And that's the easiest one to counter!

      GAD! Wake up, fool. Our rights were taken after 9/11.

      And if the MEDIA won't tackle the hard questions or provide counters to the stupidity of our leaders, we as a country are seriously doomed. It's about damned time SOMEONE started screaming against our leading assholes!

      And, like 5:03 above suggests, try reading the LA Times article!

      Why in the name of everything you count as holy do you think we have freedom of the press in the Constitution?!

      A question for you: If you seriously believe newspapers shouldn't be suggesting those kind of things, what do you think of all the garbage Faux News has been spitting out for years?

  15. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Pudgy little Erick is a wimp without his penis extender.

  16. Anonymous8:50 AM


  17. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Aww, does Erick feel better? Does he want jello as a reward? WTF???? Whatever the problem, guns are the solution. I don't use the term often, but even retards think this guy's a retard. What, exactly, did that accomplish?


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