Thursday, December 31, 2015

Somebody might want to tell Jeb Bush that it is NOT a good idea to nickname someone after the disaster that helped to destroy his brother's reputation as President.

"Did I do it again? I did it again didn't I?"
Courtesy of CNN:

State Sen. Katrina Shealy introduced Bush before his town hall at the iconic Hudson's Smokehouse here, just outside of Columbia. 

When Bush took the stage, he attempted to praise Shealy, the only woman in the state senate for the previous three years. 

"In fact, when I was governor, in 16 months we had eight hurricanes and four tropical storms. One of them was called Katrina," he said as some in the audience laughed.

As I'm sure most of you remember that 2005's Hurricane Katrina killed over 1,000 Americans and did an estimated 108 billion dollars worth of damage.

Not only that but George W's response to the disaster, or better yet lack of response, caused immense damage to his presidency and destroyed whatever confidence the American people had left in his ability to govern the country.

You know you kind of have to admire just how far Jeb! can shove his foot into his own mouth.


  1. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Heck of a job, Jebby! This poor man.

    1. 66gardeners6:30 AM

      according to ol jub, tRump is all Obama's fault. LOL

  2. Anonymous2:35 PM

    And then his "my bad" response to botching details from the Tamir Rice ruling. Idjit.

  3. Anonymous2:49 PM

    OMG. This mama's boy is such a loser. It's continually, kinda, sorta sad to see this man struggle so bad to not be known as a Bush, that he cannot use his last name. Good flipping God. Call it a day, Jebya, and go back home wherever that really is and do all those cool things you are missing out on doing because you are so wrongly convinced Anerica needs another Bush!!

  4. 66gardeners2:51 PM

    LISTEN: Jeb Bush Says Trump Is 'A Creature Of Barack Obama'

    1. Anonymous3:58 PM

      So now President Obama is the creator of evil? Nice try, Jeb. He's the creation of the GOP, alone.

  5. Anonymous2:52 PM

    And he's the smart one?
    How pathetic...and those who advise him.

    Mama was right the first time before she changed her tune in 2014 (don't they all). The LAST thing this country needs is another Bush.

  6. Anonymous2:54 PM


  7. Anonymous2:55 PM

    "During the 1994 gubernatorial race, an African American woman asked candidate Bush what he would do for blacks in Florida. Bush answered, “Probably nothing.” The remark followed him through the rest of the campaign."

    1. Balzafiar3:22 PM

      One has to wonder how he ever got elected.

    2. Anonymous3:31 PM

      I suspect that's the most honest answer he's ever given to any question. Fool!

    3. Anonymous3:57 PM

      The more foolish were the people who voted for him anyway.

    4. Anonymous5:01 PM

      How he ever got elected? floriDUH!

  8. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Jeb Bush Is A Sad Kind Of Stupid – Calls Brother’s Disastrous Response To 9/11 ‘Awe Inspiring’ (Video)

    1. Anonymous3:56 PM

      But see, to Jeb?? it was awe-inspiring! Big brother got to fly around in a helicopter and proclaim the world a fine place..a little wet, but gee, that'll recede.
      By the way, I'm sure that Obama is on top of the Mississippi River flooding, but if he doesn't say something soon, the GOP will have another bone to worry.

  9. Anonymous2:59 PM

    I didn;t know he was gov. of LA. Apparently he forgot where he was supposed to be in charge. Yes, Jeb! IS the smart one, alright.

  10. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Tallahassee, Florida) America's Best Christian, Mrs. Betty Bowers, has announced plans to open a halfway house exclusively for George and Barbara Bush's grandchildren. "We wanted it to be available to others, but with the nursing shortage, we are probably going to be too busy already just attending to the sundry addictions of America's First Family of Politics," said Mrs. Bowers as she cut the ribbon. "Whereas White House occupant Betty Ford opened a facility to keep Liza Minnelli off the street, this is a way of returning the favor by – finally – providing a place for people in the White House to dry out."

    "One look at Jeb's daughter Noelle's mug shot and it is no wonder why she was looking for a fistful of Xanax," remarked Mrs. Bowers. "They are a dear, family in Christ and I would rather that they were all slung into a shallow grave than say an unkind word about them, but I must say something out of Christian concern: Verily I say onto thee, she looks like a crack whore!"

    1. Anonymous5:50 PM

      Thanks for the link. It was a good time. Betty still has her post from the GOP convention when W became president. The quotes from W were from 1999 and 2000 - before he was appointed to the presidency by the Supreme Court.

      Even Sarah Palin didn't sound this stupid during the 2008 campaign. W was outstandingly stupid. I guess he fulfilled Grover Norquist's presidential requirements of having enough digits to hold a pen. And his qualification ended there.

      God, that man was so utterly stupid. It would be funny except so many people died because of it. I think we forget how stupid he is because at least he has enough sense to keep a low profile these days whereas Sarah Palin just can't get enough attention.

      Stupid, stupid, stupid. So utterly stupid. And now the GOP wants to install another one. JEB!, The Smartest Bush, was originally slated to go into the White House first, then W., but JEB! lost his race for governor in Florida that year and W won his in Texas, so the plan changed.

      And the Bush Crime Family doesn't stop there. The next generation is being groomed for governor of Texas. George Prescott Bush, son of JEB!, is the head of the Texas General Land Office and has already become well indoctrinated into the family practice of corruption, cronyism and screw over your fellow man. And yes, he looks just like you imagine he would.

      The stupid is strong in that family.

  11. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Go back home, Jebya. Wherever that is. It's interesting that the two more vocal Bush sons, W and Jebya branched out to solid red states. Texas, where W could vie for for the Reagan throne of 'clearing brush,' and Jebya to Florida with his Mexican wife so he could sway the Latinos and order good tacos at the best Cuban place. Hmmm? Strategizing way back then. the

  12. Anonymous3:36 PM

    O/T: I guess, $he does read here... 'Killing' two birds with one stone by showing Tripp with the naked newest addition (to prove that she has a white baby, I guess, because darker races (black as well as Asians) often have a dark spot on their bums)

    Again, though: just how old is that baby? Also, too, when was that picture taken?

    1. Anonymous3:53 PM

      STOP. IT.
      Grez, Gryph, how much to we have to beg?

    2. Anonymous3:53 PM

      I find that picture awful. And I am so tired of Bristol and her lies. Bristol, just raise your kids privately. If I never see another photo of you or your brood, I will be very happy.

    3. Anonymous4:13 PM

      I agree, I find the picture horrible. The poor little baby is made out to look like a turkey. And what is it with the continual nude photos that Bristol posts?

    4. Anonymous4:29 AM


  13. Anonymous3:42 PM

    BTW, just checking out the picture a bit bigger: why is there the almost cut-like line between a white arm and and an almost purple hand in that baby? Also, too, what is that huge pimple on its mouth? That was absolutely NOT there on the picture with the baby in the blanket... Also, it was not taken off in that other picture - no scar on that baby's mouth.

    Is this another instance of switched babies??? This family can do nothing on the up and up, can they!

    1. Anonymous4:14 PM

      Huge pimple on her mouth? What are you talking about...?

  14. Anonymous3:51 PM

    No one's disparaging mixed-race children, at all! Most of Sarah's children are mixed-race, in one form or another.
    The only question is why Bristol perpetuates the fib that Dakota Meyer is the father, when it's clear that he's not, and the odds are that the child -- innocent child who didn't ask for all this drama and mystery about her birth -- is more likely born from some partying that Bristol enjoyed back in February in Las Vegas or Wasilla. Way before Kentucky came along as a last-minute cover story.

    Bristol owes her sweet young daughter the information about her birth father -- his heritage, his health history, as well as including him in Sailor's life from day one.
    This wasn't an immaculate conception: there's a man who hasn't yet been told of his parentage yet.

    Perhaps Bristol is shy about asking a half-dozen men for their DNA -- if she can even remember their names from the wild nights in Vegas Either way, it cheats Sailor of her father from the day of her birth. A family is supposed to have both father and mother

  15. Anonymous4:04 PM

    I find it rather comical the idiots that the GOP are rolling out to replace President Obama. To me, it just shows how wonderful a President he is! "That's all you got??"

    I love my country as much as anyone, but the facetious side of me longs for the 4pees of the world to get exactly what they've been longing for all along. Think they're whining now? Just you wait.

  16. Anonymous4:05 PM

    I was convinced sailor wasn't Dakotas, but on the photographers Facebook that did sailors newborn photos there is one of her in a bucket and it is a spitting image of Dakota. The ears, the downturned eyebrows...

  17. Anonymous4:32 PM

    For crap's sake, Bristol addicts, head over to Malia's and allow us a conversation.

    You find this funny, Gryph? I sure don't and plenty like me!

    1. Balzafiar5:04 PM

      Oh, for crap's sake, to use your expression, what about Jeb! the Dumb could possibly be interesting? Try watching grass grow for some real excitement.

      I'll take talking about the Palins with a small side-order of bashing Jeb! the Dumb (or other politicians) any time -- and yes, there are plenty more like me.

    2. Anonymous5:26 PM

      Thank you 4:32pm. This foolishness and obsession sucks.

    3. Anonymous6:27 PM

      4:32, Not only is it annoying as heck, but the level of intelligence and integrity of those controlling the blog threads has shifted so much that I no longer feel comfortable here. I am sure my post will be followed by obnoxious, "buh byes" and clever comments about not letting some imaginary door hit me.

    4. Anonymous8:14 PM

      Thank you. 4:32. The juvenile Palin obsession really gets tiresome.

    5. Anonymous8:18 PM

      Balzafiar5:04 PM,
      Why don't you wait a couple of minutes, there's a Palin post just around the corner. Why must every single freakin' post be derailed into idiotic BORING minutiae about every time one if the Palins farts.

  18. Anonymous4:35 PM

    Jeb! is suppose to be the smart one? He makes W look almost smart.

  19. Anita Winecooler5:16 PM

    Is it April's Fool, or is he a fool everyday? Did President George W Bush pat him on the back and say "Good Job, Beigey".

  20. You'd think it'd be awfully hard to beat GWB in the buffoonery department, but it looks as if Jeb has done just that. And to think, in the same family.
    What are the odds

  21. Anonymous6:25 PM

    He’s getting desperate: Trump’s campaign used to be confident, but Cruz has gotten him feeling downright thirsty

    Trump used to campaign on his self-confidence and arrogance, but lately his run has the stink of desperation

    ...But this past week, Trump’s seemingly implacable sense of self-confidence seems to be, well, shaken. More than that, even. Lately, the man seems downright thirsty. In a very short order, his campaign strategy has changed from a man who enters the room and tells you how it’s going to be to that of a man who is begging and pleading for you to like him. The stench of desperation has started to cling to him, and now every move he makes seems even more like pathetic pandering. The once unbreakable Donald Trump now is starting to look like the guy who uses a shirtless picture for his Tinder profile.

  22. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Top Ben Carson Aides Resign

  23. Anonymous4:51 AM

    With his "joke" about Hurricane Katrina, Jeb Bush showed just how out of touch with the reality of life in American during his brother's tenure as president, a position his shenanigans in Florida helped make possible.

  24. Anonymous5:34 AM

    I am beginning to think the only reason Jeb! is running is to rewrite the history of GW's! time in office.


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