Wednesday, December 02, 2015

The Family Guy gets it.

It's really not about what you've done. It's really all about skin tone.


  1. Anonymous2:07 AM

    Gryphen have you done any research into the Palin family's relationship with the Manziel family in Texas ( as in Johnny Football )? I know of several people acquainted with the Manziel's to varying degrees (including his friends in Austin) and there was some speculation over Thanksgiving about Bristol's baby daddy & Johnny Football. They're quite a match.

    1. Anonymous7:12 AM

      Why would people connect the two?

  2. Anonymous2:27 AM

    This is right on the money. When black, or brown persons commit crimes, they labeled a terrorist, a criminal, a thug.

    When white persons commit crimes, they automatically labeled mentally ill, it is not their fault, they are sick, society must help them.
    I have noticed this racist train of thought for a long time now.

  3. Anonymous3:53 AM

    Well, this hits the nail on the head now doesn't it.

    We need to call out our domestic terrorists for what they are...TERRORISTS!

  4. Anonymous4:33 AM

    Like it or not skin color makes a difference

    If Sarah Palin wasn't white and with all the failures she had, her ignorance, doesn't want to do research before she opens her mouth, wasn't a beauty pageant contestant back in the day, was dumb enough to hire unqualified high school friends, had a hockey rink built on private property and with her hillbilly white trash talk.

    Do you think anyone would hire Sarah Palin?
    Would anybody give Sarah Palin a job? FOX News? Internet shows? The Alaskan voters?

    Where do you think Sarah Palin would be today if she didn't know how to wink one eye, roll and stick her tongue out and didn't wear all that makeup?

    What if Sarah didn't have fake breasts, didn't wear all that makeup and so on?

    With all those characteristics above, especially wasn't white or a former beauty pageant contestant, do you think John McCain would pick Sarah Palin to be his running mate? Do you think John McCain and the GOP would take Sarah Palin to a secluded spot and teach her whether or not Africa is a continent or a country, the difference between North and South Korea, that North Korea is not our Ally. Do you think John McCain would bring in people and spend all that time and money to teach Sarah that Joe's last name is not O'Biden?

    Do you think Donald Trump would look at Sarah Palin twice, endorse her book and tell the world he would give Sarah Palin a job in his administration cabinet if he's elected president?

    Who would hire Sarah Palin?
    Can Sarah Palin say,

    "Hi welcome to Taco Bell, may I take your order?"

  5. Anonymous4:53 AM


    If Bristol Palin wasn't white or Sarah Palin's daughter and with all her children and education,

    Do you think:
    - Bristol would be on DWTS?
    - Bristol would be a Finalist on DWTS?
    - Bristol would be picked to be on DWTS
    - Candy would hire Bristol to be a spokesperson?
    - Any employer would hire Bristol with her
    attendance record?

    Can Bristol say, would you like fries with your burger?

    If Bristol Palin wasn't white or Sarah Palin's daughter, with all her children and with her limited education, do you think Bristol would be on welfare and applying for Obamacare?

    Can Bristol say thank you President Obama and thank you Alaskan taxpayers?

  6. Anonymous6:53 AM

    Can you even imagine the reaction to the drunken brawl, had the Palins been black!!!!????

  7. Anonymous6:11 PM

    What episode was this?


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