Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Well great now Ted Cruz is ruining Christmas for me too.

Courtesy of the Washington Post:  

Ted Cruz's campaign is out with a new Christmas video — a parody ad that earned more than 1 million views on YouTube over the weekend. 

The ad, which was first reported by the Independent Journal Review and actually ran on TV, is well-produced and well-written, playing off Cruz having read "Green Eggs and Ham" to his two young girls on the Senate floor during a 2013 filibuster.

"Well written?"  I could write better than that in a drunken stupor.

And I often do.

Hmm, this kind of makes me wonder if this was thrown together using some of that raw video the Cruz campaign posted on You Tube several months back.

Now all I want for Christmas is the opportunity to Ted Cruz getting his ass kicked by a department store Santa for poisoning the minds of his two little girls.

Hey, it IS a magical time of the year.


  1. Anonymous6:33 AM

    That Ted Cruz video is cringeworthy. He is such a slimy creep. I'm sure that The Donald will have something insulting to say about the video since Cruz is getting closer to him in the national polls.

    1. Anonymous7:43 AM

      No, the Donald and Mr. Sleazeball have a truce. Trump will not speak ill of Sleazy because, well, I don't know why but he just won't do it. After calling him a maniac in the Senate last week Trump took it back. Why? Don't know why.

    2. Anonymous7:56 AM

      7:43 The answers is KINKS ALL!

    3. EEww.

      Until the attacks started, it almost seemed like an SNL satire.

      Cruz is just creepy.

  2. Anonymous6:38 AM

    It's the kids that scare me in that video. They're kinda creepy.

    OK... the parents scare me too.

    Are you sure this isn't a scene from The Stepford Wives?

  3. Anonymous7:29 AM

    Talk about a war on christmas! No mention of the baby Jesus!...and he calls himself a christian! He's scary.

    And yes, 6:38, his kids are kinda scary too!

  4. Anonymous7:34 AM

    He's poisened his daughters brains. That video was creepy and unsettling. Need I say more?

    1. Anonymous8:41 AM

      it appeals to the Bristol Palins of the world. The type that posts pics of their 7 year old sons naked in a bath tub as Barstool has just done. Sick is a mom who does not give her seven year old son privacey! He is way too old for mommy to be doing this.

  5. Anonymous8:12 AM

    So True and this is just for starts>

  6. Anonymous8:23 AM

    The GOP planned a dynastic restoration in 2016. Instead, it triggered an internal class war. Can the party reconcile the demands of its donors with the interests of its rank and file?


  7. Anonymous8:24 AM

    The Most Powerful Sentences About Gun Violence Published in 2015

    When The Trace launched in June with the goal of expanding coverage of America’s gun violence epidemic, we joined a community of journalists who’ve produced dogged, eye-opening, deftly rendered reporting on the issue. We learn something daily from our counterparts on this beat. As we close out 2015, we wanted to share selections from articles (and one book) that have stuck with us. We hope you’ll take time to click through and read the full stories, and that they may inform your thinking about gun violence as much as they have helped deepen ours.


  8. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Donald Trump Hands Victory To Democrats After Vulgar and Sexist Attack Against Hillary Clinton

    ...But like a child, Donald didn’t have much to attack Clinton with, so he went for neener-neener and a bad word. “She was going to beat Obama! I don’t know who’d be worse, I don’t know, how does it get worse?”

    “But she was gonna beat – she was favored to win and she got schlonged! She lost! I mean, she lost.”

    Schlong is slang for penis, as noted by Think Progress. I’m not going to touch the concept that to be penised is to lose, I’ll leave that to Trump.

    Schlong goes back to the German word “schlange”; i.e., snake. Merriam-Webster says, “slang usually vulgar”, which seems about right for Mr. Trump.


    President Obama Pays Back Birthers By Becoming The Trump Killer In Chief


    1. Anonymous8:59 AM

      Half of US voters would be ’embarrassed’ if Trump became president

      About a quarter of people surveyed said they would be ‘proud’ if Trump became president, and both leading Democrats would beat him in election, poll found

      Half of US voters said they would be “embarrassed” if Republican frontrunner Donald Trump was elected president while just under a quarter said they would be “proud” to have the billionaire real-estate mogul as their commander-in-chief, according to a Quinnipiac poll released on Tuesday .

      The divisive candidate, who has upended the race for the White House with his flagrant disregard for the norms of party politics, has continued to hold a commanding national lead over the field of Republican presidential contenders with 28% support just six weeks before the first votes are cast in the Iowa caucuses, Quinnipiac University National found.

      The poll also showed a divide in those who say they would be “embarrassed” by a Trump presidency along lines of gender, age and political ideology. Six in 10 female voters said they would be “embarrassed” to have the billionaire as their president compared to four in 10 male ones.


    2. Anonymous9:04 AM

      WATCH: Donald Trump Thinks It’s ‘Too Disgusting’ When A Woman Has To Pee. Yes, Really. (VIDEO)

      As you may have heard, Hillary Clinton was absent when ABC News returned from a commercial break during Saturday night’s Democratic debate. She was probably 90 seconds late — max — and returned gracefully to the stage while the first question was underway. It really wasn’t that big of a deal, considering the unapologetic poop-flinging on the Republican side, as well as the reality that it was a Saturday night debate scheduled against a football game when very few people were watching anyway.

      Naturally, the far-right totally lost its shpadoinkle on Monday. For example, Rush Limbaugh who, by the way, suffers from erectile dysfunction, accused Clinton of not being able to “hold it” for two hours:

      “That’s right, Hillary can’t even hold it for two — why not wear a diaper? If you can’t hold it for two hours get a Depends in there or something or whatever else.”

      Classy. As always.

      And then there was Donald Trump who, during a rally on Monday, thought it was disgusting that Clinton had to pee during the debate.

      So, so Hillary’s gonna get beaten but I haven’t started with Hillary yet. What happened to her? I’m watching the debate and she disappeared! Where did she go? Where did she go? I thought she quit, I thought she gave up. Where did she go, where did Hillary go? They had to start the debate without her.

      Phase 2. Why [laughs]. I know where she went. It’s disgusting. I don’t want to talk about it.


      Nah, it’s too disgusting, don’t say it, it’s disgusting, let’s not talk… we want to be very very straight up, OK? But I thought that was… wasn’t that a weird deal? We’re ready to start, they were looking… they gave her every benefit of the doubt. Because you know, it’s ABC and she practically owns ABC.

      This is the big takeaway from the debate? A too-wealthy Twitter troll with the shittiest hair in politics (and that’s saying a lot) thinks it’s disgusting that a human being had to pee. Trump couldn’t handle hard questions from Megyn Kelly and John Harwood, and yet Clinton is “disgusting” for being 90 seconds late out of a commercial break.

      This is the modern Republican Party, folks. Nothing but grade school bullies shouting neener-neener at icky girl cooties. And it’s only just beginning.


    3. Anonymous9:06 AM

      Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump has pissed off a lot of people with his anti-Muslim comments, but one thing not many people are talking about is how his words are impacting children. For Muslim children in particular almost everything that comes out of Trump’s bigoted mouth is terrifying.

      Melissa Chance Yassini recently learned this when she came home from work to find her 8-year-old daughter, Sofia, crying and afraid. Sofia and her grandmother had been watching the news together when something came on about Trump’s plan to deport refugees and ban all Muslims from coming into America, and it made Sofia afraid for herself and her family because they are Muslim. Yassini said:

      “She ran to me with a look of absolute fear on her face. It was the first time that it really drove home to me that we’re in a dangerous place right now.”

      Yassini spent almost all night comforting her daughter, who was so convinced that she’d be kicked out of America that she had started to put all her things in a bag. The next day, Yassini was just as frustrated as she was exhausted, and she decided to vent about it on Facebook:

      ...The powerful post went viral as veterans and military service members jumped in to comfort Sofia and let her know she was not only safe, but welcome in America.
      Kerri Peek, one of the Army vets that responded, said she was horrified when she heard about the fear Sofia was experiencing. She was particularly disturbed that Sofia thought soldiers would really come and take her away.


    4. Anonymous10:17 AM

      The Donald is filled with Christmas spirit.

      Sarah's #bff has so much money and sway with Mexico, soon they will build this for America!

    5. He couldn't say she got fucked.

      What gets me is then he's disgusted with a normal bodily function?

      Everyone pees.

      Everyone poops.

      Well, except for Donald. That would explain why he is full of shit.

  9. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Ted Cruz closing the gap on Donald Trump in Iowa polls


  10. Anonymous8:36 AM

    Sorry Ted, i don't want a President who says that if i don't agree with him i hate America.

    This may appeal to the stupid disgruntled paranoid mouth breathers but hopefully not to the majority of Americans.

  11. Anonymous8:43 AM

    What HRC IS trying to doing for children.>

  12. Anonymous9:08 AM

    EVERYTHING is about Sex, BULLYING, and $$$Money>

  13. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Cruz is just another of the attention grabbing sickos the are running (for what, exactly?) in the gop. Gop, a good word for the slimes that would be president.

  14. Anonymous10:19 AM

    I feel so sorry for the girls. They have no idea what their father is talking about and one looks really scared. Way to go, Cruz!!

    1. Probably a "you better get this take right this time or I'm going to make you sorry."

  15. Anonymous10:36 AM

    I don't understand why Trump is not going all birther about Cruz. Cruz (like Obama) has an American citizen mother. However, while Obama was clearly born in the U.S., while it is a fact that Cruz was born in Canada. Trump could not care less about where the mother was born. Instead, he wanted to disqualify Obama because of where he thought he was born. Has anyone confronted Trump about this? Or is he just waiting until Cruz rises?

    1. Exactly.

      If anyone should be birther attacked it should be Cruz.

      But silence from Trump.

      Well, Cruz is a Republican. And he's white. He's so pasty faced white, like the PIllsbury doughboy with two little shriveled raisins for eyes.

  16. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Gee Wiz!!! A candidate who butchers Dr Seuss. Wonder what else he reads? Are the woman and kids paid actors? Or did someone ACTUALLY find him stimulating in any way? hashtag fifty shades of slime.

    1. That's his wife and kids. They work for free.

  17. physicsmom5:54 PM

    That video was a complete pile of crap.The Washington Post writer has gone way beyond political correctness (be nice to everybody)in saying it was well-written. I think the best way to avoid saying something negative would be to say "I've never seen anything like it." And I bet no one else has either. Poppycock! (pun or no pun your choice.)

    1. I'm sure Ted Cruz's mother loves him.


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