Monday, December 14, 2015

Wisconsin gun shop pays one million dollars to end lawsuit over straw purchase that wounded two Milwaukee police officers.

Courtesy of the Big Story: 

A Wisconsin gun shop will pay $1 million to settle a lawsuit in which a jury found it negligently sold a gun used to injure two Milwaukee police officers, the store's attorney said. 

The settlement eliminates what was expected to be a yearslong appeal of an October verdict in which jurors awarded Officer Bryan Norberg and former Officer Graham Kunisch nearly $6 million.

 An attorney for Badger Guns, James Vogts, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel late Friday that the case has "been settled and dismissed." 

"This case is over," Vogts said. He declined to say why his client decided not to appeal.

This, this is what needs to happen all over the country in order to hold gun stores accountable for the deaths they enable due to straw purchases and poor background checks.

And this should be something that the Right Wing wants as well.

Remember straw purchases were how those San Bernardino shooters got their weapons as well.


  1. Anonymous1:05 PM

    Don’t forget gun shows and the brazen anti-gun regulation rednecks who run them. They too can be held responsible if they don’t properly register guns. This might make a private owner transaction think twice too.

  2. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Absolutely this needs to be done, and owners also charged in child "accidents" through their negligence. Saw a stat today that since Sandy Hook, today of which is the 3rd anniversary, a child has been killed every other day in this country. Enough!

    1. Do the right wingers call it "The price of freedom" ?
      Hundreds of children dead. Shameful and so preventable.

    2. Anonymous5:54 PM

      555 and counting..

  3. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Time to run a social media campaign with a picture of every child killed or injured by a handgun entitled: The NRA …Killing Babies. And plaster links to it on every pro-life site.

  4. Anonymous4:53 PM

    What is a "straw" sale?

  5. Anonymous5:25 PM

    I hope the IRS looks into where the million dollars came from. If it came from an outside source, I would think income tax will have to be paid.


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