Saturday, January 30, 2016

Gabby Giffords to hit the campaign trail in support of Hillary Clinton.

Courtesy of NBC News: 

Former congresswoman Gabby Giffords will campaign with Hillary Clinton this weekend, joining the Democratic frontrunner's army of surrogates making a final push in the Hawkeye state before the caucuses on Monday. 

Giffords and her husband, retired astronaut Mark Kelly, will appear at a rally with Clinton in Ames on Saturday and kick off a canvassing event later in the day, the campaign confirmed. 

The couple became outspoken advocates for gun control after Giffords survived a shot to the head at a political event in Tucson five years ago. Two years later, they founded a superPAC called Americans for Responsible Solutions, just weeks weeks after a gunman killed 26 people—20 of them children—at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. 

This weekend, the pair will praise Clinton's record to prevent gun violence and dedication to "common sense" safety measures, according to an aide.

I have to say that this sends a pretty powerful message that Hillary is really doubling down on her pledge to work on doing something significant about gun violence in this country.

And for those of us who are sick and tired of reading about new gun deaths every single day, and want to do something about it, Gabby Giffords is a rock star.

Man I cannot begin to imagine how much this is freaking out the gun nuts these days.

I guess that's why there are so many millions of dollars being spent trying to defeat Hillary.


  1. Anonymous4:16 AM

    You think? :)

    1. Anonymous12:55 PM

      Sanders instead has made American political history once again by running a presidential campaign supported by garnering over 3 million donations from more than 1 million individuals averaging about $27 apiece.

      Bernie Sanders’ raised no money last year for a super PAC, his campaign announced on Friday.

      He won’t raise any money for a super PAC this year either, a spokesman added.

      “Bernie doesn’t want billionaires’ money. He doesn’t have a super PAC. He believes you can’t fix a rigged economy by taking part in the corrupt campaign finance system in which politicians take unlimited sums of money from Wall Street and other powerful special interests and then pretend it doesn’t influence them,” said spokesman Michael Briggs.

  2. Anonymous4:57 AM

    Gabby is the poster child for gun control. Good to see her speaking out against the crazies that threaten our lives.

    1. Anonymous5:34 AM

      Every time I see or read of Gabby, my mind conjures up the Wasilla Witch with her gun sights and "blood libel" crapola. little Christina Green, and I fume all over again.

    2. Anonymous7:55 AM

      Christina -BORN ON Sept. 11th 2001. Sarah is completely responsible for her death forever!

    3. 66gardeners8:14 AM

      Here is a video of a monologue by Stephen Colbert about Obama and gun control.

    4. Anonymous8:42 AM

      As with all things Palin, she no doubt considers Christina collateral damage. After all, she was the one that bought Tawd a new rifle in honor of Sandy Hook and bragged about it.

  3. Anonymous5:09 AM

    Gabby, NOOOOOOOOOOO! I can't respect you now as a political person.

    1. Anonymous6:13 AM

      Why not? Politics has always been her life, always will be.

    2. A Superfan In Atlanta8:27 AM

      Really? You lost respect for Gabby because she's promoting gun control laws? Both leading Democratic candidates are pretty strong -- regardless who wins the nomination.

      P.S. You do know if a Republican wins the nomination, she'd have to work with them too? What kind of logic are you following?

    3. Anonymous8:34 AM

      5:09 AM: You need to study up on Gabby. She's always been a politician - she served in the U.S. Congress (House). She had to retire from it when she was shot (due to Sarah Palin and her verbal crap!)

      Plus, she has every right to come out and publically support Hillary Clinton for POTUS in a very public way. Thank you, Gabby! Hillary has my vote too!

    4. Anonymous8:43 AM

      Oh, no! Gabby Giford and her husband have decided that they support Hillary Clinton. We will now be told that Gabby is ill-informed, a sell-out, probably getting paid by the Clintons, pro-rapist, etc., etc.

  4. Anonymous5:10 AM

    Does it concern anyone here that Gryphen at one time constantly trashed Hillary as being the anti Christ and now he's in her boat and acts like she's a saint?

    1. Anonymous5:30 AM

      No one is pretending Hillary is a saint, but she'd be a much better President than the racist pig narcissist Trump, or the despicably nasty Christian Taliban named Cruz.

      Got brains?

    2. Anonymous5:37 AM

      Excuse me? Prove where he said that.

    3. Not me. He has voiced negative opinions about Hillary. So what?

      As we get closer to election time people begin to weigh all the options regarding different candidates and considering the candidate stances on a variety of issues.

      For many people, voting for or supporting a candidate doesn't mean agreeing with them on everything.

      I don't see where supporting Clinton's stance on gun control means "acting like she's a saint."

    4. Jamie5:53 AM

      Gryphen is an amazing study in contradictions but I will vote for Hillary regardless of what he says about her or has said in the past. He also wasn't quite so big on abortion rights either, but now pretends to have come around. This blog is entertainment only, anyone who takes it seriously is a fool.

    5. Awful lot of factually inaccurate statements being thrown around for so early on a Saturday.



    6. Anonymous6:15 AM

      Thou shalt not criticize Gryphen, his virginal daughter or a Johnston. He does not tolerate any opposing thoughts on those entities.

    7. Anonymous6:17 AM

      When was gryphen "not so big on abortion rights?"

      Hyperbole runs rampant in this thread.

    8. Anonymous6:18 AM

      Who the hell cares what he said in the past (it wasn't that she was the antichrist)?

    9. Anonymous6:32 AM

      Just proves you're under their skin, Gryph, next they'll say that you're vehemently opposed to LGBT rights and you tell your daughter that she's going to hell in a hand basket on a consistent basis. :)

      Wear it like a badge!

    10. Anonymous6:38 AM

      What utter BULLSHIT, 6:15 AM. He posts opposing views all the time, unlike pro-Palin sites who immediately flag and block.

      WE'RE the ones who tell you that you're a fucking idiot. Capiche?

    11. Anonymous7:05 AM

      I've gone back and forth between Hillary and Sanders myself (but not having a blog, no one knows but maybe my husband. If he cares.) I'm old enough to be Jesse's mom (in Kentucky at least) and I remember passionately working for Eugene McCarthy. (Look him up, kids.) But one thing nearly 7 decades on the planet teaches is to temper enthusiasm with a healthy dose of reality. So I'll continue to veer between bright-eyed optimist and hardened realist until I finally have to make up my mind on Super Tuesday.

    12. Anonymous8:21 AM

      I'e been reading here for about one year and haven't read anything from Grpyhen I thought was inappropriate over crossed a line.

      I like that he is not a sellout like scratch. He keeps it real as do most of the commenters here.

    13. Anonymous8:22 AM

      I'm in your age bracket, 7:05 AM and have decided to cast my vote for Hillary Clinton.

      Bernie is likeable, but will increase taxes for all Americans and I cannot afford him! His heart is good though!

      Hillary Clinton has the experience to become our next POTUS! Plus, I want a Democrat that will follow some of the things President Obama has already initiated.

      Will truly miss President Obama and the leadership he has provided our country. I expect he will continue working for America and Americans! He and Michelle are a great team!

    14. A Superfan In Atlanta8:34 AM

      No, the concern lies in an Anonymous poster visiting a blogger's site to persuade the blogger's readers to judge the blogger's OPINION. Dude, we visit and comment on Gryphen's blog BECAUSE of his opinion. Duh!

    15. Crystal Sage9:50 AM

      I agree with you, 7:05AM. I too worked for Eugene McCarthy and later, George McGovern. What we need now is someone who can crush the GOP and, to me, it looks like Hillary can do it better than Sanders - and I do love me some Bernie. However, after seventy+ years on earth, I know that reality bites. Dreams are great for the young (I do remember) but we must keep the presidency out of the hands of whomever the GOP chooses. (And I am proud that I voted for and still support Barack Obama.)

    16. Anonymous11:42 AM

      When Gryphen endorses $arahSayaPayme or anybody she, herself, endorses, get back to us about hypocrisy.

  5. A Superfan In Atlanta5:16 AM

    I sympathize with her rather precarious predicament but have never believed for a moment that all of this Republican ire was "about her". I firmly believe it's a boy's pissing match to keep Bill out of the White House. They attack Hillary to hurt them both.

    If she could figure out the right blend between serious and sincere and stop pulling pages from the Book of Dirty Republican Tricks and Gimmicks, she would have my vote 100% from the get go. Nevertheless, if she wins the nomination, I'll vote for her.

    1. 66gardeners8:23 AM

      I have never seen Hillary pull a page out of the Book of Dirty Republican Tricks. Be specific or this is all hyperbole.

    2. Anonymous12:35 PM

      Birther row began with Hillary Clinton
      The lie that Barack Obama was not born in the US has been fuelled by fringe Republicans — but supporters of Hillary Clinton, now Mr Obama’s Secretary of State, are largely to blame for starting it.

    3. Anonymous7:06 PM

      There is absolutely no evidence that the birther movement started with Hillary Clinton or any of her election staff.

      Hillary Clinton had some vicious supporters who became "pumas" after she lost the primary and headed over to Palin land.

      And now, there is a subsection of Bernie Sanders supporters who call Hillary Clinton things like "cunt" and "twat" and have said they will vote for Trump if Sanders doesn't win the Primary in the current election. Shall we lay the blame on Bernie Sanders?

  6. Anonymous5:42 AM

    Gryph, you're please prove your not a robot stalls,then times out. Hard to enlarge to view pictures. What a pain!

    1. Anonymous5:50 AM

      Not Gryph.
      It's your browser.

  7. Anonymous5:53 AM


  8. Every time I see Gabby, a little piece of me dies. Then I get enraged all over again especially when we see ShitHead with her guns, etc.....AND THEN we read the police reports that her son is not mentally stable and SHE STILL has guns around, not to mention a DS child and grandchildren. WTF, can this women not even put some logic together for her own offspring. As sick as this makes me to wish it and want to do it, but not tech savvy enough, could one of you smart young computer nerds devise a way to send ShitHead a continuous loop of pics with Gabby and Christina, and dead children to her. Make it impossible for her to escape the loop. Send it to her twitter feed, her email, her Facebook, etc. Everyday all day. Make it so she sees it in her sleep, and every time she flips the lid to take a crap. In her review mirror and her vanity mirror. Hack her phone and make it her background display. Something has to make her feel guilty.....something. Ya know I just realized that is what keeps us coming here, we just can't believe that a human could possess the capacity for denial and shame that she has and we keep waiting for the day when it finally kicks in, only it won't. Not enough straight jackets or pills to fix what is called Sarah Palin.

    1. Anonymous7:06 AM

      She's textbook definition of sociopath.

    2. Anonymous8:16 AM

      May Sarah and Todd Palin experience very pain-filled deaths! They deserve nothing better with all the hate, racism and anger they have spread for the past years! Hell awaits both of them!

    3. Anonymous8:24 AM

      It's really hard to read unless you make paragraphs.

    4. I read it just fine and totally concur!

  9. Anonymous7:08 AM

    Speaking of Hills- in my deep blue state morning paper the headline screamed "Top Secret Emails" blah blah blah and it's not until the end of para 3 that there's a mention that they weren't even classified when they were sent. Geez.

    1. Anonymous8:14 AM

      The media has created this anti Hillary thing as to her emails! It's all bullshit!!!

      Vote Hillary Clinton for POTUS!

    2. Anonymous10:51 AM

      Ummmmm.... you guys do realize the FBI has a full blown ivestigation under way don't you? Didn't know the FBI was owned by the media.

    3. Anonymous11:35 AM

      So what, 10:51? The investigation has been going on for months. When (if) they find something that is truly incriminating, then we'll talk.

      What the media has done is to strongly hint that Clinton is guilty of things that have not been proven (in some cases, because the investigation isn't over and in some cases despite the investigation finding nothing). It seems like you are doing the same thing.

    4. Lori Klausutis11:46 AM

      I haunt the glass house Joe Scarborough and Mika live in.

      On Friday's "Morning Joe", Scarborough started relating how the night before while he was helping his young son do homework, Mika was in the other room telling Joe he needs to come watch the TV coverage of Palin.

      Everybody looked at each other like WTF joe. Joe lies so much he forgot that he's still supposed to be lying about banging Mika.

    5. Anonymous12:17 PM

      Hillary Clinton’s email defense just hit a major bump in the road

      For months, Hillary Clinton and her presidential campaign have stuck to a consistent story line when faced with allegations of classified information on the private server she used exclusively as secretary of state: She was the victim of an overzealous intelligence community bent on categorizing information as top secret or classified when it was, in fact, neither.

      That defense hit a major snag on Friday when the State Department announced that it, too, had found “top secret” information on Clinton’s server — 22 emails across seven separate emails chains. The information, the State Department said, was so secret that those emails would never be released to the public.

      Suddenly Clinton’s narrative of an overly aggressive intelligence community or a broader squabble between the intelligence world and the State Department didn’t hold water. Or at least held a whole lot less water than it did prior to Friday afternoon.

    6. Anonymous12:43 PM

      So the FBI, the CIA and now the State department say Hillary had top secret classified information on her home brewed email server.

      Go Hillary!!!

  10. Anonymous7:25 AM

    This news gives me goose bumps. I don't think you can get a better person to speak up for Hillary Clinton.


    1. 66gardeners8:27 AM

      My hope is that Elizabeth Warren is keeping her powder dry unless it looks like Hillary is in trouble with delegates.

      If Hillary gets the nomination and Warren goes on the campaign trail with her, look out.

    2. Anonymous10:50 AM

      Yeah look out for all men that still have their balls realize what a huge mistake this scenario would be, and vote for a man regardless of party.

    3. Anonymous11:48 AM

      As a man with no balls, I guess you should know.

    4. Anonymous12:25 PM


      Why would Elizabeth Warren jump to the aid of Hillary and all that Wall Street money she represents???

      Elizabeth Warren is a warrior for the people, not Hillary's Wall Street buddy!


    5. Anonymous11:59 PM

      We will see, 12:25.

  11. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Trump gets Palin

    Hillary gets Gabby

    Hillary's Gabby trumps Trump's Anti-Christ

  12. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Thank you, Gabby! Cast your vote for Hillary Clinton!!!

  13. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Gabby Giffords to hit the campaign trail in support of Hillary Clinton.
    -Immoral Minority

    Hillary gets Gabby
    ♡ A politician who was forced to retire
    ♡ Has a piece of our heart
    ♡ On top of that Gabby's husband is an American Space Shuttle Astronaut hero

    On the other side of the coin

    Trump has Sarah Palin (LOL)
    $ A quitter
    $ A person everybody despises
    $ Is married to a pimp who used a single struggling mother with Special Needs children as his prostitute
    $ Has a son who is a drunk arrested for Domestic Violence who is out on bail
    $ Has a daughter who has never been married with two children who comes from two different men
    $ Has a high school dropout daughter
    $ Entire family involved in the infamous Sarah Palin Family Drunken Brawl
    $ A multi-millionaire who has three adult children with high school or less education
    $ Sarah a person who cons our retired and elderly to fund Sarah's extravagant lifestyle

  14. Anonymous8:48 AM

    I'd rather she gather a number of survivors of gun violence from each community she visits.

  15. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Clinton yelled, “What is wrong with us!”

  16. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Well if you can't get a TriG child for your campaign a shooting victim in a wheelchair will just have to do!

    And good luck with your email thing!

    1. Anonymous2:42 PM

      Yes, because Gabby Gifford couldn't possibly choose to do this because she actually supports Clinton. She's at the mercy of whomever is pushing her around in her chair.

  17. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Thugs can't speak ill of Giffords without looking like a beyond-the-pale a@@holes. She is rethug flame-proof. And yes it is horrible that THIS is what it takes to be beyond the reach of the thugs these days - near assassination and lifelong disability. Anyone remember Brady? They couldn't assail him on guns either for the same reasons.

  18. Anita Winecooler5:15 PM

    I was amazed at how well she did. What's sad is knowing how much her life has changed since that day the gun sites went on facebook and some crazy gun lover got his ammogasm while others died or were permanently injured.
    She still has that spark to make sure it didn't happen in vain, and her husband's tenderness and patience made me tear up, but that's love. What an endorsement!!!!!


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