Thursday, January 07, 2016

Hey, did you all know that the Benghazi hearings were still a thing?

Courtesy of ABC News:

Former CIA Director David Petraeus faced questions on Wednesday from a House committee investigating the deadly 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya, as the inquiry entered its third calendar year — and a presidential election year. 

Petraeus was the first of four former Obama administration officials scheduled to appear before the Republican-led committee in the next week. The committee will question former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on Friday. 

All four interviews were set to be conducted behind closed doors. 

The panel's chairman, Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., told reporters that about a dozen interviews remain, including sessions with national security adviser Susan Rice and Obama administration adviser Ben Rhodes. The Benghazi committee hopes to release a report "within the next few months," said spokesman Matt Wolking.

Okay so I guess the strategy is to first attack Hillary's feminist credentials by accusing her of enabling Bill's affairs, second is to keep kicking the dead Benghazi horse in the hopes that it will finally fart out something useful, and then if that does not work I assume that somebody will heave a kitchen sink at her at some point.

If the GOP keeps scraping the bottom of the barrel like this they are likely to dig themselves all the way to China.


  1. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Do you think this "loving father" and war hero will ever get around to traveling to Alaska and introduce himself to his daughter he is so excited about?

    So far the only thing he has done is act like a jarhead in a combat zone and throwing a grenade into a room full of people.

    Oh, and asking for privacy.

    What kind of "loving father" lets his lawyer do the talking?

    You despise the jarhead and everything he stands for. He called your daddy Michael Moore a coward and bad mouthed your precious half black President.

    Yet there you sit at your computer for hours on end scarfing virtual popcorn and babbling about Levi and Sunny being tickled pink.

    Why are you dragging them into this?

    The online gossip sheets have no more interest in this story. It's just another story about an immature father acting like a jerk.

    You hate Bristol more than you hate this clumsy jarhead. The enemy of your enemy is your friend.

    Until he isn't anymore....

    1. 9:04am....oops! You posted this ALREADY on the Beefy thread! Please snort some more meth and try again!


    2. Do you think this "loving father" and war hero will ever …

      You seem confused. You already posted this comment, at 7:29 AM, at in response to the article Dakota Meyer's lawyer speaks out, whre it belongs.

      It does not belong as a comment on "Hey, did you all know that the Benghazi hearings were still a thing?"

      Please pay attention.

    3. We get it. You're a racist.

    4. Anonymous10:03 AM

      9:04 Your comment doesn't belong on this particular section of IM's blog - pay attention - you are totally off the subject and we tain't interested!

    5. Anonymous4:40 PM

      Patreus is a baby daddy? Who knew?

  2. "If the GOP keeps scraping the bottom of the barrel like this they are likely to dig themselves all the way to China."
    Where they belong.

  3. Anonymous9:16 AM

    This witch hunt has gone on longer than the 9/11 investigation. Enough wasting tax payer dollars already GOP!

    1. Anonymous9:31 AM

      Seriously! Ranks right up there with impeachment and repealing Obamacare in the waste of time and resources department.

  4. If this committee is still active in the fall, an extra-strong get-out-the-vote effort in the committee members' districts would seem appropriate.

  5. Anonymous10:00 AM

    I literally detest the fucking Republicans in Congress. They are putting the Obamacare rejection Bill in front of President Obama for his signature this week (which would also defund Planned Parenthood!) and of course, President Obama will veto it.

    They are wasting time and taxpayer money in their nasty, political efforts and providing nothing of substance to anyone with their antics. Is it any wonder why they have such horrible ratings throughout the country (U.S. Congress led by Republicans)!?

    Plus, there are millions already insured under Obamacare! What in the Hell are the Republicans promoting? Drop our fellow citizens (and voters!) from having medical coverage? They are truly the worst kind of Americans - every one of them in the House of the U.S. Congress. They obviously are NOT listening to the folks that put them in office!

    Why anyone in America would vote for a Republican on the national, state and local levels continues to amaze me. They are the most hateful, dividers this country has seen in eons! The vote is what counts folks - not the money that is thrown at elections - which we'll see plenty of this coming year!

    1. The GOP is acting politically suicidal. It's the only logical reason for this insanity. What do they hope to achieve? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Insane people kill themselves. Thus the above.

  6. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Vote Now: MoveOn's 2016 Presidential Endorsement

  7. Anonymous11:19 AM

    The General had to cancel his appearance ... Paula apparently stole his briefs.

  8. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Yes, and it's ridiculous. Even the Republican investigations said there is no evidence of wrongdoing by Clinton, or anyone else (4 investigations.
    They are still trying to kill the ACA, about the 60th try now.

  9. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Boy Howdy, Trey Dowdy has way too much time on his hands. Let's open the starr report and have investigations about that. Or what happened to the Speaker's manly facial hair?


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