Monday, January 04, 2016

Judge rules that Bill Cosby's wife will have to testify against him in court.

Courtesy of Newsweek:

In the same week that comedian Bill Cosby was arrested on sexual assault charges, his wife, Camille Cosby, learned she must testify in a civil case against the entertainer filed by seven women who said he defamed them, court documents said. 

A federal magistrate judge in Massachusetts on Thursday rejected arguments by Cosby's wife of almost 52 years, who also has been his business manager, that the deposition would represent an "undue burden." 

The deposition is scheduled for next Wednesday, a week after Bill Cosby, 78, was charged in Pennsylvania in the only criminal case brought against the actor, who has been accused by more than 50 women of sexually abusing them in incidents dating back decades.

You might think that a man who professes to love his wife as much as Bill Cosby does, might just consider entering a plea deal in order to keep her from having to embarrass or humiliate herself in a courtroom on his behalf.

The man has truckloads and truckloads of money, but only one woman who was willing to stand by his side when the whole world turned their back to demonstrate their disgust at his behaviors.

Or perhaps there are simply NO women that Bill Cosby respects enough not to use them for his own personal gratification or as a human shield.


  1. Anonymous12:14 PM

    This so mirrors the Clintons it is uncanny.

    1. Said all of the anti-Hillary trolls hopefully.

    2. Anonymous12:32 PM

      Hardly,12:14. There is a huge difference between philandering and drugging and raping. Surprised that you don't see the difference.

    3. Anonymous1:08 PM

      So you are saying Ensign, Vitter, Gingrich, Trump,etc.,also belong to the Cosby club......

    4. Anonymous1:27 PM

      Many Republicans match the description of Bill Cosby! Too much booze and/or drugs, long marriages and having affairs!

      Many wives OR husbands forgive their partners for having sex outside their marriages - it is not uncommon!

    5. Anonymous1:39 PM

      Jump on everyone, my back can handle all the lightweight excuses you want to make for the Clintons and their lack of accountability on accusations spanning decades.

    6. Anonymous2:16 PM

      1:39 PM, yet others get a pass in your eyes? Even your queen Palin.

    7. Jump on everyone, my back can handle all the lightweight excuses you want to make …

      Your back may be strong, but your brain sure isn't! The above commenters aren't excusing philandering or anything else the Clintons may or may not have done. They are expressing surprise that you consider philandering to be in the same league as drugging and raping—not just in the same league, but uncannily like a mirror image of drugging and raping.

      If you truly believe the two things are equivalent, no woman is safe near you. No wonder you posted anonymously.

      On the other hand, if you were simply trolling, you shouldn't bill your employer for this one. It's too lame!

    8. Anonymous2:45 PM

      Lol at you 2:16.

      So if one is not a Clinton supporter... then they must love Palin?

      Did I get that right?

      Maybe not everything relates back to Palin 2:16, just maybe.

    9. Anonymous2:56 PM

      @ 12:14 1:39
      Oh really, you are accusing Bill Clinton of drugging and raping over 50 women.

      Well, why don't you back up your back since you brought it up and provide the links to these accusations spanning decades, since I seemed to have missed those headlines.

    10. Anonymous3:11 PM

      And just what do Bill's indiscretions have to do with Hillary?
      _________(fill in blank)

      Also, I thought that standing by your man was a Republican virtue? Please enlighten me if this is no longer the case.

    11. Our Lad3:16 PM

      12:14 - Does the phrase "false equivalence" register in your brainpan? Ixnay on the ullshitbay, you fuckin momo.

    12. Anonymous4:43 PM

      Keep jumping on me folks. Love it. There is quite a list of women that have accused Bill over the years of sexual assault including rape. Hillary is complicit, just like Mrs. Cosby. And she pretends to be an advocate for women of abuse.

    13. Anonymous6:32 PM

      Jennifer Flowers or Paula Jones does not constitute a "list." Monica was quite consensual, said even Monica.

    14. Anonymous6:37 PM

      4:43--OK, I'll jump. (Or trip over, as the case nay be.)

      You gave not answered my question. Please enlighten me. How does Bill's philandering have ANYTHING to do with what Hillary does in her career, or what office she, in her own right, aspires to?

      Enlighten. Please. Otherwise you will contribute to my disillusionment with the human race.

    15. Anonymous6:55 PM

      Do you understand the difference between 'abuse/rape' and philandering 6:37?

      Do you also understand the term 'complicit'?

    16. Anonymous6:06 AM


      2. Also, a spouse cannot be forced to testify against their spouse.

      3. If and that is a big IF, Cosby really did all this, there is no way there can be a prosecution, as the statue of limitations has long passed.
      I am not one of those who have jumped on the Cosby is guilty train.

      4. It looks like the prosecution in Los Angeles to usurp the law and make a wife testify against her spouse, and usurp the law and try a case that the statue of limitations has long since passed on. If they usurp the law in the Cosby case they have to usurp the law in all cases, and even YOU all who are so happy they are usurping the law in the Cosby case need to THINK, they might jut usurp the law in you case, or one of your family members case.
      If they do it to one, they will start to do it to all.

  2. Anonymous12:34 PM

    As wife or business associate I am glad Camille Cosby is compelled to testify.

    I hope they modify or get rid of the law about spouse and testimonies. Also they can eliminate the statue of limitations on sex crimes across the nation and it will be a better world. Not that it will happen this week, month, year or decade I hope it would be retroactive.

    Also to make better laws about people who solicit for sex in the pimping business. Not saying there should not be legal sex for hire. I think the current laws are antiquated to say the least. There are many types of sex workers. There are critical health matters involved. It is irresponsible and bad, bad, bad to be so unhealthy about it.

    The Cosby's were a family and in business. I don't know how it all went down. I have known wealthy and not so wealthy wives and mothers that were fine with getting sex for their family. It may not be a straight up pimp business but it is similar.

    Some women do not want to have sex with a husband and they both decide he needs to have that need satisfied and they want to remain married for business or whatever. Husband goes out and gets his satisfaction, he may bring it to his business, the marital house or do in in bathroom stalls etc. Wife knows not to be at house or business, because the arrangement is that he is to be discreet. She may want to hear no details or she may want to know every little dirty detail for her satisfaction.

    In her way the wife is involved and part of what husband is up to. He may do it as taking lovers or he may pay for it. In Cosby case he is alleged rapist that used drugs. He commented his attitude on Larry King TV, he also mentioned in stand up routines. It is hard to believe that his wife had no clue about Cosby. I would not be surprised if she was not as guilty, as she was a wife and his business partner, I doubt he had many secrets he could keep from her. Women like Dottie Sandusky and possibly Camille Cosby need to be in prison with their husbands and business partners.

    1. Anonymous2:25 PM

      Thank you for mentioning Dottie Sandusky. I'm sure there are many married women that trin a blind eye (no pun intended) for the lifestyle and power that being the wife of does.

    2. Anonymous2:46 PM

      ^uh Hillary^

    3. Anonymous3:23 PM

      UH. She hasn't sat on her @ss.
      She went to work. Your point is invalid. Better than the quitter!

    4. Anonymous4:23 PM

      All that with Bill and Hillary is ancient history. I guess Trump is desperate to drag that out.

      The Palins had McCain, he scrubbed computers and had his military connections. Therefore it is doubtful we can learn the truth about the Palins. But any woman that is married, in arrangements or business with a pimp is sick. Especially when they have children and if any of the children act like an abused child. Or say strikes out in anger, like kicking pimp daddy in the balls.

  3. You know, in a way this does make terrible sense. Cosby is undeniably talented, and rich beyond my dreams and yours, but there's nothing in his looks (even years younger) that would want his face an inch away from your own. If he's too egotistical or cheap to pay for first-rate women, then yes, some kind of underhanded means would be his only way to get them.

    1. Our Lad4:01 PM

      Lousy stand up comic, complete square. Third rate monologist who couldn't get a laugh in a hip room if his life depended on it.

  4. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Hope the prison serves him jello pudding every day.

    It would be a just desert.

    1. Anonymous1:40 PM

      Dessert. :-)

  5. Anonymous1:07 PM


  6. Anonymous3:35 PM

    This man made history, he was the first African American with a lead role in a television series "I Spy", then parlayed his stand up routine into making millions, then was on a show for years that portrayed a mid to upper class African American Family. I can't believe over fifty women got together and told pretty much word for word the same MO. I was glad Camile wasn't with him on the perp walk, I thought she was making a profound statement by no standing by her man, but knowing she was his manager as well as his wife, she was derelict in her duties as his business manager and threw him under the bus. Another Sandusky, keep your mouth shut so you can keep the lifestyle you're accustomed to. She sickens me more than he does, but this will blow up in their faces, there is no "spousal privilege" when she's the manager of his career and possibly knows more than she's let on.

    1. Anonymous4:26 PM

      Expect her to tell the truth?
      I don't!

  7. Anonymous4:21 PM

    I think he is a piece of crap,but I thought that a spouse could not be made to testify against you? Or was that just in the movies?

    1. Anonymous4:41 PM

      That's what I thought.

    2. Anonymous6:36 PM

      She has to testify qua business manager role.

  8. Anonymous8:47 PM

    I have no syjpathy for Camille Cosby. She was fully aware, at least at the point of his deposition admitting to obtaining drugs to drug and rape women. She has helped to demean his victims and shift blame to them.

  9. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Anonymous 8:47 PM

    I have no syjpathy for Camille Cosby. She was fully aware, at least at the point of his deposition admitting to obtaining drugs to drug and rape women.
    You don't know what his wife knew. You don't know if these allegations are even true.


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