Tuesday, January 05, 2016

New Hampshire State Representative who disrupted town hall has followed Hillary Clinton around for years just so she can heckle her over her husband's extra marital affairs.

Courtesy of the Washington Post: 

One day before former president Bill Clinton arrives in New Hampshire to campaign for his wife, Hillary Clinton, she was confronted with questions about allegations involving his sexual history at a town hall meeting in the state on Sunday. 

State Rep. Katherine Prudhomme-O'Brien (R) repeatedly interrupted Clinton during the meeting, which was held in a middle school gymnasium. 

Prudhomme-O'Brien has for years followed the former first lady, peppering her with questions about allegations of past sexual misconduct by Bill Clinton. The state lawmaker's outbursts startled an otherwise friendly and even-tempered town hall audience. It is unclear whether Clinton was able to hear her comments. 

After Prudhomme-O'Brien's third interruption, Clinton responded angrily: "You are very rude, and I'm not ever going to call on you."

Apparently this Prudhomme-O'Brien woman has been on Hillary's ass since at least as far back as 2007. And is now a participant in the Republican tactic to keep Bill Clinton off of the campaign trail undoubtedly out of fear of his persuasive influence over audiences and well documented fundraising abilities.

Of course Donald Trump has given this mud slinging his seal of approval, and demonstrated his own concerns over Bill Clinton.
Here's the thing, if Bill Clinton was running for office these might seem like reasonable concerns to bring up about his character. But he's not.

And remember Hillary was the victim of Bill's philandering, not the perpetrator. The women involved, however many there might have been, were willing participants by most accounts, quite unlike the victims of Bill Cosby's drugging and sexual assault.

It could in fact be argued that Bill's mistresses victimized Hillary, not the other way around.

So I fail to see how this negatively impacts her presidential campaign.


  1. Anonymous6:04 AM

    Donald, you really don't want to go there. How many affairs have you had? It wasn't your wives's fault, but your own.
    Let ye who have never sinned cast the first stone, and brother, you're living in a house with a glass exterior.......

    1. Anonymous7:13 AM

      Trump speaks with impunity. His talk about Bill Clinton is like an unspoken challenge for Hillary Clinton to call him out on his affairs, multiple marriages, pride in his wife posing nude and many children with different wives. Trump is daring them.

      Perhaps Clinton would be best served to shut down harassment about Bill's philandering using the he who cast stones. Trump and this woman get a perverse sick kick from humiliating people.

    2. Anonymous11:16 AM

      Trump not only cheated, but he got his mistress, Marla Maples, pregnant while he was with Ivanna.

  2. Anonymous6:29 AM

    Want to know what's sexy?

    A young and pretty Bristol Palin firing a handgun.


    She's practicing defending herself from IV tube conspiracy theorists.

    1. Boscoe6:48 AM


    2. Anonymous7:10 AM

      Double yawn. Personally my daughter's can all hit targets at a 1,000 yards and not 4 ft.
      In fact the pic proves how little experience any of the Palin women have with firearms. Just another Palin lie.

    3. Anonymous7:10 AM

      Must you go sniffing every time a Palin farts?

    4. Anonymous7:23 AM

      If you don't sniff, how do you know when one is in heat?

    5. Anonymous11:19 AM

      Why do all roads lead to a Palin on this blog? This thread is not about Bristle, it is about Trump, and Clinton.

    6. Bristol is a simple-minded, shallow, vacuous dunce. She is anything but sexy. And she clearly knows nothing about guns, but like her mother, she is a poser.

      And by the way, this post is about Trump and Clinton. Do try to keep your peabrain on topic.

  3. Caroll Thompson6:41 AM

    I don't get how attacking Bill Clinton is going to help any Republican. His name is not on the ballot. We all knew that Bill was a dirty dog when we voted for him in 1992 and again in 1996. No one was surprised to hear that Bill Clinton fooled around on Hillary.

    I have to say, is this all they have? I guess the Benghazi thing didn't work. More recently I heard Trump say that Hillary had no energy (well, it worked with Jeb). But Hillary can put them all to shame on the campaign trail - she is like the energizer bunny. So that is not going to work either.

    So, what are the Republicans going to call her at noon on January 20, 2017? They will have to call her Madame President. President Hillary Rodham Clinton. And Bill Clinton will be the First Man.
    And Chelsea (who has a PHD from Oxford no less) will be back with her husband and two children.

    And Hillary might have coat tails and the Dems could take the Senate back and cut the Republican majority in the House to a few members.

    Yes, attacking Bill for cheating on Hillary is going to backfire big time.

    1. Anonymous7:09 AM

      They have nothing else. After they signed Grover's traitor pledge in 2009, they could do nothing but block, whine, vote against...any and every bill that would have advanced the middle class and America. They have accomplished nothing in 20 years of power. So they lie and attack. I do not think it's going to work this time. They sure can't claim they had a thing to do with the return of the economy, the fact that we do not have thousands of troops in the ME, or that the housing market is back, not to mention the stock market, the 2/3 lowering of the debt, and on and on. They can't even ask, "Are you better off now than you were when Obama took office?" So they are counting on Bill's past history and making crap up about Hillary to save their sorry butts. It will not work.

    2. Anonymous7:25 AM

      Well, Trump could focus on the fact that Hillary is a KNOWN toliet user...
      Q Sis

    3. Anonymous8:30 AM

      Hilary no energy? I am 15 years younger than she is and she does a helluva lot more than I will ever do in her time. She makes me tired just watching her.

    4. Anonymous12:07 PM

      Agree with you, @8:30. To parrot "When Harry Meets Sally," I'll have what she's having. She can run circles around me.

  4. Anonymous6:47 AM

    Unfortunately, HIllary isn't just an innocent victim of Bill's philandering. She knows about. And she was aggressive in targeting Monica (a very young woman) until the blue dress. I'm okay with Hilary being loyal to her husband. Their sex life is none of my concern. But it was immoral what they did to Monica (and I'll probably vote for HIlary anyway because she has many good positions and knows international relationships like no one else (although wish she wasn't so beholden to corporate America) - and no way do I want nominations for the Supreme Court to go to the Republicans.

    1. Anonymous7:05 AM

      What SHE did to Monica? Don't forget, Monica was not some glazed eyed teenager. She was 25 years old. She went after Bill, who was, admittedly, a pretty easy target back then. Then she was influenced by that horrible older woman and the RNC, who would do anything to bring down the Clintons. So shed no tears for 'poor Monica.' She got what she wanted.

    2. Maple7:05 AM

      Hey, wait just a minute! Lewinsky threw herself at Clinton (I want to be banged by the President of the U.S.), not the other way around, and I'm doubting she would have taken No for an answer. But then she made the huge mistake of telling Linda Tripp about it all and that's when the Republican Tripp threw the proverbial $hit into the fan.
      The entire Clinton scandal always placed the blame on the wrong person, and that person was Lewinsky herself.
      JMHO, of course.....but I know many of use get tired of the media twisting things around to suit their preferred narrative.

    3. Anonymous7:08 AM

      No one harmed Monica, Monica was not inexperienced by a long shot, and nor was Bill Clinton her first married target, and Monica got what she wanted. in fact, not laundering the blue dress proved what a gold digger she was.

    4. Anonymous7:30 AM

      I won't excuse Bill Clinton in the Lewinsky affair, nor will I give Monica a pass, due to her age. But, their shenanigans are between them and Hillary.
      Thomas Jefferson fathered children with a slave. Talk about abuse of power! Let vilify his legacy....

    5. Anonymous8:02 AM

      6:47-- What do you mean, "targeting Monica"? Targeting, as in taking aggressive action? Targeting, as in promoting her to Bill as a likely prospect?

      She pretty obviously didn't do the first, and why on earth would she do the second?


    6. Anonymous8:31 AM

      Lewinsky had done the exact same thing before and she was no angel. She knew exactly what she wanted, lipstick case notch, and while it does take two to tango, she bears the most responsibility for throwing herself at him like a two bit street walker.

    7. Anonymous9:43 AM

      Who said this was all about Monica?

      This has everything to do with women who have accused the former president of sexual assault and cover-up, hillary included.

    8. Anonymous12:09 PM

      The point is: we have many American presidential philanderers, like Jefferson, Kennedy, Bush 43. Shall I go on?

    9. Anonymous12:22 PM

      12:09 philandering does not equal sexual assault and cover-up... (unless you are a Clinton supporter apparently.)

  5. Boscoe6:48 AM

    I'm confused... being a stalkery petty assholish harridan is supposed to make HILLARY look bad?

    Just when I thought I had the pathology of Conservative Brain Disorder figured out...

    1. Anonymous7:32 AM

      Very strange behavior. Seems like she has made it her mission in life. Why is she taking it so personally? Did daddy have a wandering eye?

    2. Boscoe -- It's incredibly difficult for any sane person to figure out the pathology of Conservative Brain Disorder. Don't feel bad; you are not alone!

  6. Anonymous7:06 AM

    And yet Trump's affairs and his child conceived out of wedlock have been totally overlooked.

    1. I guess the right wingnuts have thrown out those "family values" they have used to mask their racism. The republican rep needs to hook up with Kim Davis

    2. Anonymous7:35 AM

      Amazing, isn't it? Hillary appears to have done what Christians should aspire to do, forgive transgressions and honor the vows she took before God. Trump, on the other hand...

    3. Anonymous8:05 AM

      7:35--But that's just it. It makes them look bad.

      If a librul can do all that stuff naturally, why can they not seem to manage it, even with Jeebus's magic help?

  7. Anonymous7:19 AM

    To my IMers, I enjoy the actual political posts on the blog but it bothers me to know there are sick people who like Gryphen yet pretend to be a relation of Bristol and lie about the family and innocent kids.

    To the person posing and writing bull, do you not see how evil you are?

    1. Anonymous8:16 AM

      Dear, the shooting range is that way.

    2. Anonymous8:24 AM

      I find reading Gryphen's post, but skipping the comments helps, with certain topics. Or at least I try to leave early in the discussion, but things start spiraling out of control.

    3. Anonymous5:42 PM

      Okay, I'll bite: which Palin relative are you, 7:19?

  8. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Bill Clinton Elegantly Massacres Donald Trump’s Credibility As A Presidential Candidate


  9. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Donald Trump Says Defending Clinton Over Lewinsky Was Only Lip Service


  10. The man cheated on his wife. If Trump thinks that's gonna send Hillary running he's in for a rude awakening. I actually like Hillary AND her cheatin' husband and they're two of the toughest politicians around. She'll survive this bs. Furthermore, most people are sick of hearing about it anyway.

    1. Anonymous8:28 AM

      I think a LOT of married Americans can relate to the trials and tribulations of the Clinton marriage.

  11. Anonymous8:03 AM

    This is a long and twisted tale. Stay with me.


    Wow: Did The Palins Lie About When Bristol’s Baby Was Born To Cover Up The Truth? (IMAGES)



  12. Anonymous8:28 AM

    It is great you can say you fail to see how this negatively affects Clinton's campaign.

    Still, you are talking about it.

    1. Anonymous9:04 AM

      Yeah, we are talking about issues related to the candidate we support. Sad that all you have is, "if God opened a door" drivel. Go back to the pond. I hear they are speculating about a write in campaign-and you know what that means!

    2. Anonymous9:44 AM

      Well as long as people are aware and know to be careful around sexual predators 9:04, it is a good thing.

    3. Anonymous10:33 AM

      How does any of this--her husband's extramarital affairs--have anything to do with Hillary's job competence??

      Conservatives don't even think THEIR OWN indiscretions disqualify them from seeking office.

      So isn't holding someone's philandering against his wife, as if it's her fault in some way--well,
      isn't that kind of beyond hypocritical? As well as Paleolithic?

      Oh wait, it's Republicans we're talking about here....

    4. Anonymous12:08 PM

      He has been accused of sexual assault, a sexual predator, that Hillary has been complicit in providing cover for him and silencing his accusers for decades. This isn't about philandering or affairs. It is much uglier than that.

      Thankfully the Cosby case may have broken the glass on women being silenced, and Clinton's accusers might have their voices heard.

  13. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Who cares who Fucked who? as long as everyone involved gives a shit about each other..Bill and Hillary LOVE each other..Life happens..

  14. Anonymous9:16 AM

    YES!!!! TRUE or Not..Love it!


  15. Anonymous9:55 AM

    How many married republican women want to be blamed for their husbands' affairs? How many republican women would think the 25 year old woman giving their husband blow jobs was a poor innocent girl? At 25, one is an adult and knows exactly what they are doing. I voted for Bill and thought he was a great president but not a great husband. His marriage did not interest me then, nor does it now. Hillary will have my vote.

  16. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Interesting hand position in that photo.

  17. Anonymous11:09 AM

    She's clearly pissed that Bill WILL NOT pay any attention to her !!! That's because SHE'S A TROLL !!! And UGLY TOO!!!

  18. Anonymous11:10 AM

    She's clearly pissed that Bill WILL NOT pay any attention to her !!! That's because SHE'S A TROLL !!! And UGLY TOO!!!

  19. Anonymous11:32 AM

    If Hilary were republican, they would be commending her for standing by her man!!

    As far as I am concerned, their marriage is their private business.

  20. I don't care that Prudhomme-O'Brien is married, and a homeschooling mother, blah, blah, blah.

    I don't care if her husband is the sweetest man on the planet and adores her to distraction, or if he is a philandering, angry, abusive control freak.

    What I think is obvious is that no woman in a truly happy, joyous, loving, fulfilling, contented, rewarding marriage is going to spend years of her life following another woman around and bitching to that woman about the woman's husband's affairs.

    Prudhomme-O'Brien is a miserable woman living a lie and it is eating her nasty jealous little heart right up. Why isn't Clinton miserable like she is? Waah, waah, waah. I think there might a bit of projection in her demented stalking.

  21. Anita Winecooler4:02 PM

    Why should the heckler give a crap? It's Bill who cheated on Hillary. People act as if a marriage can't survive one dalliance. Hillary handled herself with strength and grace. The millions spent on trying to get him impeached and the Starr Report were a waste of money. While we're on the subject, the fool with the orange toupee is making a big deal over Bill's cheating, Bills been married to the same woman. Donald got caught cheating on Ivana with Marla Maples, and the union produced a child, and he's become the arbiter of moral behavior????
    This crazy stalker needs some jail time to cool off her heels.


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