Friday, January 22, 2016

RNC boots the National Review from upcoming debate for daring to offend Donald Trump.

Courtesy of Salon: 

The Republican National Committee has now booted both of its media partners for the February 26 Republican presidential debate in Houston, Texas. The reason for the drastic punishment: Daring to offend Donald Trump. 

After the editors of the conservative National Review published their “Against Trump Symposium” Thursday night, the party swiftly moved to sanction the magazine, stripping it of it’s media partnership for the pre-Super Tuesday debate on CNN. A debate they were to share co-hosting duties with Telemundo and Salem Radio Network. 

But then National Review editor Rich Lowry corralled “22 prominent conservative thinkers,” including The Weekly Standard’s William Kristol, RedState’s Erick Erickson and The Blaze’s Glenn Beck, for a collection of essays assailing the dominant Republican frontrunner.
Of course it's easy to guess how Trump responded to all of this.

Actually I'm pretty sure that if William F. Buckley were alive today he would have his hands firmly around Donald Trump's chubby neck and would be attempting to choke the life out of him.

Okay what does it mean that the RNC is now punishing news outlets for irritating the Donald?

Have they simply given up and reconciled themselves to the fact that he is going to be their candidate in 2016?



  1. Anonymous2:10 PM

    No, they haven't given up. The "establishment" is trying very hard to make the Donald appear to be their candidate, with the thinking that his popularity is due to his "outsider" status. They want the blue collar masses to turn on him. They're desperate. Hopefully, it works.

    1. Anonymous6:36 PM

      OT someone cares about domestic abuse....

      Meet Jordan Loewe.
      At Sarah and Todd's house, Jordan Loewe, went upstairs and hid under the bed.

    2. Anonymous10:41 PM


      It was fair for Sarah Palin to link son's domestic-violence arrest to Obama

  2. Anonymous2:13 PM

    I once went to a talk given by Buckley, and met him (briefly) afterward.

    Donald Trump is absolutely no William Buckley.

    As a long-time Democrat, I disagreed with much of Buckley's political philosophy, but the man was VERY intelligent, self-deprecating, witty, and unfailingly courteous.

    I think he is probably spinning in his grave right about now.

  3. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Best cartoon I've seen today!

    1. Anonymous1:01 AM

      1, 2, 3.... when is the mistress of the night going to debut for a starring role in a David Martin production on Instagram?

      The LOVERS, Track and Jordan need some damage control. Not the crap Martin is forcing on the prisoner, Bristol Palin.

  4. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Trump should be ashamed of himself. He is more like Adolph Hitler in the way he portrays himself! He should be done away with quickly by the Republicans or they are going to be very, very sorry!

    He is nothing more than scum upon their brand!

    1. Anonymous2:48 PM

      Yes, Trump is pond scum but the RNC should be embarrassed to let him bully them into dropping debate sponsors when Trump feels offended. They have got to quit catering to him.

    2. Anonymous3:10 PM

      According to Ivanka, in an interview with Vanity Fair in 1990 or so, The Donald kept a book of Hitler's speeches on the bedside table!

    3. Anonymous3:39 PM

    4. Anonymous6:41 PM

      He is authoritarian and that is how he rules. One thing he and Sarah do have in common.

    5. Anonymous7:22 PM

      Censoring the media, bulling his adversaries, gosh were have I heard that?

      Yes, this does remind me of the rise of Hitler.

      Sarah Palin would be a perfect minister of propaganda.

      Track can join the Gestapo.
      Donald Trump Retweets Apparent Neo-Nazi Supporter

      Donald Trump on Friday retweeted what appears to be a neo-Nazi Twitter account that posted a photoshopped picture mocking rival Jeb Bush.

      The tweet by user "@WhiteGenocideTM" featured an image of Bush dressed as a panhandler outside Trump Tower with a "Vote Trump" sign.

      WhiteGenocideTM's profile picture is an image of George Lincoln Rockwell, the infamous founder of the American Nazi Party, with the caption "The Man Who Wants To Be Hitler." His listed location is "Jewmerica."

      An additional banner image on his profile reads: "GET THE F— OUT OF MY COUNTRY." Recent tweets and retweets from the account include anti-Semitic imagery, quotes from Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels and tweets deriding Martin Luther King Jr. The profile also listed a link to a website promoting a biographical documentary of Adolf Hitler.

      Trump, whose Twitter account is a central piece of his messaging operation, with more than 5 million followers, has passed on tweets from users who espouse white supremacist and openly racist causes in the past. Most infamously, he retweeted phony crime statistics that falsely claimed black Americans committed 81% of murders against white victims - in fact, 82% of white murder victims were killed by white attackers in 2014, according to FBI data.

      Bush's spokesman reacted on Twitter. "The Godwin's Double: Trump's anti-Jeb retweets now include one from a Nazi's account and another calling Jeb a Nazi," he wrote.

      A spokesperson for Trump did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment.

    6. Anonymous8:47 PM

      3:10 I remember that interview. I think that is very telling about tTrump's MO. He wnts to win no matter what.

  5. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Yes, seriously. Here's the dill: Trump and Palin are offering scorched earth and the conservaturds who built the house of Trump don't like it. All those names on the front cover of that lame publication have been working on creating someone like Trump and now they don't like it because they're not getting their "cut" of the profits. Too fucking bad, conservaturd establishment party. You reap what you sow, you're reaping the whirlwind and all those other catchy little clichés that the Tundra Twat and the fat. doughy orange orangutan serve up to their rabid fans.
    This is just one big pimple on the Republicans' collective ass just waiting to explode all over the American electorate.

  6. That political cartoon is hysterical.
    As far as trump is concerned everything is a fail but him.
    Anyone who associates themselves with Palin--failed the day they took a call from her. And where did the National Review get balls?

    1. Guess the NR felt they had nothing to loose and saner Republicans to gain as subscribers. They were also testing the waters of rebellion.

  7. Anonymous2:44 PM

    The National Review is just another clear example of the biased left-wing Liberal Media. Wake up Sheeple!!!!!

    1. Anonymous2:56 PM

      Bullshit! The "media" is owned by big corporations. If the media was owned by left-wing liberals, we would be seeing real investigations of people like AIP Palin and Trump would not be answering softball questions. They may be lame, but they are NOT in the liberal pocket.

    2. Anonymous3:04 PM

      If tRump or Cruz are elected president, you'll be wishing President Obama was still in office. Careful what you pray for; you just might get it!

    3. Anonymous3:31 PM

      Are you drunk like Track Palin, 2:44?
      Don't beat your spouse again.

    4. Anonymous3:35 PM


    5. Anonymous4:53 PM

      2.44, you gave yourself away as a satirist: you can spell.

  8. Anonymous2:48 PM

    >>>We can talk about whether he is a boor (“My fingers are long and beautiful, as, it has been well documented, are various other parts of my body”),<<<

    Here's one of the authors...


    In December, Public Policy Polling found that 36 percent of Republican voters for whom choosing the candidate “most conservative on the issues” was the top priority said they supported Donald Trump. We can talk about whether he is a boor (“My fingers are long and beautiful, as, it has been well documented, are various other parts of my body”), a creep (“If Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her”), or a louse (he tried to bully an elderly woman, Vera Coking, out of her house in Atlantic City because it stood on a spot he wanted to use as a garage). But one thing about which there can be no debate is that Trump is no conservative—he’s simply playing one in the primaries. Call it unreality TV.

  9. Anonymous2:48 PM

    If you post something against him will you suddenly lose your job? He is getting more like Palin every day!

  10. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Can you imagine if this nut were President? Suspressing the media? It terrifies me.


    1. Anonymous4:42 PM

      He's got the diplomatic skills of a spoiled 2 year old...just what we need in these times of international tension and anti-American sentiment.

      Can you imagine him dealing with North Korea? Nuclear winter, here we come!

    2. Anonymous7:24 PM

      He would drop the bomb on North Korea, then tell us The North Koreans looove him!!!

    3. Anonymous8:13 PM

      His reckless rhetoric is scary. Imagine the same MO on the international scene.... The US of A would be besiged on all sides. What's he gonna do? sue the world?

  11. Anonymous2:53 PM

    And the man who would be president makes 2nd grade grammar mistakes--there is no apostrophe in "it's" unless it is used as a contraction for "it is." Moron.

    1. Anonymous4:07 PM

      I saw that too. Grammar and spelling are for loosers, write?

      (My errors were on purpose.)

  12. Anonymous3:13 PM

    What Buckley said about Donald Trump in 2000:

    '...we have no substitute for relying on the voter to exercise a quiet veto when it becomes more necessary to discourage cynical demagogy...'

  13. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Hope someone submits that cartoon for the Pulitzer!

  14. Anonymous3:27 PM

    Love the way Palin is depicted in the cartoon.

  15. Anonymous3:29 PM

    I don't see David French's name on that blue National Review "cover." I guess that he is one of their "on-line" writers.

  16. Anita Winecooler3:40 PM

    Poor Donald, seems a bit weak to me. I feel badly for him. He's lost his mind by giving the dais over to Sarah, and it backfired bigtime. All I took away was a deep and abiding hate for President Obama, sour grapes because she's too stupid to realize she's the reason McCain, the captured veteran's presidential run collapsed and burned. What's the definition of stupid again? Trump trying something that failed over and over expecting to win but touching the third rail. Hope the toupeee is fireproof. Buckley would have nothing to say, he'd be pissing his pants while pointing and laughing at you and Sarah.

  17. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Fuck Donald Trump! He doesn't have enough (percentage wise) to carry him through to becoming POTUS!

    He is nothing more than a rich, bully, fucker and I hope his 'people' read this! No one calls him out and it needs to be done!

    1. Anonymous4:12 PM

      Yeah, let's stop pussyfootin' around and put our boots on the neck of this bully and drill baby drill down until he bends over and we say thank you.

      Can I get a hallelujah?

    2. Over half a million Brits "called him out" in their petition to get him baned from their country. Lots of people are calling him out -- he just tweets, "sad" and his Trumpeters laugh. It makes us feel impotent. Maybe we should just ignore him and get on with our lives.

    3. Anonymous4:28 PM

      If he gets the nomination he is in for a shock. That's when America will stop laughing and fight back.

      And the US media are treading on very shaky ground already. They'll find themselves boycotted if they're not careful. It's not hard for me to avoid the Palin-loving, Clinton-hating NYT already, and that's supposed to be America's best. Ha!

  18. Anonymous3:45 PM

    Washington Post's Robinson on Sarah Palin

    "...her deconstruction of the language and her obliteration of the bourgeois concept we call logic."

    Note: The Washington Post has removed its firewall because of the blizzard.

    1. Anonymous4:45 PM

      firewall s/b paywall

  19. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Wasn't it Rich Lowry who was shooting sparkling balls of..stuff..around the room while he watched Scarah speak the first time? To quote the amazing Justin Vernon-my my my-my my my-my my.

    1. Anonymous4:07 PM

      Yes, that was him. Because she smiled at HIM, you understand....

    2. I thought that was William Kristol who saw sparkles when She appeared. Oh, how the mighty deluded have fallen.

    3. Anonymous4:36 PM

      It was when she winked, during the debate with Joe Biden...which made thinking persons gag!

      'I'm sure I'm not the only male in America who, when Palin dropped her first wink, sat up a little straighter on the couch and said, "Hey, I think she just winked at me." And her smile. By the end, when she clearly knew she was doing well, it was so sparkling it was almost mesmerizing. It sent little starbursts through the screen and ricocheting around the living rooms of America. This is a quality that can't be learned; it's either something you have or you don't, and man, she's got it.'

    4. Anonymous4:40 PM

      Yes, it was Billy Boy, but that's the thing with $arah. Sweet as pie until she gets what she wants from you to further herself, get the goods on you to use against you later, and you're done.

      Queen Esther? Try Jezebel.

    5. Anonymous5:02 PM

      4.40 it was not "Billy Boy", it was in fact Rich Lowry.

    6. Anonymous5:17 PM

      Weren't there three or four? She served them dinner in the governor's mansion after they arrived by cruise ship. One of the few times she ever stepped inside it.

  20. Anonymous4:06 PM

    I'm loving the thought that there are still ten long months to go. Imagine the damage they can all inflict on each other in that time.

    Sarah Palin will refuse to keep that oversized lump on her shoulders out of the spotlight and she will be probably be one of the first to be destroyed.... so go, Sarah, go! Don't retreat, reload!

    1. Leland2:16 AM

      "Imagine the damage they can all inflict on each other in that time."

      Unfortunately, 4:06, the damage is being done to ALL of us while they are destroying themselves.

  21. Anonymous4:26 PM

    I'd put money on everyone keeping Sarah at arm's length.

    1. Anonymous4:53 PM

      That they have. Where else could she shake her wares but in front of the biggest buffoon himself?

      This has planned for a looooong time.

  22. Anonymous4:50 PM

    They're all LOSERS!

    Everybody LOVES me!!! The blacks LOVE me! The Mexican rapists and criminals LOVE me! The wimmens LOVE me! The Muslims LOVE me!

    Everybody LOVES me because I'm the bestest and richest and smartest and handsomest and I have the biggest and most beautiful schlong in the whole wide world!!!!

    1. Anonymous4:00 PM

      Yo, Donald, you start measuring at the base, not your asshole, which on you, for some reason, starts under your nose. Everyone knows you have an innie.

  23. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Good short opinion article in the NR regarding Palin's behavior about Track's:

  24. Anonymous5:01 PM

    The Palins, and Trump when it comes to his involving the Palins in his campaign, have greatly benefited from today's new coverage of the snow storm out east. Trump's not been making noise and the Palins have finally listened to advice and shut their pie holes for at least a day.

    Well, can't wait to see if and when Trump brings Sarah back out.

  25. Politicususa has a nice article about Sarah's endorsement of the Donald.

    "Palin is yesterday plus seven years and 364 days’ news. Her main purpose on the stump isn’t to sway votes but to attract those “lamestream” TV cameras and be a walking thumb in the eye to Ted Cruz."

  26. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Now that I am confident that the Palin Curse has been fully activated, I'm going to take a little break from Sarah and her associations and her horrid little family.

    Please wake me when her first round of totally-incorrect FEC returns is filed, the returns that she'll sneakily amend when she thinks we're not looking.

  27. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Good article.

  28. Anonymous7:22 PM

    So, Sarah's now posting Facebook pics with Rush Limbaugh quotes to explain what her bizarre speeches were all about. Sad, that she needs to do this--she doesn't realize that her posts only reinforce how nuts everyone but a few think she is and how most of us speak an English that doesn't require a tasing like Colbert had to do.

    Good article here on PTSD:

  29. Anonymous7:34 PM

    The Republicans are power hungry but not yet totally insane.Trump will never be President. I know we sane people look at this and say " What the hell is happening"

    I am waiting for Trumps wife's pictures to be splashed out there. We have time people, we need to get the message out! Blogs like this our the ones doing the research. I am so sick of the press not being real journalists!

    It's all about drama for them. Gryphen can only do so much and we need to back him up, spill it Alaska! Why doesen't the press go to Wassilla and talk to the people there? Investigative journalism is dead.

    What a story they could have if they only got off their butts and did their job.

    Thanks Gryph. Keep speaking out.

  30. Anonymous7:35 PM

    och123 yeah Sarah my ass is starting to hurt your so close! be careful I might fart! it's nuclear! hahaha

  31. As of midnight Friday/Saturday 22/23 January EST:

    1. In Virginia on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay we have 6 inches of snow, another 12 inches predicted; winds now 15 MPH from the NE predicted to reach 50 MPH by Saturday afternoon.

    2. Meanwhile, on Sarah Palin's Facebook page, she has posted three quotes from Rush Limbaugh about how "the media" has been so mean to Sarah and her supporters; how the "Republican establishment" is as bad as Democrats; and, how Sarah's speech endorsing Trump was a clear, logical explanation of her philosophy. I'm still ROTFLMAO.

    1. Anonymous9:41 PM

      I've been doing shovel shifts already, clearing our walkways and digging our car out (no driveway, it's on the street) roughly every two hours since the storm kicked in. It's a strategic attempt to manage what will still be quite a chore in the morning and most of tomorrow:digging out.
      As of my last shift, we had got up to 6-8 inches depending on where I measured in the yard. And the snow is still falling.
      Fun times, right?
      M from MD (near DC)

    2. Anonymous10:26 PM

      Dear Sarah, Your speach was nothing short of regurgitated alphabet soup. It was painful watching you and your mannerisms. Your voice will peel paint. Even worse was the look on trump's face as you shrieked on..and on.. and on...

    3. Anonymous3:07 AM

      I remember living in Sandy UT one year in the late 90's. We got 3 feet of lake effect snow in less than 9 hours. It was amazing and the only time they ever called school off (for one day).

  32. Anonymous8:52 PM

    Here with go with the victim crap yet again. FFS. Listen here, $arah, and get this through your THICK head of no IQ.

    If you don't even have a handle on your own family, of which you haven't had for years, do you honestly think that you have even a slight say in how this country is run let alone foreign affairs? How stupid do you think we are?

    The media has given you one hell of a break because they will never ever investigate just how slimy your family's dealings are behind the scenes, just soundbites of the fallacy you're trying to sell.

    It still comes down to the ballot box, baby, and you lost a lot of supporters when you endorsed Trump. Game on, "barracuda," and we'll just see where you end up. With your track record, good luck with that.

  33. Anonymous9:30 PM

    I made Track Palin a combat vet and took care of Mother Sarah. Now I am a general!!!

  34. Anonymous9:52 PM

    Hey gryphern! I just found the pilot to the new Palin family variety hour posted on utoob! Should be a hit, they can get the whole family back to work and off the SarahPAC tit!

  35. Anonymous3:04 AM

    This is how fascism starts... one man can tell a whole media industry that he won[t do X if they don[t punish Y. if Trump manages to win the presidency this will be the END of the free press (such as it is).

  36. Anonymous3:27 AM

    Boohoo to the conservative writers. They created this monster over the last several years, trying to make the rich hate the poor, the poor hate the rich, and the middle class hate everyone. It's blown up in their faces, and now they are stuck with a racist blowhard who trots out their greatest embarrassment to stump for him. Sorry, not sorry to those jerks. They are the opposite of patriots, and it's too bad America has been subjected to their propaganda.

  37. 66gardeners4:30 AM

    This is the party all republican voters helped to create, and it did not happen over night.

    They aren’t passively accepting their own self-destruction, they engineered it. They gerrymandered a lock on Republican seats, wooed the ignorant, and did everything they could to ruin Barack Obama’s presidency, in turn creating havoc on the American economy and psyche. We don't even have to mention Iraq to point how dangerous they have become.

    They wasted time trying to kill affordable medical care rather than insure needy people. They signed pledges promising to bankrupt the country, turning on the taps to fill Grover Norquist’s bathtub, gleefully pushing us in and holding us under. None of them can stand against fundamentalism, accept that climate change is a looming disaster, welcome immigrants, or support women’s rights. They won’t begin to think about stopping gun violence. In their minds clean water is only for those who donate to their politics.

    Any and ll republicans created the chaos that broke the government. Now the only people left to run for office as a republican are the destroyers who were propelled to positions of power. The only voices their voters hear are the ones like Sarah Palin's that drowned out rational discourse.

    Trump and Cruz have sucked all the air out of the Republican balloon. There is no “candidate C” for the party to rally behind. Conservatives must now reap what they’ve sown. They can’t rebuild a party simply as a reaction to the dysfunction they caused. They are facing an existential threat. They need to fail in order to survive.

    Hillary 2016

  38. Balzafiar5:59 AM

    Source: BBC, 01-23-2016 -- "So it's hard to overstate the significance of what has been unfolding over the past few days. It is the grudging acceptance by significant parts of the Republican establishment that not only is Mr Trump the least worst option - he is virtually unstoppable in the race to be their candidate.

    The conclusion they've reached is they can live with Mr Trump but they can't with Mr Cruz. Mr Trump will cut deals and compromise; Mr Cruz won't. Mr Trump is biddable; Mr Cruz is not."

  39. Anonymous8:01 AM

    I just got a picture of my sisters place outside DC. Its a good 2&1/2 ft.

  40. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Yaa ... HOO !!!

  41. Censorship and control of the media.

    Another checkmark on the signs of Fascism list.


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