Saturday, January 02, 2016

Trump supporter heckles Bernie Sanders.

Courtesy of The Hill: 

"Shame on you, Bernie," the man shouted at the senator. 

"Here's a Trump supporter worried about Mr. Trump's money," Sanders said as the crowd booed. 

 The heckler held up a sign that read, "Obama is as Christian as Bruce Jenner is a woman." 

Sanders' supporters chanted "Bernie, Bernie, Bernie" as the protester was escorted out of the rally. 

"I say to Mr. Trump and his supporters that the billionaires in this country will not continue to own this nation," Sanders said. 

The first thing I noticed is that the heckler was certainly treated with more respect than the BLM protester who interrupted a Donald Trump rally.

And the second thing I noticed is that by his appearance I would suggest that the gentleman would benefit far more from a Sanders' presidency than a Trump presidency. That guy in no way looks like he makes enough for the Trump tax plan to help him.

However considering the sign this guy was holding I would not be at all surprised to learn that he became a Trump supporter after visiting some of the White Supremacist sites that now fawn over the Donald as the second coming of Hitler.


  1. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Why am I so jaded that I can't bring myself to believe that Donald Trump will put the "little guy" first?

    1. Anonymous5:44 PM

      You're sane.

    2. Anonymous7:14 PM

      He said that both taxes and wages were too high in this country. Of course he backed away from the wage part of it the next day, but it's still out there. Another case of voting against your interests. I was so much happier before the internet "happened". I had no idea how many people out there were just plain stupid.

    3. Anonymous7:17 PM

      Read how he cut out his newly born nephew with cerebral palsy from Trump Sr.'s will. The man's all heart.

    4. Anonymous8:47 PM

      7:14, I share your sentiments. For all of the good the internet has accomplished, I wonder if it has not done more harm, allowing evil to connect with evil, the ignorant with the ignorant and so much inflammatory, misleading information?

    5. Anonymous8:09 AM

      7:14 "I was so much happier before the internet "happened" I had no idea how many people out there were just plain stupid_my sentiments exactly. Sometimes ignorance really is bliss.

  2. Anonymous7:49 PM

    Donald Trump Twitter
    Trump has a picture with the only two black people in the crowd and that shows he is not a racist. LOL

    Donald J. Trump–Verified
    account ‏@realDonaldTrump

    A record 15K in #Biloxi, #Mississippi tonight! Thank you for your support! #VoteTrump2016 …

  3. Anonymous9:19 PM

    The heckler held up a sign that read, "Obama is as Christian as Bruce Jenner is a woman."
    Don't these Neanderthals understand that Pres. Obama is not running in 2016 or are they confused because of the number of clowns running on the other side?

  4. A Superfan In Atlanta12:54 AM

    Ok, first of all, I'm mad I stayed up all night to see how this whole Bundy militia occupancy was going to play out in Oregon. Come to find out, the first news crews took the conflated numbers of militia men (i.e. angry white men with guns/domestic terrorists) from 150 to 12-15 that's actually participating. (At least that's how many the food delivery guy counted.)

    Secondly, Bundy's sons said that the government has taken everything away from them. They used to be rich and now they are poor and have nothing. (The irony is almost too much.) They said are fed up so they decided to break into a federal building that was closed for the weekend until they feel better.

    Here's the real kicker. The sheriff, the townspeople, and the folks they are fighting for don't want them there. They posted signs throughout the town telling the Bundy crew to go home. I read one report that said Bundy's terrorist group attended a town hall meeting to recruit more domestic terrorists, but they were totally refused and shut down. So, Bundy's two sons had absolutely nothing better to do than to use their white male privilege to break into a federal building that was closed for the holiday and hole up "indefinitely". You know, because they can.

    Papa Bundy phoned in to a reporter and said he didn't know why they were doing it in such cold weather. He also said the Bundy family really didn't have anything to do with it especially since they didn't live there. And if the sheriff, and the towns people, and the arsonists they are fighting for are not joining them, there is nobody there to fight. BUT since they're his sons and they're already there, and they're angry white men with guns...Welp, it is what it is.

    Some dude made a video to his wife telling them he would rather die free. But he's holed up in a small building with 12-15 people. The irony on this one hurts a little.

    Just Google Bundy standoff and try not to lose your temper.

    1. Anonymous5:58 AM

      Hey Bundy boys and co-horts; you wanna open carry, play soldier and die for freedom? Join the Army.


    2. The Feds should just board up all of the doors and windows from the outside, turn off the water, gas and electricity and then just wait them out.

      In about a year the smell should be reduced enough to clean up the place.

      BTW the Feds have only themselves to blame since they didn't nip this bud in the first place. I'll bet they still haven't seized Ol' Cliven's estate for all of those back taxes and fees he owes. Nor did they arrest, prosecute and imprison those that fired upon Federal officers in the performance of their duties.

      This sort of slack discipline is what allows these seditionists to commit more acts of treason without consequences.

  5. Anonymous8:36 AM

    Just one of the millions of dumb Americans who vote against their own interests and are guided by hate.

  6. Anonymous6:13 PM

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