Sunday, February 21, 2016

Marco Rubio dismisses Breitbart news as "not a credible source." That's what I've been saying for years.

Courtesy of Raw Story: 

Asked by Fox host Neil Cavuto about a Breitbart exclusive on South Carolina primary eve that claimed Rubio had “betrayed” Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials during the 2013 Gang of Eight immigration fight, Rubio swatted away the mention of the report. 

“It’s not true, he’s not an ICE official and it’s being reported on a website that’s not credible source,” Rubio responded. “It’s the same website that reported that you guys gave me the questions to the debate.” 

After Cavuto noted that they were talking specifically about a Breitbart piece, he asked the Florida senator if he gave it “any credence.” 

“We don’t even credential them for our events,” Rubio replied, before adding, “I literally don’t even talk about the things they report because they’re conspiracy theories and often times manipulated.”

Gotta say that I really love this.

And it's even more satisfying because this is just about the ONLY place, besides Facebook of course, where Sarah Palin can get a ghostwritten article posted these days.

You know after a few more GOP politicians recognize the reality of what Rubio is saying, perhaps Breitbart will soon become the defunct website that they once accused us of being.


  1. Anonymous2:45 PM

    HI RAM!!!


  2. Anonymous2:49 PM

    I was just thinking about what people really care about concerning contenders in political races. it reminds me of 1998.

    My daughter was in 9th grade. I vividly remember an afternoon one weekend when she and her friends were all over at my house. They were discussing a school project and the Clinton Lewinsky thing came up. Each of the 7 girls said the same thing: "I don't care who he has sex with. Just don't lie about it."

    How true. Every human is flawed. Everyone has demons. Everyone has addictions. Some take 5 years to overcome a demon, some take 45. Their path should NEVER be criticized by an outsider. It doesn't make them anti-family value to have human problems. That is the dumbest shit I've ever heard.

    And really, at this point, leaving out shit in one's personal life is everyone's prerogative. None of that matters.

    I vote because of what a person says in relation to a country and progress and that person's history of accomplishing things. It kills me when people like Bush and Obama are elected because it's rewarding a person who doesn't professionally deserve it.

    This is why I am voting for Bernie at the moment.

    1. Anonymous3:24 PM

      Shut up, Alicia.

    2. Anonymous3:25 PM

      Obama doesn't deserve it? You are lumping Bush and Obama together? Have you always been a fool or did you suffer a traumatic head injury? What a dolt.

    3. Anonymous3:49 PM

      Well you certainly can't be voting for Bernie on his record.

    4. Anonymous3:50 PM

      Bill had a wandering dick. If I was Hillary I'd have given him three chances and then I'd have left him and taken half of everything he owned. Instead, he's had more than a dozen chances to stick it in some strange without any marital repercussions.

      I can't respect her for that. He deserved to be divorced with divestiture of at least half his assets. Any good divorce lawyer would have gotten her 75% and she would have retained her self respect.

    5. Anonymous4:02 PM

      Alica, you are so mentally ill it's frightening.
      It's too bad you won't get help. I know your parents have tried.

    6. Anonymous4:03 PM

      You have no idea what Bill Clinton did unless you blew him yourself. And nobody here cares if you did.

    7. Anonymous4:04 PM

      Why does Alicia insist on making up all these untruthful little stories, always pretending she has a family or a job or friends? She is getting sicker all the time.

    8. Anonymous4:11 PM

      Maybe there were no "marital repercussions" because they have/had an open relationship. It's not up to any of us to judge their marriage. He should have been more discreet, but in the end, it's her decision based on whatever understand they have together.

    9. Anonymous4:19 PM

      So instead you will support who? Thrice married Trump? Twice married Bernie? Hillary's choice was hers to make. Ann Landers always said, "Are you better off with him or without him?" I respect that Hillary had a young daughter and wanted to keep her marriage together. Good for her. It does not make her less of an outstanding candidate for staying married. Nor does it have a thing to do with her dignity.

    10. Anonymous4:24 PM

      In my opinion Hillary Clinton has shown amazing strength of character in not divorcing her husband merely because the Right-wing was baying for her to do so (not that THEIR wives ever divorce them).

      She married one hell of a guy and he married one hell of a woman and they both still appreciate it.

      Good luck to both of them.

    11. Anita Winecooler4:30 PM

      Translation, please? Pretty please with vallium on top??? My google translator doesn't translate "WTF to English".

    12. Anonymous4:39 PM

      I love the smell of PUMA in the morning.

  3. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Oh, it's so confusing. Did Marco Rubio knowingly or unknowingly publish an editorial piece at Breitbart a few days ago?

    "The $20 Trillion Debt Our Next President Inherits," by Sen. Marco Rubio

    1. Anita Winecooler4:32 PM

      His excuse will be he's been on lunesta for sleep issues.... er ,,,,,Jesus told him to do it.... or anything to weasel his way out of it. Good Catch.

  4. Anonymous2:51 PM

    ...and the foreign-looking Governess who endorsed RoboRube wasn't all that credible either.

  5. Anonymous2:55 PM

    Isn't Breitbart where RAM now works? Good for Rubio to call them out on their sham "reporting."

    Also, how hard was it for SP to stay, uninvited in the frozen North, while Trump was more than happy to have other people campaigning for him, especially "Diamond and Silk" two African American women who have their Stump for Trump videos? To know "she, who was a vice presidential candidate" (a little Palinese for you), isn't wanted on any stage anywhere across the Fruited Plain for any candidate - but that The Donald will take two otherwise anonymous Black women and put them on stages across the country. Don't tell me that doesn't absolutely make her furious.

    But that's the cost, Sarah, of throwing everyone, everywhere under your bus. Trump and Co. probably reeled thru the fall-out of your endorsement "speech" and knew they couldn't take anymore possible SNL skits because of you.

    1. Anonymous4:01 PM

      You look at Trump's kids up there on stage with him with their spouses and it's true they make you think Stepford but there's no house full of random babies and no public brawling or public drunkenness or domestic violence.

      It must have been hard for Trump to take all the fallout for dragging the very unpopular Sarah Palin and her nasty family back into the limelight because it was a clear demonstration of VERY bad management- that he couldn't lie about.

      I would imagine that Donald Trump would be way too scared to have the Palin juju anywhere near him when (not if, sadly) he gets the nomination- but it's too late, because the Palin Curse never, ever wears off.

      I predict also too that the he will say something about Sarah Palin that will freak out the pond and he'll lose all those eleven votes.

  6. Anonymous2:55 PM

    Marco Rubio contributed to Breitbart 3 times: 2/17/16, 10/22/15, and 7/14/15.

    I'll guess he'll say he was just trying to reach Breitbart's misinformed readers to set them set.

    1. Anonymous3:08 PM

      ...set them *straight*

    2. Anonymous4:15 PM

      So four days ago they were 'credible' enough for him to be a contributor, and suddenly they are persona non grata? Gee Marco, nice to see where your loyalties are day to day to hour to hour. Kind of like your policies, huh?

  7. Anonymous3:09 PM

    I didn't know Cory Booker and Kris kristopherson were rhodes scholars?

    1. Anonymous3:42 PM

      I didn't know who Corey Booker was until I googled him but I did know that Kris Kristofferson was a Rhode's Scholar.

    2. Anonymous4:14 PM

      Me too.

    3. Anonymous6:54 PM

      FYI -- It's Rhodes Scholar, established by Cecil Rhodes, former President of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).

  8. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Well, they certainly didn't improve their credibility by bringing Sarah Palin's trained monkey, Becky Mansour, on board. Is there anything less than NO credibility?

    1. Anonymous3:40 PM

      RAM excels at dishing out lies in a nasty fashion. The woman is vile. I wonder what happened to her to make her so unpleasant and dishonest.

    2. Anonymous4:02 PM

      Millions of the RW base use sources like Breitbart to 'inform' themselves about the 'reality' of this country and the world. It's a terrible problem. Some will go purple in the face defending completely made-up nonsense. The plutocrats are pleased there are so many of these gullible folks to swallow their propaganda.

    3. Anonymous4:14 PM

      She hung around the Palins begging for scraps for too long. I'm sure Sarah promised that when she was President, RAM would be her Chief of Staff or official speechwriter, her something.
      But yeah, if Rubio survives Super Tuesday by some miracle, Sarah can't go crawling to him now--the karma is pretty fun!

    4. Anonymous4:18 PM

      Becki is bitter because she failed at everything she wanted to do and her nastiness was reflected in her face so nobody wanted to be friends with her. The only height she scaled was queen of her own blog, c4p, for a while- until Sarah Palin purchased her brain and hid her away.

      Now she has progressed to that place where Sarah Palin sends all the unwanted acolytes that she has no further use for.

      Rebecca Mansour is in for a much longer fall than she knows, for karma will surely have its way with her.

  9. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Hey, "water boy" on the end of the bench, bye now and thanks.

  10. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Poor Woobio. Not passing the TeaBagger smell test is he? He's tried so hard to be crazy enough for them but really they have a new hero now, move along little Cuban boy...

  11. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Have you all noticed how dead Rubio's eyes are?

  12. Anita Winecooler4:38 PM

    Marco's an eel. He'll say anything as long as he thinks it's what people want to hear. There are comments with links to him writing and being interviewed by Breitbart, and now they're not credible? Shit or start smoking pot, Marco, can't have it both ways. What' most ironic is he's on Fox News lying his butt off for no good reason.
    I doubt this will woo voters from Jeb's failed, flawed, fiasco run for POTUS.


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