Sunday, February 07, 2016

So now unemployment has dropped below 5% and wages are on the rise. I think President Obama is just doing this to irritate the Republicans.

Courtesy of the New York Times:  

After years of scant real gains despite steadily falling unemployment and healthy hiring, wages picked up significantly last month, a sign the job market could be tightening enough to force companies to pay more to attract and retain employees. 

The half a percentage point increase in average hourly earnings in January was the brightest spot in a generally positive Labor Department report on Friday, which showed job creation slowing from the white-hot pace of late 2015 even as the unemployment rate fell to an eight-year low of 4.9 percent. 

The last six months were the best extended period for employee paychecks since the recovery began six-and-a-half years ago.

Just a reminder that before Obama took office we were losing approximately 651,000 jobs per month.

Didn't Romney promise to bring unemployment down under 6% if HE were elected?

Well good thing we elected the Democrat isn't it?


  1. Anonymous6:16 AM

    It's Obama's fault!

    1. Anonymous7:49 AM

    2. Anonymous10:37 AM

      That's all 'the boy in the bubble' talks about - hate, hate, hate President Obama! Repeat, repeat, repeat!

      Another reason for people not to vote for the naïve kid!

    3. Or as Marco Rubio keeps repeating over and over: "Obama knows exactly what he's doing."

  2. Randall6:43 AM

    During the Republican debate(s)
    they keep referring to the "disaster that is the Obama administration."

    I can't for the life of me think of what the hell they're talking about?

    It will be great, once the Republican candidate has to finally face-off with Hillary, for her to call them out on just what - explicitly - they mean.

    1. Leland7:14 AM

      Yes, Randall, I, too, would like to hear their answers to that, but you can count on one thing: They won't give specifics and they certainly won't admit they were wrong. It's just like them blaming Obama for the recession even though he didn't take office until after it happened. They simply refuse to admit to that.

      So, yes, it would be nice, but I won't hold my breath.

    2. Why do we have to wait for Hillary?

      Isn't calling them out the MSM's journalists job?
      Just do your fucking jobs! Don't let these liars get away with their "disaster that is Obama" talk. Enough! How bought-and-paid-for are you guys?

      And why aren't the Democrats pounding us with the recovery facts, over and over, just like the goppers won't.

    3. Anonymous8:27 AM

      Barbara--I feel your frustration! But I also think there is NO WAY the GOP voters will ever change their opinion of Obama.

      If he found a way to cure cancer, they would complain that he put thousands of doctors out of their jobs. If he walked on water, they would say it was because he is a secret Muslim using satanic spells.

      It's all because he's a blah man. Blah people must never wield any power or influence, by nature, that's just obvious.

      Thus, any policy a blah man might implement is, de facto, the WRONG policy to "make America great again."

    4. Anonymous8:35 AM

      Gloria Steinem endorses Bernie Sanders

    5. Anonymous8:36 AM

      Don't forget - In the GOP Alternate Universe, 29% of Louisiana Republicans blame Obama for the botched response to Katrina while only 28% blame Bush.

      I've heard Obama is also responsible for World War I, the Great Flood, the extinction of the dinosaurs and the plague.

      Thanks, Obama!

    6. Anonymous9:28 AM

      8:35 Maybe yes maybe no>

    7. Anonymous9:37 AM

      That vid is from 1996 MUCH has changed in 20yrs..

  3. Maple7:44 AM

    So much for Obama's "felled" policies, eh Sarah??

  4. Anonymous7:45 AM

    Thank you, President Obama, for HARP which allowed me to save my house :)

    Oh, and thank you for ACA because now we have health insurance regardless of high blood pressure and a history of Hep C!

    Oh, and thank you for my mother-in-law getting an increase in her monthly check! She hates you because of your skin color, but deep down inside she knows you're responsible for her increased security.

    And, thank you President Obama for all the other stuff you've done that maybe doesn't affect me, directly, but does affect my life if it helps my friends and family.

    President Obama, it has been an honor and a pleasure to be alive during your administration ~ more than any other presidential administration in my lifetime. I can only dream of what else you would have accomplished had you not been thwarted by racists at every turn.

    President Obama ~ you're spectacular. Thank you.

    1. Anonymous8:38 AM

      This ^^^^^

      (Me too!)

    2. Anonymous10:35 AM

      I agree and wonderful said, 7:45 AM!

  5. Anonymous7:45 AM

    O/T hot off the press

    1. Anonymous8:45 AM

      Check out the photo of Bristol they used.

  6. Anonymous7:48 AM

    O/T Read the latest from Celebrity online re Bristol and Dakota. Very interesting. Also calls Sailor 2 months old and claims he is the dad.

    1. Anonymous8:43 AM

      They will all claim he's the dad until they hear otherwise, just like the MOH will.

      Poor little Sailor, already in the gossip rags because of her mother's chaotic life and need for the spotlight.

  7. Perfect picture under the header! Cracked me up.

  8. Anonymous8:33 AM

    An opening act, a former state senator, told the audience that "a feminist is a person who challenges the power structure of our country" and "Bernie Sanders is that kind of feminist." When it was Steinem's turn, she started off with an announcement: "I'm only here today to make Bernie Sanders an honorary woman."

  9. Anonymous9:04 AM

    If you believe that the real unemployment rate is 5% then you probably also believe in Santa Claus.

    1. Anonymous10:33 AM

      I do! And, Santa brings me beautiful presents each year!
      Thank you, President Obama and VP Biden!

    2. Anonymous1:16 PM

      @Anonymous 9:04 AM

      ''If you believe that the real unemployment rate is 5% then you probably also believe in Santa Claus.''
      It is 4.8%.....President Obama turned this enocomy around, from the disaster Bush left.

  10. Please don't embrace numbers that were watered down by Reagan then made even less meaningful by Clinton. Large numbers of Americans are out of work, much larger numbers do not have meaningful employment. Raises go to cronies, overtime is only for minimum wage who are usually cheated out of it anyhow.

    Opposition to this crap is what's driving Bernie's revolution, but belief that Obama is helping is a prerequisite for believing Hillary will also "help."

    We can't afford any more help; we need a nonviolent political revolution!

    1. Anonymous9:31 AM

      Mark Gisleson

      We need the corporate money out of politics!

      Our nation has become one motivated by greed and ruled by fear.

      Time our politician represent us, like "we the people" not we the 1%.

      High unemployment makes for lower wages for workers.

      But ceo's keep getting more pay and bigger bonuses! But that's how it works with lobbyists and their masters controlling our society by buying our politicians.

      Feel the Bern!

    2. Anonymous9:33 AM

      Oh Mark..the reason that many people are not working is because they are RETIRED. Or too young to have a job...most of our nation is NOT working age adults.
      Obama's hand in this is important..would a President GOP have done ANYTHING to grow jobs? They can't do a damn thing but whine and
      hand our tax dollars to their cronies. Bernie may want 'a revolution' but honey, Congress will not be magically filled with progressives next January. Obama has to fight his own party to get as far as he has. You really think Bernie's coattails will suddenly get a bunch of people the right call 'communist and socialist' elected in Wisconsin or Texas?
      Hillary WILL help. Hillary knows the ropes, will fight as she has fought in the past, and things will get better. Bernie is so busy talking about a revolution that he has lost sight of the actual battles that will need to be fought day by day by day. His supporters think that President Bern will wave a wand and fix everything...that is not how it works, and he knows it. Waiting for someone to ask him about the PACS supporting know, the PACS he doesn't really have?

    3. Anonymous10:00 AM

      Mark Giselson's tweet one hour ago

      "eVoting machines are easily rigged and the proof is overwhelming. Where is Obama's DOJ? Investigating, or rigging?"

    4. Anonymous10:08 AM

      Seems this mark giselson character is on a mission to smear democrats. Just read his twitter. A GOP troll disguised as a Bernie supporter.

    5. Anonymous10:47 AM

      Meh, I don't agree with everything he tweets, but he hardly seems like GOP.

    6. Anonymous10:56 AM

      So what are the actual numbers?
      What is the actual trend?

      From what I've read, we are still in recovery, even if we go beyond this flawed measure of unemployment.
      Can we do better? Of course.

      How is Bernie Sanders going to make that happen? I'd like specifics because I"m trying to decide whom to vote for in my caucus.

    7. I post under my own name. I am a former officer of the Democratic party in Des Moines. I am a former union member but until retiring (BECAUSE LIKE MANY BOOMERS WHEN THERE AIN'T NO FKING JOBS YOU GO ON SS EARLY) I wrote resumes for 7,000 people, almost none of whom experienced career advancement under Pres. Clinton.

      But yes, trash other commenters in the name of Hillaryism. That will grow the party.

      Oh, and I started blogging in 1999. I managed a blogging community in opposition to the Iraq War at City Pages because it was blindingly obvious that the Iraq War was a stupid fucking war done for all the wrong reasons and Hillary Clinton couldn't vote for it enough times.

      Calling angry people Republicans because you disagree with them is not smart, effective, or wise. But Hillary style is like that. She wins or she will destroy the party. Just watch and see.

    8. Also curious: Dear Anonymous, if you can't spell my name, how did you find my Twitter account? Did you see that I once worked for Tom Harkin? Or do you see the world only as Hillary or not-Hillary?

  11. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Molly Ball: Younger Women Think Bernie Sanders Is A Better Feminist

  12. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Yeah, and I love it when the Republicans say "We've got to take this country back..' (I actually heard Todd Palin say that several years ago. Go figure.) what? Take it back to the Bush years??? Economic collapse, high unemployment, disastrous wars... Yeah. We need to back to that, right?

  13. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Love that photo of President Obama! He's got the greatest smile. So, so glad I voted for him both times. What a guy!

  14. Anonymous10:32 AM

    I really don't see the attraction to Bernie Sanders. Nice guy probably, but that is all I can give him!

    Especially question the media saying over and over again that so, so many young women support him. Who takes these supposed polls and what are the questions?

    Know I didn't get a call, but then I'm a senior!

    1. Anonymous10:59 AM

      Lots and lots of young women support him. There's no doubt of that based on large, representative polls. Not everyone will get a call.

  15. Anonymous10:40 AM


    To the feminist that called me out for the use of the word crone. I have been further studying this situation; having not intended to offend with the use of the word crone, I looked for ways in which it could be demeaning or derogatory in use.

    But what I thought was most interesting was the results I got when searching
    "feminist crone" it would seem that other feminists embrace the use of crone and include it in their dialogue.

    In attempt to avoid such a problem in the future I did read the following:

    This is really sad:

    Ok this is not great but somewhat insightful:

    This was pathetic:

    Overall I think the use of crone in describing HRC was correct in that she fits the definition. But it was wrong for my intended use, I should have simply stated:

    HRC is a horrible person; that has profited through the sales of weapons of war, whose policies as Secretary of State promoted wars in which thousands were killed in the middle east which lead that area becoming more unstable.

    I would also thank HRC, for her endorsement and promotion of Monsanto GMO foods!

    1. Anonymous11:12 AM

      There is a modern definition of the word crone used to demean older women and marginalize them.

      Some feminists have reclaimed the original definition. There's nothing wrong with being an old woman. With age comes wisdom and not giving a shit the way we used to.

      That doesn't mean it still isn't being used to demean us in the general lexicon.

      Thank you for reconsidering your use. You've made progress. That's what being a progressive is all about.

    2. Anonymous12:11 PM

      The crone is a stock character in folklore and fairy tale, an old woman. In some stories, she is disagreeable, malicious, or sinister in manner, often with magical or supernatural associations that can make her either helpful or obstructing. The Crone is also an archetypal figure, a Wise Woman. As a character type, the crone shares characteristics with the hag.

      The word "crone" is a less common synonym for "old woman," and is more likely to appear in reference to traditional narratives than in contemporary everyday usage.[1] The word became further specialized as the third aspect of the Triple Goddess popularized by Robert Graves and subsequently in some forms of neopaganism, particularly Wicca in which she symbolizes the Dark Goddess, the dark of the moon, the end of a cycle. In New Age and Feminist spiritual circles, a "Croning" is a ritual rite of passage into an era of wisdom, freedom, and personal power.

    3. Anonymous12:52 PM

      This is very helpfull:
      The Women’s Media Center’s
      Media Guide to Gender Neutral Coverage
      of Women Candidates + Politicians

      Have a great day!

  16. Anonymous11:18 AM

    I love this man!

  17. Anita Winecooler12:21 PM

    I, also, too, love this man! If this is what they mean by "leading from behind", I want MORE.


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