Thursday, February 11, 2016

So the Oregon standoff ends with a whimper and not with a bang bang.

Courtesy of Oregon Live:

The four remaining occupiers of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge surrendered Thursday morning, bringing an end to the standoff on its 41st day. 

 Jeff Banta, Sean Anderson, Sandy Anderson and David Fry were taken into FBI custody. Fry was the last to surrender, finally emerging after an extended phone dialogue with supporters who tried for over an hour after the others left to get him to walk out. 

FBI agents in armored vehicles had moved in Wednesday night on the four still at the refuge, hemming them into their camp and insisting they put down their guns and surrender.

And for those who thought these Rambo wannabes were going to go out in a blaze of glory, this is how that went down this morning: 

Three of the four walked out to waiting F.B.I. agents over the course of a few minutes after 9:30 a.m., but the fourth, David Fry, at first said he would not. 

In an extraordinary, hourslong negotiation with supporters and F.B.I. agent, with thousands of people listening to the conversation on a live stream online, he aired a wide range of grievances, said he was suicidal, and said repeatedly that his choice was “liberty or death.” Ultimately he gave himself up without a fight.

I swear that after spending much of the morning listening to the livestream that I have lost just about as many brain cells as I do listening to a Sarah Palin speech.

In fact these are clearly her kind of people.

Not only did they have no clear idea of what they were "fighting" for, but they seemed to believe that they were participating in some kind of eternal struggle between good and evil, often claiming that only God could determine how the whole thing would end.

At one point a female on the phone with the protesters warned them that Satan was directing the actions of the federal agents and that they needed to resist giving in to trickery.

The protesters themselves kept talking about seeing religious signs in flashlight beams, firelight, and weather patterns. And no I'm NOT making that up. 

On Twitter there were plenty of accusations that liberals were hoping for a massacre, but at least in my case I am very glad that everybody, on both sides, survived this encounter.

And if I were working with the FBI I would suggest that these people receive some kind of psychiatric help, because batshit crazy is not a strong enough term to describe some the of crap they were saying.

Also keep in mind that the ONLY reason these idiots were able to hold off the police for so long is because they had access to high powered weapons. And of course it didn't hurt that they were white.


  1. I don't psychiatry can help stupid.

  2. Sorry, Griffin, but I disagree--the only reason these clowns were able to hold out for so long had nothing to do with firearms--it was reluctance on law enforcement's part to create anything close to a Ruby Ridge/Waco situation. Those incidents had a huge effect on the militia movement in the US and the FBI et al absolutely did not want to add fuel to that fire.

    Had they wanted to end this weeks ago, law enforcement snipers could've cleared the camp in seconds. In fact, I was hoping for a precision shooting demonstration involving taking out multiple inanimate targets as close to the occupiers as possible, followed by a very quiet voice: "Your move."

    1. Anonymous12:23 PM

      If the limited network television coverage of the time was enough to incite violence after Ruby Ridge and Waco, can you just imagine how social media and 24/7 television/cable/internet coverage would have riled up the crazies if things went wrong this time?

      As frustrating as it was to watch the local and federal law enforcement allow the occupiers free reign for this long, it appears to have been the correct decision after all. Since there were children in the refuge at various points in time, law enforcement could not even take a chance on subduing them with non-lethal methods like tear gas.

      As angry as I am about what the occupiers have done, I am very relieved that there was no bloodshed beyond Finicum who clearly chose to die. I'm also glad that Cliven Bundy was finally arrested and hope that the federal government is able to arrest and prosecute ALL of the people involved in both incidents.

    2. Anonymous12:29 PM

      They waited over a year for Cliven Bundy and it was worth the wait.

    3. Anonymous12:42 PM

      As a resident of the People's Republic Of Portland, as someone coined it below, I agree with your Ruby Ridge/Waco assessment, and that's exactly the fight they wanted. Martyrdom.

      In the end, David Fry turned out to be a big-talking coward who thought he would be raped in jail. Obviously he got in way over his head but at least he didn't commit suicide.

      After threatening suicide, and that Kathy Ann chick finally shut up and let the negotiators do their jobs, who knew a few "hallelujahs" would do the trick.

    4. Anonymous2:35 PM

      I agree, the FBI did the right thing. There are way too many of these nut cases ready to go off.

      This was such a freak reality show I couldn't stop myself from listening to it last night and this morning. Fu*k you Sarah, Fox news and right wing radio for inciting and encouraging this madness.

      I loved that in the end after all their praying to Jesus, David Fry said he was Jewish and he wanted weed and pizza.

      The comments over at OL are hilarious, do go check them out and listen to the audio.

    5. Anonymous4:07 PM

      Yes, 2:35 PM, they are now housed right across the street from where I work downtown.

      It is shameful what they did to the town of Burns and Harney County, of whom asked for none of it.

      When he admitted to being a Messianic Jew, I laughed. A cigarette, cookie, promise of a pizza and a "hallelujah" brought him out.

      If that Kris Ann chick would have just shut up, he would have been out sooner.

      Charges filed are going to be interesting, and I hope THEY have to pay for the cleanup if it takes them their whole lives to do so.

    6. Anonymous8:35 AM

      Unbelievable. That Fry boy thought that he should be made an honorary Marine because the put up such a "stance".
      Good thing his kind wasn't with the rest of us REAL Marines when it counted.
      By the way, the crybaby who claimed to be an ex Marine is a digrace.

  3. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Do they all share mass delusional disorder? How come people with mental disorders always seem to see religious symbols in mundane everyday things?

    1. Anonymous12:06 PM

      "How come people with mental disorders always seem to see religious symbols in mundane everyday things?"

      Who do you think wrote the Bible? It's all auditory and visual hallucinations, delusions, schizophrenia, psychosis, fever dreams, over-consumption of fermented beverages, magic mushrooms, etc.

    2. Anonymous12:59 PM

      It is mental illness to always seem to see religious symbols. It does not have to be religious.

      I had a roommate. They always needed to try and explain things and their life. They saw symbols and codes and constantly talked about it like others understood. This one was not religious in the sense they could be in a church or with a group in their madness.

      Regligious or not. It is mental illness.

    3. Anonymous5:10 PM

      One's paradigm can cause you to try to make your reality fit the paradigm. Shoehorns, grease and duct tape are all employed.

  4. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Rather sweet that these sovereign citizen whackjobs get to be incarcerated in the Peoples Republic of Portland.

  5. Anonymous11:59 AM

    And a message to Bernie Sanders, that's what leadership is. (See post below.)

  6. Anonymous12:02 PM



    1. Good one. That movie needs a warning label: "Not to be taken seriously. It's not a documentary, dumbfucks."

  7. Anonymous12:03 PM

    I avoided the live stream, I already know these people are freaky.

    Given that Right-wingers waving guns are the world's greatest chickenshits I always expected they'd go quietly. It was the patience of the FBI that surprised me, but in the end their long game was brilliant. It seems Cliven Bundy was a big factor in their strategy, it looks like they just reeled him in.

    Now the fun begins.

    1. Anonymous3:13 PM

      And who in government is currently best known for playing the long game. Why yes, yes it is Barack Obama himself, President of the United States. I'd give anything to know how close he was to the work here.

  8. Anonymous12:06 PM

    In summation: religious whackadoodlry (what the hell is it with Mormons--those people are f'in nuts), paranoia, and persecution complexes ("liberals" are out to get them). They all need to be locked up in mental institutions to get the mental help they so obviously need, but St. Ronnie Ray-gun shut them down.

    1. Detroit Sam5:55 PM

      Wonder why Mitt didn't try to talk these patriots into giving up? He should have been on the scene with Franklin Graham.

  9. So, it turns out that when these clowns say they will occupy the bird sanctuary for "years and years," what they really meant is 41 days. Must have run out of Cheetos.

    1. Anonymous12:17 PM

      I think they got sick of each other. I'm sure it was the FBI person talking to David Fry over the phone who convinced him to walk out. The other two (Chrisann? and Gavin) were totally full of psycho propoganda.

    2. Anonymous12:42 PM

      You simply cannot have an acceptable occupation without the proper snacks.

    3. Anonymous12:53 PM

      Why wasn't Track Palin there? He would have made all the difference. It is hard to believe they wouldn't call Sarah and take her advice.

    4. Anonymous3:07 PM

      I believe the "occupiers" received more than one box of dildos from "sympathetic" persons.

  10. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Off topic


    Arizona mayor has rabbi escorted out of town council meeting so they can pray to Jesus (VIDEO)
    By Walter Einenkel

  11. Anonymous12:16 PM

    O/T but this is so despicable!

    Iran Claims Republicans Tried To Delay Return Of US Prisoners Until After The Election

    ... Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani said a recent prisoner exchange between Iran and the US went ahead as planned despite calls by Republicans for a delay until US presidential elections.

    “In the course of the talks for exchanging prisoners, the Republican rivals of the current US administration who claim to be humanitarians and advocates of human rights sent a message telling us not to release these people (American prisoners) and continue this process (of talks) until the eve of US presidential elections,” Shamkhani said Thursday in an address to a rally held in the central city of Yazd to mark the 37th anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution’s victory.

    “However” he said “we acted upon our independent resolve and moved the process forward.”

    That’s a serious allegation implying that Republicans would have let the prisoners, who were released on January 16th, rot in jail for political purposes.

    1. Anonymous12:37 PM

      Remember Reagan operatives telling Iran to keep our people until Inauguration Day?

    2. Anonymous12:42 PM

      Oops they did it again..... or tried to.

    3. Anonymous12:55 PM

      At least their dirty tactics were exposed before the election, not like when St.Ronnie was running.

    4. It worked for Reagan, making Carter look weak and ineffectual.

    5. snowlady 12:56 PM wrote: It worked for Reagan

      And now Marco Rubio is trying to make it work for present-day Republicans.

      As news of Iran’s release of American prisoners spread, Republicans were quick to deny President Barack Obama much credit for the deal.
      Presidential candidate Marco Rubio said the United States should not have made any concessions to Iran. Part of the deal included Obama granting clemency to seven Iranians charged in U.S. courts with violating economic sanctions against Iran.
      "Our enemies now know that if you can capture an American, you can get something meaningful in exchange for it," Rubio said on Meet the Press on Jan. 17, 2016.

    6. Anonymous3:10 PM

      That is sedition, to converse with a foreign country in order to undermine government transactions.

  12. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Our national Australian broadcast news just spent 5 minutes on this, including ranting from the live stream.... as though this were something legitimate like a hostage crisis or whatnot.

  13. Anonymous12:33 PM

    One of the *rocket scientist's* off the bundy ranch facebook page ..

    James Scruggs i am back the ranchers like the bundys and the hammonds but the fbi and the blm has to stand down as well as the sheriffers duptys now stand down what you are dueing is not leagle not any were
    15 mins

    1. Anonymous12:49 PM

      Stand down? No! You stand down drama boy!
      Take all you free gubmint stuff an get the heck gone! Now!

    2. Anonymous3:07 PM

      Whee durnt thnk yur deelin wif a flo dek. An thats a fax.

  14. And Cliven Bundy got his assistant arrested in Portland en route to Malheur. Woo hoo!

    M.from MD

    1. Anonymous4:51 PM

      Stupid autocorrect. The fussiest, most clueless program around.
      M from MD

  15. Anonymous12:51 PM

    So how much did these domestic terrorists cost the taxpayers along with the damage to the wildlife preserve?

    I say throw them in prison and make them work off their debt!! or add it onto their tax bill that they don't pay either.

    I am sure these cowards are going to try and use the "I am crazy" defense, wanna bet it is all a ploy.

    They are just a group of moochers that want free land.

  16. Randall1:11 PM

    "Faith" - as used by the religious - means, quite literally, "belief without evidence."

    That same, exact definition also works for "delusional".

  17. Anonymous1:13 PM

    From the Southern Poverty Law Center:

    “Between President Obama’s election in 2008 and 2012, the Southern Poverty Law Center reports that the number of right-wing
    extremist groups operating in the U.S. increased by over 800 percent. While we’ve seen a slight decrease over the past year, the
    U.S. now faces a perfect storm of conditions for resurgent growth.
    As the tone of the presidential election has proven, the prevailing American emotion is anger. Mistrust of government is at
    record high levels, along with several beliefs that make the problem worse.
    First is the belief among extremists that the government is not simply untrustworthy but actually an enemy.
    Second is the belief that anyone who supports the other side is the enemy as well.
    In addition, the perception by the Christian right wing is that they are fundamentally threatened with extinction by changing
    American demographics.”

  18. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Here's a link to the criminal complaint against Cliven Bundy:

    1. Thanks, I'm enjoying it still. But now I wonder how many co-conspirators are going down with him...

    2. Anonymous3:10 PM

      So the government is illegal and no good, until he asks for a PUBLIC DEFENDER !!!
      Cliven Bundy's Indictment Charges Massive Conspiracy - UPDATED

      Mr. Bundy will be in jail for at least another week. He also had the nerve to ask for a public defender, which the judge will not approve without seeing his financial statements first......

      .....Bundy is charged with Conspiracy to Commit An Offense Against the United States; Assault on a Federal Law Enforcement Officer; Use and Carry of a Firearm In Relation to a Crime of Violence; Obstruction of the Administration of Justice; Interference with Commerce by Extortion; and, Aiding and Abetting.

  19. Anonymous1:19 PM

    I was listening to the live stream earlier today and heard Gavin Seim (one of the so-called negotiators with Fry) refer to Schaeffer Cox as a "patriot." 'Nuf said there!

    1. Sarah2:26 PM

      well he is!

    2. Take a look at one video Seim uploaded a couple of years ago, a witless brag about arguing with "fruit Nazis" at the California border.

      Several sane commenters below that Youtube video pointed out the reasonable environmental regulations that allow for these specific border checks.

      Watch the whole video. He admits at the last he's a bit obsessed.

    3. Anonymous4:47 PM

      Gaven Seim has his own "radio show" out of his dad's attic, I think. He's from Soap Lake, WA., and gave a shout out to a "patriot" from Okanogan WA, just down the road from where some of Sarah's kinfolk live. I live in Okanogan County, and our commissioners are idiots. Apparently they donated $1000 of OUR money to some group supporting the Oregon gang, but we can't afford any sort of animal shelter. One of them also accosted a local DJ one night in a bar and told him "We don't like that kind of music around here." YEE HAW, Ray! It's pretty much hell to live in the red part of the state.

  20. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Wow, all sorts of crazy on the audio live stream this morning. Franklin Graham made relatively few comments, as if he realized that associating too closely with the remaining occupiers would only damage his brand. Most of the talking was done by Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore and self-described Constitution educator KrisAnne Hall. Both rambled on and on, totally into promoting themselves and their agenda. If you have not heard of these women, don't worry, no doubt books and speaking tours are already being lined up. Pretty sure it must have been the actual FBI negotiator who finally stepped in and got the last occupier to come out.

  21. Anonymous1:46 PM

    "I feel sorry for the kids when they can read all of the awful stuff out there about their lives."

    I wonder what Malia and Sasha think when they see the videos and things written "proving" their father is gay or that their mom was a man.

    The internet is a nasty place, where unhappy people go to vent and get out their frustrations relating to their failed lives.

    It's a good thing kids of famous people are taught nothing on the net is true and that all they know is love and happiness from their strong families.

    1. Anonymous2:06 PM

      YOU ARE DISGUSTING! Posting like you're an Obama supporter when in fact you are a FUCKING TROLL. Just the way you introduced the whole gay and man stuff like an 'innocent' comment, blew your cover instantly.

      We see right through that bullshit attempt you just made so don't think for one second you got away with it. Not buying it for one second.

      Sarah Palin and her family are criminals, liars, cheaters and fucked up as all hell. They DO NOT have any sort of semblance of normalcy in their families.

      And what is said on the net about them is more often than not true, as much as they try to spin it, cover it up, or buy people off. You're so transparent with this attempt to whitewash they're immorality, their grifting and their vindictive natures. But you failed. So go fuck yourself hard with a stick, because that is all you're worth.

    2. Anonymous9:39 PM

      1:46 PM Is that you again, lousarahsux aka Alicia Mangelsdorf? Why don't you write about your life of trolling, stalking Gryphen, and Malia Litman, and kissing Palin asses? How would you know about what goes on in Wasilla, Alaska when you never leave St. Augustine, Florida and your Liberal Democrat parents' condo? Why do you continue to leach off of your elderly parents? You are a failure, Alicia.

    3. Anonymous4:20 AM

      "The internet is a nasty place, where unhappy people go to vent and get out their frustrations relating to their failed lives."


      Sounds like you've described yourself to a "T", Alicia.

  22. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Ignorance, religion, paranoia and lots and lots of alcohol and drugs on the live stream I heard a few days ago.

    1. Anonymous2:57 PM

      ...and lack of education... Don't forget that essential ingredient in the stew of stupid.

  23. Anonymous2:01 PM


    1. Anonymous4:23 PM

    2. Anonymous5:41 PM

      Unlike most Bernie supporters, decriminalizing marijuana is very low on the list of the average voter.

    3. Anonymous4:18 AM

      That's a pretty broad brush you're painting with, 5:41.

  24. Anonymous2:25 PM

    My nieces are currently watch Little House of the Prairie. While this show is not my thing, this episode is good. In in, Michael Landon lambasts Harriett over a mean-spirited newspaper she runs, saying Freedom of the press doesn't mean people have the right to deliberately cause pain and spread lies.

    I wish people of the internets learned this in grade school like these 8 yr olds are learning it now.

    The world would be a better place.

    No negative comment about another person should ever escape your lips.

    1. Anonymous2:54 PM

      All aboard! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay

      Crazy, but that's how it goes
      Millions of people living as foes
      Maybe it's not too late
      To learn how to love
      And forget how to hate

      Mental wounds not healing
      Life's a bitter shame
      I'm going off the rails on a crazy train
      I'm going off the rails on a crazy train

      Let's go!
      I've listened to preachers
      I've listened to fools
      I've watched all the dropouts
      Who make their own rules
      One person conditioned to rule and control
      The media sells it and you live the role

      Mental wounds still screaming
      Driving me insane
      I'm going off the rails on a crazy train
      I'm going off the rails on a crazy train

      I know that things are going wrong for me
      You gotta listen to my words

      Heirs of a cold war
      That's what we've become
      Inheriting troubles I'm mentally numb
      Crazy, I just cannot bear
      I'm living with something' that just isn't fair

      Mental wounds not healing
      Who and what's to blame
      I'm going off the rails on a crazy train
      I'm going off the rails on a crazy train

    2. Anonymous2:54 PM

      "No negative comment about another person should ever escape your lips."

      People in power lied about the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and used that lie to launch a war with devastating consequences for service personnel and the people of Iraq.

      I don't see anything wrong with letting that comment escape my lips.

    3. Anonymous3:00 PM

      He really made a difference in his life.

    4. Anonymous5:32 PM

      What a ridiculous world that would be 2:25. Humans prioritize, we make çhoices and choices include judgement. Improvement doesn't happem until we realize and say something is wrong or missing. Pollyannas are silly and counterproductive to the human race.

  25. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Did you hear them wish Sarah Palin a happy birthday? Just her kind of people.

  26. Anonymous2:58 PM

    It's Time To Audit The NRA's Books

    It is time to demand that the NRA open their books and come clean about how much of this so-called "patriot movement" they are supporting. Take, for example, Gavin Seim, the broadcaster who kept the live stream of the remaining four Bundy militia members' surrender going, while bringing in Michele Fiore and Franklin Graham, of all people....

    .... Not only does the NRA fail to report grants to other organizations and the totality of their political spending, they are also not required to disclose the corporations who underwrite their political spending. Never mind that they've spent five times more since the Citizens United decision than they did before, citizens are currently not entitled to know who is paying for "speech" from the likes of Gavin Seim and Pete Santilli.

    This kind of spending is even worse than campaign donations, because it is funding a particular malevolence and feeding into the paranoid politics of our day. We should at least have a right to know who is paying for all that subversion.

    I have created a petition at the White House petition site, calling for a public audit of the NRA. I need 100,000 signatures by March 12, 2016 to receive a response. Please sign and share it.

  27. Crystal Sage4:06 PM

    I'm curious about how much this fiasco has cost the taxpayers. They will probably have to tear the building down as it has been befouled beyond belief. The federal workers whose offices have been taken over will have to wear Hazmat suits to work if the building is not torn down. Bet the cost is in the millions for these snack snorting bozos.

    1. Anonymous5:34 PM

      Well the terrorists were white so no body ever counts the cost.

    2. Detroit Sam6:01 PM

      Think about the damage done to the landscape and animal habitats that will have to be repaired.

  28. a ballad about these tru amuricans that should not be missed.

    1. Detroit Sam6:03 PM

      This is really funny and will make you laugh out loud.

  29. Anonymous5:31 PM

    First Cliven Bundy gets arrested on charges from his 2014 incitement to draw guns on law officers. Wheeeee!
    Then the four dipwits at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge get talked out and arrested. More Wheeee!
    After that, the only thing that could have made my day better would be if, during the Washington DC rush hour, Antonin Scalia crashed into Clarence Thomas's car on the Woodrow Wilson bridge and they both went over the railing.

    Tom, in FL

  30. Anonymous5:34 PM

    If they weren't white they would have been killed weeks ago.

  31. Anita Winecooler6:54 PM

    They wanted it to end the same way Sarah's thanksgiving speech did, with the FBI lobbing off the heads of the turkeys, but when the turkeys are mad and armed, the FBI did the correct thing. They were seeing religious symbols!! ohh that's worthy of a Brancy or even higher up, a Sarah Palin facebook screed.
    They started something they were ill equipt to handle, the world sees them for what they are, a bunch of little boys with little toys, no plan 'b' The FBI waited them out, smart move. I'm not pro gun in any way, but these fools had white privilege, armed to the teeth, not organized in any way, and were too chicken to do the world a favor.

    Have fun in jail. Four squares a day, television time, a library, and if you're lucky, conjugal visits, woo hoo! On our dime.

  32. Anonymous7:44 PM


  33. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Eff these morons. Go directly to JAIL. When you finally grt out, you'll get a bill for all your bullshit.


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