Monday, February 15, 2016

So while the Republicans have been distracted President Obama has been busy expanding public lands.

Courtesy of UPI:

President Barack Obama further expanded his public lands legacy Friday by designating three new national monuments, marking the most extensive expansion of protected lands and waterways by any U.S. president. 

In designating the Mojave Trails, Sand to Snow and Castle Mountains national monuments, Obama winds down his final term as one of eight presidents known for a commitment to preservation and conservation, the White House said.

This is what I LOVE about this President.

While the conservatives are bitching and moaning about things he has done in the past, and what he might do in the future, he just continues quietly doing his job in ways that once they hear about will piss them off even more!

"Wait, he did what? Goddammit!"

Really gonna miss this guy.


  1. What an amazing time it is for Barack Obama. You have to love his supposedly lame duck existence.

    The republican grift machine (conservative media, radio, their paid minions and ridiculous wealthy enablers ) have destroyed the GOP.

    And what a death it is having. And what a long strange trip the rest of us have had the last seven years.

    I began reading an article on Scalia at the Washington Post and the comment section was like stepping into one of Alex Jones' fevered nightmares. Amazing.

    Indeed, as the President keeps working, shoring up good policy for the American people, trying to do things for the environment and the health of all Americans, the right wing nutters are screaming about Scalia being murdered by some unseen (and seen supposedly) liberal entity that obviously the justice's own family is in league with. We expected the crazy to put on a pair of high heels and dance into the street frightening pedestrians and small children.

    And that is nothing to republican pols literally stepping over the still warm body of their dead "constitution loving" hero-- to try to deny the President his constitutional rights to pick a new justice. You cannot make this kind crazy up.

    When Barack Obama is out of office, I will miss him. I will miss him for his calm and humor. I will miss him because in the face of absolute unprecedented insanity from the GOP and sometimes from his own party he did amazing things. And the most important thing he did was his job. It sucks doing the job. Foreign policy can be a mess, domestic policy is constantly being undermined. The people love you, hate you, blame you for their family pets getting sick and for how high gas prices are.

    The presidency must be ridiculously sad and amazingly
    wonderful----and a job for a forward thinking, strong human. I hope we are lucky enough to get someone who won't fold into the insanity.

  2. We have witnessed and benefitted from momentous achievements by this man, across political and cultural boundaries, the like of which this nation--and the globe--has never seen.

    I am grateful to President Obama, and to the synchronicity which brought him to his position at this time in history. The unlikely coupling of two high-IQ and driven people from disparate backgrounds resulted in the life of an heroic man, an intellectual, a scholar, a deeply spiritual Christian with nerves of steel.

    One of the most remarkable men of this or any era in history, a President of almost superhuman strength and grace.

    1. Have you read his books? I could hardly do so for the tears welling up so often. Wonderful man, wonderful writer. We will not see his likes again.
      The GOP is not fit to be in the same government as he is: they clearly don't know the meaning of governing -- a country or themselves.

  3. Anonymous3:38 AM

    Kinda O/T, but I was just thinking for some reason about how right after President Obama was re-elected in 2012, the right-wing, (meaning Fox News) were all over the place wondering aloud 'what role could Mitt Romney play in the second Obama administration?' Like seriously. They were like 'Obama should tap Mitt Romney because Romney has such good business acumen.' 'Romney could play a key role in the Obama administration..'
    Dream on!

  4. SallyinMI3:48 AM

    I'm going to miss him too. I love Hillary and Bernie, but neither has the finesse of Barack Obama. However, either is one billion per cent better than anyone on the GOP 'deep bench' of Palin's.

  5. In the footsteps of Theodore Roosevelt

  6. "While the conservatives are bitching and moaning about things he has done in the past, and what he might do in the future, he just continues quietly doing his job in ways that once they hear about will piss them off even more!
    Besides conservatives, there are noisy people on the left "bitching and moaning about things he has done in the past, and what he might do in the future", who are completely ignorant of President Obama's long list of accomplishments and don't want to hear about them anyway.

    How he manages to just keep plugging away, getting things done, and ignoring the noise machine is beyond me, but I suspect his family has a lot to do with it. What an amazing man and president.

  7. Barack is playing three-dimensional chess while that GOP bunch of pre-schoolers are eating their checkers.

  8. So -- the Kenyan Usurper has seized more private land in violation of the Constitution?

    Has anyone informed Clive Bundy and his Band of Merry Warriors about this outrage?

    1. Anonymous5:28 AM

      I read an interesting story about the guy who owns the ranch where Scalia died. Apparently he was going to buy 46,000 acres of parkland (state) for $2 million but, it got scuttled at the last moment (maybe just delayed).

      The Bundy's are just useful idiots for these wealthy landowners, if the Feds "return" the land back to the states only the uber wealthy will be able to buy it.
      The Bundy's and their ilk will be cutting their own throats as the Feds give them ridiculously low grazing fees ... I'm sure private owners won't be quite so generous.
      Also too, if these idiots want or need more land there is plenty for sale, why don't they buy it now?

    2. For the same reason Bundy asked for a public defender.

      He won't pay for something he thinks he deserves for free.

  9. Leland6:43 AM

    This morning - during an advertisement break on the TV this AM, I was "assaulted" by the face of Ted Crud. He was saying that if he got elected, he would need a lot of pens to reverse the "illegal executive orders" put out by President Obama. It was all I could do to keep from throwing a shoe at the TV (I was at a friend's house.) and instead screamed out, "If they were illegal, why didn't you take them to court?"

    Idiot. And the even bigger idiots are those who actually fall for that crap!

  10. Anonymous7:18 AM

    Only 11 more months to see Barry The Fairy as president
    He is retiring to Hawaii and will live in an
    openly gay relationship with Reggie
    His former body man

    1. Anonymous7:26 AM

      Say what you will, 7:18, but whatever floats President Obama's boat is perfectly OK with me.


    2. Anonymous7:28 AM

      7:18, and what part of your anatomy are you touching as you indulge I this fantasy?

  11. Anita Winecooler4:32 PM

    He's absolutely amazing as President, I'm so proud of all he's accomplished despite the obvious vitriol on the other side. He was even kind enough to say some thoughtful words about Scalia, and have the flags drawn at half mast, I'm shocked the Senate didn't blow a fuse and ask for a vote and hearings. This is the first time a Black President honored a room temperature Supreme Court Justice. They gotta have a problem with that.


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