Saturday, February 20, 2016

Video of Track Palin's pre-trial conference.

So as you can see it appears that both Track and his attorney essentially blew this hearing off, and did not bother to participate.

It also sounds as if the prosecutor needs more time to pick up additional discovery from the district attorney, and so asked to reschedule the pre-trial conference for March 14th at 8:30.

The trial call, which is the first time that Track can get a pleas deal, is set for March 24, 2016.

One actually good news that we learn from this video, is that there is going to be video.

That means that even if we cannot attend the proceedings, we will still see what is happening in the courtroom, and THAT is exactly the kind of thing that the Palins desperately do not want to us to see.

By the way let me give a shout out to whoever sent me all of these links in the comments.

You did most of the work for me this morning and I really appreciate it.


  1. Anonymous8:36 AM

    As an Alaskan who has some inside knowledge of 3D Court proceedings, I can tell you this is typical for this type of hearing. Track will have to be at trial, IF there is a trial. DAs have power to offer plea bargains.

    None of it is special treatment because of "Palin." If anything, more attention is paid to make sure everything is done by the book to avoid any appearance of 'favoritism.'

    1. Anonymous9:04 AM

      Who is Kevin Fitzgerald?

    2. Anonymous9:16 AM

      There will be a plea. It is easier on the courts and everyone to plea.

    3. Anonymous9:53 AM

      I agree. There will be a plea with mandated treatment and maybe community service (what Palin would want to dirty themselves with such things?). No jail time, misdemeanor, slap on the wrist, and hope it doesn't happen again. Probation would be nice with some conditions that prevent him from being around alcohol/drugs, etc..

      He should have his guns taken away, but that won't happen.

    4. Anonymous10:06 AM

      Pretty sloppy for the prosecutor not to have been given -- or gone to get -- all the material needed from the district attorney.
      The judge seems to think it's business as usual.

    5. Anonymous11:03 AM

      Track has one of the sweetest lawyers.

      He is kind and feels deep for his clients.
      This should work out well for Pussy, as Track is now known as his favorite word.

      Deadmen tell no tales.

    6. Anonymous11:43 AM

      Pretty sloppy for the prosecutor not to have been given --

      Sarah has been busy and had no time to find a lawyer, besides the best thing they have going for them is to delay.

      Now that she went for the guy in the famous case where a stripper kills a man she set up to scam money, they can convince Track to go to trial. If they can get a good deal with the guns off the hook they can plea.

      I don't think they care about the domestic violence part. They don't care about the suicide part because that was not authentic according to the police.

      What do they care about? GUNS.

      Sarah's designer AK-47 and all of them.

      Sarah and Todd are responsible for their property and the gun safety matters.

      Sarah and two daughters were certified by Mat-Su tactical on January 4 for home security and gun safety.

      If it was you? You left your home and all the guns about the compound with 2 infamous drunks watching your militia like arsenal... what would the law in your area do?

      There are places in the US where the police would have taken all the guns and tagged them for full ID and history.

      There are places where the DA does investigate when the police screw up. There are places that would do an internal investigation of the police dept, the DA if necessary.

      Would your son, in Track's position, not had his mug shot released?

      There are people that do regard that as special treatment and a horrendous failure and/or corruption of the system.

      Would the same scenario, as happened to Track be what happened to a Native Alaskan or a Hispanic or black family in Wasilla?

      One way or another the community and authorities do owe the citizens of the United States an explanation.

    7. Anonymous12:24 PM

      Sarah, Bristol and Willow are ruining the good reputation of Mat-Su Tactical.

      It is blatant, now that Sarah has no care in the world about keeping her guns safe. Guns don't kill people, people kill people.

      That is why you you do not leave your house alone with drunks and guns.

      Sarah can lie all she wants, it if clear and can be proven further, that she knows about her son and his mistress.

      Sarah was blatantly careless and negligent and in many places in the US, she would be charged as an accessory and the responsible party for the guns.

      What kind of an idiot would have a person they believed was a PTSD victim with alcohol and drug problems left in charge of weapons like the Ak40 and so on?

      All that is bad enough. Trump has also made it clear that he wanted Sarah to talk about her son and what happened.

      BECAUSE Donald Trump agrees with Sarah Palin on the gun matters and about how to treat PTSD. Like blame the President.

      How can Donald Trump make America better if he is so unsafe when it comes to guns?

      Donald Trump also believes in not getting help for PTSD, just blame someone else. How can a fool like that be a good leader or see that anyone in need gets the help necessary to heal?

    8. Anonymous5:13 PM

      10:06 AM

      It is inexcusable. Except that is how the Palins want to handle this matter. Delay, delay, delay. Look for a way to have it tossed out. Make sure no one finds out about the gun safety (lack) at the compound. Don't ask questions in case someone would learn that Todd and Sarah are responsible for who they have taking care of all the weapons.

  2. Anonymous8:39 AM

    The bright side with the delay? That will give that little beady-eyed, woman beating, prick more time to get into more trouble.

  3. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Suh-prise Suh-prise Suh-prise
    Palins are above the law.
    In other news, water is wet.

  4. Anonymous8:48 AM

    People need lives. Stay strong Track.

    1. Anonymous8:53 AM

      Yeah, Track, pump that iron so next time you can smack her even harder!

    2. Anonymous8:58 AM

      Figures you'd defend a woman beater.

    3. Anonymous8:58 AM

      "Stay strong Track" --- said to a woman beater.

    4. Anonymous9:00 AM

      You are disgusting and beneath contempt.

    5. Anonymous9:00 AM

      Hi Ms. Mangle Whatevers Dorf

    6. Anonymous9:02 AM

      Stay strong? He freaking beat a woman. I hope they throw the book at him, and because he's a Palin, because he's a privileged criminal.


    7. Anonymous9:06 AM

      Track, You know your bro Dakota Meyer is there for you. It doesn't matter about the baby mess your sister made. Dakota cares about getting you work after all these years you have been back from combat.

    8. abbafan9:10 AM

      He needs to be taught a hard lesson! P.S. - kiss my ass troll!!

    9. Anonymous9:11 AM

      Thank you, Sarah!

    10. Anonymous9:13 AM

      Yeah, Track, because you can't get a job on your own merits. Call in the pillar of virtue, Dakota. Howe old are you again?

    11. Anonymous9:30 AM


    12. Anonymous9:49 AM

      Yeah, "stay strong" in the knowledge that your mommy will ALWAYS blame other people for your problems and will do everything it takes to keep HER from looking like the selfish narcissist she is. Now, If you really want to GET strong, you'll check yourself into a real treatment program and come to terms with the F'd up life you've had and still take responsibility for your actions. Who knows, maybe you'll make something of this awful place you and your dysfunctional family put yourself in.

    13. Anonymous9:50 AM

      You are one sick puppy.

    14. Anonymous9:52 AM

      Strong? He's weak, that's why he's always needed crutches in the form of substance or alcohol abuse, then there is the getting into fights with any of 'em, or of 'em out in front of him over the years with that chip on his shoulder. Only difference with Track is he doesn't seek the limelight and when he goes after someone the Palin way, it's with fists also too.

    15. Anonymous11:32 AM

      I meant to say "and not because he's a Palin" but whatever, he IS a Palin so lock him up! lol


    16. Anonymous11:47 AM

      Track stay strong for Alicia Mangelsdork, she has an open door waiting for you at:

      1050 Bella Vista #208 in Saint Augustine, Florida. She is just as crazy as you are, Track. She will take on any Palin, even though she prefers Bristol and her litter of bastards. You can start a new life of IM trolling.

    17. Anonymous11:50 AM

      Track Palin needs a life, like at mid twenties Track needs a job. He needs to work. That might mean he has to take sobriety serious along with his lifelong anger issues.

      Track could have a life when he can successfully complete an authentic re-hab and program. In some cases that can be 2 years or more.

      It could mean when in a highly toxic family with toxic parents the family must separate to save their lives or one life.

      It may not be a forever separation but until Track is strong enough to not fall back into the family behavior patterns. Still there are no guarantees that would work. Some in cases as severe as Track can not see the toxic family without falling down again.

    18. Anonymous4:25 PM

      Anonymous Dumbass @11:47 -
      Your repeated doxxing of a private citizen here shows that you are either wrong about their identity in the first place or that they just don't give a shit.

      You're both stupid and cowardly. Probably the next best course of action would be for you to go play your childish games in rush hour traffic somewhere. ASAP.

    19. Anonymous8:34 PM

      BWAHAHAHA 4:25 PM can't take the heat. Trolling is addictive, and you can shove your fake advice where you like to play, punk,as Bristol Palin would say,"GFY". You are implying that you are either Alicia, or one of her 'many' supporters. Either way, you are a nut.

  5. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Yes, stay strong Track so you can continue to beat up and overpower the smaller less strong women in your life in a sad ass attempt to feel powerful and dominant.

    1. Anonymous11:39 AM

      All on you, $arah, mother from hell! Make all the speeches and Facebook posts you want! Everyone and their dog knows what a loser you are. You couldn't be bothered to raise a decent family because it was all about YOU.

  6. trackmark skidmark Palamino eight track whatever the fuck my name is Palin8:57 AM

    If you h8ttrz wuld listen yud hear the dumbeats of freedom!

    But yud rathur h8te.

    1. Anonymous9:15 AM

      Where have you been?

    2. Anonymous9:18 AM

      Dunt bee jellus. -- Sis Bris

    3. Anonymous9:49 AM

      Dumbeats? Are those what you hear in your head when you're typing?

    4. trackmark skidmark Palamino eight track whatever the fuck my name is Palin10:03 AM

      They told me to keep being low until these messes all blow over?

    5. PalinsHoax10:58 AM

      TO: "trackmark skidmark Palamino eight track whatever the fuck my name is Palin "

      Luv, luv, luv your Handle; it's the best! Keep up with the wonderful snark. And that's a BIG 10-4!

    6. Anonymous11:20 AM

      Catfood is that you? But whoever you are......

  7. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Baby Tracky, You know mommy will never allow "special treatment because of 'Palin'." Just look at the past.

  8. Anonymous9:22 AM

    I'm disappointed the judge didn't put out a bench warrant for Track "The Woman Beater" Palin who shall be considered armed and dangerous.

    1. Anonymous12:44 PM

      Let Tracky menard come down to the lower 48 waving a gun and beatin' on wimmin, the cops will take his ass out!
      Sarah can take him home in a casket! It will be her fault!

    2. Anonymous1:02 PM

      Track is going to Hawaii. His girlfriends brother has started a GO FUND ME ACCOUNT.

      THEY NEED $10,000, IF YOU CAN SEND $9,999 that will be a good start.

      World Travelers

    3. Anonymous1:48 PM

      Too bad they can't say the Palin name so people will send the world travelers some money.

    4. Anonymous2:25 PM

      What a bunch of moochers, a go fund me account for a vacation.

    5. Anonymous2:27 PM

      Oh, come on, how poor are they that they can't afford a trip to Hawaii? Track's parents are rich and so are Jordan and Tanners. Makes no sense why they would ask for money for a little vacation.

    6. If Track Menard had been cqught down here in the lower 48, he is 'white enough' to skip any repercussions. Look at the black guy that got killed yesterday just for holding a gun - a bare 45 minutes after a white guy actually pointed a gun at cops and that guy got off scotfree. (Also look at that Roofy (white)!guy who killed 8 (black) people in a black church - the cops took him for some fast food after they arrested him - because he 'was hungry'...

    7. Anonymous5:07 PM

      Tanner and his sister are also spoiled brats.

      They blame Obama for all their hardships.

      You would think their dear friends the Cusacks would donate for another Loewe Palin vacation.

      Didn't Tanner date one of Dr. Jack Meoff's kids? They sure all a tight bunch of tea party creeps. The only place that Bristol can claim she works.

      Why won't Jack Meoff give Track a fake job?

    8. Anonymous7:33 PM

      Track can work at one of the Cusack lodges on the Kenai or someplace. They have all kinds of places Track can pretend to work.

    9. Anonymous8:51 PM

      That old fart DR.Jack is in his seventies! and when he kicks the bucket who will employ Bristol then?

      Who else is going to give her a job that she can pick and choose to show up for work when she feels like it?

      I think mommy pays him to let Barstool pretend to have a job. Can you imagine a real employer letting a low level employee to quit, come back and work in between reality tv shows and vacations? Ha! how did they get along without replacing her for all that time she spent in Kentucky and Dancing With The Stars and her reality shows? Must be a real important job.

    10. Anonymous6:38 AM

      That old fart DR.Jack is in his seventies! and when he kicks the bucket who will employ Bristol then?

      His daughter Kelly Millen is half owner. She will fix Bristol and keep up the operation along with Marina Lupas, Laurel Coombs and the whole gang. They have several other investments and places to give a Palin a pretend job.

  9. Anonymous9:25 AM

    What do you mean Track blew off the hearing?

    Track is a Palin and he can do whatever he wants until the courts say he can't.

  10. Anonymous9:26 AM

    When the Wasilla Police gave Track and the Palins all that special treatment, like not documenting all the arsenal on the compound the parents left in the care of 2 well known and documented drunks.

    Was this the AK-47 that Track likes to use when he goes all out domestic terrorist and makes threats?

  11. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Off Topic.

    I just took a huge dump. I looked at it and decided to make it my final salute to Justice Scalia.

    1. Anonymous9:53 AM


    2. Anonymous10:26 AM

      Hope you skunk up the place as he's done for so many years .

    3. Anonymous10:53 AM

      That was great! That made me laugh.

  12. Anonymous9:35 AM

    WTF? Reschedule the pre-trial conference for March 14th at 8:30.

    Does this mean I have to stay in the Witness Protection Program until March 14th? I have to stay hidden until they lock up the son of a bitch who did this to my face and crippled me?

  13. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Track lives matter.

    1. Anonymous10:22 AM

      Wasilla, Alaska Criminal Lawyers

      Palmer, Alaska Criminal Lawyers

      Wait. Isn't your partner getting boosted to the high court a good thing?
      Maybe not if it means Ingaldson and his remaining partner, Kevin Fitzgerald, either have to do all Maassen's work or lose his clients. So far, no one's organizing a pity party for them.

      Defense attorney Kevin Fitzgerald

  14. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Here's a clue for ya Trackster,beat on your fucking mother.It's her fault you're such a weasel.

    1. Anonymous1:53 PM

      Caint Get Right is not likely to hit his targets. The trouble with a deteriorating disease is although at one time you may have been a good shot.

      As you get older, you deteriorate, it is less likely you hit your target when you go on a rampage.

      He may aim to beat on Todd or Tripp and in that way beat on his mother.

    2. Anonymous2:28 PM

      I'm pretty sure that all of the Palins sleep with one eye open when Track is on a bender.

    3. Anonymous4:22 PM

      True, loved the embarrassment Sarah kept in her "Sarah sees Alaska for the first time" reality show, when poppa Todd leaves the fishing business to Sarah's first born son. Maiden Voyage..... he steers the ship to shore then goes to sleep in a twin bed. Bwaaaaahaaaaaaa!!!! He's a chip off Sarah's block, can't aim to save herself.

  15. Anonymous9:54 AM

    The last thing Sarah Palin wants is a video of her eldest child standing up in court while a judge and lawyers talk about his bad behavior.

    1. Anonymous8:39 AM

      What if eldest child had to do community service? Working in public like a screw up criminal. Can Sarah Palin see that that video never happens?

  16. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Sarah Palin hired the same lawyer for Track that Mechele Linehan used. Does this mean Track Palin will also get 99 years?

    Woman Gets 99 Years for Killing Husband

    April 2: Mechele Linehan talks to her attorney, Kevin Fitzgerald, in a courtroom in Anchorage, Alaska before being sentenced to 99 years for the murder of Kent Leppink. Linehan was convicted in October 2007 of first-degree murder in the 1996 death of Leppink. John Carlin III earlier was convicted in the 1996 murder.,4644,3699,00.html/#/photoessay/image/0403080820_M_040308_seduction1-jpg

    1. Anonymous10:25 AM

      “There isn’t anyone that would go through or put their daughter through what any of these girls went through for any sums of money that any of them collected,” he said.

      Stockler and another client’s attorney, Kevin Fitzgerald, praised the city for not dragging out the cases and for implementing changes, such as videotaping every encounter and making female officers more available.

      Fitzgerald’s client, who reached a $100,000 settlement, is thinking of moving outside the state to leave the past behind, he said.

      “She’s happy to have it in her rear view mirror,” Fitzgerald said.

  17. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Did he flip the bird to His Honour?

    1. Anonymous11:41 AM

      Yep, in absentia.

    2. Anonymous4:18 PM

      Sur did learneded lots while on combat doody. Punch an unarmed woman while polishing the guns he fought so desperately to keep when his "wife" sued for child support. Wonder how many times he punched her?

  18. Anonymous10:09 AM

    "Proud clingers of our guns"

    Track Palin and Jordan Loewe in Kentucky. Not a gun in sight. Just clinging to the good stuff.

    They were going to the wedding of Dakota Meyer and Bristol Palin. May have had to settle for the bar-b-que celebration.

  19. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Lily Track palin will never see the inside of a cell. He spent how many minutes in a Wasilla holding station? Never had to go to a 72 hour hold for the faux suicide scheme.

    Dead: Carlin was beaten to death in prison in 2008 shortly after he arrived at the state facility in Seward to serve a 99-year sentence

    Hollywood influence: Prosecutors maintained Linehan was inspired by the 1994 movie, 'The Last Seduction,' in which a femme fatale coaxes her lover into killing her husband for money

  20. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Hmmmm, who did Mama Grizzly get to represent her mischievous cub in the State of Alaska vs Track Palin?

    Maybe Kevin Fitzgerald will get Track off with time served?

    Is SarahPac paying this guy?

    Will the domestic violent woman beater's lawyer receive special treatment from the reigning judge of the court case because Fitzgerald was considered to be one of them, a Superior Court judge?

    Finalists named for Anchorage Superior Court judgeship
    October 13, 2015

    The Alaska Judicial Council has announced four finalists in the search to fill a forthcoming vacancy on the Anchorage Superior Court.

    Dani Crosby, Kevin Fitzgerald, Josie Garton and Jonathan Woodman were nominated as the most qualified applicants to replace Judge Michael Spaan, who is retiring. Gov. Bill Walker has 45 days to appoint one of the nominees.

    Was Kevin Fitzgerald picked to be a Anchorage Superior Court judge?

    Nov 24, 2015 - November 24, 2015 JUNEAU – Governor Bill Walker today announced his appointment of Dani Crosby to the Anchorage Superior Court. Ms. Crosby will replace Judge Michael Spaan, who is retiring at the end of November after serving on the Anchorage Superior Court since 2007.

    1. Anonymous11:11 AM

      If you're a multi-millionaire with your own SarahPac, wouldn't you hire a lawyer for your son who was considered to be an Anchorage Superior court judge?

    2. Anonymous11:14 AM

      It looks like the Palins are going for a high profile attorney. Politician wants a political case. Sarah blames Obama. Maybe she will find a way to charge him for all the guns around the Palin property and what her little domestic terrorist did to Jordan Loewe. Loewe just wants to get married and have Palin babies, she wants Track free from facing up to any of this.

      Somebody should write a book. ...Appeals court overturns murder conviction of man in Mechele Linehan case

    3. Anonymous11:24 AM

      Everyone has the right to have legal representation in court, even a violent, drunken, girlfriend-punching, no-good jerk like Track Palin.

    4. Anonymous11:53 AM

      Everyone has the right to have legal representation

      Yeah, no one in America knows that, thanks for the info.

    5. Anonymous12:05 PM

      Track Palin has no income and no job. He must be entitled to a public defender. Of course, anyone can buy a lawyer for him.

      Is the famous lawyer Fitzgerald a public defender?

      He is going to be able to write a killer book after he retires about all his contact with fame.

    6. Anonymous1:45 PM

      11:11 AM

      I would hire the high profile attorney if I thought this was a political case. I would hire Fitzgerald if I wanted to make it a political case. The son is the victim of the current administration, since his unknown condition has not been treated. The police made so many mistakes, the entire case should be tossed out.

      I would pick the lawyer that can do that.

      I would do all I could to see he is pointed an Anchorage Superior court judge.

  21. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Little man boys who hit women have tiny weenies and HUGE little man complexes. GET SOME MENTAL HEALTHCARE little man boy, get some help because you are a disgrace to real men.

    1. Anonymous2:26 PM

      I doubt he will ever become a man. He has no mature adults in his family to set an example and at his age I doubt he can change. Just look at Sarah, she is 52 but emotionally she is a maldeveloped juvenile. Adulthood will always elude him (as it does Sarah).

    2. Anonymous4:11 PM

      Well he's got Sarah as a strong male role model, and Todd in his mom jeans and soft suprano voice. Sarah's got more of an Adam's Apple than all palin men plus Bristol combined.

  22. Anonymous11:57 AM

    [Track] Beating a woman while drunk and armed is a misdemeanor charge with an initial get-out-of-jail payment of $1500.

    [Ferrero] Standing on someone's property unarmed, making no physical contact or threats of any kind is a felony, bail set at $25,000, 4-years/2 years suspended sentence.

    Apparently our laws treat a stalker to be a much bigger threat and danger than an actual abuser. The problem goes beyond any preferential treatment afforded Palin family members.

  23. Anonymous12:28 PM

    If Track gets away with a wrist slap he'll continue with bad behavior knowing he won't pay the consequences.
    This will embolden him to do whatever he pleases till he really hurts someone, who will Sarah blame then?

    1. Anonymous1:02 PM

      Obama, naturally.

  24. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Hopefully Track's next victim will be Sarah Palin.

    1. Anonymous12:55 PM

      What is sad is that the entire Heath and Palin family is waiting for Trig to be shot and crippled or killed. When Trig is shot, one of them may speak up with some truth as to how serious the problems truly are. Who all is threatened and more.

    2. Anonymous1:57 PM

      Who is waiting for Sarah Palin to be planted 6 feet under? We're not in her will. Who will benefit (named in her will) from the death of the millionaire? These future millionaires won't have to kiss her ass or dance to her music.

    3. Anonymous4:48 PM

      If I was in that family and I cared about Trig or any of the kids.. what would I do?

      Nothing. I would do what the entire family, all the aunts, uncles, cousins, grands and everyone else. Including friends and acquaintances are doing.

      Do nothing. Let Trig or an innocent die and feel guilty when that happens.

      The family is complicit in all of this and will be complicit in future harm and death.

      They hope it is Jordan that dies and saves them from feeling bad if Track cripples Trig, Piper or Tripp.

      Yeah, they are a great family. Maybe one of them will tease by posting anonymous with a tag. That is a lot more fun then taking matters serious and doing what good people do.

      Not one family or friend of the Heath/Palins will do the right thing.

    4. Anonymous6:31 PM

      The way I see it is that Sarah calls the shots in that family and in some way the rest of the family benefits from the postage money being distributed.

    5. Anonymous7:20 PM

      what is the right thing, 4:48? I'm not being snarky, I'm asking for your view sincerely.

    6. Anonymous7:27 PM

      6:31 PM

      That may be why Maloe, if a cousin, will not do the right thing. She just gets off on the thrill of the gossip.

      At one time she mentioned something about her family, she didn't want to get them in trouble. They may be living off the criminal money.

    7. Anonymous8:50 PM

      FFS these "Trig/Tripp/Jordan death fantasies" are a little over the top!

      You people posting this drivel all detest the Palins so much that it's almost as if you just WISH that an occurrence of terrible violence would befall one or all of them so that you can laugh and gossip about it and say your "I told you so's".

      It's getting more than a little psychotic on these Palin threads.

      And fuck you in advance, I'm not a troll, just a Alaskan reader here since the beginning lamenting outloud at the decline of the demeanor and tone of some of the commenters.

    8. Anonymous6:52 AM

      8:50 PM

      PREMONITION is the correct word.

      I actually knew a lady in our neighborhood who was killed by her terrorist husband. The whole domestic violence saga can be a long, long one. We all learned a great deal about it from living around a situation that ended in a gruesome murder. The kids were not killed but they were in the home when the man finally went off. It is too involved to get into here, but over the years many people knew the whole family. There was plenty of time that no one would have thought for a moment such a heinous death could occur. When the disease degenerated the time comes if left unattended and the inevitable happens.

      You do not need to be a psychic or fantasize the next phase. It is a progression of a disease.

      Yes, in time before the final violence people could see it coming. Some had nightmares and saw her dead. It is not just fantasy.

      It is premonition.

    9. Anonymous10:35 AM

      Oh, a premonition, I get it now. Forgive me, I didn't realize that we had a psychic on board.

    10. Anonymous1:00 PM

      10:35 AM Premonition is not psychic, that is more a phenomena. Premonition is a strong feeling. When there are facts to base things on, premonitions may be stronger and more accurate.

      Say you see a toddler that goes out and plays in the streets when the parents fail to watch them.
      You see it many times. It is not a phychic if you have a vision of the toddler being hit by a car. It is a possible and likely deduction of the reality you witness. After knowing the toddler is not watched and they play in the street you may well have strong feelings they could be hit by a car.

      Not the same as psychic. Get it now?

  25. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Track is too much of a pussy to show his drunk face in court.

    1. Anonymous5:37 PM

      Track may not be able to stay sober long enough to face court. Even when he has been dressed to look good he has the eyes of a chronic drug addict. They may be trying to fix that, so he will appear better even if he is only on prescription drugs now.

  26. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Just thinking out loud here....I'm in my early 50's, and othr than hitting deer once and a few parking tickets, I have never ever ever been involved in anything wth the law or police involved. either have my kids.
    Palin was fucking mayor and governor in Alaaaska and her kids and she are quite expert in courts.
    That is really fucked up.

    1. Anonymous1:50 PM

      What about the other shit they were or might have been involved in that never went to court?

      Destruction of state property (school buses) never went to court

      Prostitution ring never went to court

      Breaking and entering never went to court

      Curt Menard Jr, Dar Miller never went to court

      Track Palin, Sarah Palin Family Drunken Brawl never went to court

      Bristol Palin, Sarah Palin Family Drunken Brawl never went to court

      Todd Palin, Sarah Palin Family Drunken Brawl never went to court

      Willow Palin, Sarah Palin Family Drunken Brawl never went to court

      The burning of a boat never went to court.

      The construction of and who paid for the Palin two story red house never investigated and never went to court

      So far the child abuse of Trig's care never investigated or went to court.

      To name a few

      It pays to be the mayor and governor of a state when your family are a bunch of fuck ups.

    2. Anonymous2:09 PM

      Darn straight, 1:50 PM, and let's not forget cozying up long enough to get the goods on people to where they're scared to speak up.

      Flaunt your shit, Boopsie, your cash ain't nothin' but trash.

    3. Anonymous2:23 PM

      They have gotten away with so much
      and will continue to do so. Alaska
      you are stuck with the Palin/Heath
      families forever. Good luck with that.

    4. Anonymous2:30 PM

      Have you seen the list of moving violations that both Willow and Bristol have accumulated on court view and they are only in their 20's

    5. Anonymous8:42 PM

      That family has wracked up the tickets. I can't imagine what their auto insurance must cost!!

      That being said, looks like no one gets any special favors when it comes to traffic tickets.

  27. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Actually, Grphyen, I think you're misinterpreting what happened here. An attorney did appear. The prosecutor was in the courtroom. The voice on the phone was someone whose name sounded like "Cam Rader," and may be this guy: (note his e-mail address says "cam."

    He said Fitzgerald wasn't there, and said "Cam Rader for Mr. Palin." Rader was subbing for Fitzgerald. It was Rader who said he needed to pick up discovery from the "district attorney's office" (which is the same as the prosecutor). So Fitzgerald asked for discovery and then never picked it up, so they need more time, because, of course, they haven't even looked at the evidence that the prosecutor has.

    1. Anonymous2:02 PM

      Stalling in a basketball game is penalized but not for the barracuda.

    2. Anonymous1:16 PM

      Sergeant Rader observed [redacted] to have bruising and swelling around her left eye. She complained of pain to that area as well as to her right knee. He observed a small red area near her knee. The involved firearm, an unloaded AR-15 rifle was located on the kitchen counter.

      Coincidence Cam Rader/Sergeant Rader

  28. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Gryphen, one more note that may not be obvious. On a criminal calendar, there is one prosecutor who appears and covers all the cases for the day. He or she would not have appeared by phone. He or she would have been at the prosecutor's table with a pile of folders for each of the cases on that day's docket.

  29. Anonymous2:08 PM

    If Track's lawyers are stalling is that a bad sign for Track's defense?

    If Track's lawyers had a iron clad defense would the Palin camp have called in today?

    1. Anonymous4:37 PM

      They just need to work the right deal with the district attorney. No one in Wasilla or Alaska will question the DA. Even when they know it is all politics and some white guy is treated special, Alaska is fine with that.

      Even domestic terrorists with guns are cool to Alaskans. That is the priority, guns. Whatever keeps guns with the unhinged. Safety for children is not even considered.

      It was only said that Piper and Trig were at the sister's house. The police knew the drunks were drunk driving and left a sister's house. Other places would have done welfare checks on the kids that live at 1140 Park Way and where the drunks (who live with an arsenal for a small militia) were driving.

      Welfare doesn't know who left the minor children where or what was going on with them? Were they able to eat? Bristol doesn't cook. Piper has a lot of diapers to change. Did the kids go to dinner with the drunks or did the kids just fear them when they were at the sisters house? Has Piper been taught to lie if problems come up for any of the nefarious members of her family?

      Why did the police make certain that so much was covered up?

    2. Anonymous6:17 PM

      Stalling is the time-honored Palin M.O.

      Problem is, and I mentioned this with the Bristol/MOH case, the longer the postpone, the more likely it is that the Palin in question will get themselves into more, worse trouble that will compound the problem.

    3. Anonymous6:37 PM

      They will give Track enough sedatives to keep him non functioning for a long time. If their attorney fails and he does have to appear in public, they will fix him up with a mixture that makes him able to appear more functioning. As long as he doesn't speak they should be able to carry that off.

    4. Anonymous8:39 PM


      "Even domestic terrorists with guns are cool to Alaskans."

      Presumably you didn't follow the Shaeffer Cox "Alaska Peacemakers Militia" trial a few years ago. He and his associates received the harsh punishment they deserved. Cox himself received 26 years, no parole. He'll be an old man when he sees daylight again.

      Alaska takes domestic terrorism very seriously. If you'd spend time learning something about our state that doesn't pertain to the Palins you might come off looking a bit more informed.

    5. Anonymous6:07 AM

      I read about the Shaeffer Cox "Alaska Peacemakers Militia". Yes, Cox gang was taken serious. No connection to a Palin. There is no way Alaska will take the Palin domestic terrorist or militia arsenal serious.

      If they did the public would be calling for the heads of the police for failing to do their job because of the name 'Palin'. The public would be with pitchforks on the DA to do their jobs now. Letters would be written and the media would be publishing the issues that have come up with Track's terrorism and wtf with Palin leaving drunks in charge of a huge cache of weapons? Alaskans are weak to tolerate all that. If they did anything someone would hear about it. They are just staying quiet and weak while the Palins shove another foreign object up their ass. Not even the safety and welfare of children is enough to get Alaskans to stand up and do something.

      The fact is Alaskans are sitting on their butts waiting for Sarah to get her kid a lawyer that wants to be a judge and can get Track off in a way that will be less embarrassing for her.

    6. Anonymous10:34 AM

      You really just don't understand how the real world works do you?

      The police did their jobs, they arrested Track, he is being tried in a court of law on March 24 for 3 Class A Misdemeanors. What else to you expect them to do?

      I'm pretty sure that the Wasilla Police Department wouldn't take kindly to a bunch of local busy bodies telling them how to do their job and letting them know, just because, that the Palins are a bunch of armed rednecks. I'm pretty sure that local LE as well as most people in the area are aware of the second fact.
      Once again Track Palin was arrested and had to post bail and will be tried. Why would we be wielding pitchforks at the DA's office in the first place? Sounds to me like the system is working.

      You bandy about the term "terrorism" yet I think you know not what it means, at least in a sense that would put Track in a position to have been arrested on charges of suspected terrorism.

      Unfortunately the second amendment currently allows for private citizens to have basically as many guns and as much ammo as they can afford and store, whether they are drunk or sober or mentally ill, until they hurt someone, or form a violent militia hellbent on overthrowing the government, in other words, until they perform an illegal act, law enforcement has no concern.

      It's only natural that the Palins would have retained counsel for their son, who that is is of no concern to me. I'm pretty certain they would have gone with the most motivated attorney with the sharpest claws in order to give their son the best representation in court. Wouldn't you?

      Is there a family that you detest this much in your town, your state? Are there any heavily armed redneck families in your town? I bet there are, even drunk ones with drug problems, "terrorists" as you call them. Well I think you should call your local LE and ask the why these people aren't being arrested and make sure that your local LE knows there's a problem...I'm sure they'd appreciate it.

    7. Anonymous7:45 PM

      Lake Lucy?

    8. Anonymous10:17 PM

      10:34 AM I get how the real world works in places, not Wasilla. There are other places same as Wasilla and worse. Not every place is the like that. How sad if that is what Wasilla calls the police doing their job. So what if Wasilla Police Department wouldn't take kindly to a bunch of local busy bodies telling them how to do their job? If they are doing such a poor job someone needs to get the message across to step up or get out of dodge.

      Track Palin was arrested. It is yet to be known about if he will be tried or how that will go. People in Alaska will settle for dog shit when they should feel they deserve steak.

      We just had a police chief that 'retired' because people held him accountable for some matters. I doubt he liked being told how to do his job. It is not the job of chief or police to like being held accountable. They are to serve and protect the people.

      The police/sheriff I know about do go to other houses and check on children for less than what was said about Track and Jordan's incident. They might be called to a house for barking dogs or whatever. If guns come into the matter at any point it is handled entirely different from Wasilla.

      The first police report is cursory. If you have ever been in an accident or have any familiarity you can know how screwy and wrong a first report can be.

      The DA is to do more investigation and if there are more charges. The DA can fill in the blanks and find that other crimes were committed and make more arrests or charges later on. There are still many, many more questions to answer in this matter. When police mess up the evidence and witnesses, they blow can really blow it.

      I don't recall a case here with a man waving around an assault rifle. It would be a big deal here if a little pistol was involved. We have had some machete and knife wavers. I remember one that was shot dead, a troubled vet. Also a man that was shot dead last year (he had no weapon) but he was waving and a mistake was made.

    9. Anonymous10:19 PM

      If anyone told the police here there were guns around a property, especially if the person was acting out, drunk and as Track was described that would be probable cause to check out the drugs and the situation with all the guns. If the police in Wasilla have no clue that Track drinks and drugs, that is negligence, they select not to know facts. When police go to known alcoholics or whatever the person is into, that is something they take into consideration.

      I guess people in Alaska live with guns all about and it is a normal casual deal, children in the house or the drunk uncle. It is all fine in Alaska. Had the call not been about 'suicide' the police may not have bothered with drunk Track and all the guns about at all? If it is normal in Wasilla to have guns all around and to be drunk and on drugs all that is meaningless to the police because it is the lifestyle many people like.

      Our criminals and nutcases have to at least pretend they keep guns properly and safely cared for. In other words not everyplace in the nation has homes with guns all over in various situations where the drunks and children live.

      If someone told the police there are guns all over the property here, the police would find all the guns and take them in to be tagged and we see them displayed. It does not always make the news. It is documented with the police and the public can view it and see the paper work on all the documented weapons and the incident.

      In many cases the police, sheriff someone will address the public on camera and detail the incident, evidence and answer questions.

      When a sister, brother or another house becomes involved in a matter, the police will name them and go there to get the whole story. Several times arrests are made at the other house and the one they first went to there are no arrests. If they make a report and say only 'sister' they can be called out to do a correct report. Like they would say Jill Pendergrass, sister of Bob Pendergrass.

      We've had several domestic violence situations where children live. It could be uncles, cousins or others. If a child lives in the house that child's welfare is part of the matter. The police find the children and see them or have child services involved. It is not so and so says little Susie is watching movies at authie Ruth's house or bs like that. The police know people lie and the police do not want to be caught helping cover up with the liars. Especially where children are involved.

      I get it that Wasilla has low standards and expect a low quality police department. On top of that, as has happened before, the Palins are given special treatment and cover up for a long list of transgressions with cover up by authorities.

  30. Anonymous2:09 PM

    This is America, Track Palin is proven innocent

    1. Anita Winecooler4:05 PM

      In what respect "proven"??? Presumed innocent, maybe, but where's the proof of his innocence?

    2. Anonymous4:48 PM

      What . . . "proven innocent" until found guilty?

      Circular reasoning.

    3. Anonymous4:58 PM

      Anita: he is proven ... to be white enough!

    4. Anonymous4:59 PM

      Hate to tell you but the verdict is guilty or not guilty-there is no proven innocent even for little, I am so special, Trackie.

  31. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Can you image if 'Affluenza Teen' Track Palin would ever have to spend 120 days in jail for violating probation? Track can be thankful his mother is in the business of politics and he will never have to deal with life like Ethan Couch. In a 120 days in the 'Affluenza Teen' World, 120 days is forever.

    'Affluenza Teen' Palin would go through serious withdrawal. Sarah will do anything to keep her 2o something 'Affluenza Teen' from withdrawal.

    I hear she will have a special cell built just in case one of her kids or hubby end up in an Alaskan prison. They will have a live feed for things like Track to be able to electronically watch his guns at all times.

    Btw, what was the final count on all the guns the Wasilla police found all around the houses and buildings at 1140 W Parks Hwy?

  32. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Judge my client will not be able to call in or appear in court because he has a bad case of the Sarah Palin Curse.

  33. Anonymous2:16 PM

    They probable will let him off with probation, maybe he will have to wear an ankle bracelet. HA HA does he ever leave the basement anyway, he can have the girlfriend bring him the drugs/alcohol.

    It will be the usual good times at the Palin compound until next time when he actually kills someone. Them blame it on Obama.

    No loss as far as I am concerned, they are asking for it to happen.

    1. Anonymous4:22 PM

      They know Track can't handle probation. If he screwed up and the pals that keep the Palins from ever facing consequences for their crimes was not able to get him out of things again, he would have to face probation. That can not happen in Palin territory.

      They need a good attorney that can be certain Track will not have to endure probation. That would be too severe punishment for someone like Track. He never has to ever face up to any of his crimes. I doubt if suddenly that will change now.

    2. Anonymous6:13 PM

      Also, too, if he is on probation,he will get thrown in the slammer for breaking probation.

      Usually they involved not drinking, going to anger management classes, checking in regularly. Most people have to go to a job or something and not miss it.

      In his case it would also likely include staying away from alcohol and guns.

      They hired the Big Guns lawyer with the hope that he will get off totally. No probation! In part because they all know that he won't be able to handle the rules and will get prison time for violating probation.

    3. Anonymous8:33 PM

      I don't think he'll totally get off. He's going to end up paying a fine with some community service.

    4. Anonymous5:49 AM

      The part that is amazing is that the police found no drugs. None. They would have had to look for all the weapons and come across other stash. Even check out the prescriptions. There are police in the lower 48 that are that thorough.

      Track may get a token fine. Community service could mean he could be photographed in public. Can Sarah allow that to happen?

    5. Anonymous10:18 AM

      They would have had probable cause to get a search warrant for weapons if he had threatened anyone other than himself with a firearm, however since there was no indication that drugs were involved, there would have been no reason for a search warrant for drugs to have been issued.

      The police don't just roam around your home with a vague search warrant checking out all your medicine cabinets...

    6. Anonymous12:35 PM

      The police were there for an initial call. They didn't know what was true or not just because someone said something. They determined the suicide was nothing because they did not protect the person said to be threatening suicide. They reported finding one person in terror under a bed and sobbing due to the terror and horror they had experienced. The police nixed the suicide part, it is doubtful the victim was terrified due to a suicide threat. Wasn't that what the first calls were about? A lot changed from the initial call. The man was arrested for misdemeanor violence charges.

      Didn't the guy that was flailing around an AK-40 at his residence, also the guy to tell the police there were guns all around? Guns all around are not probable cause? Along with flailing an AK-40 is getting real serious.

      The police knew both people were drunk. They may have suspected drugs had they looked closer at their eyes and done more to determine the condition of the people involved. Track must have had a drug test when arrested. The police should have taken Jordan to a hospital, even if her injuries were not visible, concussions do not always show. It was said she was drunk driving and she could have been held for that and drug tested.

      It is not hard to get a probable cause when something different and dangerous comes up. If it had not been the Palins or their police agency, police would have been there to protect and serve. I don't mean to only protect the Palins. From the little police report there are questions about many safety issues. What kind of people leave AK-40 type weapons about and are flinging them around? It is hard to imagine a more unsafe domestic terror. They had probable cause to alert ATF or another agency to deal with the safety issues. Give me a break if you think it is safe to have guns all around. Who does that? Someone with a meth lab might have guns all around.

      More charges can be filed once an investigation is completed. So far it appears the police did not do their job and there is no sign that the district attorney will serve and protect the community this many weeks later. Whether anyone wants to admit it or not there is a danger festering on Park Way.

      Nuts, drunks and AK's are never a good mix. Wasilla police would have handled this scene the same with a family of another name? I suspect they did not want probable cause due to the name Palin.

  34. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Why doesn't Track partner up with Todd in the Iron Dog? Hmmmmm?

    1. Anonymous8:59 AM

      Endurance. You need to be able to handle speed drugs to have the endurance. Now that Alaska is warming and the snow can get thin it may be hard to endure the miserable conditions. A lot of pain. They may need more pain killers now.

      Track can't handle the drugs it takes to be Iron Dog.

  35. Anonymous2:40 PM

    O/T....Were the hell is Sarah? Wasn't she supposed to be in SC? Did Trump tell her to sit down and shut the fuck up? Inquiring minds want to know.

    1. Anonymous3:29 PM

      How come Sarah is not in SC?
      Sarah is a mother and still needs to help Piper with her homework, feed Trig, dry out Track and please Todd with her wifely duties.

    2. Anonymous6:27 PM

      3:29 PM Sarah is doing her wifely duties at the Irondog Banquet. Trump does not want or need her.

  36. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Track is a defendant in a court case

    Bristol is a defendant in a court case

    Todd refused to testify in a court case.

    I believe Sarah was a defendant in a court case.

    John McCain yes America voted against you, now you know why.

    1. Anonymous3:48 PM

      My mistake, I should have listened to everybody

    2. Anonymous3:53 PM

      John it wasn't all your fault. If Sarah was a true Republican she should have put aside her narcissistic goals and stepped aside when everybody said she's dragging you down. John that doesn't mean you're innocent, you were ignorant in picking that retard and deserved the embarrassment you are going through.

    3. Anonymous5:20 PM

      John McCain was blackmailed by Lowell 'Bud' Paxson.

  37. Anonymous3:44 PM

    PALIN / Trump 2016

    1. Anonymous3:47 PM


    2. Anonymous3:55 PM

      And 2020

    3. Anonymous4:44 PM

      Trump/Tramp 1902

    4. Anonymous5:19 PM

      3:44/3:47/3:55 Don't drink before trolling, you make an ass of yourself.

  38. Anonymous3:46 PM

    If I had been the judge I would have held the feet of whomever was on the phone to the fire for not having already picked up the discovery documents. Imagine how that would have gone had someone with another last name been the person charged. Hmmm.

    1. Anonymous3:56 PM

      3:46 that's why you're not the judge!

    2. Anonymous5:17 PM

      @3:56 Nor you!

  39. Anita Winecooler3:58 PM

    I've done jury duty and attended court proceedings in the past, and this is the first time I saw the stick figure dude with a microphone. Let me say, good on Alaska's courts, it saves time and money from explaining where he has to sit and how close he needs to be to the mic.
    Can't wait to see the next time he blows off court. Reminds me of Sarah quitting something and using the excuse she got "picked for jury duty", as if any sane counselor would use one of his/her objections to actually picking her to judge another criminal.
    Thanks whomever sent this tidbit!

  40. Anonymous4:33 PM

    Does anyone know if Track & Jordon broke up?

    1. Anita Winecooler5:11 PM

      Good question. Would love to hear her side of the story and what, if any, threats he used.

    2. Anonymous5:31 PM

      Jordan's family and friends try to make it look like they could help her. They don't do anything to be clear, so they are just the same old dysfunctional bunch.

      I heard instead of finding authentic intervention for Jordan, they have some deal where they are all 'going sober' together with Jordan. That is to cure her from the drug and alcohol addition part.

      They don't seem to have a clue about the dynamics of the situation.

      Jordan's mother is a socialite, if a good one I would think she has done plenty of charity work and could know something about battered women and the disease of chemical abuse. She married a rich foot doctor, he may also have some idea about Jordan's serious afflictions.

      Has she gone back to Track? I don't know but it would not be unusual for them to have rekindled their affair and have make up sex. They may temporary part ways so it does not look like she is nuts, weak and sick and he can have his mother deal with his situation with the court.

      Once the right lawyer gets Track out of this hassle they can sneak and get back together.

      I am sure they want that house the unemployed Track was mentioning.

    3. Anonymous8:18 PM

      I just see two rotton spoiled kids who need to grow up and learn that the world isn't a perpetual party and at some point you have to take some responsibility for your actions.

      You don't give your daughter a vacation in this situation, you sit her butt down and say "You deserve better".

      What the hell is wrong with these people?

    4. Anonymous8:32 PM

      Wow, spend much time fantasizing about Jordan and Track? That was really creepy.

    5. Anonymous5:42 AM

      8:18 PM

      That is fact. She has been treated to a holiday. The intentions may be good, they are doing a sober team effort. It may last a month, but is doomed for failure. She has serious issues that need effective reality treatment.

      She also suffers from the isolation of a toxic relationship. Her ability for self expression has been thwarted as she must stay in the dark like Track. Jordan is so young to have all that tragedy in her life. If she is able to get into a program or treatment after the holiday time, she may be able to survive and able to find self expression free of the chemicals.

    6. Anonymous3:29 PM

      Jordan Loewe does not work unless baby sitting and having sex with Sarah's drug addicted son is a job.

      Where does she get the money to vacation now? Her brother tried to get $10,000 on GOFUNDME for Hawaii trip. No one was funding. Jordan was not in Hawaii.

      Is she a trust fund baby? Someone paid for her trip. I hope they took her to a treatment hospital and she gets into a program that has a chance to work. Depending on the severity of her problems, it could take a year or 2. She will not be seeing Track at all (outside of like a courtroom). She will not be dating. She needs to take care of herself and heal before she is ready to start another relationship.

      I've known people who skip the best treatments and they inevitably fail with their new beginnings.

  41. Anonymous6:55 PM

    We will see if Track gets special treatment.Here is the law

    Not ONE but three counts. Alaska law has a mandatory 20 days in jail for a 4th degree domestic abuse. Class A misdemeanor , three counts. Three not one. They sent his ass to rehab hoping to get mercy from the court and to show he is willing to "get well" .

    Games , it's all games. But the law is the law. They can not take into account his previous "bus incident" because that is sealed.

    That asshole better not go to trial, but he is a Palin and the Palins still think their shit don't stink in Alaska.

    Good luck Track finding a job anywhere after this. No one is going to hire your ass they don't want to take the chance on their insurance premiums. Welcome to the real world Sarah you get to support that kid for the rest of his life! And Jordan if you or your parent's have any brains they would tell you to get the hell out of this relationship. Palin's are trash with some money but at the rate Mommy is spending it they will be white trash broke within two years.

    1. Anonymous7:25 AM

      Track Palin, Sarah Palin’s son, allegedly battered girlfriend, waved around AR-15 during drunken fight at ex-governor's Wasilla home

      Sarah can make it all disappear. Didn't she do that with one of her issues in the court? She said she was vindicated or cleared or something. The press does not do their job and she can make brawls and anything go away for the most part. Her family are all Christians, they live family values and do not have any big problems like the h8trs say.

  42. Anonymous6:56 PM

    Track Palin was the original influenza teen.

  43. Anonymous6:56 PM

    Affluenza, I meant. Sorry spellcheck!

  44. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Track when you go to prison you won't be allowed to have conjugal visits with Jordan or Britta because you're not married to them but don't worry, you'll be somebody's bitch in the shower. Your new name will be Trick Track

  45. Anonymous7:23 PM


    Your welcome ;) :0

    Could you fish out his mugshot pic :)

    1. Anonymous9:04 AM

      What do you bet they did not take a mugshot? Or they lost it?

  46. Oh well, one advantage to the Palin threads, is that we will not have any more MALOE nonsense, and people begging "her" to come and talk to us. Especially, no more mention of the title awarded to her "Brave Baby Cousin", which always seemed so ick to me.

    I wonder what role will be played by Track's partner, and if she will give evidence about his assaults. I hope so, because dv is such an important issue, and it is a good message to the community for victims and witnesses to stay strong.

    1. Anonymous7:55 PM

      The "Brave Baby Cousin we love you!" was kind of creepy...

    2. Anonymous8:20 PM

      She hasn't gone anywhere, sweetcakes.

  47. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Hey $arah. I know you're really really hurting for cash. So I have an idea: put Track's criminal trial and Bristol's latest custody trial on pay-per-view.

    The ratings and payday will be Yuuuuuuge!

  48. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Maybe just maybe if Sarah had raised those kids to achieve anything beyond a high school GED they may have had a chance.

    This was the Governor of Alaska and she has done nothing for your State but made you all look like a bunch of hicks. You are not. This website proves it.

    Everyone with a brain needs to kick this idiot reality show trashy family to the curb! Bristol posts pics of Sailor every day hoping to get another cheap reality tv show. She can't sell herself so she has to try and sell her kids. Yeah dumb ass Barstool every single mom can relate to your lifestyle of vacations and a nice home. Bullshit. Your life is a mess spent in courtrooms fighting for money and visitation rights all on Mommy's dime if you didn't have Mommy paying for your crap you would be in a cheap apartment living day to day hoping you can pay your bills.

    The day will come when Mommy can't afford your life style. Get real, it's about time your Dad stepped up and got his balls back by the way. Tell that lazy low life to get a job and get his pride back the Iron Dog does not make a man. If a man can't take care of his family he's a loser with no respect and that's your problem. No real woman would respect a man like that and no real man would expect them to.

    1. Anonymous8:27 PM

      I agree with much of what you say but isn't this:

      "If a man can't take care of his family he's a loser with no respect and that's your problem"

      just a wee bit old fashioned and misogynistic? I know more families in my circle where we, the women are the majority earner, and many couples where the earnings are just about equal as are financial responsibilities.

      Other than that yeah, these Palins are a bunch of yeehaws but think about, it Bristol is now stuck with her two and Trig living with her, how much fun is that? 25, 3 kids, I don't care how much money you have, to me that sounds like a hellish life with zero freedom.

      Most women have just begun their careers or are in the process of finishing extended educations. She's changing shitty diapers and answering the phone at a second rate doctor's office. Sounds like a miserable existence, but really, what else did her parents teach her?

    2. Anonymous9:35 PM

      A GED is as useful as the owner makes it. Don't throw shit at everybody who has a GED because the Wasillabillies are giant piles of crap.

  49. Anonymous9:24 PM

    A man can make less money than his wife and still earn and deserve respect it's when a man sits on his ass and let's his family fall apart for his own gain just so he can enjoy and use the money his wife makes.

    If Todd stayed at home and raised the kids there is real value in that. He hasen't I have known men who's wives made more than their husbands and the husband took care of the kids it was a good decision but they had no babysitters so the husband could own a plane, take off whenever they felt like it and get toys like a brand new truck for a birthday present.

    There is a difference between a user and a loser. Man or Woman.

    Look at their kids they are a mess and all for the glory of Sarah.I would not want a man who could be bought, i would not want a woman who could be bought. It's about responsibility. Somehow I have a feeling if Sarah was dying Todd would be saying "What's in it for us".

  50. Anonymous7:05 AM

    Track next time you threaten to commit suicide grab a loaded gun and just do it. Now you look like your mother, you are a quitter suicidal drunk loser.

  51. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Sarah Palin proud to show off her gun security and safety. She and her daughters just received certificates from Mat-Su Tactical, LLC of Wasilla on January 4.

    Who would not have all the confidence in the world that this women is fully capable and knows how to handle and keep guns in the most safe manner possible?

  52. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Seems inhumane to tell Track if you're going to commit suicide to just go ahead and do it but you have to look at it if he's going to get drunk and go on a killing spree, it is better if he just kills himself. What makes me think Track will go on a killing spree is because if drunk Track was carrying a gun at the Sarah Palin Family Drunken Brawl, Track would have killed many innocent people. After the Drunken Brawl did Sarah or any family seek help for Track or Bristol drinking problems? Sarah spent her time on her Facebook posting pictures of herself as well as chasing Trump on his campaign trail. Everybody left Track at home to go on his Drinking Spree and now look what happened, Track is facing jail time for beatings a woman while carrying a gun. Hate to tell Track to kill himself but at the same time we would hate to read Track got drunk and killed his family and people in Wasilla.

    1. Anonymous9:37 AM

      The Wasilla law did not hold Track for a suicide watch. That should tell you how real they thought the part about suicide was.

      He is a very disturbed and sick man. He attacks others, which could also be a way to hide that he feels life, his life is worthless and he should be dead since he feels that way.

      It is all very sad. Chances are there will be a fatal act or critical trauma, disfigurement one day.

      I don't want to wish anyone to die until it is their time, say old age or fatal long suffering ailment.

      Track may fit in the latter category due to mental condition. The factor that makes his situation note worthy is that he is likely to strike and destroy others.

      From the little history we know of Track he was out to hurt others, including his family.

      There is only this one bogus report about suicide. As it was reported, I don't know whether to consider it or not.

      Track Palin may just be a drama queen when he thought the police were coming.

      As it is now Track is free to drive drunk and carry a concealed weapon while out partying and drunk driving. As long as no one will report him or the police may want to let him go instead of causing his parents anymore national disgrace.

      No one is concerned about Track and suicide. They do not seem to have any concern for others he may attack. There is nothing to show there is any concern for the community where he lives or any he may visit or vacation.

      So it is easy to prefer a dangerous lunatic be taken out somehow before he does more damage.

      We know he will not be incarcerated to keep his threats away from the public.

  53. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Aren't the Palins like the Bundy's in a way?

    I get confused as to why some people need so many guns. I can get that hunters have guns. Some hunt for sport, others for food or a combination. I grew up with guns. The number one thing was safety. As an adult I never cared to have a gun. I would go to target practice but I never had the fear or necessity to own a gun.

    I would not be going to friends that owned guns and did not have safety as a first priority.

    That is why I have trouble with people who need assault weapons to hunt. I don't get the whole timeline on Track and Jordan's incident. As I understand Sarah had been home and she left about the time, or soon after the police were called to Parks Highway houses.

    When did drunk Track and Jordan leave the sister's house? Were the guns as Track said all about the houses and property while Sarah Palin was still there? After Sarah left? Did Track or Jordan, one or both, spread the guns all over before they went to dinner? When they got back from the sisters? Why?

    What is the reason to have guns spread all about?

    What is the determination on how many loaded and how many unloaded?

    It makes no sense that anyone would need to get out an assault weapon. So what was that about? Was it loaded or not? How many assault weapons? Did Tood and Sarah leave assault weapons around their living quarters before they left to be with Donald Trump?
    Is that the regular Palin lifestyle at their home? If they were my neighbors living miles a way like that, I would not feel safe. I would not think any child was safe.

    I am thinking not only is Track a dangerous drunk and seriously mentally impaired with paranoia. His parents are also paranoid and leaving guns and assault weapons around. Children do live there. It is hard to believe the police were so lacking about them and the guns and assault weapons.

    If police found a meth kitchen while Sarah and Todd were away. It was known they left it that way with the drug addicted adult children, what would the police do? Or the police knew the kids got out the meth kitchen after the parents left? The police would not look for more paraphernalia? The police would not take in the meth kitchen? The police do not consider that children DO live there even if they were not in sight?

    The owners of the place would not have any responsibility and the police would not do anything to find out what other dangers lurked? What all is the property used for other than to store loaded and unloaded guns to hunt for food (or say a meth kitchen) or whatever the original reason the police were there.

    What is the family paranoia about?

    What more are they hiding on the property?
    They think they need assault weapons for protection of what they are hiding.

  54. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Where do they hide the bodies?

    1. Anonymous12:43 PM

      Curt Menard Jr's death and the lady who died in her burning house are still questionable.

    2. Anonymous1:05 PM

      @12:43 her name is Dar Miller

    3. Anonymous1:59 PM

      Correct me if I'm wrong, Curt Menard Jr who was very close to Sarah and Track died while flying his airplane. They say someone put water in his airplane gas tank which caused him to crash. Someone out there wanted to kill Curt. We have an idea but no proof.


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