Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Best argument for being an Atheist that I have seen in a while.


  1. Anonymous2:30 AM

    Future Test Question for AP History:

    Trump Supporters were to Bernie Bros as Fundie Xtians are to

    a) Radical Islam
    b) Radical Atheism
    c) Sarah Palin Aversion Syndrome (SPAS)
    d) A and B only
    e) None of the Above
    f) All of the Above

    And the correct answer is.....

    1. Anonymous7:16 AM

      Anon 2:30 If you were in my History class I would flunk you.

  2. Yeah, but try and impress that on blind believers and you'll get cock-blocked every time with "It's a mystery of faith." Or you'll be angrily told "There's no atheists in foxholes," and they're right. When people are scared shitless, reason is the first thing to go, and they'll grasp any fairy tale that holds out hope.

    Every organized religion, as well as every modern government knows the most cost-effective of keeping people in line is through the inculcation of fear. Just look at the mileage it's providing the GOP.

    1. Anonymous6:07 AM

      They aren't right about there being no atheists in foxholes.

    2. Anonymous7:10 AM

      @ 6:07 -- agree with you. I had a near-death experience last summer and never once thought about praying to some god.

    3. Anonymous11:40 AM

      My sanity requires a higher power; ergo: The Ether.

      The Ether REALLY is everywhere.

  3. Anonymous3:05 AM

    Religion and logic has never gone together.

  4. Anonymous5:00 AM

    Yes, I've always wondered why people are drawn to such a threatening god...............he has just done such really mean things to humanity. A local church put a message on their sign recently that said something to the effect that Alaskans like to use duct tape, but God likes to use nails. It totally creeped my kids out, but they haven't been forced to sit in church during their impressionable years, listening to all of the violent acts that God has supposedly done to people. It was interesting to see their reaction to such a bizarre idea. They were horrified, as all critically thinking people should be at the thought of hammering nails through someone's hands and feet.

    1. Anonymous8:40 AM

      Stupid churchers, don't they realize their skygod uses MIRACLES, not earthly stinking nails which were invented and designed by flawed humans!

      And from a handywoman's experienced point of view, screws actually can fasten better than nails. Would you hire someone to install a back deck on your house, who insisted on using nails only?

      Please keep teaching your children to think critically, and to think for themselves. Congratulations to those kids for having what sounds like great parents!

  5. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Interestingly, my minister (Episcopalian) once said something similar during a sermon - she said that God's not schizophrenic, he didn't demand a sacrifice of himself to appease himself.

  6. Anita Winecooler3:46 PM

    I have to admit, there were times in my life when "turning water into wine" would have made a good party trick, time and moneysaver. But that quote? It's like a schizophrenic argument FOR the existence of Atheism.

  7. It wasn't God who claimed to be a triumvirate. It was human's who made up so much of the lies about God. He said he was the ONLY true God and Jesus was his son. It is HUMAN BEINGS who have fractured that Bible, taken meanings out of context, and probably will never get the messages therein. It just indicts the human race for exactly how they (we) have all turned out. Tell me how great a shape the world is in. I suppose God is your usual scapegoat for the worsening misery and destruction we are seeing on planet earth. Good thing for the human's that God has a Plan B and even athiest's will have their choice to make - which won't be a literal heaven or hell. This is too deep a subject for pithy little blurbs.


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