Monday, March 14, 2016

Breitbart news is losing staff faster than Sarah Palin loses brain cells.

Courtesy of USA Today: 

A spokesman for the conservative outlet Breitbart has stepped down, citing the website's treatment of a reporter who said she was manhandled by Donald Trump’s campaign manager. 

“When you reach a point where you can’t give 100 percent to people you represent it’s not tenable to continue representing them,” Kurt Bardella tweeted Friday. 

He told CNN that Breitbart hadn’t adequately supported Michelle Fields, a Breitbart reporter who said her arm was yanked by Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski as she was trying to ask Trump a question Tuesday.

And that is not all, no that is not all.

Courtesy of Buzzfeed: 

Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields and editor-at-large Ben Shapiro are resigning from the company over the site’s handling of Donald Trump’s campaign manager’s alleged assault on Fields, BuzzFeed News has learned. 

Fields and Shapiro informed Breitbart News chair Steve Bannon of their decision Sunday night. 

“Today I informed the management at Breitbart News of my immediate resignation,” Fields said in a statement sent to BuzzFeed News. “I do not believe Breitbart News has adequately stood by me during the events of the past week and because of that I believe it is now best for us to part ways.”

I REALLY want to feel sorry for these people, but they accepted jobs with Breitbart news, so I just can't.

However I do find it interesting that the violence at Trump rallies has now spilled over into the conservative news media.

Of course it was only a woman who was manhandled so I imagine that most of the conservative news outlets will find it hard to take too terribly serious.

By the way I hate to kick a Breitbart when it's down (I'm lying, I'd love to do that.), but I would just like to point out to the website that once called IM "defunct" that I have not lost one singe staff member since the founding of this blog over eleven years ago.

Well sure I don't actually have any paid staff members, but if I did you can bet they would love their job and have great admiration for, and probably a mild crush on, their boss.


  1. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Ben Shapiro is a real fucking asshole,they will miss him. He fits right in.

    1. Anonymous5:13 PM

      "but if I did you can bet they would love their job and have great admiration for, and probably a mild crush on, their boss."

      Oh G, you are a sly one aren't you? But yes its true. We would be Gryphen's Angels!
      Kicking ass for truth& justice against the mean Payme family of liars!
      We could have branches in the lower 48, tracking the bitches where abouts daily! Getting the good on them!
      You betcha!

  2. Anonymous2:27 PM

    G, you are tops in the staffing situation.

    1. Caroll Thompson3:02 PM

      You're the Boss G.

  3. Anonymous2:37 PM

    I think we all could use a laugh. Check out this gif...

    Now we need one of Hillary doing this too!

  4. Anonymous2:51 PM

    "In his own statement, Shapiro said the episode was emblematic of how he believes the site’s management had sold out the legacy of its founder and namesake, the late Andrew Breitbart.

    “Andrew’s life mission has been betrayed,” Shapiro wrote. “Indeed, Breitbart News, under the chairmanship of Steve Bannon, has put a stake through the heart of Andrew’s legacy. In my opinion, Steve Bannon is a bully, and has sold out Andrew’s mission in order to back another bully, Donald Trump; he has shaped the company into Trump’s personal Pravda, to the extent that he abandoned and undercut his own reporter, Breitbart News’ Michelle Fields, in order to protect Trump’s bully campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, who allegedly assaulted Michelle.”"

    Steve Bannon?

    The Undefeated?

    1. There's an article on Huffington Post with a bunch of tweets and e-mails between staff. They're all angry at this one guy who they feel is siding with Trump.

      There will be more resignations.

      It was inevitable.

      Breitbart was built on the charisma of Breitbart himself. Once he was gone, it was only a matter of time before his "empire" crumbled.

      Couldn't happen to a more deserving organization.

  5. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Gryphen, you had me at "roomy" jammy pants...

    1. Anonymous10:09 AM

      dedicated to finding the truth got me

  6. Anonymous2:59 PM

    New Video: Track Palin pretrial has moved again to next mth Apr. 12th !!!!


    1. Anonymous5:07 PM

      Hmmm interesting it didn't mention ANYTHING about the toad just some "Discovery" had been found....!!!
      We know "Discover" its Kryptonite to Palins!
      What could they have discovered? Remember its the State of ALaska vs Track. Maybe they found out he needs to be in rehab? Or "something else" that is spooking his lawyers BIG TIME!
      Thanks @2:59 for this.

  7. Anonymous3:03 PM

    New Video: Track Palin pretrial has moved again to next mth Apr. 12th WTF


    1. Anonymous3:55 PM

      Another fucking postponement!

    2. Anonymous10:11 AM

      It's all good. As long as Track has this hanging over his head he can not move on.

  8. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Poor, poor TeaParty Media has now realized that they are no longer in control of the situation because there's a new kid in town and he's more fascist than they are!

    These people deserve everything they get and they deserve to be afraid of losing control of the situation because really, there is no longer any GOP control, be it TeaParty or GOP regulars.

    The Donald has gone rogue and there is no control.

    I personally love it because they are seeing what it was like for progressives under their media control and they are now marginalized, when only a few years ago they thought they owned the world.

    Ha, ha, ha, slow clap and all that....

    1. Anonymous4:08 PM

      I hear ya, and I saw a pic today of Dubya and Hillary hugging in a warm embrace just smiling to beat the band after Nancy Reagan's funeral. I swear that they're ALL in bed with each other. Just like the WWF or whatever they call themselves these days.

  9. Anonymous3:19 PM

    The right sure like to live in a fantasy world. Breitbart is fantasy/conspiracy to the nth. The RW in this country is populated by some seriously stupid folks. Even Sarah isn't much of a standout in the dumb catagory(for all intents and purposes all of it) in Breitbart's audience.

  10. Anonymous3:25 PM

    "Breitbart news is losing staff faster than Sarah Palin loses brain cells."

    She doesn't have many to lose. She already is borderline retarded.

  11. Anonymous3:40 PM


  12. Anonymous3:46 PM

    O/T Oh look, Trump's own SS troopers have formed. One of these days someone is going to get killed at one of his rallies.
    Group Forms Trump Militia To 'Forcefully Protect' Rally Goers From 'Far-Left Agitators'

    A group of Donald Trump supporters over the weekend called for volunteers to join a would-be militia aiming to protect voters against so-called “violent far-left agitators.”

    In recent days, violence at Trump's rallies has escalated to match the candidate's rhetoric. Last week, a man in North Carolina was charged with assault after he sucker-punched a black man. And on Sunday, police in Kansas City pepper-sprayed protesters outside of a Trump event.

    Hours after a protester rushed the stage at Trump's Dayton rally, a Twitter group called "The Lion's Guard" called on supporters of the GOP front-runner to join a make-shift militia, according to RT......

    1. Anonymous3:57 PM

      Trump's stormtroopers...Will they be armed?

  13. Anonymous3:55 PM


    I would be very happy to work for you and with you.

    1. Anonymous4:02 PM

      Yes, but I'll work for free and buy him stuff!

  14. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Hey, does this mean a promotion for RAM with all these resignations?

    1. Balzafiar6:27 PM

      RAM is the real reason they all resigned. They realized she can run it all by herself and fully intended to do so. That realization left them with two choices: stay and be forced to kiss her nasty ass, or quit for a better future at Wal-Mart.

  15. Anonymous6:59 PM

    I have serious doubts that even with all of the Gryphter dollars you accumulate, no girl (or guy, unless really desperate) would love their job or have any semblance of a crush on you. You weren't even hot 20 years ago.

    1. Anonymous8:11 PM

      Wow. What a ridiculous statement.

    2. Anonymous1:53 AM Gryph on your nerves again? Talk about living rent free in the head!

    3. Anonymous10:19 AM

      Most of us are here because of our love and respect for Gryphen.

  16. Anonymous1:52 AM

    "Mild crush" is an understatement!

  17. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Report: Breitbart Sends Cease And Desist Letters To Ex-Staffers

    Lie down with dogs, get fleas...


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