Monday, March 14, 2016

Not only is the guy who rushed the Trump rally stage not a linked to ISIS a former CIA analyst says that ISIS would support Trump's candidacy.

Personally I just love any excuse to play this video.

Courtesy of CNN: 

When Thomas DiMassimo tried to rush Donald Trump's stage in Ohio over the weekend, he had a clear goal in mind. 

He wanted to send a message. 

"I was thinking that I could get up on stage and take his podium away from him and take his mic away from him and send a message to all people out in the country who wouldn't consider themselves racist, who wouldn't consider themselves approving of what type of violence Donald Trump is allowing in his rallies, and send them a message that we can be strong, that we can find our strength and we can stand up against Donald Trump and against this new wave he's ushering in of truly just violent white supremacist ideas," DiMassimo told CNN. 

DiMassimo was asked if he had planed to harm Donald Trump:  

"No, not at all. There would have been no point. Donald Trump is 6 foot 3. I'm 5 foot 9, maybe. He's a giant man surrounded by thousands of followers, 12 Secret Service and a former Ohio State offensive lineman. That would have accomplished nothing."

DiMassimo also denies that he has any ties to ISIS, and says the allegations have resulted in threats of harm to him and his family:

DiMassimo said he's received thousands of death threats since the Trump rally and that his parents have also been threatened.

When confronted about all of this Trump replied with:

"What do I know about it? All I know is what's on the Internet," he said. "And I don't like to see a man dragging the American flag along the ground in a mocking fashion."

Yep he doesn't know anything about it, but that did not stop him from sending this tweet.
A former CIA analyst had this to say about ISIS possibly attacking Trump.

Bakos said ISIS wants to make Muslims in America feel unwanted and "Trump is playing perfectly into that strategy."

"I think they [ISIS] would be the last people that want to hurt him at this point,” she added.

Trump is a liar and a coward.

And it is clear that he has no fear of smearing opponents, critics, and protesters with falsehoods in order to further his agenda because he knows that the simple minded morons who support him lack the intellectual capacity to see through his bullshit. 


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  2. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Hey gang check out gawker's Sara screech. She forgot the belmonts but remembered her ass pads. Her tush looks like mashed potatoes. She said Todd had a little wreck and then softly said it was a bad wreck. Playing both sides of the victim card. Bitch.
    Her voice was as high pitched as I've ever seen.

  3. Anonymous11:50 AM

    I was scanning the comments at the pee pond when I read that the Daily Caller was allowing nasty comments through about Todd's Palin's accident. While there I also saw this:

    A North Carolina Police Department is considering charging Donald Trump with inciting a riot over violence during last week’s rally in Fayetteville.

    Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office told WRAL Monday that they are considering filing the charges.

    During the Fayetteville rally, a man being escorted out of the arena by police was sucker-punched by a 78-year-old attendee, Trump has since said he is looking into paying the elderly man’s legal fees. (RELATED: Trump Protestor Sucker-Punched [VIDEO])

    Seems to me Trump could be held criminally and civilly liable for the violence.

    1. Anonymous12:08 PM

    2. Anonymous12:31 PM

      I think all of us have seen enough videos the past few months to agree that he does indeed incite the crowds. Hasn't he said to the crowds numerous times before, "you know what to do!" If that's not inciting, I don't know what is.

      I can understand that people are fed up in this country. What they don't seem to get is that it was the GOP-controlled congress that got us here, NOT President Obama.

    3. Anonymous1:07 PM

      Daily Caller was allowing nasty comments through about Todd's Palin's accident.

      Trump is joking about Todd. He knows there is nothing to the Todd story. Just more hoax.

  4. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Police consider charging Trump with inciting a riot over violence at North Carolina rally

    1. Anonymous12:31 PM

      North Carolina is a well known leftist paradise. No wonder they hate Trump.

    2. Anonymous2:56 PM


      You are an idiot.

  5. Anonymous12:09 PM

    He doesn't like to see a man dragging a US flag, but he's fine with a woman who drapes herself in it, signs her name on it, and wears it on every part of her body, including her feet. Yeah, Donnie sure respects that US flag!


  6. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Here's another of the Republican dickless wonders who gets all stiff thinking about Drump!

    “Trump supporters are not targeting Mexicans walking down the street with violence,” Thiessen writes — despite reports that exactly this sort of thing has been happening. He continues:

    The clashes we have seen so far have almost exclusively been at Trump events.

    Why is that? Because organized groups of left-wing agitators intentionally come to Trump rallies to provoke his supporters. According to the New York Times, the protesters “fling themselves to the ground, forcing law enforcement officers — often outmanned and overwhelmed — to drag them away. They also shout and curse, making obscene gestures.” They should not be surprised when they get a reaction. Walk into a blue-collar bar and start taunting people that way, and you are likely to leave without some of your teeth.

  7. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Sarah ditched The Villages appearance to go screech at Trumps rally in Tampa. She is going to go where she wants even if not wanted!

    1. Anonymous1:11 PM

      Sarah is screeching about a revolution.

      Taunting others with her thug crap. You would think she is talking about Track but she means protesters.

      Trump is now talking about his private events as being 'love fests'.

    2. Anonymous2:41 PM

      1:11. If you wear a three-corned hat and carry a Gadsen flag, you're a "patriotic protester". Otherwise, you're a "Thug"

    3. Anonymous3:09 PM

      And did you see the roadkill on Scarah's head at that rally? Sarah used to be quite an attractive woman when she first appeared at the 2008 convention. She is not the same good looking person. She is even manly looking now.

    4. Anonymous3:26 PM

      happymullah • an hour ago
      Just saw the video of Sarah Palin speaking at the Tampa town hall rally. She hasn't aged at all since she appeared at Dayton, Ohio almost 8 years ago.
      Blind as a bat!

  8. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Palin blames "punk ass thugs" even though she has at least one at home. AIP Sarah wants to #MakeAmericaWhiteAgain, you betcha!

    1. Anonymous1:09 PM

      Punk ass thuggery?

      Like Track allegedly beating on his fiancee while allegedly blowing a BAC of .189?

    2. Anonymous1:28 PM

      Trump will get Track Palin gainful employment.

      Trump Supporters Form Militia To Beat Up Protesters At Rallies Just Like Hitler’s Brownshirts

      Trump says his private events (rallies) are 'love fests. It would be perfect for Track and he really needs a job. The poor dude can't even get himself together to get his court ordeal over.

      Track Palin needs job.

  9. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Trump's clarion call is really saying, "Make American Great Again: It's Payback Time."

  10. Anonymous1:01 PM


    Trump Jokes About Todd Palin’s Snowmobile Accident: ‘Forget About Todd, Especially Now’

    1. Anonymous1:43 PM

      Sarah Palin: My Husband Nearly Dying Made Me Realize How Important It Was To Elect Trump (VIDEO)

      Just as Sarah Palin was set to deliver another pro-Trump stump speech, the one-time Republican vice presidential candidate learned that her husband, Todd, had been involved in a serious snowmobile accident in Alaska and was in bad condition in the Intensive Care Unit. She cancelled one event, but didn’t go home. Instead, she returned to the campaign trail that same day and delivered one of the most pathetic endorsements of Trump yet. She even found a way to exploit her husband. it was painful to watch.

      It almost makes you feel bad for Todd Palin. Lying in his hospital bed, watching his wife use his moment of need to promote the guy she thinks will keep her relevant.

      Never one to let a family crisis go to waste (remember when she managed to turn her son’s brutal beating of his girlfriend into a critique of Obama?), Palin told the gathered Trump crowd that the experience of learning her husband almost died made her immediately realize how important her time was – and that she needed to spend it getting Trump elected.

      The audience went wild.

      Incoming word salad (recorded verbatim):

      “Yeah, good to be here. Thawed out and little Alaskas. Literally… thawed out. Just before I got on a flight to get out here, he’s out ice fishing on our frozen lake and my husband’s out snow machinin’ and thank you guys for your prayers for my husband who is recovering right now in ICUS after a little wreck on a snow machine. So thank you. Big wreck. Thank you. But, you know, when real life happens, right? When someone is sick in your family, there’s an accident that happens, all these challenges, these struggles in your business, in your family, with your finances, tryin’ to get your kids to be able to afford to go to college, all these real life issues that happen, it really puts things into perspective, doesn’t it? And doesn’t it make you so appreciate your time – time is our most valuable resource. It makes me appreciate the time that we have to spend in doing something so worthy. And that’s to get Donald J. Trump elected president.

      When Palin learns her husband is badly injured, she takes the experience to appreciate how important it is for her to shill for Donald Trump. That really does put things into perspective, doesn’t it?

    2. Anonymous1:55 PM

    3. Anonymous2:51 PM

      Todd has not been near death for even 24 hours yet and Sarah has already made it look like a big joke.

      Maybe he did stub his toe when he was too drunk to mount an ATV but how much mileage can they get out of this farce?

  11. Anonymous1:03 PM

    "All I know is what's on the Internet," he [Trump] said.

    There you have it. Trump refuses Todd's correction and facts of the matter and clings to what he's seen on the internet. This is the sum of intelligence and critical thinking the GOP will allow to represent their party. And people are voting for him.

    1. Anonymous1:37 PM

      Donald, it is true.

      Sarah Palin was pregnant with Track Palin in 1989.

  12. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Clarion call includes I will bring jobs to your area personally.

  13. Anonymous1:09 PM

    UBL certainly welcomed an invasion of Afghanistan -the graveyard of Empires. The invasion of Iraq was simply an unexpected bonus: a big lottery win.

  14. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Trump is different because he promotes his, not the government's capability to provide jobs. It's so sad.

    1. Anonymous2:46 PM

      I love that he pays for the event parties where he is the rock star. He can afford the best security and do whatever he wants. He is the Donald. As long as the people want him he will be there. Paying for his own parties.

      Better yet he can hire all his own businesses and pay them well. He can pay his jet and make more money. It is all fun, fun, fun. The USSS is on the government, they aren't as fun and smart as Trump.

  15. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Trump was obviously unglued when this happened!

  16. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Todd injury theories:

    1. He fell down the stairs drunk and broke ribs
    2. He was teaching Tripp how to "Josh Duggar" his new sister and Bristol kicked the shit out of him.
    3. He short changed one of his hookers and she beat him up.
    4. He stiffed his drug dealer and was stomped on.
    5. He was beat up by Track fighting over the last beer.

    1. Anonymous1:54 PM

      He was going to evening bible class.

    2. Anonymous2:41 PM

      Toss Palin's prayer warriors.

      Wonderful family, happy family kids

    3. Anonymous3:13 PM

      The pee pond says 8 ribs broken.

    4. Anonymous3:13 PM

      It looks like the sos with his ct dates.

      How long can they delay?

    5. Anonymous3:27 PM

      I would never believe the pee people or their sources. Daily Mail lies or just repeats what they are told. The doctors at the hospital will give a televised update on camera if there is anything for medical pros to say. But you can't trust the hosp that Sarah paid off.

      Marina and Jack Meoff's girls all do make up and can fix Todd up to look injured.

    6. Anonymous3:35 PM

      The pee pond says 8 ribs broken.

      Pack of lies.

      Where is the accident report? What happened? Anybody can say broken ribs. It is no big deal really. How did it happen? You need the whole story. Also what Bristol and all those who were there. Is he trying to cover up one of his lovers, if it is a man he would not want the public to know. Too bad Todd has been shifty all these years with all his Iron Dog scams. He could make up some crap. Only verified pros that know about accidents should be considered to be able to give a report that can be believed.

  17. Anonymous1:42 PM

    OMG!! There's a Meme on FB with part of this clip and Bernie Sanders, it's the funniest shit I ever saw, I can't stop laughing LOL!!!!

    1. Anonymous3:24 PM

      Trump is seriously in fear. That's a fact, listen to him.

  18. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Not only is the guy who rushed the Trump rally stage not a linked to ISIS a former CIA analyst says that ISIS would support Trump's candidacy.

  19. Anonymous2:01 PM

    Here's a picture to heal all the hate!

    1. Anonymous3:05 PM

      I felt so sad for Angela Merkel when I saw that. He has a thing for her. Can't keep his hands off. I never noticed how small they are before.

  20. Anonymous2:34 PM

    There is NO sign of anyone rushing the tRump in this video outside of his "team". I call BULL.

  21. Anonymous2:37 PM

    D tRump was not "attacked" in the footage shown. Another lie.

    1. Anonymous3:03 PM

      The man that was stopped tried to get on stage.

      All the people at Trump private parties sign their names and give e-mail addresses to get in.

      It was not an attack. The stage hopper was charged with something, not an attack. He can speak and he said what he intended.

      Trump and others are lying to dramatize Trump since he is nothing but a showman and an exaggerator.

      Trump is attracted to Sarah since she likes to lie and exaggerate and they both like to jack up a crowd. The are going for a violent atmosphere. It is what they like and how they want to party.

      Sarah is wanting and asking for a revolution. She wants to fight protesters and is calling them gutter names.

      When are they going to arrest Sarah Palin for her attacks and inciting trouble.

      When are they going to correct the Todd Palin mess? He is not in a serious situation.

      If he was, Trump would have jetted Sarah to Alaska right away.

  22. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Could this be Hair Trump's Reichstag fire?

  23. Anonymous2:46 PM

    How depressing, that little kids are having to deal with all this stuff:

  24. Anonymous3:53 PM

    DiMassimo also denies that he has any ties to ISIS, and says the allegations have resulted in threats of harm to him and his family:
    What he did was pretty stupid, however Trump has put a target on him, stating he has ties to ISIS and refusing to admit he was wrong even when told the video was a fake.

    I wonder if DiMassimo can sue him for defamation or endangerment?

    Interesting that "ISIS" didn’t show up at the Detroit rally, with the largest Arab-American population just miles away.


  26. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Mr. Trump, would you please give Chris Christie his dick back?

    New Jersey Bridge Motorists.

    1. Anonymous6:11 PM

      'petty punk ass thug'

      Trump Humiliates Chris Christie To His Face: ‘I Hated To Do That, But I Had To Make My Point’


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