Thursday, March 17, 2016

Donald Trump: A History of Violence.

Just a reminder of what we are headed for if we do not do everything in our power to stop this POS.


  1. Anonymous4:34 AM

    I have to laugh at this. But really? Israel is higher than us?

    Happiest Countries:
    1. Denmark
    2. Switzerland
    3. Iceland
    4. Norway
    5. Finland
    6. Canada
    7. Netheralnds
    8. New Zealand
    9. Australia
    10. Sweden
    11. Israel
    12. Austria
    13. United States
    14. Costa Rica
    15. Puerto Rico
    16. Germany
    17. Brazil
    18. Belgium
    19. Ireland
    20. Luxembourg

  2. Anonymous4:38 AM

    Can't remember where I saw it last night but a Trump presidency is now considered to be among the top ten threats to the world.

    1. Anonymous8:37 AM

  3. Anonymous4:41 AM

    Those Bernie supporters who have sworn not to vote for Hillary Clinton need to know that if Trump is the Republican choice for President their stubbornest could contribute to this maniac occupying the White House.

    1. Anonymous5:29 AM

      In 2008, the Hillary supporters threatened to not vote for Obama. If Hillary is the Democratic nominee, they will do the right thing.

    2. Anonymous6:07 AM

      Anonymous5:29 AM,

      A Romney presidency would not have been nearly the threat that a Trump presidency poses

    3. Anonymous6:40 AM

      Can you imagine a SOTU speech out of that pie hole? I shudder.

    4. Anonymous6:48 AM

      Not "the Hillary voters," but a small group of Hillary voters. The same is true with a small group of Bernie voters. Most will come around.

  4. Anonymous4:42 AM

    "They put the wrong finger in the air....they get away with murder...BECAUSE WE'VE BECOME WEAK!"
    At least GOP politicians have given up harping on about our "exceptionalism"--that was becoming really tiresome.

    1. Anonymous5:40 AM

      Sure got sick of hearing gratuitous shit like that, especially coming out of a mediocre like Sarah Palin.

  5. Anonymous4:45 AM

    What's that Bible saying, live by the sword, die by the sword...Donald
    should worry that the violence he incites could very well be visited upon him.

    1. Anonymous6:01 AM

      It would serve him right.

  6. Anonymous5:05 AM

    "We The People" elected President Obama twice.
    We CAN overcome this @sshole.
    Get Out The Vote!

  7. Anonymous5:09 AM

    If the RNC gives him the nomination, a racist, a hater, a misogynist, look at that ad with HRC barking like a dog, there will b riots....i am crying after viewing this, im very sensitive.....under President Obama, we had such a great look...this is an excellent video, we need things to say back to people who support him(cant even write his name) i try to remember things to say which i am doing pretty good but one client yesterday who has his teevede on all day at this store could recite crap, i told him i look at the morals of a candidate and look at how the potential candidate treats his family and what the family is like....cuz they often cannot get anything done

    tRump should b charged with inciting violence, lets please make a list of what he should b charged with and reasons not to give him the nomination, can we do that here or is there another place ud like us to do this ?????? ive been coming here for years just to check in with ur site, i dont know that i ever commented....this made me jump to see this all in one sure HRC has ammunition shes saviing, i think the dog ad is a fishing expedition to see what she'll throw out there....take care....we need to look out for our country....

  8. Anonymous5:15 AM

    Can't wait to see the uniform and boot choices for Drumpf's personal guards... something in a nice shade of brown maybe?

    1. Anonymous5:47 AM

      .....and all made in china or some other lower cost/wage labor markets.

      What in the hell is in anything tRump has done in his life that makes all these angry rubes so certain he's on their side looking out for their interests? They are the very epitome of the losers he loves to hate.

  9. Stopping Trump is possible: stopping his riled-up, red-mist-eyed supporters is way harder, now that they've been incited to violence against any color but white (for starters).

    Trump has unleashed a gun-toting army of angry bigots who will be even more violent if he loses.

    Trump has given them license to "do bad things" if this happens. Seen his threats today? Trump now has his army of red hats with their hands up pledging to him, not the party.

    Fox has caved re the debate: will they use their platform to "destroy" him? Too late.

    America: you are screwed one way or the other.

    1. Anonymous5:49 AM

      Absolutely. If tRump vanished from the scene this morning, we'd still have these folks and their seething hatred for all that's not just like them.

    2. Anonymous5:55 AM

      "There will be riots if I'm not the nominee." Who in the hell does this guy think he is??

      Ooooh, Doonie, we're sooooo scared of you! What a putz. Reminds me of a petulant child threatening to hold his breath if he doesn't get his way. Fine, turn blue and fall over then; I couldn't care less!

    3. Anonymous6:46 AM

      In a way, this is a good thing. Rocks are being lifted and these insects are scurrying about. The majority of Americans are disgusted or, at the very least, embarrassed by the infestation. I'd rather see it exposed so we can start disinfecting the country.

    4. 6:46 - "disinfecting" ? How does that happen: mobs are mobs and until they get another focus (or get their way) they are uncontrollable. I hate to think of what "getting their way" would entail.

    5. Anonymous7:43 AM

      It depends on the size of the mob.

      Trump didn't create these people, he just gave them permission to speak their Swiss cheese-like minds. And they certainly aren't very good spokespeople for their cause or their beliefs.

      I guess I tend to be optimistic.

    6. Anonymous7:51 AM

      You're right, Barbara. These nuts will make BLM, Occupy, etc., look like child's play as someone said earlier.

      Again, read Jim's excellent latest entry on Stonekettle Station that Gryph has in his blogroll.

  10. Anonymous5:48 AM

    Holy moly. This is the news from MY country -

    1. Anonymous6:43 AM

      Great article and a great leader!

      I'm going to keep saying loud and clearly that I am a feminist until it is met with a shrug," he said Wednesday. "It's just really, really obvious that we should be standing up for women's rights and trying to create more equal societies. Like, duh."

    2. Such an enlightened attitude from Trudeau. Wish Trudeau and Obama were in power at the same time, moving all of N. America forward. If the GOP gets power in this election, then the US will be dragged backwards by Trump and his jackboots and ugly attitude toward to women, gays, all non-whites. The hate will destroy the nation.

  11. Anonymous6:41 AM

    I think nominating Clinton is guaranteeing. Republican President. So many people despise her and her husband I'm certain they'd even vote for Trump to keep another Clinton out of the White House.

    She's also been a walking talking gaffe machine. As soon as I saw Clinton barking like a dog I knew she was giving a priceless gift to the Republicans. Look at how many "misspeaks" she's had to "correct" in the last 2 weeks alone.

    Today she's trying to walk back promising to put the coal miners out of business. I gasped when she said that in the debate. I knew Republicans were clapping their hands with glee at getting another piece of free ammunition from a Clinton unforced error. She's been spouting things that can be shown to be false with a 10 second google search. The more this happens, the more I believe she's getting dementia or she got brain damage from her konk on the head. The Republicans will use these to reinforce what so many people believe is she's a lying liar or even worse figure out like I have that they can use them to build a pretty convincing case that there's something wrong with her cognition.

    If she's in the general, especially against Trump, I think it's going to turn out to be the worst mistake Democrats have ever made.

    1. Anonymous7:01 AM

      Nope. Clinton will be fine and so will the country. She will kick Trump's ass.

      (Bernie's had his share of "mispeaks" in the last couple of weeks. Do you have anything to say about his "cognition?")

    2. Anonymous7:07 AM

      I tend to agree and there's the rub to me. Look at both parties....this is the best of the best to lead us? SMDH.

      I remember her crying when she was running against then Senator Obama in '08. "It's so hard!" Buck up, woman, you have more privilege than I ever did.

    3. Anonymous7:16 AM

      Especially against Trump? Do you really think Trump is loved or even liked by that many Republicans (or Independents or Democrats who would cross party lines to vote for him)?

      He's not even getting the majority of votes in the Republican primaries. The Republicans don't have a candidate who could beat Clinton or even Sanders in this election cycle.

    4. Anonymous 6:41 AM wrote: As soon as I saw Clinton barking like a dog I knew …

      Like Herr Drumpf, you are confusing a video on the Net with reality. The sound of a barking dog overlaid on a shot of Secretary Clinton giving a speech is not "Clinton barking like a dog." With friends like you, who needs enemies?

    5. Anonymous8:34 AM

      HRC has won more votes than either Trump or BS. She will win the General.

      Bernie supporters who are Democrats (and not socialists or libertarians) are still in stages of grief. Trump supporters are too angry to think rationally or are too racist to want to.

    6. Anonymous8:48 AM

      agree, wholeheartedly ..

    7. Anonymous9:12 AM

      No, Ted. Chris Matthews played the original clip on his show last night that the Trump camp stole this HRC footage from. She *was* imitating a dog in a cute story about detecting phonies in Arkansas. But they left out the complete context.

    8. Anonymous 9:12 AM wrote: She *was* imitating a dog …

      Sigh. We record Matthews' show, among others, every day but don't always watch it. I played the relevant bit just now. What a case of unforced error. :-(

      Over the years I've been conscious of how careful Rachel is of what she says, even when she's quoting somebody else. I take this as full justification of Rachel's caution.

      Just assume that the camera is always on.

  12. Anonymous6:53 AM

    Trump describes how he feels that a protester has incited and provoked an angry reaction by simply raising his "bad finger". Thus, the protester is responsible but will not be held accountable - "...when they get a little bit overly angry, THEY'RE in trouble, but the guy that raised his finger? Noooo, that's no problem, that's no problem..."

    Does anyone else see the parallels here? Trump is counting on the fact that he can BE "the guy who raised his finger" and not be accountable. So, on top of everything else, he is a hypocrite too.

    1. Anonymous8:11 AM

      That's funny, because I give Trump the Middle-Finger Salute every time I see his ugly orange face!

  13. The question that the reporters should ask Drumpf is not whether he believes that he has created a tone that creates violence, but whether he has created a tone that condemns violence.

    1. Anonymous7:42 AM


    2. Anonymous8:52 AM

      Like they would ask him anything lest they be taken out by his goon squad.

      That's the one thing that Boopsie did get right...."lamestream" media. They aren't going to do jack squat and the idiots run wild at the expense of all of us.

      All sensationalism and the more the better.

  14. Anonymous7:04 AM

    Remember, Trump keeps a book about Hitler
    on his night stand. Cannot remember which
    wife reported that fact.

    1. Anonymous8:46 AM

      That was Ivana. 1990.

    2. Anonymous9:23 AM

      Ivana also reported that Donald Trump went into a rage about a doctor recommended by her for hair plugs. She said that Trump pulled hair out of her head, then raped her.

  15. People who incite violence, then shrug like they have no idea its happening--- usually end badly. Trump knows nothing of history.

  16. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Drumpf is inciting the worst of the worst. Shades of his hero, Adolph. It happened in Germany 80+ years ago, against all odds. If we don't all vote against inaugurating a fuhrer, it could happen again.

    May the violence he has incited spill over onto him. SS will be gone when he is defeated at the polls. What's the little pussy boy gonna do then?

  17. Anonymous8:27 AM

    The mob mentality started with the retarded Sarah Palin. Donald invited her to his "rallies" to court her followers. The GOP ask for this remained silent when Sarah repeatedly talked about President Obama's "cajones". "man up", " bend over". Now she's back with 'punk ass thugs".

    Donald and Sarah are the thugs. Trashy thugs.

  18. Anonymous8:28 AM

    I can't help but put trump & Caligula in the same breath, smh.

  19. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Teach the children>

  20. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Behind his shields Donald Trump is safe to promote violence. He is attracted to violent supporters and friends.

    Is Dakota Meyer on his way to Alaska? Isn't tomorrow the big day for him and Sailor?

    It took the staff at bsmp2 a few days but they found a very short video of 'Tripp' as the best first time snowboarder EVER for a seven year old. When was that taken? Tripp has on the same type outfit he wore the night he was with his grandpa at the cabin. Before grandpa punctured his lungs and could have died if left out in the woods.

    What a coincidence! Maybe Tripp was snowboarding and not riding a snowmachine along side of grandpa.

    March 17, 2016 9:08am
    First real time on a snowboard 7 going on 17, my Tripp Eas

    1. Anonymous10:34 AM

      Tripp will have a job with the Trump Empire. He is as good as it gets.

      melissa_kemp about 2 hours ago
      Awesome! He's a little stud! How is your dad doing? @bsmp2


  21. Anita Winecooler4:19 PM

    Everything about this man disgusts me. I haven't seen anything about America that can't be fixed, but Trump isn't a commander in chief, he's an inciter of hate of the worst kind. If someone calls him on the carpet, it's the media's fault or political correctness. All you need to know about Trump is he gave Sarah a platform.


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